Bramshott Marriage Licences

Marriage Licences for Bramshott

Including some by Banns and people who married away from their Home  Parish

Sorted by Grooms Surname

Licence Date G.Forenames SURNAMES Notes B.Forenames SURNAMES Notes Place Miscellaneous
03 May 1796 Daniel ANNETT Bch,34y,Bramshott Ann BENNET Spin,22y,Selbourne Selbourne  
07 Nov 1771 John BEACH Excise Officer,Bch,24y,Bramshott Mary COVER Spin,23y,Bramshott Bramshott  
03 May 1738 John BELDHAM Mealman, Runwick, Parish of Farnham Surrey Rose MILLER Spin of Bramshott Empshott  
26 Nov 1828 Charles BERRY Surgeon,Bch,21y,Bramshott Jane BRIDGER Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
06 Feb 1811 William BOOKER Yeoman,Bch,38y,Rogate Ssx Elizabeth WINDIBANK Spin,23y,Bramshott Bramshott Bondsman:-James Windibank Yeoman of Kingsley
25 Jun 1833 Bridger BRADLEY Bch of Petersfield Elizabeth Ann DENYER Spin of Bramshott Petersfield (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages B
05 Jul 1775 Thomas BROADBRIDGE Bch, Bramshott Elizabeth ARTUR Wid, Boxgrove Ssx. Boxgrove Ssx Witnesses:-Ann Hatchard - John Tapner
19 Feb 1781 John BULL Yeoman,Wdr.Bramshott Ann LEGATE Spin,21y,Widley Bramshott  
30 May 1737 Nicholas BUNCH Blacksmith of Bramshott Sarah BRIDGER of Bramshott Empshott  
15 Dec 1769 William BUNCH Clockmaker, Bch, 28y, Bramshott Margaret TANNER Spin, 24y, Froxfield Froxfield  
14 Nov 1761 Thomas BUTLER Ironmonger,Bch,24y,Bramshott Ann COLLIER Spin,26y,Bramshott Bramshott  
24 Oct 1702 William CARTER Husbandman,Bch,Bramshott Anne CHRISTMAS Spin of Kingsley Kingsley,Bramshott, East Worldham or Selbourne  
01 May 1833 John CHALCRAFT Bch,36y,Bramshott Mary DOWLING Spin,26y,All Saints S'hampton All Saints Southampton  
14 Apr 1781 William CHALCRAFT Yeoman,Bch,21y,Bramshott Jane TRIMMER Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
16 Apr 1807 James CHASE Miller,Bch,32y,Bramshott Elizabeth EWEN Spin,24y,Privett Privett Bondsman:-John Ewen, Farmer of Privett
06 Aug 1784 William COCK Esq,Bch,24y,Fremington Devon Frances BUTLER Spin,19y,Bramshott Bramshott Consent of her father Thomas Butler,Esq,Bramshott
17 Apr 1773 Richard COLLINS Gent,Wdr,50y,of Dankstone Parish of Old Lavington Sussex Ann COLLYER Spin,40y,of Liphook Parish of Bramshott Bramshott  
16 Apr 1781 William COVER Farmer,Bch,21y,Bramshott Jane KNIGHT Spin,21y,Headley Bramshott  
13 Dec 1827 Richard CURTIS Bch,21y,Headley Harriet ROE Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
24 Mar 1788 Francis DENYER Linen Draper,Bch,21y,Bramshott Mary SMITH Spin,21y,Wickham Wickham  
24 Feb 1786 John ELSTONE Tailor,Bch,24y,Bramshott Ann PIM Spin,23y,Bramshott Bramshott  
23 Jun 1736 Samuel EWEN Collier of Chiddingfold Surrey Elizabeth TAYLOR Spin,24y,Bramshott Empshott  
25 Apr 1810 John FARLEY Chaise Driver,Bch,27y,Catherington Mary EARWAKER Spin,26y,Bramshott Bramshott  
05 Jan 1776 Richard FAULKNER Balcksmith,Bch,23y,Bramshott Elizabeth WELLS Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
10 Dec 1773 William FISH Gent,Bch,38y,Bramshott Sarah SHOTTER Spin,35y,Bramshott Bramshott  
18 May 1736 John FULLECK Husbandman, Bramshott Sarah MOORE Spin of Bramshott Empshott or Bramshott  
17 Feb 1734 William FULLECK Husbandman, Bramshott Mary BRIDGER Spin of Bramshott Bramshott or Empshott  
31 Dec 1788 Daniel FURLONGER Husbandman, Bch, 21y, Bramshott Ann STRUDWICK Spin, 21y, Bramshott Bramshott  
25 Feb 1843 William GAUNTLETT Lab,full,Bch,Bramshott Hants.Fa:-William, Farmer Louisa KNOWLES Spin,full,Rogate.Fa:-George,Drover Terwick Ssx.(by Banns) Witnesses:-William and Jemima Knowles
24 Apr 1815 John GEALE of Bramshott Ann HABIN of Petersfield Petersfield (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages G
06 Nov 1802 William GLAZIER Cordwainer, Wdr, 29y, Bramshott Betty WOODS Spin, 35y, Bramshott Bramshott  
12 Jul 1702 Thomas GODDARD Cordwinder, Bramshott Rachel CASTLEMAN of Holy Rood S'hampton Holy Rood, Godshouse or Jersus Chapel S'hampton  
25Mar 1828 Thomas GOLDSMITH Schoolmaster, Wdr, Bramshott Matilda Augusta MAXWELL Spin, 29y Petersfield Petersfield Witnesses:- Thomas Maxwell - ?----? Andrew Port
20 Oct 1753 Noah GREENFIELD of Headley Anne STOVEL Spin of Headley Headley or Bramshott  
05 Oct 1727 Ralph HAMMERTON Yeoman, of Bramshott Joanna POULTER Spin of Newnham Basingstoke  
21 Jan 1690 Robert HARMSWORTH Bch, 30y, Bramshott Anne HUNTINGFORD Spin, 20y, Bramshott St. Maurice Winchester Consent of her mother
15 Jul 1805 George HOLLOWAY Waterman, Bch, 23y, St Mary's Guildford Sry Ann MOORE Spin, 20y Bramshott Bramshott Consent  of her father Robert Moore, Blacksmith  of Bramshott
15 Jul 1805 John HOLLOWAY Waterman, Wdr, 32y, St Mary's  Guildford Sry Mary HOLT Widow, 40y, Bramshott Bramshott  
10  Jun 1780 Samuel HURST Excise Officer,Bch,23y,Bramshott Elizabeth CHALCRAFT Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
10 Jan 1809 James JAMES Lab,Bch,23y of Bramshott Kevanhappuch SMITH Spin,20y of Selbourne Selbourne Consent of her father George Smith
19 Feb 1803 James KEEN Farmer,Bch,40y,Kingsley Mary OVER Spin,21y of Bramshott Bramshott  
16 Jan 1739 John KNIGHT Cordwainer,Bch,Bramshott Sarah PANNEL Widow, Bramshott Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages K
17 Feb 1827 Richard KNIGHT Bch,21y of Headley Hannah TOOP Spin,21y of Bramshott Bramshott  
11 Jun 1830 Hy. LACY Banker of Petersfield Helen FULLECK Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
20 Feb 1804 Laurence LASSAM Post-chaise driver,Bch,27y,Bramshott Jane LAMPORT Spin,24y, Bramshott Bramshott  
03 Jul 1727 John LEECH Surgeon of Alton Sarah WOODS Spin of Bramshott Alton, Holybourne or Kingsley  
03 Dec 1765 Henry LEVETT Forest Keeper,24y, Lindsbury Lodge Bramshott Elizabeth PARSONS 24y of Liphook Not Stated  
21 Oct 1773 Henry MATHEW Yeoman,26y of Headley Mary ANITT Spin,21y of Bramshott Not Stated  
12 Jun 1730 John MONDAY Bch of Bramshott Mary COVER Spin of Bramshott Bramshott or Froxfield  
01 Jun 1781 Robert MOORE Blacksmith,Bch,22y,Bramshott Mary COVER Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
15 Feb 1868 Martin MOSS 23y,Bch,Bricklayer, Fa:-Isaac Frances AYLING 23y,Spin,Rogate,Fa:Charles Rogate Ssx Witnesses:-Albert Moss-Jane Aldred
16 Jun 1825 George MULLARD Wdr of Frensham Surrey Charlotte SMALL Spin,21y of Bramshott Bramshott  (Married 18th June) WitnessesChas.Woods-Hannah?
19 Sep 1793 John NEALE of Bramshott Ann PAYNE of Rogate Rogate Ssx.  (by Lic) Witnesses:-Edward Collins-Sarah Payne-Betsy Mellersh
21 May 1727 William NEALE Yeoman of Bramshott Elizabeth FULLECK Spin of Bramshott Bramshott,East Tisted or Empshott  
24 Nov 1827 Robert NOTT Bch of Bramshott Margaret HAWKINS Spin of Petersfield Petersfield   (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages N
11 Nov 1809 William OLDER Farmer, Bch, 40y,Frensham Surrey Charlotte CHALCRAFT Spin,40y,Bramshott Bramshott  
26 Oct 1793 Richard OSGOOD Lab,Bch,29y of Lyss Elizabeth HARRIS Spin,27y of Bramshott Bramshott  
19 Jun 1779 John PAICE Yeoman,Wdr,30y,Linchmere Ssx. Elizabeth DENYER Spin,21y of Bramshott Bramshott  
27 Sep 1714 George PAY Ship'sCarpenter,Bch,27y,Portsea Ann COLDHAM Spin,23y,Bramshott Bramshott or Kingsley  
13 Aug 1794 Richard PURCHASE Blacksmith,Wdr,36y,Lyss Lucy MORE Spin,26y,Bramshott Lyss  
10 Dec 1709 William RABESS Maltster,Bch,Bramshott Sarah WHITE Widow of Bramshott Bramshott or Greatham  
03 Oct 1784 John RESTALL Husbandman,Wdr,24y,Trotton Sussex Sarah RAPLEY Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
03 Jan 1715 William SHOTTER Husbandman,Bch,Bramshott Anne FRANKLIN Spin,21y,Bramshott Not Stated  
09 Mar 1735 William SILVESTER Husbandman of Bramshott Elizabeth BOURMAN Spin of Headley Empshott or Headley  
30 Jul 1770 Thomas SMALL Lab,Bch,24yEmsworth Mary MOORE Spin,28y,Bramshott Bramshott  
02 Sep 1785 James SMART Blacksmith,Bch,23y,Bramshott Elizabeth TRIMMER Spin,23y,Bramshott Bramshott  
09 Dec 1803 Richard SOUTER Husbandman,Bch,22y,Lynch Sussex Ann GATES Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
07 May 1782 John STILLWELL Husbandman,Bch,22y,Bramshott Ann KINSHOTT Spin,21y,Steep Steep  
20 May 1788 Thomas STILLWELL Yeoman,Bch,24y,Bramshott Ann MILLS Spin,20y,Greatham Greatham With consent of her father Thomas  Mills Yeoman of Greatham
15 Oct 1783 George STRUDWICK Bch,21y,Hurst Berkshire Mary GREENTREE Spin,21y, Bramshott Bramshott  
26 Dec 1732 Thomas TAILLER Wheelwright of Liphook, P/Bramshott Sarah WORMALL Spin of Empshott Empshott  
21 Apr 1795 John TICKNER Butcher,Bch,27y,Bramshott Sarah STURT Spin,19y,Bramshott Bramshott With consent of her father John Sturt, Victualler of Bramshott
12 Apr 1803 Thomas TIPPER Chaise Driver,Bch,22y,Petersfield Mary LASSAM Spin,22y,Bramshott Bramshott  
22 Oct 1793 Richard TRIMMER Yeoman,Bch,28y,Bramshott Susannah PIM Spin,29y,Bramshott Bramshott  
13 Feb 1795 Richard TURNER Lab,Bch,21y,Lyss Elizabeth STILLWELL Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
10 Oct 1826 James VOAKES Bch,21y,Linchmere Sussex Mary GATES Widow of Bramshott Bramshott  
30 Nov 1702 Richard WHITE Husbandman,Bch,Bramshott Mary GREENTREE Spin,35y,Selbourne Selbourne or East Worldham  
25 Feb 1813 Charles WHITING of Bramshott Sarah BOXALL of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
26 Feb 1827 John Wesley WINSOR Bch 21y of Bramshott Mary Anne HILL Spin 21y of Buriton Buriton Note:-See Buriton MarriagesUVWY
07 Sep 1775 Richard WOOLDRIDGE Bch,27y,Rogated Sussex Elizabeth OLIVER Spin,22y,Bamshott Bramshott  
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