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East Meon Marriages 1870 - 1919G


East Meon Marriages  1870-1919

  Sorted by Grooms

Entry Date G.Names G.Surnames G. Notes G. Father/Occ B. Names B.Surnames B. Notes B. Father/Occ Method Miscellaneous Witnesses Source
500 20 Apr 1904 Harry Aburrow 27y,Bch,Wheelwright,East Meon Alfred James Aburrow, Wheelwright (decd) Helena Annie Webber Ham 22y,Spin,Dairy Maid,East Meon Benjamin Ham, Farmer (Decd)     Alfred Aburrow, Ellen Aburrow PR9 5 of 5
363 11 Aug 1879 John Frost Adams 25y,Bch,Innkeeper,Wickham, Hants John Frost Adams, Puban Maria Mason Goodall 34y,Spin,East Meon Henry Goodall, Foreman Bns   Jane Goodall, William Goodall PR9 4 of 5
362 11 Aug 1879 Thomas Adam Adams 29y,Bch,Grocer,Westbourne Sussex John Frost Adams, Puban Elizabeth Tilbury 24y,SpinEast Meon William Tilbury, Grocer Bns   Mary Adams, Alfred Adams PR9 4 of 5
343 06 Nov 1875 James Alderslade 46y,Bch,Lab,The Village, East Meon Henry Alderslade, Bricklayer Ellen Appleton 26y,Spin,Frogmore East Meon John Appleton, Lab Bns   John Budd, Hephzibah Budd PR9 3 of 5
352 14 Oct 1877 James Alderslade 4*y,Wdr,Lab,East Meon Henry Alderslade, Bricklayer Emily Blackman 23y,Spin,East Meon William Blackman, Lab Bns   John Budd, Elizabeth Newnan (sic) PR9 3 of 5
68 15 Nov 1919 Walter Henry Anderson 29y,Bch,Mechanic,East Meon George Anderson, Soitor's Clerk (Decd) Winifred Hellier 25y,Spin,East Meon William Henry Hellier, Farmer (Decd) Bns   James Arthur Russell, Robert G. Husband PR12
480 20 Jan 1900 Edward Charles Andrews 23y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Job Andrews, Lab Rhoda Elizabeth Pollard 22y,Spin,East Meon Alfred William Pollard, Cowman     Arthur Luff, Priscilla Kille PR9 5 of 5
490 09 Oct 1902 Ernest William Andrews 24y,Bch,PoeConstable,Stoke Damarel Job Andrews, Lab Florence Maud Williams 24y,Spin,East Meon James Williams, R'way Servant Bns   George Williams, Ada Louisa Williams PR9 5 of 5
348 07 Oct 1876 William Andrews Full,Bch,Carpenter,The Village James Andrews, Puban Edna Titheridge Full,Widow,Frogmore Thomas Stevens, Farmer Bns   Saml. Gilbert Kille, Emma Titheridge PR9 3 of 5
413 23 Sep 1888 Frederick William Attwood 28y,Bch,Carrier,East Meon George Attwood, Cordwainer Eliza Tinson 30y,Spin,Knightsbridge William Tinson, Farm Bailiff Bns   George Atwood, Annie Attwood, Ann? (possibly Ae?) Attwood PR9 4 of 5
385 23 Nov 1882 Thomas Attwood 43y,Bch,Puban,Winchester George Cole Attwood, Shoemaker Mary Anne Pales 36y,Spin,East Meon George Pales, Lab     George Cole Attwood, Mary Jane Attwood, Elizabeth Attwood, Joseph Thomas Collins PR9 4 of 5
494 21 Feb 1903 William Bagg 22y,Bch,Cowman,East Meon Frank Bagg, Farmer Ellen Brown 22y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon James Brown, Gas Warden Bns   Frank Bagg, Emily Bagg PR9 5 of 5
45 18 Feb 1914 Edwin Albert Banham 32y,Bch,Saddler,West Meon John Banham Coachman(Decd) May Lambert 31y,Spin,East Meon William Lambert, Farmer (Decd) Bns   Edward George Banham, Abram R. Martin, Daisy J. Lambert PR12
54 07 Nov 1917 Percy Harold Barfoot 23y,Bch,Electrical Fitter,Portsmouth George Frederick Barfoot, Manager Edith May Kille 21y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Samuel Gilbert Kille, Carpenter Bns   Saml. Gilbert Kille, Leonard Archibold Barfoot PR12
58 01 Oct 1918 John William Barratt 32y,Bch,Soldier,On active service William Barratt, Fireman Ae May Christmas 20y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon William Jeremiah Christmas, Lab Bns Also Barrett Thomas Charles Marshall, Milent Lucy Christmas PR12
496 21 Apr 1903 Edwin Bascombe 23y,Bch,R'wayServ,Christchurch, Woking Joseph Bascombe,Baker (Decd) Edith Annie Ford 21y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon James Ford, Lab Bns   H.L. Bascombe, Elizabeth Ford PR9 5 of 5
331 26 Jul 1873 John Beckess 22y,Bch,Lab,Turnham Green John Beckess, Carter Rosline Miranda Norman 21y,Spin,East Meon John Norman, Lab Bns Also Rosaline Maranda Mary Ann Pullinger, Stephen Rogers PR9 3 of 5
338 26 Dec 1874 Benjamin Beckingham 27y,Bch,Smith,BethnalGreen,Mdx. William Beckingham, Lab Sarah Jane Heath 23y,Spin,Horsedown, East Meon Andrew Heath, Lab Bns Also Beckenham George Beckingham, Jane Phillips PR9 3 of 5
467 05 Jun 1897 John Beckingham 24y,Bch,Groom,East Meon George Beckingham, Blacksmith Martha Merritt 22y,Spin,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Bns   Luke Merritt, Ellen Merritt PR9 4 of 5
367 24 Nov 1879 William Beckingham 31y,Bch,Baker,East Meon George Beckingham, Blacksmith Ae Kent 20y,Spin,East Meon Daniel Kent, Lab     William Kent, Annie Beckingham PR9 4 of 5
434 28 Oct 1891 Henry Berry 29y,Bch,Farmer,Oxenbourne John Berry, Farmer Mary Weeks 22y,Spin,Oxenbourne William Weeks, Farmer Bns   Wm? Weeks, Emily Weeks, John Berry, John Moyar Berry PR9 4 of 5
470 28 Dec 1897 John Morgan Berry 33y,Bch,Farmer,Hurstbourne Priors John Berry, Farmer Bessie Weeks 37y,Spin,East Meon William Weeks, Farmer Bns   William Weeks, Henry Berry, Emily Weeks, Frances Miriam Reay? PR9 4 of 5
62 04 Jun 1919 William John Berry Full,Bch,Farmer,Tufton Henry Berry, Farmer Martha Jane Wren Full,Spin,East Meon Isaac Wren, Farmer Bns   Isaac Wren, H. Berry, J. Wren, N. Berry PR12
449 26 Nov 1894 Robert Edward Bettesworth 36y,Bch,Groce,Blendworth Henry Thomas Bettesworth, Stationer Lydia  Aylwin 31y,Spin,East Meon Benjamin Aylwin, Miller Bns   William B. Bettesworth, Fred B. Aylwin PR9 4 of 5
478 14 Oct 1899 Albert Blackman 23y,Bch,Carter,East Meon James Blackman, Carter Sarah Jane Nutley 21y,Spin,East Meon William Nutley, Lab Bns   Walter James Parfitt, Ae Nutley PR9 5 of 5
452 17 Aug 1895 Albert Blackman 23y,Bch,Carter,East Meon Henry Blackman, Carter Ae Titheridge 18y,Spin,Old Down (East Meon) William Titheridge, Carter Bns   William Titheridge, Emily Budd PR9 4 of 5
442 14 Aug 1893 Alfred Blackman 24y,Bch,Waggoner,East Meon Henry Blackman, Lab Mary Merritt 23y,Spin,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Bns   Martha Merritt, Jane Attwood PR9 4 of 5
426 20 Oct 1890 Allan Blackman 20,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Blackman, Lab Susan Merritt 19,Spin,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Bns   Henry Merritt, Harriett Blackman PR9 4 of 5
471 21 May 1898 Arthur Blackman 22y,Bch,Carter,East Meon Henry Blackman, Carter Elizabeth Annie Alderslade 20y,Spin,East Meon James Alderslade, Lab Bns   William Alderslade, Ae Blackman PR9 4 of 5
479 21 Dec 1899 Charles Blackman 23y,Bch,Woodman,Arundel Charles Blackman, Woodsman Ae Elizabeth Fosberry 27y,Spin,East Meon Alfred Fosberry, Bricklayer Bns   Frank Fosberry, Helen Fosberry PR9 5 of 5
425 06 Oct 1890 David Blackman 22y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Blackman, Lab Annie Barker 23y,Widow,East Meon George Newport, Lab Bns   Thomas Newport, Harriett Blackman PR9 4 of 5
424 14 Sep 1890 Frank Blackman 22y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Benjamin Blackman, Lab Ida Budd 18y,Spin,East Meon John Budd, Bricklayer Bns   Alfred William Pollard, Anne Budd PR9 4 of 5
411 22 Oct 1887 George Blackman 24y,Bch,Porter,East Meon George Blackman, Baker Emma Clark 20y,Spin,East Meon (Not given) Bns   James Smith, Rose Blackman PR9 4 of 5
437 14 May 1892 Henry Blackman 25y,Bch,Cowman,East Meon Benjamin Blackman, Lab Laura Kille 21y,Spin,East Meon Walter Kille, Thatcher Bns   Frances Deademan, Annie Kille PR9 4 of 5
342 21 Oct 1875 James Blackman 23y,Bch,Groom,Up Marden, Sussex Benjamin Blackman, Carter Harriett Norman 27y,Spin,Park, East Meon Robert Norman, Groom Bns   William Pollard, Fanny Warren PR9 3 of 5
401 03 Oct 1885 William Blackman 34y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Benjamin Blackman, Lab Sarah Culverwell Full,Widow,East Meon Richard Howard, Seaman Bns   Hori Tribe, Mary Stacey PR9 4 of 5
407 25 Jun 1887 William Blackman 26y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Blackman, Lab Sarah Ann Merritt 23y,Spin,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Bns   Henry Merritt, Eliza Suter PR9 4 of 5
63 09 Jun 1919 Edwin Walter Boniface 29y,Bch,Soldier,Pond Cottage, Milland Frederick Boniface, Roadman Annie May Nash 30y,Spin,Coombe Cott. East Meon William Nash, Shepherd Bns   Emily Florence Moon, William James Powell PR12
44 22 Oct 1913 Ernest William Bradden 33y,Bch,Tobacconist,8 High Street, Guildford William Bradden, Naturalist Ethel Grace Hobbs 23y,Spin,Clerk,East Meon James Hobbs, Blacksmith Bns   James Hobbs, Beatrice Hobbs, Herbert E. Tribe PR12
336 15 Oct 1874 Archibald Bridger Full,Bch,WineMerchant,Leamington Priors John Bridger, Gent Anna Maria Barnard 19y,Spin,Park East Meon Henry Barnard, Gent   Arther Bridger, L.F. Lucien?, Fanny R. Clarke, Henry Barnard, Arthur S. Wilcoxon PR9 3 of 5
5 12 Jun 1905 Arthur Augustus Bridger 29y,Bch,Butcher,Portsea Walter Bridger, Butcher Lily  Pink 22y,Spin,Milliner,East Meon Alfred Edward Pink, Farmer Bns   Walter Bridger, Alfred Edward Pink PR12
316 28 Sep 1871 John William Bridger Full,Bch,WineMerchant,Hitchin John Bridger,Gent Ellen Barnard Full,Spin,East Meon Henry Barnard, Gent   Henry Barnard, Jane Barnard, John Bridger, Archibald Bridger PR9 3 of 5
484 19 Aug 1901 Lewis Brooks 30y,Bch,Plumber,Balham Frederick Brooks, Plumber Caroline Tribe 30y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Tribe, Lab Bns   Joseph Tribe, Ellen Tribe PR9 5 of 5
458 23 Jun 1896 James Broughton 60?y,Wdr,Journeyman,Southsea John Broughton, Farm Bailiff Eliza Kille 54y,Spin,East Meon Benjamin Kille, Builder Bns   Benjm. Kille, Naomi Kille PR9 4 of 5
394 04 Nov 1883 Alfred Budd 21y,Bch,Shopman,East Meon Henry Budd, Lab Annie Elizabeth Beagley 19y,Spin,East Meon Henry Beagley, Gardener Bns   Henry Beagley, Hephzibah Budd PR9 4 of 5
315 01 May 1871 Francis George Budd 29y,Bch,Carter,Stroud John Budd, Farmer Maria Ansell 24y,Spin,Langrish Jeremiah Ansell, Carter Bns   John Carpenter, Sarah Jane *neall PR9 3 of 5
350 01 Nov 1876 James Budd Full,Bch,Carter,East Meon John Budd, Carter Harriet Hiscox Full.Spin,East Meon John Hiscock, Lab Bns   James Phillips, Elizabeth Phillips PR9 3 of 5
27 21 Oct 1908 William Budd 29y,Bch,FarmCarter,East Meon William Budd, Farm Carter Edith Silk 29y,Spin,DomServ,Frogmore, East Meon Steven Silk , Lab(Decd) Bns   Henry Silk, Harriett Silk PR12
317 21 Oct 1871 William Budd 24y,Bch,Lab.Oxenbourne John Budd Carter Charlotte Leach 20y,Spin,Coomb Stephen Leach, Carter Bns   James Budd, Mary Leach PR9 3 of 5
14 27 Jan 1906 Walter Edwin Burgess 38y,Bch,d.Victualler,East Meon Edwin Burgess, Gardener Annabella Cook Munro 36y,Spin,Abdour (Abelour?), Banffshire N.B. James Munro, Plasterer   Bert Warren, Margaret Dobson PR12
56 18 May 1918 William James Busby 24y,Bch,Carpenter,East Meon John Busby, Gardener Ae Louisa Read 23y,Spin,Dom Serv,Lynchmere William Read, Coachman Bns   Francis Beagley, Harriett Mary Read PR12
4 24 Apr 1905 Alfred John Butler 32y,Bch,Gamekeeper,Braishfield William James Butler, Gamekeeper Prudence Childs 24y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon John Childs, Lab Bns   Helena Jane Butler, Arthur Childs PR12
6 22 Jun 1905 George  Cannings 56y,Wdr,Gamekeeper,East Meon Stephen Cannings, Lab Ellen Parker 48y,Spin,East Meon James Parker, Butcher Bns   Frank Rogers, Lydia Rogers PR12
433 18 Oct 1891 Walter William Cannings 23y,Bch,Lab,Eastmeon Robert Cannings, Lab Ae Crockford 19,Spin,Eastmeon John Crockford, Lab Bns   James Cooper, Jane Crockford PR9 4 of 5
468 06 Jul 1897 Frank Castle 24y,Bch,Electrician,Richmond, Surrey William Castle, Telegraph Lineman Annie Eliza  Norgett 31y,Spin,Dressmaker,East Meon Henry Norgett, Engineer     Arthur Castle, Ruth Emily Norgett PR9 4 of 5
441 19 Apr 1893 Henry William Chivers 35y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Stephen Chivers, Lab Anne Elizabeth Tribe 29y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Tribe, Lab Bns   John Cook, Laura Tribe PR9 4 of 5
335 17 Sep 1874 Albert Christmas Full,Bch,Farmer,Oxenbourne William Christmas, Farmer Catherine Weston Full,Spin,Oxenbourne Thomas Weston, Miller Bns   John W. Aylwin, Margaret Weston PR9 3 of 5
380 18 Apr 1881 Henry Clark 29y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Daniel Clark, Lab Annie Titheridge 23y,Spin,East Meon William Titheridge, Lab     Frederick Love, Ellen Titheridge PR9 4 of 5
345 11 Dec 1875 William Clark 29y,Bch,Lab,East Meon  George Clark, Lab Mary Smith 26y,Spin,East Meon  John Smith, Turner Bns   James Smith, Louise Smith PR9 3 of 5
430 21 Jan 1891 Henry Coles 38y,Bch,Builder,East Meon John Coles, Farmer Elizabeth Howes 36y,Spin,Nurse,East Meon Joseph Howes, Coachman Bns   Edward T Tomlinson, Eleanor Ruth Tomlinson, A.M. Tomlinson, Basil Mur*ge Tomlinson PR9 4 of 5
368 08 Nov 1879 Jacob Coles 29y,Bch,Groom,Riplington William Coles, Carter Emma Beckingham 21y,Spin,East Meon Henry Beckingham, Lab     James Beckingham, Harriett Beckingham PR9 4 of 5
422 30 Nov 1889 John Cook 26y,Bch,Shepherd,East Meon George Cook,Shepherd Ae Elizabeth Chivers 24y,Spin,East Meon Stephen Chivers, Lab Bns   Joseph Hilary, Sarah Ellen Chivers PR9 4 of 5
52 31 May 1917 Arthur Edward Cooper 26y,Bch, 3rd.A.M.55th Reserve Squad.RFC,East Meon Henry Batchelor (Grell?),Bus Driver (Decd) Mable Hall 23y,Spin,Woolwich Thomas Matthew Hall, Foreman/Munition Wks Names are written as given Ae Batchelor, S.G. Kille, A. Court Fair Major (sic) PR12
325 08 Mar 1873 Charles Cooper 22y,Bch,Carter,Coombe Charles Cooper, Lab Lucy Winslade 19y,Spin,Park East Meon James Winslade, Lab Bns   Joseph Cake, John Cooper, Emma Cooper, Ruth Cake PR9 3 of 5
450 15 Apr 1895 George William Cooper 28y,Bch,Miller,Glynde, Sussex George Cooper, Gent Edith Mary Aylwin 29y,Spin,East Meon Benjamin Aylwin, Miller Bns   Robert Edward Bettesworth, Fred B. Aylwin PR9 4 of 5
406 21 Feb 1887 James Cooper 24y,Bch,Gardener,East Meon Charles Cooper, Lab Emily Crockford 20y,Spin,East Meon John Crockford, Lab Bns   William Crockford, B*lie Cooper, Fanny Cooper, May Cooper PR9 4 of 5
21 22 Dec 1906 William Horace Cousins 21y,Bch,Lab,Owslebury George Cousins, Lab Emily Randall 23y,Dom Serv,Coombe, East Meon George Randall, Farm Carter Bns   George Randall, John Randall PR12
311 6 Nov 1870 John Crockford Full,Bch.Lab,East Meon Thomas Crockford, Lab Caroline Reed Full,Spin,Haslemere James Reed, Lab Bns   George Knigth (sic), Edward Love (or Lane?), Mary Crockford, Ann Crockford PR9 3 of 5
391 22 Nov 1883 Thomas Henry Crockford 25y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Crockford, Lab Eliza Ann Ash 24y,Spin,East Meon William Ash, Lab Bns   William Ash, Esther Emma Faulkner PR9 4 of 5
499 31 Oct 1903 Henry Edward Cunningham 29y,Bch,Lab,Selborne Edward Cunningham, Lab Emily Elizabeth Ford 20y,Spin,Coombe, East Meon James Ford, Shepherd     George Attwood, Lucy Ford PR9 5 of 5
465 02 Mar 1897 William John Damen 33y,Bch,Gamekeeper,East Meon William Damen, Bailiff Mary Adams 46y,Widow,d.Victualler,East Meon George Hayden, Carpenter Bns   John Hayden, Charlotte Ann Edgson PR9 4 of 5
393 13 Oct 1883 James Dance 24y,Bch,Lab,Coombe John Dance, Lab Emily Jane Nutley 22y,Spin,Coombe Thomas Nutley, Shepherd Bns   Frederick Titheridge, Hannah Nutley PR9 4 of 5
358 26 Dec 1878 George Darvill Full,Bch,Farmer,Froxfield Daniel Darvill, Timber Merchant Sarah Elizabeth Smith Full,Spin,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker   Ae Fanny Smith, Henry Smith, ?. Darvill PR9 4 of 5
473 21 Dec 1898 Walter Robert Dawson 41y,Bch,Merchant,Fulham Luke Dawson, Farmer Harriet Mary Harrison 20y,Spin, East Meon Richard Francis Harrison, Steward     Marianne Baker, E.H.L. Reeve, R.F. Harrison, Caroline F. Harrison PR9 4 of 5
69 18 Nov 1919 Herbert Cyril Dean 24y,Bch,Chauffeur,East Meon Evan Henry Dean, Gamekeeper Elsie Dorothy Slyfield 21y,Spin,Dom Housemaid,East Meon Arthur Slyfield, Gardener Bns   Evan Henry Dean, Arthur Slyfield PR12
384 18 Oct 1882 Edward Dennis 29y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Dennis, Lab Harriet Crockford 21y,Spin,East Meon William Crockford, Lab     Jesse Dinnis (sic), Mary Crockford PR9 4 of 5
389 16 Jun 1883 George Dennis 30y,Bch,Lab,Riplington Henry Dennis, Lab Mary Crockford 24y,Spin,West Meon William Crockford, Lab Bns   Edward Dennis, Martha Crockford PR9 4 of 5
399 08 Aug 1885 Jesse Dennis 23y,Bch,Lab,Riplington Henry Dennis, Lab Ae Silk 22y,Spin,East Meon James Silk, Miller Bns   Edward Dennis, Harriet Dennis PR9 4 of 5
51 25 Feb 1916 Percy Denyer 27y,Bch,L.Cpl.MilitaryFootPoe,East Meon Joseph Denyer, Innkeeper Ellen Barnard 26y,Spin,Weybridge, Surrey John Barnard, Market Gardener   William Arthur Mullins, Bessie Maria Barnard PR12
61 01 Mar 1919 Joseph Dickens 33y,Bch,Miner,High Street, Riseley, Beds. Frank Dickens, Lab Rhoda Winifred Caroline Titheridge 23y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon William Titheridge, Carter (Decd)   Sarah Titheridge, William Titheridge, Alles May Titheridge PR12
7 19 Aug 1905 Joseph Diplock 29y,Bch,HousePainter,Notting Hill, Ldn. George Diplock, Lab (decd) Ellen Robbins 27y,Spin,DomServ,East Meon William Robbins, Gamekeeper Bns   Albert Aldridge, Elsie Robbins PR12
474 26 Dec 1898 Edward George Duffin 22y,Bch,R'wayPlatelayer,East Meon George Edward Duffin, Lab Ae Rose Neil 21y,Spin,East Meon Henry Neil, Lab Bns   Matthew Neil, Edith Kate Avery PR9 4 of 5
48 18 Feb 1915 Harold Harry  Earp 26y,Bch,Fireman,Midhurst William Earp, Engineer(Decd) Bertha Dorothy Carrington 22y,Spin,East Meon John Carrington, Marine (*en**) Bns   S. Gilbert Kille, Ethel Rose Brown PR12
386 06 Feb 1883 George Earwaker 40y,Bch,Lab,East Meon John Earwaker, Lab Ann Moore 29y,East Meon James Norgate, Lab Bns   George Cole Attwood, Annie Beckingham PR9 4 of 5
383 05 Aug 1882 Henry Earwaker 45y,Wdr,Lab,Soberton Thomas Earwaker, Lab Elizabeth Beckingham 51y,Widow,Eastmeon Thomas Culverwell, Lab     Charles Ayling, Eliza Ayling PR9 4 of 5
55 24 Dec 1917 Frederick Ivor Eels 22y,Bch,Munition Worker,Banbury Frederick Eli Eels, Baker Eva Maude Warren 21y,Spin,Shop Assistant,East Meon Frank Warren, Lab Bns   Frederick Eli Eels, F. Warren PR12
19 27 Sep 1906 Frank Evans 30y,Bch,PoeConstable,S.Michael's,Winchester James Evans,Salesman Florence May Gilbert 22y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Richard Gilbert, PoeConstable Bns   Albert Henry Eales, William George Voller, Harriet Evans PR12
340 13 Sep 1875 Benjamin Everis 40y,Bch,BoatswainMate RN,The Village, East Meon James Everis, Lab Emily Wilkes 25y,Spin, East Meon Edward Wilkes, Lab Bns   Henry Wilkes, Hannah Matilda Silk PR9 3 of 5
477 09 Sep 1899 Albert Edward Fisher 24y,Bch,HouseDecorator,East Meon George Fisher, Sawyer Edith Land 28y,Spin,Housekeeper,East Meon William Land, Poeman Bns   Herbert Alfred Tipping?, Rose Elizabeth Fisher PR9 5 of 5
32 24 Sep 1910 Albert James Freemantle 25y,Bch,Groom.Droxford Benjamin Freemantle,Shepherd(Decd) Rosa Merritt 21y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Henry Merritt, Farm Lab Bns   Arthur Newland, Catherine Eva Merritt, Emma Merritt PR12
392 23 Sep 1883 Henry Gale 41y,Wdr,Lab,Peak Farm John Gale, Lab Charlotte Mundy 28y,Spin,Peak Farm George Mundy, Carter Bns   Robert Mundy, Caroline Shadwell PR9 4 of 5
409 02 Oct 1887 Joseph Henry Goldsmith 20y,Bch,EngineDriver,Southsea Charles Goldsmith, Engineer Frances Jane Smith 19,Spin,East Meon Stephen Smith, Thatcher Bns   Charles? Goldsmith, Emily Shawyer PR9 4 of 5
1 22 Jun 1904 Henry Goodall 29y,Bch,Able Seaman HM Navy,East Meon Henry Goodall,Auctioneer (decd) Mary Jane Rutter 24y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon James Rutter, Farmer's Fireman? Bns   James Rutter, Mary Sabina Windybank PR12
486 19 Oct 1901 William Henry Grant 27y,Bch,Joiner,Petersfield William Frederick Grant, Coach-----? Florence Annie Micklam 26y,Spin,East Meon William John Downton Micklam, Baker Bns   William George Pearson, Susan C. *ame, George Frederick Grant PR9 5 of 5
333 16 Feb 1874 Henry Eli Green 28y,Bch,Soldier,East Meon  Henry Green, Carrier Elizabeth Wallace 21y,Spin,Gosport Joseph Wallace, Warrant Officer Bns   Henry Green, Lucy Green PR9 3 of 5
347 13 Oct 1876 Frank Gregory 21y,Bch,Carter,Oxenbourne James Gregory, Carter Lucy Elizabeth Richardson 16y,Spin,Oxenbourne John Richardson, Soldier Bns   James Gregory, Hariett Hiscock PR9 3 of 5
396 11 Oct 1884 Henry Gregory 25y,Bch,Groom,East Meon George Gregory, Lab Ann Blackman 19y,Spin,East Meon Thomas Blackman, Lab Bns   Albert Gregory, Clara Dennis PR9 4 of 5
308 02 Jul 1870 John Gregory Full,Bch.Lab,Oxenbourne James Gregory, Lab Hannah Hiscox Full,Spin,Oxenbourne Henry Hiscox, Lab Bns Married in the ensed schoolroom J. Gregory, M. Hiscox PR9 3 of 5
341 12 Oct 1875 Robert Gregory 26y,Bch,Carter,Oxenbourne East Meon James Gregory, Carter Mary Hiscox 21y,Spin,Oxenbourne East Meon Henry Hiscox, Groom Bns   James Gregory, Hannah Gregory PR9 3 of 5
382 12 Apr 1882 Samuel Gregory 25y,Bch,Lab,Buriton James Gregory, Lab Lucy Elizabeth Gregory 23y,Widow,Eastmeon John Richardson, Lab     J. Love, M. Crockford PR9 4 of 5
323 25 Jan 1873 James Harms 23y,Bch,Shephed,Guildford John Harms,Shepherd Ann Crockford 21y,Spin,Riplington William Crockford, Lab Bns   William Crockford, Martha Crockford PR9 3 of 5
11 15 Nov 1905 Fredrick George Harris 32y,Bch,GasFitter,Fulham William Harris, Ex.  Soldier Agnes Emma Micklam 22y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon William Downton Micklam, Baker Bns   Edwin Raggett, Lilla Rosina Micklam PR12
419 15 Aug 1889 Richard Henry Hayward 35y,Bch,Maj. Ssx.Light Inf,Shutteroaks? Merriott Richard Hayward, Gent Ada Mary Errington 24y,Spin,Bereleigh, East Meon George Henry Errington, Gent Bns   Michael Forbes Tweedie, Eliza Maude Errington PR9 4 of 5
60 24 Oct 1918 James Head 37y,Wdr,Lab,50 Great Knollys Street, Reading John Head,Shepherd Ae Pile 38y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Richard Pile, Gamekeeper Bns   J. Lattimer, J. Lattimer, Henry Coles PR12
38 20 Jan 1912 Henry  Henty 28y,Bch,Coachman,East Meon William Henty, Carter Lily Pollard 28y,Spin,East Meon Alfred William Pollard, Cowman Bns   Edward Andrews, Mabel Pollard, Violet Andrews PR12
344 09 Dec 1875 Joseph Hersey 25y,Bch,Butchers Man,East Meon village Joseph Stubington, Farmer Rosa Smith 27y,Spin,Serv,The Vicarage,EastMeon Robert Smith, Lab Bns   Thomas Smith, Jane Fry, Agnes Smith,Mary Arabella Brodie PR9 3 of 5
428 08 Nov 1890 John Hiscock 23y,Bch,Wheelwright,East Meon John Hiscock, Lab Ellen Gregory 22y,Spin,East Meon George Gregory, Lab Bns   James Chaplin, Jane Gregory PR9 4 of 5
65 08 Sep 1919 Archibald Leslie Hobbs 27y,Bch,ShopAssistant,East Meon James Hobbs, Blacksmith Phebe Smith 25y,Spin,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker (Decd) Bns   James Hobbs, Albert H.Micklam PR12
25 03 Jun 1907 Walter  Holder 26y,Bch,Bricklayer,**** Bookham John Holder, Bricklayer(Decd) Lilian Luff 23y,Spin,Dressmaker,East Meon Henry Luff, Wood Sawyer Bns   Henry Luff, Laura Kill PR12
59 19 Oct 1918 Arthur Hoskings 24y,Bch,Soldier,Scotton Camp, Yorkshire Richard Henry Hoskings, Builder Sarah Helen Atkinson 25y,Spin,East Meon George Atkinson, Farmer Bns   Selina Agnes Hoskings, George Atkinson PR12
497 15 Jun 1903 Ernest  Howick 31y,Bch,R'way Porter,St Martins,Brighton Thomas Howick, Gardener Naomi  Kille 27y,Spin,Dom,Serv,East Meon Benjamin Kille, Registrar Bns   S.Kille, E. Kille PR9 5 of 5
10 30 Oct 1905 William Thomas Hynard 45y,Wdr,Gardener,Tandridge, Surrey Thomas Gardiner Hynard, Gardener(Decd) Ellen Wilkes 28y,Spin,DomServ,East Meon Henry James Wilkes, Lab (Decd) Bns   Edward Wilkes, Rosina Wilkes PR12
330 29 Apr 1873 Henry Weston Instrall 24y,Bch,Gardener,Exton William Instrall,Shepherd Jemima Emma Kneller 21y,Spin,Drayton James Kneller, Shepherd Bns   Harry Kneller, Mary Ann Instrall PR9 3 of 5
355 17 Sep 1878 Walter Jackson 29y,Bch,Upholsterer,3 Winsley St, Marylebone Walter Jackson, Stationer Eleanor Elliott 29y,Spin,East Meon John Elliott, Tailor     William Budd, Hephzibah Kille PR9 3 of 5
371 29 Dec 1879 William Jacob 25y,Bch,Warden,Portsea William Jacob, Market Gardener Lucy Mary Green 26y,Spin,East Meon Henry Green, Surveyor     William Green, Sarah Green PR9 4 of 5
498 15 Aug 1903 Walter John Jacobs 23y,Bch,Groom,Clanfield William Jacobs, Lab Rosa Kate May Andrews 23y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Job Andrews, Shepherd Bns   George Stevens, Annie Bone PR9 5 of 5
374 08 Jul 1880 Henry Jacques 25y,Bch,Porter,Midhurst John Jacques, Brickmaker Ellen Norgate 23y,Spin,East Meon John Norgate L*****tt (crossed out)     Dick Albery, Mary Ann Albery PR9 4 of 5
339 06 Jan 1875 Thomas Jarman Full,Wdr,Carpenter,Froxfield John Jarman, Carpenter Harriet Privett Full,Widow,East Meon village Thomas Warren, Bailiff Bns   James Jarman, Lydia Blackman PR9 3 of 5
417 23 Mar 1889 Arthur Jones 20y,Bch,Groom,East Meon David Jones, Lab Clara Dennis 22y,Spin,East Meon John Dennis, Lab Bns   Albert Gregory, H. Jones, Edith Dennis, Harriett Blackman PR9 4 of 5
493 10 Nov 1902 Francis Jones 25y,Bch,Lab,East Meon David Jones, Lab (Decd) Naomi Mary Shawyer 20y,Spin,East Meon Henry Shawyer, Lab (Decd.) Bns   George Attwood, Kate Masters PR9 5 of 5
487 09 Nov 1901 Clement Kille 27y,Bch,Carpenter,East Meon Caleb Kille, Carpenter Helen Fosberry 25y,Spin,East Meon Alfred Fosberry, Bricklayer Bns   George Kille, Nun Kille, Freda Kille PR9 5 of 5
438 08 Oct 1892 Frederick Deadman Kille 28y,Bch,Goom,East Meon Walter Kille, Thatcher Laura Luff 23y,Spin,Petersfield Henry Luff, Sawyer Bns   Henry Luff, Elizabeth Norman Luff PR9 4 of 5
3 24 Apr 1905 George Kille 28y,Bch,Carpenter,Farncombe, Surrey Caleb Kille, Carpenter Ae Henrietta Smith 23y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker Bns   Clement Kille, John George Monk PR12
472 01 Sep 1898 Nun Kille 29y,Bch,Carpenter,Old Alresford Caleb Kille, Builder Ruth Emily Norgett 26y,Spin,East Meon Henry Norgett, Engineer Bns   Robert ****ll, Susannah Laura Norgett PR9 4 of 5
41 09 Nov 1912 Samuel Kille 37y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Walter Kille , Lab(Decd) Sarah Ann Eliza Gale 38y,Widow,Charwoman,East Meon John HodgsonNaval Storekeeper(Decd) Bns   Henry Silk, Priscilla Kille PR12
402 22 May 1886 Samuel Gilbert Kille 30y,Bch,Carpenter,East Meon Samuel Kille, Carpenter Priscilla Culverwell 20y,Spin, Gabriel's Pimo Henry Culverwell, Lab Bns   Frank James *oomes, Harriet Culverwell PR9 4 of 5
307 12 Jun 1870 Walter Kille Full,Bch.Lab,Rookham Nicholas Kille, Lab Sarah Ann Deadman Full,Spin,Ramsdean Frederick Deadman, Lab Bns Married in the ensed schoolroom Charles Goddard, Ellen Goddard PR9 3 of 5
22 26 Dec 1906 Henry  King 31y,Bch,Woodman,Holt, Dorsetshire Anastasias King, Woodman Emily Jane Mullins 27y,Spin,DomServ,East Meon Henry Mullins, Gamekeeper Bns   William Mullins, Nellie Mullins PR12
455 13 Oct 1895 Herbert King 30y,Bch,Shepherd,Overton Edwin King, Farmer Ellen Crockford 20y,Spin,East Meon John Crockford, Lab Bns   James Cooper, Jane Crockford PR9 4 of 5
70 05 Apr 1920 Harry Knight 25y,Bch,R'waySignalman,Alton Harry Knight, R'way Platelayer Daisy Prudence Appleford 22y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon John Appleford, Gardener Bns   John Appleford, Harry Knight, Betrice? Knight PR12
429 23 Dec 1890 Isaac Walter Knight 26y,Bch,Grocer,Froxfield? John Knight, Gent Helen Louise Aylwin 28y,Spin,East Meon Benjamin Aylwin, Miller Bns   Benj. Aylwin, Clement Knight PR9 4 of 5
369 15 Nov 1879 John Knight 28y,Wdr,Lab,Froxfield William Knight, Lab Jane Rogers 19y,spin,Eastmeon Stephen Rogers, Lab Bns   Stephen Rogers, Fan*y Rogers PR9 4 of 5
50 02 Feb 1916 Herbert Lambert 25y,Bch,Not Given,East Meon William Lambert, Farmer (Decd) Ethel Gladys Roach 23y,Spin,Farmer,East Meon William George Roach, Blacksmith   Occupations possibly transposed William George Roach, Emily Woodford Roach PR12
71 31 Jul 1920 Walter Lambert 34y,Bch,Blacksmith,East Meon William Lambert, Farmer (Decd) Ada Caroline Micklam 32y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon William Micklam, Baker (Decd) Bns   Edwin James Micklam, Agnes Emma Harris?, Herbert Lambert PR12
26 06 Nov 1907 William Hope Lambert 27y,Bch,Farmer,East Meon William Lambert, Farmer Ada Louisa Hobbs 25y,Spin,East Meon James Hobbs, Blacksmith Bns   James Hobbs, May Lambert PR12
410 15 Oct 1887 Harry Leach 26y,Bch,Gardener,East Meon James Leach, Lab Eliza Hockley 23y,Spin,Housemaid,Bereleigh Philip Hockley, Lab Bns   William Hockley, Ellen King, Emma Lucy Leach PR9 4 of 5
20 16 Nov 1906 Alfred Linkhorn 21y,Bch,Farm Lab,Catherington Harry Linkhorn, Contractor Lavinia Powell 20y,Spin,Dom Serv,Coombe, East Meon Henry Powell, Gamekeeper Bns   Charles Chalwin, Ellen Matilda Powell PR12
43 23 Aug 1913 Arthur Lock 39y,Wdr,Carpenter,Riplington East Meon Charles Lock,Gen Dealer (Decd) Mabel Rampton 35y,Spin,Riplington East Meon Daniel Rampton, Shepherd (Decd)   Ae Brooman, Louis Silvester Lock PR12
324 1 Mar 1873 Albert Luff 28y,Bch,Sawyer,East Meon  William Luff, Sawyer Amelia Newland 25y,Spin,East Meon  James Newland, Lab Bns   Henry Merritt, Emily Merritt PR9 3 of 5
35 22 Apr 1911 Henry Edwin Luff 22y,Bch,Motor/Cycle Engineer,Haslemere Charles Luff, Gardener Mabel Bagg 26y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Frank Bagg, Farmer   Percy John Luff, Annie Bagg PR12
72 07 Aug 1920 John Robert Macdonald 26y,Bch,Builders Lab,East Meon John Macdonald,Builder's Lab(Decd) Emily Rose Andrews 26y,Spin,East Meon John James Andrews, Farmer Bns   Robert Fisher, Albert George McDonald, Daisy Alma Cruttenden PR12
326 22 Mar 1873 John Henry Mansbridge 21y,Bch,Groom,Troyford? Charles Mansbridge, Lab Elizabeth Ruffell 19y,Spin,East Meon  James Ruffell, Lab Bns   William Ruffell, Frances Mary Ruffell PR9 3 of 5
379 16 Oct 1880 William Marsh 23y,Bch,Carter,Eastmeon Andrew Marsh, Carter Fanny Elizabeth Dyer 24y,Spin,Eastmeon Thomas Dyer, Lab     William Dyer, Rosa Gould PR9 4 of 5
462 26 Dec 1896 Frederick William Martin 27y,Bch,Bricklayer,East Meon George Martin, Lab Mary Silk 23y,Spin,East Meon Stephen Silk, Lab Bns   Albert James Martin, Louisa Silk PR9 4 of 5
444 26 Mar 1894 John McDonald 24y,Bch,Cpl.OrdnanceStore Corps,Aldershot John McDonald, Gardener Lillian Ellen Fisher 22y,Spin,East Meon George Fisher, Lab Bns   Robert Fisher, Rose Elizabeth Fisher PR9 4 of 5
67 08 Nov 1919 Alfred Merritt 28y,Bch,Farm Lab,Oxenbourne East Meon Henry Merritt, Farm Lab Charlotte Elizabeth Cook 27y,Spin,DomCook,Oxenbourne John Cook, Shepherd (Decd) Bns   Ellen Mary Cook, Charles Merritt PR12
31 03 Aug 1910 Charles Merritt 23y,Bch,Baker,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Catherine Eva Inch 30y,Spin,DomServ,Petersfield Richard Inch, Lab Bns   Rosa Merritt, Alfred Merritt PR12
387 14 Mar 1883 George Merritt Full,Wdr,Farmer,Ramsdean John Merritt, Lab Eliza Norgate 24y,Spin,Eastmeon James Norgate, Lab     Thomas Lacey, Sarah Jane Merritt, Robert Merritt PR9 4 of 5
73 10 Aug 1920 Henry George Merritt 37y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Merritt, Farm Lab Daisy May Shawyer 19y,Spin,East Meon Alfred Shawyer, Farm Lab Bns   Alfred Shawyer, Alfred James Appleton PR12
9 26 Oct 1905 Herbert John Merritt 23y,Bch,Dairyman,East Meon Henry George Merritt, Carpenter Beatrice Ellen Ham 22y,Spin,Dairy Maid,East Meon Benjamin Ham, Farmer (Decd) Bns   George Edward Jones, Lilian Luff PR12
321 20 Jul 1872 James Merritt 35y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Merritt, Lab Elizabeth Marianne Collins 35y,Widow,East Meon Thomas Delling, Farmer Bns   George Budd, Elizabeth Collins PR9 3 of 5
397 20 Oct 1884 James  Merritt 23y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Ann Beckingham 22y,Spin,East Meon George Beckingham, Blacksmith Bns Also Annie George Beckinham, Ann Merritt PR9 4 of 5
469 02 Oct 1897 Luke Merritt 24y,Wdr,Lab,East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Elizabeth Norman Luff 21y,Spin,East Meon Henry Luff, Sawyer Bns   Frederic Deadman Kille, Laura Kille PR9 4 of 5
457 18 Apr 1896 Luke Merritt 22y,Bch,Carter,East Meon Henry Merritt Copser Catherine Blackman 19,Spin,East Meon Henry Blackman, Carter Bns   Arthur John Blackman, Emily Budd PR9 4 of 5
439 15 Oct 1892 Oliver Merritt 24y,Bch,Carter,East Meon William Merritt, Lab Kate Elizabeth Grant 27y,Spin,East Meon George Grant, Carter Bns   James Willis, Harriet Willis PR9 4 of 5
310 25 Oct 1870 Stephen Merritt Full,Bch,Mariner,Langrish John Merritt, Lab Elizabeth Suter Full,Spin,Langrish William Suter, Lab Bns   William Suter, Elizabeth Newman PR9 3 of 5
495 21 Feb 1903 Thomas Merritt 40y,Wdr,FarmBailiff,East Meon George Merritt, Lab (decd) Emma Alderslade 42y,Widow,East Meon William Blackman, Lab     William Alderslade, Edith Mary Smith PR9 5 of 5
29 11 Aug 1909 Albert Hughe Micklam 25y,Bch,AbleSeaman,H.M.S.Bellerophon,HomeFleet William Micklam, Baker(Decd) Eunice Edith Smith 22y,Spin,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker (Decd) Bns   Francis Silas Smith, George Kille PR12
373 01 May 1880 William Downton Micklam 29y,Wdr,Baker,East Meon Charles Micklam, Lab Rosina Caroline Blackman 24y,Spin,East Meon Henry Blackman, Lab     Henry Blackman, Harriett Micklam PR9 4 of 5
443 14 Oct 1893 William Downton Micklam 44y,Wdr,Baker,East Meon Charles Micklam, Lab Kate Quennell 34y,Spin,Nurse,East Meon John Quennell, Lab Bns   Frederick Wh**e*, Minnie M. Darvill PR9 4 of 5
420 06 Oct 1889 Charles Ernest Mills 25y,Bch,Cowman,Froxfield Richard Mills,Shepherd Mary Jane Bond 19,Spin,East Meon Henry Bond, Carter Bns   Richard Bond, Ellen Fisher PR9 4 of 5
403 12 Oct 1886 John Mills 26y,Bch,Gamekeeper,Preston Candover Daniel Mills, Lab Sarah Wheable 36y,Spin,Peak George Wheable, Lab Bns   Joseph Mills, Harriett Mills PR9 4 of 5
395 28 Jun 1884 Robert Charles Mitchell 21y,Bch,ChimneySweep,Oxenbourne William Henry Mitchell, Carter Mary Ann Wright 18y,Spin,Oxenbourne Henry Wright, Sweep Bns   Harriet Mitchell, Francis Wiliam Collins PR9 4 of 5
364 11 Oct 1879 John Moody 22y,Bch,Lab,East Meon James Moody, Farmer (decd) Eliza Rutter 20y,Spin,East Meon George Rutter, Carter Bns   George Rutter, Mary Ann Rutter PR9 4 of 5
456 08 Feb 1896 Edgar Leopold Moore 23y,Bch,Cowman,East Meon (Not given) Emma Dillaway 22y,Spin,Langrish Thomas Dillaway, Gamekeeper (Decd.) Bns   Henry French, Danilla Elizabeth Wykes PR9 4 of 5
328 05 Apr 1873 James Moorey 21y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Moorey, Lab Ann Norgate 19y,Spin,East Meon James Norgate, Lab Bns   Alfred William Pollard, Elizabeth Norgate PR9 3 of 5
42 26 Mar 1913 William Arthur Mullins 32y,Bch,Gamekeeper,East Meon Henry Mullins, Gamekeeper Edith Kate Denyer 25y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Denyer, Puban Bns   Percy Denyer, Beatrice Denyer, May Kille PR12
427 01 Nov 1890 George Nash 36y,Bch,TelegraphEngineer,East Meon William Nash, Lab Ann Leach 28y,Spin,East Meon Stephen Leach, Lab Bns   George Steele, Eliza Steele PR9 4 of 5
415 29 Dec 1888 William Nash 26y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Nash, Lab Louisa Gregory 30y,Spin,East Meon George Gregory, Lab Bns   George Nash, Amelia Luff PR9 4 of 5
454 05 Oct 1895 John Nicholson 24y,Bch,Lab,Frogmore East Meon John Nicholson, Carter Ae Parfoot 17y,Spin,Frogmore East Meon John Parfoot, Cowman Bns   Charles Henry Nichelson, Emily Parfoot PR9 4 of 5
388 02 Jun 1883 Henry Norgate 32y,Bch,Lab,East Meon James Norgate, Lab Frances Fosberry Full,Frogmore Edward Mason, Bricklayer Bns   Thomas Lacey, Elizabeth Lacey PR9 4 of 5
475 18 Jun 1899 Richard Norgett 23y,Bch,Butcher,East Meon Henry Norgett, Engineer Elizabeth Norman Merritt 23y,Widow,East Meon Henry Luff, Sawyer Bns   Tom Jackson Gale, Sarah Ann Eliza Gale PR9 4 of 5
322 12 Oct1872 George Norman 26y,Bch,Carter,East Meon John Norman, Lab Charlotte Martin 33y,Spin,East Meon Stephen Martin, Lab Bns   Samuel Martin, Emma Caesar PR9 3 of 5
23 27 Feb 1907 Ernest Noyce 33y,Bch,Farmer,White Wool East Meon Andrew Philip Noyce, Farmer (Decd) Eva Merritt 25y,Spin,East Meon Luke Merritt, Cattle Dealer (Decd) Bns   Willie Merritt, L. Merritt, Andrew Noyce, Ellen Noyce PR12
66 24 Sep 1919 William Frederick Paine 30y,Bch,CommercialTraveller,Lewes Frank Paine, Not given Beatrice Annie Hobbs 35y,Spin,East Meon James Hobbs, Blacksmith Bns   James Hobbs, Frank Paine, H.E. Hobbs PR12
436 16 Apr 1892 Henry Vedler Parfitt 24y,Bch,Lab,East Meon John Parfitt, Lab Harriet Mary Ansell 19,Spin,East Meon John Ansell, Lab Bns Also signed Vidleler (sic) William Adams, Ae Mary Ann Adams PR9 4 of 5
431 22 Jul 1891 James William Parfitt 28y,Bch,Lab,Eastmeon John Parfitt, Lab Elizabeth Cooper 22y,Spin,Eastmeon Charles Cooper, Lab Bns   James Cooper, Emily Cooper PR9 4 of 5
18 29 Sep 1906 Henry Parfoot 36y,Wdr,Lab,East Meon John Parfoot, Lab Florrie Stagg 21y,Spin,East Meon Charles Stagg, Lab Bns   George Attwood, Ae Mardell, Charles Stagg PR12
33 22 Feb 1911 Leonard Joceline Parsons 26y,Bch,Carpenter,East Meon Jocelyn Parsons, Farmer Dorothy Frances Smith 25y,Spin,DomServ,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker(Decd) Bns   Annie Parsons, Phebe Smith, Jocelyn Parsons PR12
37 09 Oct 1911 Albert Edgar Partridge 33y,Bch,NCO Royal Engineers,Tynemouth Priory Albert Partridge, Farmer Lily Amelia Smith 27y,Spin,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker(Decd) Bns   Francis S. Smith, Albert H. Micklam PR12
408 01 Aug 1887 Frederick William Pearce 26y,Bch,Compositor,Peckham Stephen Harris Pearce, Compositor Emma Jane Shepherd 23y,Spin,East Meon Thomas Harding Shepherd, Engine Fitter Bns   John Edward Shepherd, Thomas James Jordan, Phillis Shepherd PR9 4 of 5
451 09 Jul 1895 Harry George Penn 30y,Bch,Coachman,Waterlooville George Henry Penn, Carpenter Emily Shawyer 26y,Spin,East Meon Henry Shawyer, Lab Bns   Walter Shawyer, Ae Maud Mary Penn PR9 4 of 5
46 06 Jul 1914 Thomas Phillips Full,Wdr,Dairyman,Bemerton, Wilts Thomas Phillips, Dairyman (Decd) Ellen Charlotte Poulter Full,Widow,DomServ,East Meon Edward Burrough, Dairyman Bns Bride signed Harnett?, not Poulter Daniel Poulter, Frederick Phillip, Edith Maud Poulter PR12
390 23 Jun 1883 Edward Pile Full,Wdr,Gamekeeper,Drayton Edward Pile, Gardener Mary Ann Rhodes Full,Widow,Drayton Henry Langrish, Lab Bns   George Porter, Harriet Porter PR9 4 of 5
476 15 Aug 1899 William Pile 26y,Bch,Guard,Kelmscott Rd, Clapham Richard Pile, Gamekeeper Ada Dicker 21y,Spin,East Meon Walter Dicker, Farmer Bns   Walter Dicker?, Clarissa D***** PR9 4 of 5
421 10 Oct 1889 Richard Pink 66y,Bch,Miller,South Mill Thomas Pink, Farmer Jane Hammond 46y,Spin,Hyden Farm William Hammond, Farmer   Harry Hammond, Eleanor Hammond PR9 4 of 5
24 01 Apr 1907 Frederick  Piper 23y,Bch,Blacksmith,Andover George Piper, Gamekeeper Eva Maude Locke 25y,Spin,Grocer's Ass.East Meon (Not given) Bns   James Hobbs, Ada Louisa Hobbs PR12
329 19 Apr 1873 Alfred William Pollard 20y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Jerimiah Pollard, Lab Eliza Blackman 16y,Spin,East Meon Benjamin Blackman, Carter Bns   James Love, Lucy Newton PR9 3 of 5
461 19 Feb 1896 Alfred William Pollard 20y,Bch,Gardener,East Meon Alfred William Pollard, Cowman Fenella Reed 19,Spin,East Meon William Reed Shipwright(Decd) Bns   Edgar Leopold Moore, Emily Grant PR9 4 of 5
30 15 Jan 1910 Ernest Edwin Pollard 22y,Bch,FarmLab,East Meon William Pollard, Farm Lab (Decd) Rose Anna Appleton 36y,Widow,East Meon John Parfoot, Farm Labn Bns   Arthur John Blackman, Elizabeth Anna Blackman PR12
337 07 Nov 1874 Jeremiah Pollard  20y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Jeremiah Pollard, Lab Ae Crockford 19y,Spin,Langrish Henry Crockford, Lab Bns   William Pollard, Elizabeth Norgate PR9 3 of 5
353 27 Jan 1878 John Poole 25y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Poole, Lab Harriett Maslen 21y.Spin,East Meon Stephen Maslen, Lab Bns   Hannah Maslen, Charles Maslen PR9 3 of 5
485 07 Sep 1901 George Porter 39y,Bch,Carpenter,East Meon John Porter, Carpenter Jane Crockford 35y,Spin,East Meon John Crockford, Farmer Bns   Annie Clark, William Crockford PR9 5 of 5
28 26 Apr 1909 Edwin  Powers 37y,Bch,PoeConstable,Holy Trinity, Woolwich Henry Powers, Carter Sarah Anne Paice 32y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon George Paice, Lab Bns   Arthur Paice, Emma Paice PR12
17 05 Sep 1906 Edwin Raggett 30y,Bch,Butcher,St Marys,East Molesey Henry Raggett, Gardener Lilla Rosina Micklam 24y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon William John Downton Micklam, Baker Bns   Edwin James Micklam, Frederick John Wells, Ada Caroline Micklam PR12
309 15 Oct 1870 James Rampton Full,Bch,Carter,Langrish George Rampton, Carter Fanny Maria Eltham Full,Spin,Langrish William Eltham, Carpenter Bns   William Jones, Emily Ann Rampton, Hannah Rampton PR9 3 of 5
423 03 Mar 1890 Joseph Read 27y,Bch,Blacksmith,East Meon James Read, Blacksmith Harriet Silk 28y,Spin,East Meon James Silk, Miller     Edward Wilkes, Hannah Mitilda Wilkes PR9 4 of 5
356 01 Oct 1878 Frank Rogers 21y,Bch,Carter,East Meon Henry Rogers, Lab Lydia Cannings 20y,Spin,East Meon Stephen Cannings, Lab Bns   Ae Warren, Samuel Gilbert Kille PR9 3 of 5
64 25 Jun 1919 Ernest Frederick Romans 27y,Bch,CivilServant,Castle Street, Brecon Albert Charles Romans, Ret.Civil Serv Ae  Silvester 21y,Spin,Peak Farm, East Meon Henry William Silvester, Farmer Bns   Esther Romans, Albert Charles Romans, Arthur George Brown PR12
360  22 Mar 1879  Samuel Russell 21y,Bch,Lab,Frogmore Edward Russell, Lab Emma Ellen Merritt 19y,spin,Frogmore William Merritt, Lab Bns   Maria Russell, Samuel Gilbert Kille PR9 4 of 5
34 28 Feb 1911 Albert Joseph Rutter 23y,Bch,Lab,Oxenbourne East Meon James Rutter, Lab Annie Blackman 33y,Widow,Housekeeper,Ramsdean Langrish William Budd, Lab Bns   James William Rutter, Harriett Silk PR12
357 19 Oct 1878 James Rutter 23y,Bch,Lab,,East Meon George Rutter, Lab Jane Eames 22y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Eames, Lab Bns   Mary Ann Rutter, George Rutter PR9 4 of 5
404 21 Nov 1886 William Rutter 34y,Bch,Gardener,East Meon George Rutter, Lab Annie Blackman 24y,Spin,East Meon Benjamin Blackman, Lab Bns   Alfred William Pollard, Harriett Blackman PR9 4 of 5
432 14 Sep 1891 William Seabridge 31y,Bch,Coachman,Tonbridge Wells Stephen Seabridge, Farmer Mary Jane Warren 24y,Spin,East Meon James Warren, Draper Bns   Arthur Warren, G. Warren, Frances Sarah Fursnage?, Ae ***mpion PR9 4 of 5
332 29 Nov 1873 William Shadwell 25y,Bch,Bricklayer,Peak William Shadwell, Shoemaker Caroline Mundy 24y,Spin,Peak George Mundy, Carter Bns   George Forder, Ellen Cole PR9 3 of 5
464 30 Jan 1897 Alfred Shawyer 24y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Shawyer, Lab Emily  Parfoot 22y,Spin,East Meon John Parfoot, Cowman Bns   Henry Parfoot, Rose Ann Appleton PR9 4 of 5
460 12 Dec 1896 Walter Shawyer 25y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Henry Shawyer, Lab Elizabeth Parfoot 22y,Spin,East Meon (Not given) Bns   Alfred Shawyer, Rose Ann Appleton PR9 4 of 5
354 30 May 1878 William Robert Shepherd 21y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Jeremiah Shepherd, Lab Louisa Vincent 23y,Spin,East Meon George Edward Vincent, Farmer     Jeremiah Shepherd, Emma Blanchard PR9 3 of 5
440 03 Apr 1893 Edward Sibson 28y,Bch,Outfitter,235 Lake Road, Portsea Thomas Sibson, Outfitter Julia Purches 25y,Spin,East Meon John Purches, Gent     John Purches, Thomas Wm. Sibson, Mabel Adams PR9 4 of 5
319 06 Apr 1872 Stephen Silk 34y,Bch,Lab,Frogmore William Silk, Lab Lucy Greentree 26y,Spin,Frogmore James Greentree, Shepherd Bns   Joseph Hersey, Ellen Crockford PR9 3 of 5
400 13 Sep 1885 George Singleton 30y,Bch,Lab,Eastmeon Levi Singleton, Lab Ann Naish 33y,Spin,Eastmeon Jonas Naish, Gamekeeper Bns   George Fisher, Ellen Fisher PR9 4 of 5
418 22 Apr 1889 Charles Edward Small 25y,Bch,Coachbuilder,Reigate William Small, Carpenter Laura Louisa Silk 24y,Spin,East Meon John Silk, Miller Bns   John Silk, Stephen Silk, Hannah Silk, Nora Silk, Allan Silk PR9 4 of 5
483 29 Oct 1900 Francis Silas Smith 22y,Bch,Baker,East Meon Henry Smith, Baker Abby Bertha Crump 22y,Spin,East Meon William Crump, Decd. Bns   Ernest Gordon, Clarissa Smith, Nun Kille PR9 5 of 5
459 05 Dec 1896 George Henry Smith 24y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Stephen Smith, Lab Laura Tribe 27y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Tribe, Lab Bns   Stephen Smith, Ae Tribe PR9 4 of 5
466 18 May 1897 George Thomas Smith 27y,Bch,Gardener,Compton Edward Smith, Farmer Ada Louisa Attwood 27y,Spin,East Meon George Cole Attwood, Cordwainer Bns   George Cole Attwood, Ada Smith PR9 4 of 5
327 29 Mar 1873 James Smith 32y,Bch,Lab,East Meon John Smith, Bricklayer Maria Clarke 47y,Widow,East Meon Edward Denniss, Lab Bns   William Clarke, Mary Smith PR9 3 of 5
463 30 Dec 1896 Stephen Smith 26y,Bch,Petty Officer RN,East Meon Stephen Smith, Lab Ae Tribe 23y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Tribe, Lab Bns   George Henry Smith, Ellen Tribe PR9 4 of 5
314 29 Apr 1871 William Anton Smith 29y,Bch,Gardener,Langrish William Smith, Gardener Jane Allen 30y,Spin,Langrish Philip Allen, Lab Bns   George Allen, Emma Smith PR9 3 of 5
398 06 Apr 1885 James Spiers 30y,Bch,Bricklayer,East Meon Henry Spiers, Lab Louisa Rhodes 29y,Spin,East Meon Henry Rhodes, Lab Bns   George Spiers, Robina Macdonald PR9 4 of 5
334 27 Feb 1874 George Steele 22y,Bch,GoodsShunter,Clapham George Steele, Carpenter Eliza Cannings 24y,Spin,Coombe William Nash, Lab Bns   George Nash, Emily Sebbage PR9 3 of 5
448 20 Oct 1894 George Stevens 28y,Bch,Brewer,Eastbourne, Sussex John Stevens, Lab Clara Mary Andrews 24y,Spin,Old Down East Meon Job Andrews, Lab Bns   Job Andrews, Jane Stevens PR9 4 of 5
372 17 Apr 1880 Egbert Stickler 25y,Bch,Coachman,Eastmeon Josiah Stickler, Gardener Emma Harriett Cooper 25y,SpinEastmeon Charles Cooper, Carter     John Cooper, Mary Ann Plant Mason PR9 4 of 5
47 03 Oct 1914 William Thomas Suter Full,Wdr,Farmer,Langrish William Suter, Farmer (Decd) Emily Bagg Full,Widow,East Meon John Clark, Farmer (Decd) Bns   William J. Bagg, A.E. Luff PR12
36 23 Sep 1911 Arthur George Taylor 33y,Bch,R'way Lab,Fair Oak? William Taylor, Gamekeeper Elizabeth Bertha Gilbert 33y,Spin,DomServ,East Meon Richard Gilbert,Serjeant of Poe (Decd) Bns   Nellie W. Connop?, Sydney Taylor, May Tapscote PR12
351 13 Oct 1877 Francis Tetheridge 23y,Bch,Lab,East Meon William Tetheridge, Lab Emily Jane Port 26y,Spin,East Meon James Port, Lab Bns   Jane Withers, W.H. Norgate PR9 3 of 5
57 15 Jun 1918 Herbert Edward Tickner 25y,Bch,Farmer,Exton William James Tickner, Ironmonger Daisy Louisa Silvester 24y,Spin,Peak Farm, East Meon Henry William Silvester, Farmer Bns   Edith Silvester, Henry Wm. Silvester PR12
8 26 Aug 1905 Arthur Charles Titheridge 25y,Bch,Marine,Portland? Charles Titheridge, Lab Bertha  Merritt 22y,Spin,DomServ,Frogmore, East Meon Henry Merritt, Lab Bns   Arthur Newland, George Attwood PR12
12 09 Dec 1905 Charles  Titheridge 57y,Wdr,Lab,East Meon William Titheridge, Lab Hannah Gregory 54y,Widow,East Meon Henry Hiscox, Lab Bns   James Collis, Emily Grant PR12
361  22 Mar 1879  James Titheridge 24y,Bch,Lab,Frogmore William Titheridge, Lab Ellen Love 21y,Spin,Frogmore William Love, Lab decd. Bns   Elizabeth Blackman, Charles Titheridge PR9 4 of 5
312 18 Mar 1871 John Tizzard 26,Bch,Gardener,West dean William Tizzard, Lab Harriet Gregory 28y,Spin,Oxenbourne James Gregory, Lab Bns   William Tizzard, Louisa Gregory PR9 3 of 5
13 24 Jan 1906 George Edward Trent 49y,Wdr,Cowman,East Meon George Trent, Farmer Emma Adelaide Pratt 48y,Spin,DomServ,East Meon Thomas Pratt, Wheelwright     George Attwood, Josephine Grace Ozard? PR12
482 20 Oct 1900 Hori Tribe 23y,Bch,Gardener,Lee, Kent Hori Tribe, Carter Bessie Eva Williams 25y,Spin,East Meon Edward George Williams, Puban     Herbert Charles Watson, Lottie Pile PR9 5 of 5
318 07 Feb 1872 William Tribe 21y,Bch,PoeConstable,Hayling Island Thomas Tribe, Lab Eliza Kneller 22y,Spin,Drayton (East Meon) James Knellar, Lab Bns   Harry Kneller, Emma Kneller, Harriet Tribe PR9 3 of 5
489 09 Oct 1902 Thomas Tuck 25y,Bch,Lab,Christchurch  Richard Tuck, Woodman Florence Lister 23y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Jonathan Lister, Carpenter Bns   Frank Osgood, Mary Ann Tull PR9 5 of 5
49 10 Jul 1915 Richard John Vere 24y,Bch,Private 3rd Hants,Duncombe Cott.East Meon Frederick James Vere, Blacksmith Mary  Molyneux 32y,Spin,Duncombe Cottage, East Meon William Molyneux, Blacksmith(Decd) Bns   Frederick James Vere, Clara Young PR12
445 06 Aug 1894 Charles Victor Vick 27y,Bch,Grocer,East Clandon Surry William Richard Vick, Builder Ae Abby Locke 29y,Spin,East Meon James Locke, Smith Bns Entry crossed out James Locke, James Hobbs, Harry James Vick, Edward Thomas Vick PR9 4 of 5
414 24 Nov 1888 Thomas Vidler 30y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Benjamin Vidler, Lab Anne Eames 25y,Spin,East Meon Joseph Eames, Lab Bns   Joseph Eames, Jane Rutter PR9 4 of 5
435 28 Dec 1891 Alexander Wallace 29y,Bch,Gunner RMA,Milton Henry Wallace, Bootmaker Ellen Merritt 17y,Spin,East Meon Henry Merritt, Gamekeeper Bns   Henry Merritt, Emily Mabel Merritt PR9 4 of 5
39 09 Jul 1912 Arthur Warren Full,Bch,Draper,The Square, East Meon James Warren, Draper (Decd) Lydia  Blackman Full,Spin,Drayton Farm, East Meon John Blackman, Farmer Bns   George Blackman, Annie Blackman, Fred Tomlinson PR12
453 28 Sep 1895 Frank Warren 20y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Amos Warren, Carrier Elizabeth Annie Blackman 18y,Spin,East Meon (Not given) Bns   Edwin Blackman, Annie Budd PR9 4 of 5
349 14 Oct 1876 Thomas Warren Full,Bch,Carter,Tigwell William Warren,Shepherd Anne Moore Full,widow,Frogmore William Pink, Lab Bns   James Spiers, Ae Grant PR9 3 of 5
16 02 Aug 1906 George Rycroft Waterman 32y,Bch,Sgt,RoyalMarineArtillery,Southsea James Waterman, Ret.Builder Ada Louisa Williams 24y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon James Williams, R'way Shunter Bns   George Williams, William Holloway, Florence Sarah Smith PR12
412 12 Jul 1888 William Weeks 34y,Bch,Brewer,Shirley William Weeks, Farmer Mary Jane Stubington 31y,Spin,East Meon John Stubington, Churchwarden Bns   John Stubington, Wm. Weeks (Sno.) PR9 4 of 5
381 18 Feb 1882 George Wells 26y,Bch,Lab,Eastmeon Stephen Welch, Lab Anne Etherington 31y,Spin,Eastmeon James Etherington, Lab     James Etherington, Elizabeth Beckenham PR9 4 of 5
370 25 Oct 1879 Henry West 26y,Bch,Lab,Eastmeon Robert West, Lab Ae Grant 22y,Spin,Eastmeon Joseph Grant, Lab Bns   William Grant, Emily Grant PR9 4 of 5
481 06 Aug 1900 Walter Whiting 21y,Bch,Lab,8? Cross Street, Winchester William Whiting, Decd. Laura Elizabeth Wright Simmonds 22y,Spin,East Meon George Simmonds, Lab Bns   William Henry Dawes??, Annie Isabel Simmonds PR9 5 of 5
306 17 Apr 1870 William Wilkes 24y,Bch,Lab,East Meon James Wilkes, Lab Jane Chivers 20y,Spin,East Meon (Not given) Bns Married in the ensed schoolroom William Chivers, Sarah Smith PR9 3 of 5
313 13 Apr 1871 Alfred John Wilkin Full,Bch,Merchant,Layer Marney, Esx. Charles John Wilkin Esq. Lucy Emma Rix Full,Spin, East Meon? Samuel S*aen Rix, Surgeon   M. Rix, M.E. Wilkin, Nath* Rix, Mary Blades Palmer, C. Chiveley, Marian Sharwood PR9 3 of 5
346 30 Sep 1876 Henry Wilks 28y,Bch,Carter,East Meon Edward Wilks, Lab Matilda Silk 20y,Spin,East Meon James Silk, Miller Bns   Edward Wilks, Ellen Silk PR9 3 of 5
359 15 Mar 1879 William Wilks 63y,Wdr,Lab,Frogmore Mary Wilks (illegitimate son) Maria Pearse 63y,Spin,Frogmore Richard Pearse, Lab Bns   George Pollard, Ann Pollard PR9 4 of 5
15 14 Mar 1906 Henry Edward Garland Williams 23y,Bch,Butcher,East Meon George Edward Williams, Butcher Clarissa Elizabeth Smith 26y,Spin,Dom Serv,Battersea Henry Smith, Baker Bns   George Edward Williams, Lily Amelia Smith PR12
416 12 Jan 1889 James Willis 24y,Bch,Cowman,East Meon William Willis, Lab Harriett Merritt 25y,Spin,East Meon William Merritt, Lab Bns   Oliver Merritt, Ae Merritt PR9 4 of 5
53 25 Aug 1917 Henry Wolfe 25y,Bch,Pte. 1st Queens Regt,East Meon William Wolfe, Gardener Lois Mary Appleton 23y,Spin,East Meon William James Appleton, Miller   Sidney Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Edwin Pollard, Daisy Appleton, Beatrice Parfoot PR12
488 12-Jul? 1902 John Allan Wolfinden 26y,Bch,Draper,Portsmouth Thomas William Wolfinden, Hotel Prop. (Decd) Eleanor Dicker 22y,Spin,Dressmaker,East Meon Walter Dicker, Farmer     Walter Dicker, Maria Dicker, John William Thomas? PR9 5 of 5
405 05 Feb 1887 Edward Wood 32y,Bch,Coachman,Newton with Burghclere Joseph Wood, Lab Elizabeth Underwood 23y,Spin,Drayton, East Meon Thomas Underwood, Lab Bns Signature looks like Pood Henry Stacey, Caroline Stacey PR9 4 of 5
2 24 Dec 1904 Arthur William Woodley 27y,Bch,Musician,East Meon William Arthur Woodley, Lab Rose Elizabeth Fisher 25y,Spin,Laundry Maid,East Meon George Fisher, Wood Sawyer Bns   Fred Fisher, Lilian Macdonald PR12
446 11 Oct 1894 Robert Worrall 33y,Bch,Civil'Service(Postal),Rochdale John Warrall, Calo Printer Mary Martha Norgett 29y,Spin,Dressmaker,East Meon Henry Norgett, Engineer Bns   Henry Norgett, Arthur Shore, Thomas Worrall, Sarah Ann Stott? PR9 4 of 5
40 26 Sep 1912 Arthur Wren 27y,Bch,Farmer,Riplington Farm Isaac Wren, Farmer Hilda Annie Atkinson 24y,Spin,South? Farm George Atkinson, Farmer Bns   Isaac Wren, Jane Wren, Geo. Atkinson, Mary Atkinson, Mary Edgar PR12
492 18 Oct 1902 William John Yates 33y,Bch,Carter,East Meon Jonas Yates, Lab Emily Jane Blackman 21y,Spin,Dom Serv,East Meon Henry Blackman, Lab Bns Also Yeates Leonard **llaway?, Ae Nutley PR9 5 of 5



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