Marriage Licences for East & West Meon People

Marriage Licences for East and West Meon People

Including some by Banns and people who married  away from their home  Parish





Licence Date G.Forenames SURNAMES Notes B.Forenames SURNAMES Notes Place Miscellaneous
06 Feb 1819 Thomas AILETT Bch, 20y, Cheriton Sarah HOUNSOM Spin, 21y of West Meon Cheriton Consent of his father John Ailett of Beauwoth
14 Feb 1794 William AILLEN Bch, 21y, West Meon Joanna SPEARING Spin, 21y,Warnford Warnford  
04 Aug 1804 John Long ALDERSLADE Yeoman, Bch, 27y, East Meon Lucy FARYON Spin, 30y, East Worldham East Worldham Bondsman:- William Faryon,Yeoman, of East Worldham
12 Jun 1725 John ALDRED Yeoman of Privett Elizabeth CAMISH Spin of Empshott Empshot-Privett or WestMeon  
11 Oct 1768 Edmund ALLBREY of East Meon Mary SILVER Otp Idsworth by Banns See Idsworth Marriages
30 Jan 1830 Daniel ALLEN 40y+, of West Meon Eliz. HOLLAND Spin,40y,Farnham Sry Farnham Surrey  
02 May 1760 Thomas ALLEN Lab, Bch, 25y, Corhampton Mary BROADWAY Spin, 21y,West Meon Not stated marriage probably  at either Corhampton or WestMeon
20 Apr 170-28 William ALLEN Miller, Bishops Sutton Elizabeth POCOCK Widow, West Meon St.Thomas-St.Maurice or Trinity Winchester  
02 Nov 1691 James ANDREWS Bch, 30y, West Meon Joane HORNER Spin, 22y St Maurice Winchester Dau of John Horner of Hinton Ampner
17 Nov 1722 Richard ANDREWS Butcher, West Meon Lucy FROGGETT West Meon West Meon  
28 Mar 1724 Robert ANDREWS Yeoman, Bch, East Meon Anne NEWELL Spin, Kilmiston Twyford-Otterbourne or Kilmiston  
21 Apr 1700 Thomas ANDREWS of Petersfield Jane BAKER of Langrish (P of East Meon) Priorsdean  
09 Apr 1811 Samuel APPLETON of East Meon Sarah CARTER of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
23 Feb 1795 Richard BACHELOR Lab, Wdr, 30y, Owlesbury Mary CARTER Spin,  21y,  West Meon West Meon Bondsman:- James Carter, Lab of Owlesbury
08 Nov1798 William BAILYER Bch, East Meon Ann TUER Spin, Boxgrove Ssx Boxgrove Ssx. Witnesses:- John Boniface - Ann Bayly
 07 Jul 1718 John BAKER Yeoman, Froxfield Elizabeth BULBECK East Meon Chalton  by Lic 10 Jul See Chalton Marriages
24 Jul 1741 Nicholas BAKER Wdr, 70y, West meon Alice PAGE Widow, 60y, of West Meon St Thomas Winchester  
25 Nov 1714 William BAKER of East Meon Martha BAKER of Petersfield Priorsdean  
01 Jan 1744 William BAKER Yeoman, Bch, East Meon Mary LLOYD Widow of East Meon Steep  
12 Jul 1740 Peter BARBAR Husbandman,Sth Stoneham Mary POCOCK Spin, West Meon West Meon - Byton (sic) or Alresford  
17 Apr 1693 Anthony BARLOW Bch, 30y, Hambledon Sarah BULBECK Spin, 20y, East Meon St Peter Cheesehill Winchester Consent of her father John Bulbeck of East Meon
17 Feb 1729 John BARNARD Gent, Wdr, of East Meon Mary SCRIVEN Spin, of New Alresford Alresford  
06 Apr 1761 Richd. BARNARD Petersfield Elizabeth WILLMOTT East Meon Petersfield by Banns  
24 Dec 1824 Benjamin BATTEN Bch, 21y Privett Elizabeth PILE 21y of West Meon West Meon  
26 May 1729 Walter BENNETT Husbandman, Bch, East Meon Anne EWEN Spin, East Meon St John's Winchester  
10 Jun 1845 Henry George BESSANT Full Bch,Lab,East Meon Charlotte PEARCE Full,Spin,Clanfield Clanfield   by Banns See Clanfield Marrriages
15 Mar 1715 Thomas BINSTED Yeoman, Bch, Hambledon Mary WITCOMBE Widow, East Meon Not stated Bondsman:- William Witcombe, Tallow Chandler of East Meon
03 Aug 1725 Richard BIDEN Yeoman, Lyss Elizabeth BIDEN Widow, East Meon Corhampton or Meonstoke  
30 Jan 1792 William BIDEN Cooper, Wdr, 40y, West Meon Mary SMITH Spin, 21y, North Waltham North Waltham  
03 Jun 1718 Henry BINSTED Husbandman, Hambledon Mary BRADLEY West Meon Clanfield  
12 Jun 1751 Humphrey BISHOP Husbandman, Bishopstrow Wilts Sarah MASHAM Spin, East Meon Petersfield  
08 Oct 1720 John BONE Yeoman, Bch, East Meon Grace GRAVATT Spin of Hambledon Chilcomb  
12 May 1733 Thomas BONHAM Gent, Bch, East meon Elizabeth CROCKFORD Spin, 23y, Bishop;s Sutton Not stated  
17 Jan 1765 John BOYES Sawyer, Bch, 21y, Privett Mary MILLARD Spin, 21y, West Meon Not Stated  
10 Apr 1716 William BOYS Husbandman, East Meon Anne RACKET of Bentley Not Stated  
14 Jul 1717 William BREWER   Anne KNIGHT of East Meon Chalton by Banns See Chalton Marriages
28 Jun 1757 John BRICKNELL West Meon Hannah TRUSLER Spin, Binderton (Sic) Ssx Not Stated  
01 Aug 1810 John BRISTOW Lab, Bch, 21y, West meon Ann PARVIN Spin, 21y, West Meon West Meon  
03 Apr 1738 Edward BROADWAY Wheelwright, Bch, West Meon Damaris LYON Spin Catherington Portsmouth St Thomas  
11 Oct 1692 John BROWN Bch, 28y, West Meon Margery HUNT Spin, 28y, Bentworth St Thomas or St Maurice Winchester (Her father dead)
16 Jun 1733 Daniel BUDD Carpenter,  Bch, West Meon Elizabeth HEBBERDEN Spin, 24y, Privett West Meon  
23 Jul 1716 John BUDD Yeoman, Bch, West Tisted Elizabeth HICKS Spin of West Meon Winchester St Maurice  
11 Nov 1816 William BUDD Butcher,Bch,21y,Meonstoke Ann COOPER Spin,21y,Bramdean Bramdean Bondsman:- John Cooper, Yeoman of Bramdean
15 Feb 1792 Thomas BULBECK Bch, 25y, Bishops Waltham Mary MARCHANT Spin, minor, West Meon Bishop's Waltham Consent of her father Thomas Marchant of West Meon
30 Aug 1822 James CARTER Lab, Bch, 21y, East Meon Lydia HARRIS 20y, West Meon West Meon  
01 Apr 1730 William CARTER of East Meon Mary RALPH of East Meon Chalton See Chalton  Marriages
10 Feb 1793 Joseph CARVER Yeoman, Wdr, 28y, East Meon Ann LIPSCOMB Spin, 24y, Petersfield Petersfield  
25 Feb 1725 John CHACE Bch of East Meon Ann COLE of Holybourne Alton, Holybourne or Froyle  
27 Dec 1714 Mathew CHAFFER Husbandman, of West Meon Elizabeth BARTON Spin of West Meon Not Stated  
14 Apr 1692 John CHAMPE Bch, 27y, Bishop's Waltham Elizabeth VARUNDELL Spin, 28y, East Meon St Thomas or St  Maurice Winchester She the dau of John Varundell
20 Mar 1723 Thomas CHASE Sawyer, Wdr, East Meon Mary BRICKNELL Spin of Meonstoke Meonstoke  
01 Jun 1736 Randall CLARKE Yeoman, Bch, East Meon Elizabeth PINKE Spin, 21y, East Meon East Meon, Porchester, or Southwick  
19 Oct 1758 Samuel CLARKE Yeoman, Bch, 19y, Chalton Mary DASH Spin, 17y, East Meon East Meon Consent of his father William Clarke and her father William Dash a Yeoman of East Meon.
26 Oct 1758 Samuel CLARKE of Chalton Mary DASH East Meon Idsworth See Idsworth Marriages
01 Sep 1726 William CLARKE Yeoman of East Meon Mabel BAGHURST Spin of Clanfield Clanfield, Chalton or Buriton  
02 Aug 1739 John CLUER Bch, 25y, East Meon Ann HEBERDEN Spin, 21y, East Meon East Meon, Empshott or St John's Winchester  
03 Dec 1764 Thomas CLUER East Meon Ann RASSELL of Emsworth Warblington  
29 Apr 1725 John COLBROOKE Carpenter,  of Hambledon Sarah LOUSE Spin Hambledon, East or West Meon  
11 Apr 1795 John COLES Cordwainer, Bch, 25y, Warnford Elizabeth CROCKFORD Spin, 21y of West Meon Warnford Bondsman:- John Pile, Yeoman of West Meon
11 Apr 1726 Richard COMPTON Wheelwright of Cheriton Elizabeth GUDGE Spin of West Meon West Meon, Cheriton or Ellisfield  
28 Jul 1783 James COOKSON Bch, 24y of East Meon Sarah ROBINSON Spin, 17y of East Tisted East Tisted Consent of her father Bryan Robinson, Clerk
15 Aug 1797 Edward COSENS Yeoman,Bch,37y,Bishops Waltham Sarah CLAY Spin,32y,West Meon West Meon  
01 Nov 1730 William COSENS Husbandman, Bch of East Meon Ann COLLINS Spin of East Meon East Meon, Medstead or Wield  
05 Sep 1691 Thomas CRADOCK Bch, 33y of East  Meon Elizabeth PALMER Spin, 28y Mottisfont, East Dean or Lockerley Elizabeth the dau of Nics. Palmer of Michelmersh
03 May 1715 Edward CRANBORNE Butcher of Chichester Mary STEELE East Meon East Meon  
25 Oct 1851 Henry CROCKFORD 30y,Bch,Lab,East Meon Emily SMITH 24y,Spin,Clanfield Clanfield by Banns See Clanfield   Marriages
23 Apr 1784 Peter DEAR Gent, Wdr of Gosport Ann HALL Spin, 21y of West Meon West Meon or Gosport  
07 Mar 1804 Laurence DOWLING Gent, Bch, 33y of Stedham Ssx Mary WEEKS Spin, 21y of East Meon East Meon  
09 Nov 1710 Thomas DOWLING Bch of West Meon Ann WILSON Spin of Portsea Not Stated  
18 Nov 1729 Thomas DOWLING Yeoman, Bch, of Froxfield Mary PINK Spin of East Meon East Meon or The Cathedral  
14 Dec 1725 John DOWNES Clerk, Bch of East Meon Sarah CLARKE Spin of East Meon Privett, East or West Meon  
20 Nov 1758 Henry DOWNES Yeoman, Bch, East Meon Anne CLARKE East Meon Not Stated Marriage in East Meon
07 Apr 1731 Samuel DRAPER Lab, Bch of Petersfield Anne SOANE Spin of West Meon West Meon or Winnall  
10 Mar 1806 John EAMER Lab, Bch, 21y of Newton Valance Sarah FORD Spin, Minor of East Meon East Meon With consent of her father Daniel Ford.
17 Feb 1773 Richard EAMES Yeoman, 28y of Langrish in the  Parish of East Meon Elizabeth EAMES Spin of Steep Steep  
06 Sep 1690 John EARLES Bch, 30y, Warnford Dorothy HODSKINS Spin of East Meon St Thomas Winchester  
11 Jan 1724 John EARWAKER Yeoman, Bch, West Meon Mary BROOKER Spin of West Meon West Meon or The Cathedral  
03 May 1796 John EARWAKER Husbandman, Bch, 24y, West Meon Ann SMITH Spin, 28y, East Meon East Meon Bondsman, Simon Earwaker, gardener of East Meon
25 Oct 1708 Joseph EARWAKER Carpenter of West Meon Anne SILVESTER Widow, East Meon Not Stated  
08 Jul 1758 Simon EARWAKER Yeoman, Bch, 30y, West Meon Elinor ROATHWELL Spin, 23y, West Meon Not Stated  
27 Jul 1721 Thomas EARWAKER Yeoman, Bch, West Meon Mary CHACE Spin of Greatley Greatley or St Thomas Winchester  
23 Nov 1729 Thomas Snr.(?Jnr) EARWAKER Yeoman, Bch, West Meon Mary COLLINS Spin, West Meon West Meon, Privett or Clanfield Bondsman:- Thomas (Jnr) Earwaker Husbandman of West Meon
12 Jun 1723 John EWENS Bch of East Meon Elizabeth LOCK Spin of Itchen Abbas Itchen Abbas, East Meon or Bighton Elizabeth is the sister of Andrew Lock, Blacksmith of Itchen Abbas
07 Dec 1723 Robert EWEN Bch of Froxfield Sarah WHITE Spin of Froxfield Froxfield, Twyford or Chilcomb Sarah is the sister of Thomas White, Wheelwright of Twyford
18 Aug 1804 Sir Joseph Kt. EYLES Captain RN, Bch, 43y, East Meon Ann PENFORD Spin, 40y, of Ringwood Not Stated  
12 Nov 1776 Richard (the younger) EYLES Gent, Bch, 22y, East Meon Anna Maria MULLENS Spin, 22y, Hambledon Hambledon  
14 Apr 1819 John FENNELL Bailiff to Robert Bury Esq.,Bch, 34y of Bentley Ann HORNER Spin, 31y East Meon East Meon  
21 Oct 1809 James FIELDER Miller, Bch, 25y of Steep Sarah STRUDWICK Widow, 31y of Hawkley Hawkley
19 Apr 1731 Thomas FLOOD Bricklayer of East Meon Elizabeth RING Spin of East Meon West Meon or Privett  
07 Jan 1717 John FOLLER Carpenter, Bch, West Meon Susannah DIAPER Spin of West Meon St John's in the Soke Winchester  
17 Aug 1816 Frederick FOSTER Yeoman, Bch, 21y, Meonstoke Ann EAMES Spin, 21y of Steep Meonstoke  
30 Mar 1708 William FOWLER Husbandman of East Meon Elizabeth HELLIER   Not Stated  
12 Dec 1738 John FREEMANTLE Lab, Bch, West Meon Elizabeth PAGE Spin, 22y of West Meon West Meon or Wolvesey  
02 Aug 1798 William GARRETT Turner, Bch, 21y of West Meon Sarah LIPSCOMB Spin, 21y of Upham Upham  
16 Nov 1810 William GARRETT Wdr of West Meon Ann SPEARING Spin, 21y, St Michael's Winchester St Michael's Winchester Bondsman:- John Spearing of Alton
04 Jun 1732 William GODFREY Merchant, Wdr, West Meon Mary LIGHT Spin of Portsea West Meon Bondsman:- James Light, Maltster of Portsea
27 Feb 1755 John GODWIN Wdr, East Meon Anne SHARROCK Spin,  20y,East Meon East Meon  Dau of Robert Sharrock,Gent of East Meon
05 Nov 1729 Thomas GOLD of Froxfield Elizabeth BROWN of East Meon Priorsdean (Colmer Church )
26 Dec 1780 Richard GOLDFINCH Gent, Bch, 23y, Compton Sarah EYLES Spin, 22y, East Meon East Meon  
10 Dec 1733 John GRAINGER Bch of Steep Jane PRIVET Spin of East Meon Petersfield  
10 Jul 1767



Farmer,Single,30y, East Meon



Single,25y, East Meon

East Meon

29 Oct 1757



Farmer,Bch,26y,East Meon



Spin,22y,East Meon

East Meon

28 Sep 1797 Richard GREEN Wdr, 30y of East Meon Elizabeth FLEET Widow, 30y of Soberton Soberton  
12 Apr 1851 Henry Charles GRIFFIN Full,Bch,Lab,East Meon Hannah OAKSHOT Full,Spin.Clanfield Clanfield  by Banns  See Clanfield Marriages
01 Feb 1725 William GROVER Bch of Farringdon Mary LONG Spin of East Meon Froxfield, Steep or Alton  
16 Apr 1796



Yeoman, Wdr,44y,East Meon



Widow, 30y,East Meon

East Meon  
05 Oct 1812 John GUY Yeoman, Bch, 21y, East Meon Elizabeth GRAY Spin, 21y of Portsea East Meon Bondsman:- Thomas Gray Yeoman Portsea
18 Oct 1716 Thomas Guy Shepherd of East Meon Rachel Lock Spin of East Meon Not Stated Found in East Meon
05 Nov 1795



Blacksmith, Bch, 23y, West Meon



Spin, 27y, East Meon

East Meon  
22 Jan 1737 Nathaniel HARDING Husbandman, Bch, East Meon Elizabeth BIGGS Spin, 22y of Corhampton St John's Winchester or Corhampton  
05 Oct 1779



Farmer, Wdr, 40y,Froxfield



Spin, 26y, East Meon

East Meon  
24 May 1785 George HARRIS Bch, 21y, Filmer Hill in Parish of West Meon Martha SILVESTER Spin, 18y of Ropley Not Stated Consent of her Guardian John Andrews, Yeoman of Ropley
07 Aug 1833 Charles Silvester HARRISS Bch, 21y, West Meon Jemima BRICKNELL Spin, 23y, All Saints S'hampton All Saints S'hampton  
24 May 1785 George HARRISS Carpenter,Bch,21y,West Meon Martha SILVESTER Spin,18y,Ropley Ropley Wilth consent of her Guardian John Andrews.
12 May 1827 George HARRISS Bch,21y,West Meon Jane PRIOR Spin,21y,Privett Privett?  
06 Jan 1813 John HARRISS Yeoman, Bch, 26y, West Meon Ann LUMLEY Spin, 26y, West Meon West Meon  
25 Feb 1710 John HATRELL of Bishop's Waltham Mary MOODY Spin of East Meon Not Stated  
20 Feb 1773 George HAWKINS Miller, 30y of Steep Ann RING Widow of West Meon Not Stated  
03 Dec 1791 John (The younger) HAYES Gent, Bch, 21y, St Thomas's Winchester Elizabeth HICKS Spin, 21y, West Meon West Meon Bondsman:- John Hayes, Builder of Little St Swithun's
04 Feb 1733 William HEBERDEN Bch of Privett Amy ROOD Spin of East Meon Petersfield  
18 Feb 1760 John HEDGER Bch, 21y of East Dean Ssx. Mary ROFFEY Spin, 16y, West Meon West Meon Consent of her father Edward  Roffey, Innkeeper of West Meon
09 May  1798 William HEDGER Bch of East Meon Ann Louisa PROUTING Spin, 21y of Warblington East Meon Bondsman:- John Hedger of Warblington
24 Apr 1738 William HELLYER Bch,East Meon Jane ANSEL Spin of Soberton Soberton,Widley or Portsmouth  
01 Feb 1766 John HICKS Yeoman, Bch, 35y, West Meon Amy HEBBERDEN Spin, 25y, West Meon Not Stated  
14 Apr 1798 John (The younger) HICKS Yeoman, Bch, 30y, West Meon Mary SMITH Spin, 24y,  West Meon West Meon  
10 Jul 1837 George HIND Bch, 21y, West Meon Jane TURNER Spin, 24y, Upham Upham  
13 Jan 1724 John HIPKIN Bch of West Meon Anne HEBERDEN Spin of Idsworth Idsworth, The Cathedral, St Michael's or St Swithuns Winchester  
29 Feb 1804 John HOBBS Husbandman, Bch, 21y of Privett Elizabeth MILLER Spin, 21y of West Meon West Meon  
29 Jun 1731 John HOOKER Carpenter, Bch  of East Meon Elizabeth BRICKNELL Spin of Privett Privett, East  or West Meon  
27 July 1821 Andrew HOOPER Shopkeeper,Bch,25y.East Meon Mary Ann STEELE Spin,22yEast Meon East Meon  
11  Apr 1732 John HOR Saddler,Bch,23y,Havant Elizabeth CHANNELL Spin,23y,West Meon West Meon, Havant or Bishop's Waltham  
31  Dec 1825 Henry HULBERT Bch,21y,Stockbridge Elizabeth AILLEN  (Sic) Spin,21y,West Meon West Meon  
08 Jun 1725 John ISDELL Husbandman,Bch, East Meon Mary ALDRED Spin, of Privett Privett, Froyle or Kingsley  
14  Aug 1755 John JACKMAN of Petersfield Eliz. WELLS of West Meon Petersfield by Banns  
22 Jul 1692 John JAMES Bch,27y of East Meon Mary HABBIN Spin, 20y of East Meon St John or St Maurice Winchester With consent of her father Stephen Habbin of East Meon
09 May 1833 Thomas JAMES Bch of Petersfield Jemima PARKER Spin of East Meon Petersfield by Banns  
09 Sep 1803 William JEFFERY Yeoman,Bch,21y,East Meon Mary BLANCHARD Spin,21y,,East Meon East Meon  
24 Aug 1822 Nicholas KILL Bch of East Meon Grace LAVENDER Spin, of Terwick Terwick (by Lic) With consent of Parents. Witnesses:-Saml.Kill-Thos.Tilbury.
05 Sep 1820 Thomas KINCH Blacksmith,Bch,22y,Fareham Charlotte BUNCE Spin,16y,of East Meon East Meon With consent of her mother Elizabeth Bunce
07 May 1728 Thomas  (Jnr.) KNIGHT Yeoman, of East Meon Mary WILSON Spin of East Meon East Meon, St Thomas or Trinity  Winchester  
03 Feb 1728 John KNOLTON Husbandman,Bch of West Meon Anne SMITH Spin, of West Meon West Meon or The Cathedral  
13 May 1725 Richard LADD Cooper of East Meon Elizabeth RANDALL Spin of Froxfield St Thomas or Trinity Winchester, Froxfield  
10 Feb 1742 Robert LANGRIDGE Husbandman Jane HEAD Spin of Petersfield Steep  
25 Jul 1812 William LANGRISH of East Meon Charlotte TODMAN of Sheet Petersfield by Banns  
20 Jan 1835 Richard Silvester LASHAM Wdr,24y,West Meon Emma Maria GOOD Spin,25y,St Mary Calender Winchester St Maurice Winchester  
06 Sep 1809 Robert LOCKE Gardener,Bch,21y,of St Michael's Winchester Harriet MANSFIELD Spin,21y of West Meon West Meon Bondsman:- William Locke,Gardener of Winchester
29 Jan 1739 Anthony LONG Bch.30y,East Meon Sarah GODWIN Spin,20y,Tichbourne Tichbourne or Bramdean  
23 May 1709 John LONG Bch of Southwick Argentine WITCOMBE Spin,21y,East Meon East Meon or St Maurice Winchester  
15 Apr 1708 Thomas LONG Tailor,Bch of West Meon Letitia CROSSWELL Spin of Meonstoke M,  Privett or W.  
07 Oct 1829 Thomas   (Jnr.) LONG Bch,24y of West Meon Mary BRICKNELL Spin, 22y of East Meon East Meon  
21 Ju n 1726 William LOVE Blacksmith, of East Meon Elizabeth LOCK Spin of East Meon E.Bramdean or Colmer  
01 May 1725 Bernard LOVELL Wheelwright,Wootton St Lawrence Mary BAKER of West Meon W.M.,  St Thomas Winchester or Wootton St Lawrence  
12 Dec 1724 John MARSHALL Turner,Bch, West Meon Anne ERWAKER Spin of West meon West Meon  
14 Oct 1690 William MATTHEWS Bch,23y,Basingstoke Elizabeth FOSTER Spin,23y,West Meon Trinity or St Maurice Winchester Elizabeth is the dau of John Foster of West Meon.
13 Dec 1690 Richard MEERE Bch,50y,Compton Sara BRIDGER Spin,30y,West Meon C,  W.M  or Chilcomb (her Parents Dead)
17 Oct 1702 John MILLS Yeoman,Bch of Longparish Grace COLLINS Spin of West Meon Alton?  
28 May 1756 John MITCHELL Yeoman,Wdr,45y,West Meon Elizabeth WHITE Spin,24y,West Meon Not Stated  
12 Dec 1822 Winkworth MOODY Yeoman,Bch,West Meon Ann WEBBS Spin of Eling Eling He baptised 27 Sep 1780 son of Richard and Jane Moody at Romsey she baptised  04 Dec 1792 dau of Cuttler and Sophia Webbs at Barton Stacey
02 Dec 1828 Winkworth MOODY Wdr of West Meon Ann EARWAKER Spin, 45y,West Meon West Meon  
22 Sep 1819 Charles MORGAN Yeoman,Wdr,37y,Hinton  Ampner Elizabeth HARRISS Spin,31y,West Meon West Meon Bondsman:- John Harriss, Dealer of West Meon
13 Oct 1820 William MORGAN Yeoman,Wdr,40y East Meon Elizabeth PINK Spin,36y,East Meon East Meon Bondsman:- Charles Morgan, Yeoman of East Meon
25 Mar 1728 William MUSGROVE Victualler of East Meon Sarah KNIGHT Spin of East Meon East Meon  
07 Nov 1787 William NEWLAND Lab,Bch,21y,East Meon Elizabeth ABIGAIL Spin,21y,Wymering Wymering  
23 Nov 1833 Henry NEWMAN Bch,33y,East Worldham Mary LUMLY Spin,30y of West Meon West Meon  
13 Feb 1771 Charles PADWICK Lab,28y of East Meon Mary CHRISTMAS 34y of Petersfield Petersfield  
14 Apr 1798 Nicholas PADWICK Carrier,Wdr,30y,Gosport Mary HICKS Spin,30y,West Meon West Meon Bondsman:- John Hicks Jnr. Yeoman of West Meon
04 Jul 1791 William PADWICK of East Meon Mary LIPSCOMB of Petersfield Petersfield  
22 Jul 1725 Edward PAINE Bch of East Meon Elizabeth BONE Spin of East Meon East Meon, Cheriton or Lyss  
19 Sep 1818 James PARVIN Bch,21y of Bramdean Charlotte PORTER Spin,19y, West Meon Bramdean With consent of her father William Porter, Day Lab of West Tisted
29 Jan 1732 Thomas PATRICK Yeoman,Bch of Buriton Sarah CLARKE Spin,30y of East Meon Buriton, East Meon or Trinity (Winchester?)
24 Oct 1742 William PATRICK Yeoman,Bch,30y,Buriton Mary HEBBERDEN Spin,22y,East Meon Buriton,East Meon or Petersfield  
09 Feb 1814 James PEERMAN Lab,Bch,25y, Hambledon Sarah SIMS Spin,22y,East Meon East Meon  
31 Oct 1801 Thomas PERRY Gent,Bch,23y,East Meon Martha WHEELER Spin,24y,Wymering Wymering  
29 Sep 1723 Lawrence PINCKE Yeoman of East Meon Elizabeth MARLOW of East Meon Basingstoke  
30 Sep 1825 George PINK 26y of East Meon Susannah GOWTER 26y of St Mary Bourne St Mary Bourne  
05 Feb 1727 John PINK Yeoman of East Meon Jane LOCK Spin of East Meon New Alresford  
30 May 1735 Thomas Jnr. PINK Gent,21y of East Meon Mary BULBECK Spin,21y of West Meon West Meon, Corhampton or Bishop;s Waltham  
11 Apr 1724 William PINK Mercer,Bch of East Meon Elizabeth WOODMAN Spin of East Meon East Meon or The Cathedral  
13 Oct 1730 William PINK Mercer,Bch of East Meon Elizabeth WOODMAN Widow  of East Meon East Meon or The Cathedral  
20 Nov 1819 William PINK Gent,Bch,30y,Riplington (P/East Meon) Elizabeth KERSLEY Spin,21y,East Meon East Meon  
24 Feb 1723 William PINK Yeoman,Bch,East Meon Mary EWEN Spin of Froxfield East Meon or St Michael's Winchester  
26 Feb 1733 Thomas PIPER Bch of East Meon Sarah TEWSLY Spin of East Meon Petersfield  
19 Nov 1734 Richard PORTER Husbandman,Bch,30y,East Meon Catherine FRIEND Spin,24y,Corhampton Corhampton, Bishop's Waltham or Kilmeston  
23 May 1751 James PRESTON Gent of East Meon Mary PINK Spin of Hambledon Southwick  
13 May 1710 Henry PRYER Yeoman,Bch,East Meon Joane EWENS Spin of Bighton Not Stated  
13 May 1799 John PRYER Bch,21y,Privett Grace COOPER Spin,21y,West Meon West Meon  
07 Dec 1805 Samuel PUDNEY Yeoman,Bch,27t,East Meon Eunice SMITH Spin,21y,East Meon East Meon  
21 Apr 1747 Henry PULLINGER Bch of Froxfield Elizabeth BURNELL Spin of East Meon Steep  
25 Jul 1803 Henry PULLINGER Tailor,Bch,30y,East Meon Mary BOYS Spin.30y of East Meon East Meon  
17 Jun 1715 Robert PULLINGER Yeoman,Bch,West Meon Martha RANDOLL Spin of East Meon Not Stated  
03 Nov 1763 Thomas RANDALL Baker,22y,Portsea Ann HARDING Spin,24y,East Meon Not Stated  
10 Jun 1724 Joseph REDDING Husbandman,Bch,East Meon Martha CHASE Widow of East Meon E or St Peter's  near Winchester  
12 Oct 1811 Thomas RESTALL Lab,Bch,22y,East Meon Sarah EADS Spin,21y of Hawkley Hawkley  
27 Dec 1729 William RICKMAN Blacksmith,Bch,Petersfield Amy STEELE Spin,Ramsdean, in P/East Meon) East Meon, St Maurice or Trinity Winchester  
06 Jun 1761 William RING Bch,21y,West Meon Anne CROSSWELLER Spin,21y,Hayling South Not Stated  
02 May 1761 Edward ROFFEY Waggoner,Bch,45y,West Meon Ann EARWAKER Widow,36y, West Meon Not Stated  
23 Jul 1709 John RUMBOLD Tailor,Bch,West Meon Elizabeth HAYTER Spin of Fareham Not Stated  
14 May 1711 Christopher RUSSELL Yeoman,Bch,Hambledon Mary NICHOLS Widow of Soberton East Meon,Catherington or Hambledon  
25 May 1720 Richard SEALE Yeoman of Steep Elizabeth HARWOOD Spin of East Meon Soberton,Droxford or E Bondsman:- William Harwood of East Meon
08 Apr 1737 Richard SEALE of West Meon Winchester Sarah BURT Spin,30y,West Meon Winchester Steep, East or West Meon  
30 Aug 1731 Joseph SHAFT/SHARPE Collarmaker,Bch,East Meon Sarah MUSGROVE Widow of East Meon St Michael's Winchester or East Meon  
10 Feb 1827 Alexander SIMPSON Bch,21y,West Meon Sarah ALLEN Spin,21y,West Meon West Meon  
01 Feb 1837 Stephen SLY Bch,21y,Hinton Ampner Sophia FREEMAN Spin,21y,Bramdean Bramdean  
21 Jan 1692 John SMITH Bch,30y,Chalton Mary CLARKE Spin,31y East or West Meon, Froxfield Mary the dau of Richard Clarke of Riplington, Parish of East Meon
16 Jun 1690 John SMITH Bch of West Meon Elizabeth MITCHELL Spin,25y,Hinton Ampner St Maurice or St Peter Cheeshill Winchester  
17 Oct 1780 Robert SMITH Victualler,Wdr,30y,East Meon Lois SMITH Spin,21y,King's Somborne King's Somborne  
29 Sep 1830 Steph. SMITH Bch,21y+,East Meon Maria BUSS Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield  
20 Jul  1708 Thomas SMITH Tailor of West Meon Dorothy FAWICK of Stoughton Sussex Chalton  
27 Sep 1824 Thomas SMITH Bch,21y of East Meon Sarah SWASH 21y,  of St Maurice  St Maurice  Winchester  
06 Oct 1798 Richard SNOW Yeoman,Bch,24y,West Meon Elizabeth HYDE Spin,24y of Cheriton Cheriton Bondsman:-Charles Hyde, Gent of Cheriton
02 Sep 1826 George SOALE of Sheet,belonging to Church of Petersfield Ann CHILD of West Meon Petersfield  (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
11 Dec 1731 Charles SPICER Husbandman,Bch,East Meon Elizabeth BROWNE Widow of East Meon East Meon, Farringdon or Empshott  
09 Feb 1719 Robert STEEL Yeoman of East Meon Jane ISDELL of East Meon Bramdean, Hinton or Cheriton  
17 Jan 1783 William STEEL Yeoman,Wdr,50y,East Meon Elizabeth SMITH Widow,30y,East Meon East Meon  
17 Sep 1783 John STEELE Yeoman,Bch,19y,East Meon Mary SILVESTER Spin,21y,of Priorsdean Priorsdean (by Lic) With consent of his father, John STEELE,the elder
13 May 1717 Stephen STEELE Yeoman of East Meon Anne WHETHAM of Titchfield No Stated  
21 Oct 1793 Stephen STEELE Yeoman,Bch,23y,East Meon Mary PARR Spin,22y,Froxfield Froxfield  
08 Feb 1740 John STONE Yeoman,Bch,23y,East Meon Mary SKENT Spin,20y,Bullingdon Bullingdon or East Meon  
23 Apr 1731 William STRONG Schoolmaster,Bch,Cheriton Elizabeth SMITH Spin of West Meon West Meon, Kilmiston or St John's Winchester  
26 Nov 1763



Husbandman,Bch,21y East Meon



Spin, 21y, East Meon

East Meon

Robert Chase of East  Meon Bondsman

20 Jan 1729 Richard TANNER Husbandman,Wdr, Hinton Ampner Margaret KIVER Widow of Bramdean St Thomas  Winchester  
29 Jan 1736 William TATFORD Husbandman,Bch,East Meon Mary EYLES Spin,23y,Corhampton Corhampton or St John's Winchester  
16 Nov 1725 Edward TEE Shepherd,Bch,East Meon Olive HEATHER Spin of East Meon East, West Meon or Privett  
21 Apr  1763 John TERRELL Butcher, Wdr, 30y East Meon Mary NICHOLAS Spin, 30y, Bishop's Waltham East Meon  
27 May 1723 Joseph TERRILL Bch of East Meon Sarah EWEN Spin of East Meon East Meon or Itchen Abbas  
23 Feb 1756

Joseph  Jnr.


Bch, 30y,  East Meon



Spin, 23y, East Meon

East Meon  
12 Apr 1790

Joseph Jnr.


Gent, Bch, 21y,  East Meon



Widow, 21y, Petersfield

East Meon  
04 Feb 1771 Michael TERRY Bch,25y,Bramdean, P/East Meon Elizabeth DADDO Spin,22y, Bishop's
Bishop's Waltham Marriage (9 Feb)
27 Apr 1784



Lab, Bch, 21y,Hambledon



Spin, 21y, East Meon

East Meon  
09 Nov 1822 William THORP Bch,of Froxfield, Mary PILE Spin of West Meon West Meon Son of William/Eliza Thorp,Bap 24 July 1795 Preston Candover. ,Dau of John/ Mary  Pile, Bap 29 May 1799 W. Meon
01 Sep 1730 William TILBURY Blacksmith,Bch,East Meon Sarah LOCK Widow of East Meon St Maurice or St John's Winchester  
28Apr 17983 John TRIBE Sawyer,Bch,21y,East Meon Elizabeth BARFOOT Spin,21y,Petersfield Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
08 Aug 1797 Thomas TRIBE Lab,Bch,27y,East Meon Mary CARPENTER Spin,24y,Harting Sussex East Meon  
28 May 1768



 Bch,  20y, West Meon



Spin, 24y, East Meon

East Meon

CConsent of father Richard Tull, Lab of Ropley.

11 Nov 1780



Husbandman,Bch, 26y, East Meon



Spin, 21y, East Meon

East Meon  

8-Jun 1767



Gent, Wdr,40y, East Meon



Spin, East Meon

East Meon  
26 Oct 1765 John TURNER Blacksmith,Bch,26y,Bramdean Ann WINTER Spin,30y,Bramdean Bramdean  
04 Oct 1738 Joseph TURNER Bch of Bramdean Elizabeth LANGRISH Spin of  Bramdean Bramdean  
24 mar 1809 James TURVILL Farmer,Bch,38y,Newton Valence Elizabeth CHRISTMAS Widow,39y,East Meon Newton Valence Bondsman:- Thomas Turvill, Farmer of Hartley Mauditt
22 Aug 1764 John UNDERHILL Clerk,Bch,West Meon Anne COOPER Spin,West Meon Not Stated  
14 Jun 1725 John UPFULL Tailor of East Meon Mary PURSE Widow of Bramdean Bramdean, St Maurice or St John's Winchester  
25 Oct 1790



Yeoman,Bch, 21y,  East Meon



Spin, 21y, East Meon

East Meon  
13 May 1693 Henry VALLER/Vallor Bch,25y,Hambledon Elizabeth WINTER Spin,24y,West Meon Hinton Ampner, Bramdean or Hambledon  
15 Dec 1823 Harvey VIDLER Bch of East Meon Jemima PINK of East Meon East Meon  
12 Feb 1820 Jesse VIDLER Yeoman,Bch, 21y,East Meon Mary NEWLYN Spin,21y,Popham Popham  
07 Feb 1719 Thomas VIDLER   Elizabeth TYER of West Meon Chalton by Banns See Chalton Marriages
11 Mar 1740 John VOLLAR Carpenter,Bch,22y,West Meon Ann ASLETT Spin,21y,Rogate Sussex West Meon or Bramdean  
27 Sep 1737 John WAIGHT Surgeon,Bch,23y,East Meon Elizabeth FISHER Spin,25y,Bishopstoke Bishopstoke or St Thomas Winchester  
27 May 1742 Thomas WARNER Husbandman,Bch,32y,Hawkley Martha STEPHENS Spin,24y,Bramdean Bramdean,Wolvesey or St John's Winchester  
22 Apr 1724 Thomas WEDLEE Husbandman,Bch,Hinton Mary BONE Spin of Bramdean Bramdean, or St lawrence Winchester  
24 Jun 1831 William WELCH Bch of West Meon Sarah ANDREWS Spin of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
09 Dec 1708 John WELLS Tailor,Bch,East Meon Anne BURTT Spin of East Meon East Meon Not found E M Register
06 Apr 1727 John  Jnr. WELLS Husbandman,Bch,West Meon Elizabeth DAVIS Spin of East Meon East, West Meon or Privett Bondsman: John Wells Snr. Husbandman of West Meon

07 Oct 1711



Husbandman,West Meon



of Petersfield

Buriton Note:- See Buriton Marriages
08 May 1724 James WHEATLEY Husbandman,Bch,East Tisted Deborah ISDELL Spin, Dau of William  Isdell husbandman,East Meon Cheriton or Hinton Ampner  
13 Nov 1729 Arthur WHITCOMBE of  East Meon Frances CHURCH of Steventon Steventon Bondsmen: John and George Church
26 Dec 1729 Joseph WHITE Wheelwright,Bch,East Meon Elizabeth COLLINS Spin of East Meon Colmer or West Tisted  
29 Nov 1777 William WHITEAR Yeoman,Bch,33y Bramdean Elizabeth BULL Spin,25y,Brown Candover Brown Candover  
12 Aug 1788 John WICKHAM Turner,Bch,23,West Meon Mary HAINES Spin,23y,West Meon West Meon  
28 Apr 1860 James WINDIBANK 29y,Bch,Lab,Clanfield Hannah MOORE 20y,Spin,East Meon Clanfield Note:- See Clanfield Marriages
18 Dec 1809 James WILLIAMS Bch,21y,Bramdean Betty CHEESEMAN Spin,21y,Bramdean Bramdean  
02 Aug 1763 John WOLF Husbandman,30y,Oxenbourne Parish/East Meon Mary BIDEN Spin,27y of Clanfield Clanfield  
6 Apr 1761 Joseph WOLF East Meon Elizabeth LATTMAN Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
23 Sep 1717 John WOODMAN Hippocras Make, East Meon Elizabeth CLARKE of East Meon Winchester Bondsman: Stephen Woodman Yeoman of East Meon
09 Apr 1741 Joseph WOODMAN Mercer,Bch,25y,East Meon Susannah STEEL Spin,22y,East Meon East Meon, Chalton or Clanfield  
02 Jun 1711 Robert WOODMAN Husbandman,Bch,Bramdean Sarah EARWAKER Spin of East Meon Not Stated  
19 Oct 1714 Stephen WOODMAN Husbandman,Bch,East Meon Elizabeth STEER Spin of East Meon Not Stated  
27 Jun 1723 Thomas WOODMAN Yeoman,Bch,East Meon Elizabeth LUFFE Spin of East Meon East Meon, Froxfield  or Steep  
09 Nov 1738 David WORNHAM Husbandman,Bch,East Meon Elizabeth CAMISH Spin,East Meon East Meon or St Peter Cheesehill Winchester  
17 Mar 1777 John YALDEN Yeoman,Bch,19y,Kilmeston Mary WITHERS Spin,18y,Cheriton Cheriton With consent of his mother Elizabeth Yalden, Widow of Hinton  Ampner,. Her father George Withers,Lab of West Meon
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