Petersfield Marriages - Illegible

Petersfield Marriages Illegible

and almost Illegible

Most times it is easier to read if one is looking for a particular name, so if anyone suspects they have someone marrying on any of the following dates, and can supply me with a name or names I may be able to find a marriage if it is there, much easier than trying to find completely unknown names.

Page/No Date Groom Names SURNAMES Notes Bride Names SURNAMES Notes Banns Miscellaneous Witnesses
  20 May 1672 Nicholas     Mary LANGRIDGE        
  17 Feb 1755 Francis JONES? of Petersfield Eliz. BURCOCK? of Petersfield Bns   Richd. James Hillman- John Page
13-01 ? May 1758 John   of Petersfield Illegible   of Petersfield Bns by Richd.Chase, Curate  
18-02 16 Nov 1759       M----- HARRIS   Bns by Richd.Chase, Curate  
18-03 11 Dec 1759 Christopher     Eliz       by Richd.Chase, Curate John Newland
19-02 05 Feb 1760 Thomas HICKEY?   Mary ----LD     by Richd.Chase, Curate John Page - John Newland
19-02 05 Apr 1760 Thomas ?---CHEY Petersfield Mary P-----? Petersfield Bns   ?---?  - John Newland
27-02 late 1762 or 1763                  
  22 Oct 1764 William HELLIER? of Haslemere Surrey Elizabeth WEEKS of this Parish Bns John Street Curate  
37-01 01 Sep 1768 Richd. ?---BIN of Racton Ssx Illegible Illegible of Petersfield Bns by John Street M.Clement - Illegible
37-04 Apr 1769-May 1769                  
38-02 May 1769-Oct 1769                  
39-02 18 Apr 1770                 Richard Minchin
39-03       ??          1770                  
39-04      ??           1770 Edward S-------              
  Nov/Dec 1784 John GILBERT? Sussex     Illegible Bns by Thos. Trodd, Curate  
  15th? Apr 1788                  
  11 Aug 1788     of Petersfield Mary COOK of Petersfield Bns    
  Aug/Sep 1790 John COW--ERY?   Elizabeth LIPSCOMB?     by Thos. Trodd, Curate George Newland - Philip Tee
  29 Jun 1794 James ?-ASB--? ?---bourne Ssx Anne PETTER of Petersfield Bns25May1-8Jun by John Whicher, Curate Thos.Pescod -Elizabeth Austin
  04 Mar 1797 Thomas ?----TH of Hambledon   POLING of Petersfield Lic by John Whicher, Curate John ?---? - Mary Pearson
  ? May 1800 Richard PEA-SON of Petersfield Elizabeth GILBERT?       John and Mary? Tee
  17 Sep 1800 Thomas ?----ELL of Petersfield Elizabeth BUDD of Petersfield Bns   Thomas Budd - Illegible
12-48 07 Sep 1809                  
14-54 ? Dec 1809     Bch of Buriton Mary Anne DUSAUTOY of Petersfield Lic by John Whicher, Curate Mary Elizabeth Dusautoy
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