Petersfield Marriages - Q




Petersfield Marriages - Q

Sorted by Grooms  (Sorted by Brides see below)

Page/No Date Groom Names SURNAMES G  Notes   Bride Names SURNAMES  B Notes   Method Witnesses
20-58 19 Jun 1819 Daniel QUARRIER M.D.Bch of Alverstoke   Elizabeth Ann ANDREWS Spin of Petersfield   Lic Jno.E.Machleton? - Jemima Cole


Sorted by Brides

Page/No Date Groom Names G SURNAMES G Notes G Father/Occ Bride Names BSURNAMES B Notes B Father/Occ Method Witnesses

06 Nov 1670 Christopher FOWLER

Elizabeth QUALLET



81-161 16 May 1857 William BUDD Blacksmith,Bch,Full,Sheet Henry Budd, Blacksmith Ann QUENNELL Spin,Full,Sheet Richard Quennell, Lab Bns Henry and Ellen Budd
48-95 25 Nov 1848 Henry TUSSLER Lab,Wdr,Full,Sheet John Tussler, Lab Martha QUINNELL Spin,Full,Sheet Thomas Quinnell, Lab Bns Henry and Jane Strugnell
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