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Petersfield Marriages -U V

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Page-Item Date G Names G SURNAMES G Notes G Father/Occ B Names B SURNAMES B Notes B Father/Occ Method Witnesses
  07 May 1587 William UCOME ?     Constance PRIVAT        
  20 May 1709 Geo. UFFIELD     Eliz BEAN        
101-202 18 Nov 1860 Daniel UNDERWOOD Lab,Bch,41y,Petersfield Daniel Underwood, Lab Elizabeth COOK Servant,Spin,23y,Petersfield Thomas Cook, Lab Bns Thomas Cook-Louisa Gould
47-2 04 May 1774 William UPFALL of Harting   Mary WELLS     Bns George Newland - John Page
19-38 18 Jan 1842 George UPFIELD Lab,Bch,Full,Bosham William Upfield, Lab Sarah JACOB Spin,18y,Lower Weston James Jacob, Lab Bns James Haddick - Eliza Emm?
  30 Nov 1618 John UPFOULD     Mary AUSTIN        
65-130 14 Dec 1853 William UPPERTON Grocer,Bch,Full,Hove Co.of Sussex John Upperton, Cordwainer Ellen ALBERY Spin,Full,Petersfield William Albery, Gentleman Lic Edwd.and Emma Albery
236-472 15 Nov 1892 William UPPERTON Grocer,Bch,27y,Hove William Upperton, Deceased Annie Maria DURMAN Spin,33y,Petersfield Ebenezer Durman, Brickmaker   Fredk./Alfred Ernest Coleman-Ellen Upperton
58-2 29 May 1801 Robert UREN Fellmonger,Bch,26y,Petersfield   Jenny BOOKER Spin.21y of Sheet   Lic 28 May Wm. Ayling - Eliza Booker
  31 Oct 1708 Richd. UTLEY     Elenor POLING        
  27 Jan 1599 John UVLYN?     Fr-yncis WOLF        
  20 Feb 1611 Roger VAGHAN     Joane WODDOEV?        
  09 May 1633 James VALLOR     Lucy HUNTE        
  26 Feb 1643 James VALLER     An RICHMOND        
  20 Jul 1616 John VALLOR     Mary STROUDER        
  20 Sep 1617 John VALLER     Elizabeth CROWCHER        
53-1 01 Aug 1799 Thomas VEALE Gent,Bch,34y,Petersfield   Ann BAKER Spin,21y,Petersfield   Lic 31 Jul James Nash - Ann Hicks - Jane Andrews
16-1 29 Sep 1788 William VEAL Surgeon,Bch,21y,Petersfield   Charlotte PEACHEY Spin,21y,Sth,Mundham Sussex   Lic 29 Sep S.P.Trodd - Richd. Veal - Ann Lipscomb
  06 Apr 1675 Moses VENGEAN     Elinor WOODS        
  02 Jan 1706 John VENGEUM     Mary COLES        
38-113 13 Jun 1825 John Osmond VICK Bch ,21y of Petersfield   Jane GODARD Spin,24y, Petersfield   Lic 10 Jun Anne and Kate Vick
224-447 18 Oct 1890 William John VIDLER Groom,Bch,31y,Petersfield Harry Vidler, Deceased Charlotte BOXALL Spin,29y,Petersfield William Boxall, Lab   James Boxall-Harriet Vidler
200-400 24 Feb 1886 George VOICE Confectioner,Bch,25y,Eastborne Benjamin Voice, Seaman (Decd) Blanche FITT Spin,26y,Petersfield Thomas Fitt,Coachbuilder (Decd) Bns Fred Percival Fitt-Annie Watson
81-162 23 Jul 1857 Thomas VOKE Grocer,Bch,Full,Havant James Voke, Cashier Mary Ann HARFLEY Spin,Full,Petersfield George Harfley,Grocer Lic George Harfley-Mary Ann Voke-Kate Harfley
38-2 01 Feb 1795 James VOLLAR of Petersfield   Mary SHOYER of Petersfield   Bns21-28Dec4Jan William Ware - Mary Wheatfill
36-71 20 Sep 1845 John VOLLER Saddler,Bch,Full,Petersfield James Voller, Lab Maria MASON Spin,Full,not entered Edmund Mason, Lab Bns Frederick and Sarah Pledger
25-2 26 Apr 1762 Richard VOLLER of Upmarden   Ann MONDAY Bns11-18-25Apr John Voller - John Page


Sorted by Brides

Page-Item Date G Names G SURNAMES G Notes G Father/Occ B Names B SURNAMES B Notes B Father/Occ Method Witnesses
17-67 25 Dec 1810 William SEWARD Bch of Petersfield   Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Spin of Petersfield   Bns Edward Ritkin - Sarah Carter
07-26 18 Jan 1808 John LANGRISH of Petersfield   Elizabeth UPFOLD of Petersfield   Bns Henry and Mary Cawley
45-134 28 Apr 1827 Robert PATRICK Bch,21y,of Petersfield   Elizabeth UPSDALE Spin,21y,of Sheet   Lic 28 Apr Martha Ann Patrick -  Chas. Greetham
35-70 16 Aug 1845 William JAMES ?-------?,Bch,Full,Petersfield John James, Watchmaker Jane UPSTALL Spin,Full,not entered John Upstall, Farmer Bns Thomas James - Susannah Lee
  04 Dec 1737 Richard SILVESTER     Mary UPTON        
  25 Apr 1728 Richard GODFREY     Ann UTLEY        
  03 Oct 1711 Francis BLACKMAN     Elenor UTLEY        
  28 May 1740 Thomas DOWLING     Mary UTTLEY        
  26 May 1611 John LOCKYER     Mary VAGHAN        
  06 May 1644 Thomas PERKINS     Vinifritt VALLER        
  07 Oct 1633 Thomas RICHMOND     Anne VANNELL        
  10 Jan 1735 Jeremiah MORRISON     Eleanor VARE        
  05 May 1728 James/Jane PRATT     Ann VARMINER        
  09 Sep 1739 William BUDD     Mary VARMINER        
14-1 13 Aug 1758 Michael STEDMAN of Petersfield   Sarah VERMINER of Petersfield   Bns John Page -  John Newland
  19 Jul 1722 John NOT ENTERED     Sarah VARNDELL of Compton      
  20 Jan 1577 George S---HEW     Anne VAUGHAN        
27-79 28 Oct 1821 Henry ALBURY Bch of Petersfield   Eliza VENTHAM of Petersfield   Bns William and Mary Tenderdine?
  10 Nov 1635 Daniell BIGGES     Elizabeth VERNEHEAD        
182-363 14 Dec 1879 Samuel GREEN Seaman.Bch,Full,Petersfield Samuel Green, Cork Cutter Caroline VIDLER Spin,Full,Petersfield James Vidler, Lab Bns Harris/Kate Vidler
133-266 25 Aug 1866 Edward GOSDEN Lab,Bch,28y,Petersfield Edward Gosden, Lab Elizabeth VIDLER Spin,18y,Petersfield James Vidler, Lab Bns George Bennett-Elizabeth Vidler
220-439 12 Apr 1890 Elisha CARPENTER Packer,Bch,31y,Petersfield Eli Carpenter, Deceased Mary Jane VIDLER Spin,27y,Petersfield Henry Vidler, Deceased   James/Harriet and Annie Vidler
45-135 11 Aug 1827 John SMITH Bch of Petersfield   Ann VOAKES Spin of Petersfield   Bns John Collville - Fanny Smith
  05 Feb 1748 James GALPIN     Martha VOAKES        
  10 Oct 1725 Richard BRACKSTONE     Mary VOAKES        
61-183 22 Sep 1832 James HOAR Bch of Lower Weston   Sarah VOAKES Spin of Petersfield   Bns  
  27 Oct 1594 Henry DUKE     Parnell VOGDEN        
18-53 21 Oct 1818 George HOLDER of Sheet   Clara VOLLER of Petersfield   Bns Henry Holder and Mary Pearce
27-54 23 Jun 1843 Albert KNIGHT Tailor,Bch,Full,Petersfield George Knight, Gardener Eliza VOLLER Spin,Full,Petersfield James Voller, Lab Bns James Voller - Charlotte Neighbours
23-89 02 Nov 1812 George MANSBRIDGE of Sheet   Frances VOLLAR of Sheet   Bns John Tee - Ann Wiggins
77-3 29 Dec 1783 William EDDENEY of Sheet   Sarah VOLLER of Sheet   Bns Geo.Newland - Phillip Tee
201-401 21 Mar 1886 Lewis NORRIS Baker,Bch,21y,Petersfield Harry Norris, Stockman Alice VYSE Spin,20y,Petersfield James Vyse, Brewery Forman (Decd) Bns James Norris-Thomas Louch
  07 May 1737 John FITTS     Jane VYSE
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