Buriton/Chalton Marriage Grooms


Marriage Licences for Buriton and Chalton People

Including some by Banns and people who married  away from their home  Parish

Sorted by Grooms Surnames

Lic.Date G Forname SURNAME Notes B Forenames SURNAMES Notes Place Miscellaneous
20 Nov 1788 John ADAMS Cordwainer, Bch, 21y, of Buriton Mary DOLLAR Spin, 21y Petersfield Petersfield See Petersfield Marriages A
29 May 1823 James ALLAN Farmer,Bch,Buriton Harriet CHASE Spin, of Terwick Terwick (By Lic 14th Mar) Wits:-William Chase-Jane Clark.  Sponsor:- William Chase, Yeoman of Rogate.
07 Dec 1805 John ANDREWS Husbandman,Wdr,Warblington Jane DOWDELL Widow of Idsworth Idsworth See Idsworth Marriages
20 Feb 1798 Samuel ANDREWS Bch of Buriton Betsy MELLERSH Spin of Rogate Rogate Ssx  (by Lic) Witnesses:- John/Ann Mellersh - Jane Andrews
05 Apr 1828 Henry ANNELLS Bch of Buriton Mary PEARCE Spin of Petersfield Petersfield (by Banns) See Petersfield Marriages A
11 Apr 1774 John APPLETON of Buriton Sarah MARX?? Petersfield Petersfield (by Banns)  
10 Feb 1781 John ATWEEK Yeoman,Bch,26y,Chalton Mary RICHARDS Spin,23y,Botley Botley  
22 Feb 1736 John ATWICK Bch of Charlton (Chalton ?) Susannah BLANCH Widow of Farlington Portsmouth  
31 Jul 1783 William AYLWARD Bch,35y,Chalton Mary GEE 26y of Portsmouth Portsmouth  
05 Jan 1744 Richard BAKER Lab of Buriton Elizabeth HULSON Spin of Steep Not stated  
07 Sep 1789 Richard BAKER of Warblington Elizabeth JACKSON of Chalton Idsworth  
11 May 1792 William BAKER of Buriton Elizabeth KENCHETT Otp Chalton by Banns Note: See Chalton marriages
28 Nov 1799 Thomas BARROW Buriton Susannah MARTIN Otp Chalton by Banns Note: See Chalton marriages
01 Jul 1714 John BEAN of Buriton Mary POOK Spin of Old Lavington Ssx Not stated  
12 Feb 1806 John BECKINGHAM of Buriton Elizabeth GILL of Petersfield Petersfield. by Banns  
21 Nov 1748 Thomas BIDEN Farmer, Bch, Buriton Elizabeth ALEXANDER Spin, Froxfield Steep  
27 Dec 1708 Anthony BINSTED Miller,Bch,Havant Anne FOSTER Widow of Chalton Chalton  
02 May 1737 Anthony BINSTED Carpenter,Havant Elizabeth LANG of Havant Chalton  
02 Aug 1802 Henry BINSTED Gent, Bch, 22y, Buriton Sarah SEWARD Spin, 21y, Chawton Chawton Bondsman:- Bridger Seward Gent of Chawton
01  Nov 1790 William BINSTED Gent, Bch, 23y, Buriton Frances CLEMENT Spin, 21y, Petersfield Petersfield  
22 Jan 1729 William BLAKE Tailor,Bch,Chalton Martha CROUCH Spin of Chalton The Cathedral,Church of Holy Trinity Winchester Bondsman:- Thomas Crouch, Cordwainer of Chalton
16 Feb 1743 Thomas BOGGUST Lab of Chalton Ann BROWN Spin of Chalton Steep  
07 Dec 1708 John BOLTON Yeoman of  Thorney Ssx. Catherine HAYTER Widow of Thorney Ssx Chalton  
14 Nov 1784 John BONE Bch, 26y, Clanfield Mary BONE Spin, 19y, Clanfield Clanfield Consent of her guardian William Bone of Buriton, under the will of her father Henry Bone.
12 Nov 1730 Theophilus BOOKER Bch,37y,Chalton Anne LEE Widow of Bishop's Waltham Bishop's Waltham  
01 Dec 1832 James BRAMLEY Bch of Buriton Julilee NOBLE Spin of Warblington Warblington:- Witnesses:- William Rially-Anne Mer--ett
12 Apr 1734 Richard BROWN Wdr,Innholder,Bishop's Sutton Elizabeth DURMOND Spin of Up Marden Sussex Chalton  
30 Aug 1834 John BULBECK Bch of Chalton Ann OAKLEY Spin of Stoughton Ssx Stoughton   (by Banns) Henry Oakley-Hannah Pett
31 Mar 1804 Michael CARPENTER Wdr of Chalton Betty ROGERS Spin,21y,Hayling South Hayling South Bondsman:- William Rogers of Hayling Sth.
24 Feb 1823 Robert CARR Gent,Bch,Rupert St, Haymarket, St James,Westminster Mdx Mary Jane PEARSON Spin of Havant. Bapt. Chalton 4 Sep 1794, dau of William and Elizabeth Pearson Havant Robert, born 26 Feb 1794, Bap. 23 March at Scotch Church in Crown Court, Russell St, Covent Gardens, son of William and Margery Carr, Carpenter of 2 Beaufort Buildings.
04 Nov 1703 Richard CHAMP Lab, of Hastings Ssx Dorothy FAY Widow of Compton Chalton  
21 Apr 1836 William CHAPLIN Bch of Buriton Ann JONES Spin of Upmarden Upmarden Ssx   (by Lic) Witnesses:- Edwd.Turner Bennet-Jane Jones
25 Apr 1759 Thomas CHASE Buriton Elizabeth GALE Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
31 Jan 1837 Benjamin COLBURNE Private,52nd Regt of Foot,Bch,21y,Chalton Mary PHILLIPS Spin,21y,Chalton Chalton With consent of her mother Mary Alberry
02 Mar 1833 William COLWELL Bch of Buriton Ann NORGATE Spin of Petersfield Petersfield  by Banns Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
25 Mar 1766 Richard COUSINS Bricklayer,Bch,21y,Chalton Mary FLOOD Spin,18y,Chalton Chalton With consent of her father Richard Flood
15 Dec 1807 Thomas CROSS Husbandman, Wdr of Buriton Elizabeth PASFOOT a Minor of Portsea Portsea With consent of her father Thomas Pasfoot , Husbandman of Lyss
08 Oct 1870 William DAVIS 26y,Bch,Lab,Clanfield Harriet WELLS 20y,Spin,Buriton Clanfield Note:-See Clanfield  marriages
11 Sep 1832 Henry DEAN Bch of Buriton Jane BREWER Spin of Petersfield Petersfield See Petersfield Marriages D
23 Mar 1788 Thos. DEDMAN Hunbandman, Bch, 30y of Buriton Mary PARR Spin, 30y of Petersfield Petersfield  
15 Aug 1741 Robert DOREY Servingman,Bch,30y,Idsworth,Parish of Chalton Hannah NEWATT Spin,24y,Chalton Chalton or Idsworth  
21 Sep 1867 William EMM Full,Wdr,Gardener,Buriton,Fa:Henry Charlotte PUTMAN Full,Spin,Rogate,,Fa:Peter Rogate Ssx Witnesses:- Alfred and Louisa Sims
16 Oct 1769 John EWEN Yeoman, Bch, 25y of Buriton Phinettah ALLEN Spin, 25y, Petersfield Petersfield  
24 Sep 1707 Thomas FLEET Yeoman,Chalton Mary PAY Spin, Blendworth Chalton  
04 Oct 1704 Anthony FORSTER of Buriton Ann GRACE of Priorsdean Priorsdean  
15 Feb 1783 William FOWLER Butcher,Bch,21y,Portsea Mary SILVESTER Spin,21y,Chalton Chalton  
15 Oct 1804 William. GALE Bch of Chalton Elizabeth GUY Spin of Chalton Chalton  
06 Jul 1852 Thomas GIBBINS Sawyer,Bch,22y,Stoughton.Fa:Thomas,Sawyer Jane POWELL Spin,23y,Buriton.Fa:-Isaac,Lab Stoughton (by Banns) Witnesses:-Frank Gibbins-Ann Purkis
26 Jan 1808 Richard GILL Yeoman,Bch,21y,Upmarden Ssx Amelia MATTHEWS Minor of Idsworth, Parish of Chalton Idsworth Consent of her father Richard Matthews, Yeoman of Idsworth
30 Dec 1751 Joseph HARRIS Gent of Buriton Martha MATTHEWS Spin of Buriton Steep, Froxfield or Petersfield  
04 Sep 1819 John HARRISON Bch of Petersfield Lucy CARTER Spin of Buriton Petersfield, by Banns  
30 Oct 1796 William HATWICK of Buriton Sarah HARDEN of Sheet Petersfield, by Banns  
22 Sep 1832 James HOAR Bch of Lower Weston Sarah VOAKES Spin of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
03 Dec 1816 George HOLMES Bch of Buriton Elizabeth ABRAHAM Spin of Rogate Rogate  (by Lic) Witnesses:- Robert Blunden - Sarah Oliver
14 Feb 1808 George HOUNSHAM Bch of Buriton Sarah SMITHERS Spin of Petersfield Petersfield, by Banns  
22 Jun 1809 John HOUNSOME of Bereton Sarah MITCHELL Spin of Stoughton Ssx Stoughton (by Banns) Witnesses:-William Bone-Robert Read-Wm. Hedgecock
05 Aug 1781 Thomas HOUSE Husbandman,Bch,20y,Buriton Sarah JOUNNING Spin,16y,of Petersfield Petersfield  
24 Jan 1702 John IRONMONGER Bch of Winchester Sarah MATTHEWS of Buriton Portsmouth  
08 Dec 1860 Thomas KEMP Full,Bch,Lab,Rogate, Fa:-Thomas Eliza CARPENTER Full,Spin,Buriton,Fa:-Thomas Rogate Ssx (by Banns) Witnesses:-  Edward and Harriet Bone
09 Oct 1788 Samuel KNIGHT of Chalton Honor FLEET of Chalton Chalton  
30 Aug 1752 William KNIGHT Lab of Buriton Ann CHRISTMAS Spin of Privett Steep  
30 Sep 1783 Thomas LILLYWHITE Shopkeeper,Wdr, of Chalton Ann UPSDALE Spin,21y of East Meon    
02 Apt 1804 Henry LIPSCOMB Bch, Chalton Elizabeth EDNEY Spin, Idsworth Idsworth,  by Banns See Idsworth Marriages
28 Dec 1789 John LIPSCOMB Gent,Bch,21y of Buriton Hannah HEARSEY Spin,18y of Greatham Greatham With consent of her father John Hearsey, Gent of Greatham
24 Apr 1721 George LOCKE of Chalton Alice BEARE of Chalton Monxton  
18  Jun 1744 Nicholas LUFF Yeoman,Bch,44y,Buriton Mary WELCH Spin,29y of Buriton B. St Maurice or Wolvesey Note:- Not found in Buriton Register
03 Apr 1716 Edward LYDE Husbandman of Buriton Dorothy LOVELL Spin of Buriton Not Stated Marriage not found in Buriton Registers, but a baptism for Elizabeth 27 Jan 1716 Fa:- Edward ,  was
08  Jan 1824 Edward MAXWELL Bch of Buriton Elizabeth MAXWELL Spin of Petersfield Petersfield  
01 Nov 1832 Henry MAXWELL Bch of Buriton Charlotte WILLIAMS Spin of Petersfield Petersfield  
01 Feb 1796 James MEERES Mealman, Bch, 41y, Buriton Martha MUNDY Spin, 36y, Petersfield Petersfield  
17 Feb 1707 James MONEY Cordwainer Mary BROCK of  Chalton Not Stated Mary, dau of Richard Brock of Chalton
09 Jan 1711 John MUNDAY Husbandman,Bch,Chalton Elizabeth DRURY Spin,21y,Chalton Not Stated  
24 Apr 1795 John MUNDY Farmer, Bch, 24y, Buriton Grace MEERES Spin, 34y, Petersfield Petersfield  
28 Jul 1796 Richard NEW Yeoman, Bch, 38y, Buriton Mary MILLS Spin, 36y, Petersfield Petersfield  
08 Dec 1715 Thomas NEWBOLT Cordwinder (sic),Buriton Elizabeth HILL Warnford Not Stated  
14 Oct 1811 Henry NORGATE Bch of Buriton Mary MASON Spin of Petersfield Petersfield  by Banns  
12 Apr 1722 Richard OAKLEY Yeoman, Bch of Trotton Ssx. Anne BONE Spin of Buriton St Swithuns,St Michael's, The Cathedral W'chester Bondsman:- John Bone Yeoman of Buriton
11 May 1783 James PADWICK Bch,21y of Blendworth Mary PAY Spin of Chalton Chalton Bondsman:- Thomas Padwick of Idsworth
05 Jul 1710 Robert PAINTER Cordwainer of Chalton Elizabeth BELL Spin of Chalton Chalton  
27 Jul 1710 William PALMER Wheelwright of Idsworth Mary ORTEN Spin of Chalton Chalton or Idsworth  
06 Nov 1802 Thomas PARFOOT Lab,Bch,16y,Buriton Mary ETHERINGTON Spin,20y of Hawkley Hawkley With consent of his father Thomas Parfoot and her father Richard Etherington
22 Oct 1853 Thomas PARVIN Lab,Bch,32y,StoughtonFa:-William,Lab Jemima POWELL Spin,23y,Buriton,Fa:-Isaac,Lab Stoughton (byBanns) Witnesses:-George and Eliza Chase
08 Nov 1732 Lawrence PATRICK Wdr, Bereton (sic) Susannah LOVEL Spin of Bereton (sic) The Cathedral  
29 Jan 1732 Thomas PATRICK Yeoman,Bch of Buriton Sarah CLARKE Spin,30y of East Meon Buriton, East Meon or Trinity (Winchester?)  
20 May 1855 Thomas PATRICK Full,Bch,Bricklayer,Buriton Bertha WELLS Underage,Spin,Chalton Chalton by Banns  
08 Aug 1793 William PEARSON Gent,Bch,21y,Rowlands Castle (P/Chalton) Elizabeth LEANE A Minor of Alverstoke Alverstoke With consent of her mother Mary Leane,Widow
26 Jun 1808 Francis Fuller PEN Bch of Chalton Sarah HUTCHENS Spin of Warblington Warblington (by Banns) Witnesses:- William Hellyer-Thomas Pryers-Jno Bothrell
21 Apr 1821 John PENNICOAD Bch of Buriton Charlotte BLUNDEN Spin of Rogate Rogate Ssx (by Banns) Witnesses:- John Penn - Elizabeth Bone
? Apr 1785 Richard PETTER of Buriton Sarah DEAN of Petersfield Petersfield  by Banns  
27 Jul 1796 William POATE Wdr of Chalton Elizabeth DOWNER Spin,21y of Blendworth Blendworth  
08 Jan  1764 Thomas PULLEN Butcher, Bch, 24y, Petersfield Mary HEBERDEN Spin, 19y, Buriton Petersfield  
24 Dec 1783 John REDING Sawyer, Bch, 23y, Buriton Ann WALKER Spin, 21y, Petersfield Petersfield  
04 Dec 1753 Isaac REEVES Lab,Bch of Chalton Mary GARD Spin of Petersfield Steep  
26 Nov 1793 Thomas ROOKE of Chalton Sarah VOLLER of Upmarden Upmarden (by Banns) Witnesses:- John Marshall- Richd Read
24 Apr 1705/8 Richard SEARLE Yeoman of Weston Ann CHAPMAN Spin,24y,Buriton Not Stated Not found in Buriton Registers
23 Oct 1800 Richard SEWARD of Buriton Sarah WHEATFILL of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
03 Apr 1780 Stephen SEWARD Stonemason,Bch,21y,Buriton Anne BRADLY Spin,20y,Petersfield Petersfield With consent of her father Bridger Bradly (the elder), Maltster of Petersfield. Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
11 Feb 1855 James SHEPHERD Full,Bch,Buriton Mary WELLS Underage,Spin,Chalton Chalton by Banns Note: See Chalton marriages
10 Aug 1789 Thomas SILVER of Warblington Sarah EDNEY of Chalton Idsworth Marriage on 12 Aug 1789.  Bondsman:-William Edney of Chalton
27 Oct 1791 George SILVESTER Bch,21y of Buriton Sarah PARR Spin,21y of Froxfield Froxfield  
20 Jun 1761 John SMITH of Buriton Ann MILLS of Rogate Rogate Ssx   (by Banns) Wits:-John Poole - Richard Pannell
20 Jul 1708 Thomas SMITH Tailor of West Meon Dorothy FAWICK of Stoughton Sussex Chalton  
06 Feb 1746 Thomas SMITH Husbandman of Buriton Frances HEWLETT of Buriton Petersfield  
20 Jun 1797 Thomas SMITH Yeoman,Bch,21y,Chalton Mary HOAR Spin,21y of Portsea Portsea  
11 Jun 1753 Thomas SMYTH Yeoman,27y,Chalton Mary PADWICK Spin,19y of Weststoke,Fa:-Edward WeststokeSsx (by Lic 19th Dec 1754) With consent of father,Sponsor:-Edw.Padwick,Yeoman of Chalton..  (Note:- SmythMarriage)
01 Sep 1814 William STALLARD Bch of Buriton Elizabeth TRIMMING Spin of Petersfield  Petersfield  
22 Jan 1785 Robert STEELE Gent,Bch,25y,Petersfield Ann Elizabeth TURNER Spin,21y,Buriton Petersfield  
24 Feb 1845 John STENT 66y,Wdr,Bricklayer,Buriton Ann LAUGTRY 51y,Spin,Chalton Chalton Note: See Chalton marriages
15 Nov 1792 John STRIDE of Buriton Catherine SMITH of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
18 Oct 1833 John STUBBINGTON Bch of Buriton Sarah BAKER Spin of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
14 Mar 1778 John SOUTER Lab,Bch,21y,Buriton Hannah WINDIBANK Spin,Minor,Froxfield Froxfield  (Marriage 15Mar) With consent of her father William Windibank of Froxfield.  Witnesses:-Richard Silvester  -William Lillywhite
01 Oct 1752 Henry TREGUS Wdr of Chalton Anne FRENCH Spin of Catherington Catherington  
14 Dec 1832 James TRUSLER Bch of Buriton Letitia LIPSCOMB of Tything of Sheet Petersfield   (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
09 Aug 1786 Samuel TWYFORD Esq,Bch,21y,Buriton Susannah Charlotte CALLAWAY Spin,21y,Portsea Portsea  
16 May 1675 Thomas TURKORKE of Froxfield Susan KENT of  Buriton Priorsdean  
22 Dec 1804 James VOLLAR Wdr,Idsworth P of Chalton Sarah CRASSWELLER Spin,21y,Idsworth Chalton  
12 Oct 1805 James WALLER Bch of Buriton Mary SMITH Spin of Rogate Rogate Ssx  (by Banns) Witnesses:- Anty.Aldridge - Sarah Waller
18 Dec 1818 Philip WALLER of Buriton Elizabeth TRIBE of Petersfield Petersfield   (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
09 Dec 1854 Mark WELLS Full,Bch,Lab,Chalton,Fa:-John Louisa TRIBE Full,Spin,Rogate,Fa:James Rogate Ssx:- Witnesses:-Thomas Patrick-Jane Tribe-Jane Gallaway
12 Dec 1731 John WEST Wdr of Petersfield Elizabeth PATRICK Spin of Buriton Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
23 Oct 1799 John WHEST Bch of Idsworth, Parish of Chalton Ann ROOK Spin,21y,of Idsworth, Parish of Chalton Idsworth  
11 Oct 1783 John WHITE 21y of Blandworth Frances KNIGHT of Chalton Chalton  
26 Jun 1758 Richard WHITE Bch of Blendworth Hannah MARSHALL Spin of Chalton Blendworth  
04 Sep 1764



Bch, 21y, Chalton,



Spin, 22y, East Meon

East Meon Note:- See East Meon Marriages
22 Sep 1835 William WHITEHART Bch of Lower Weston (P/Buriton Maria ALBURY Spin of Petersfield Petersfield (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
08 Jul 1873 George WINDIBANK 23yBch,Gardener,Buriton,Fa:-George Mary Ann BROMHAM 25y,Spin,Rogate,Fa:- NE Rogate Ssx Witnesses:-George Windybank-Charlotte Carpenter
19 Sep 1703 Henry WOLDRIDGE Carpenter, of Cheel, Parish/ Petersfield Elizabeth RICHMOND Spin, of Cheel, Parish/ Petersfield Chalton  
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