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The Transcripts in this section are taken from microfiche purchased from the Public Record Office, London,  UK, which are subject to copyright. The Transcripts are placed here for personal research purposes ONLY, and no fee is payable. Please do not copy any of this information if you are a professional researcher. NO waiver of copyright is given or implied

NO guarantee is given that the following transcripts are a faithful reproduction of the facts as written in the original records, this is partly due to poor copies on microfiche and possible mistakes in transcribing. You are urged to re-check any information of interest found here with the relevant primary source.


1901 Census of Buriton   (5Pages) 1901  Census of   Sheet           (3 Pages)
  1  to 25       Pages     1 to 9 a
26  to 59        Pages    10 to 18 b
60  to 94       Pages    19 to 27 c
1  to 31  
 32 to 77
1851 Census of Buriton  (2Pages)
1901 Census of Petersfield (NotComplete)
 Pages    1 to 10  a
  Pages   11 to 20 b
1841 Census of  Buriton   (NotComplete)
           Pages   21 to 26 c          
 Pages     1 to 10 d
  Pages    11 to 20 e
Pages    21 to 30 f
Page     31 to      g
1891 Census East Meon (Almost Complete)
1891 Census Froxfield
1 to 64
 1  to 41
65 to 130
42  to 70
131 to 38
1 to 57

Note:-  1851 Census of Buriton is half   "full  information" of individuals, as transcribed myself,  the other half is a "Part Information" as taken from the Hampshire Genealogical Societies Index.

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