Froxfield and Steep Marriage Strays


Marriage Licences for Froxfield and Steep People  

Including some by Banns and people who married  away from their home  Parish


Lic. Date G Names SURNAME Notes B Names SURNAMES Notes Place Miscellaneous
11 Feb 1815 Daniel ABURROW Yeoman, Bch, 30y,Froxfield Sarah HOAR Spin, 32y, Froxfield Froxfield Bondsman:- Daniel Aburrow the elder, of Froxfield
06 Jun 1829 Edward ABURROW Bch, 21y, Froxfield Amelia AYLING Spin, 21y of Ovington Ovington  
27 Apr 1734 James ALDRED Bch, Froxfield Mary BLANCHETT Spin, Froxfield Steep  
02 Apr1798 Ned ANSELL Stage Carrier, Wdr, 48y, Steep Hannah CORPS Spin, 22y, Selbourne Selbourne or Steep  
30 May 1751 John AYLING Yeoman, Steep Elizabeth WALLS Spin, Steep Steep  
07 Jul 1718 John BAKER Yeoman of Froxfield Elizabeth BULBECK of East Meon Chalton  by Lic 10 Jul See Chalton Marriages
11 Jan 1710 Richard BAKER Yeoman, Bch,  Steep Margaret BOOKER   Not Stated  Dau of Thomas Booker, Yeoman of Froxfield
05 Jan 1744 Richard BAKER Lab of Buriton Elizabeth HULSON Spin of Steep Not stated  
18  Dec 1777 Richard BAKER Gent, Bch, 40y, Steep Mary ADAMS Spin, 22y, Petersfield Petersfield See Petersfield Marriages B
05 Jan 1778 Richard BAKER Yeoman, Bch, 21y, Steep Ann SILVESTER Spin, 21y, Steep Steep  
06 Apr 1795 Thomas BAKER Yeoman, Bch, 40y, Froxfield Frances NEWLAND Spin, 17y Froxfield Consent of her father Richard Newland, Husbandman of East Meon
18 Feb 1723 William BAKER Husbandman, Bch, Froxfield Mary BATTLEMER Spin, Froxfield East Meon,Froxfield or Steep  
27 Jan 1742 William BAMPTON Blacksmith of Portsea Margaret SEAL Widow of Petersfield Steep  
02 May 1827 John BARNARD Bch, 21y, Crondall Elizabeth PARR 21y, of Froxfield Froxfield  
17 Oct 1771 John BARNET Lab,23y,Lyss Martha BARTLET Sojourner,22y,Steep Steep  
20 Jun 1778 Thomas BAYNTON Schoolmaster, Bch, 25y, Froxfield Mary WHITEAR Spin, 25y, Froxfield Froxfield  
21 Apr 1824 William BETTESWORTH Bch of Steep Mary SEYMOUR Spin of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
21 Nov 1748 Thomas BIDEN Farmer, Bch, Buriton Elizabeth ALEXANDER Spin, Froxfield Steep  
31 May  1750 James BLEAK Cooper of Botley Mary BOX Spin of Botley Steep  
16 Feb 1743 Thomas BOGGUST Lab of Chalton Ann BROWN Spin of Chalton Steep  
04 Oct 1762 Thomas BOXALL Lab,Bch,22y,Steep Ann POWELL Spin,21y,Steep Steep  
24 Jul 1782 William BRADLY Yeoman, Bch, 27y, Petersfield Mary TARRANT Spin, 21y, Steep Steep  
16 Jul 1737 William BRANCH Bch of Froxfield Mary MATHEWS Spin of Froxfield Portsmouth  
10 Dec 1814 William BRICKNELL Lab, Bch, 26y, East Tisted Lydia OSGOOD Spin, 19y, Froxfield East Tisted Consent of her father James Osgood
16 Nov 1799 Benjamin BRIDGER Yeoman,  Bch, 25y Lyss Fanny CARTER Spin, 19y, Froxfield Froxfield Consent of her father William Carter, Yeoman of Froxfield
20 Jun 1786 John BRIDGER Yeoman, Bch, 21y, Lyss Alice BAKER Spin, 21y, Steep Steep  Bondsman:- Richard Baker Yeoman of Steep.(Her name BRIDGER in affidavit)
10 May 1781 William BRIGHTWELL Husbandman, Bch, 30y, Portsmouth Jane TARRANT Spin, 21y, Steep Steep  
14 Feb 1801 John BRINE Gent, Bch, 49y, Portsea Elizabeth KING Spin, 34y, Froxfield Froxfield  
28 Jan 1752 John BROOMAN Husbandman, Froxfield Elizabeth MANSBRIDGE Spin of West Dean Ssx. Petersfield  
29  May 1783 Robert BUCKET Husbandman, Bch, 22y, Donnington Ssx. Mary HILL Spin, 21y, Steep Steep  
01 Nov 1818 Moulas BUDD Gent, Wdr, Havant Elizabeth COBB Spin, 21y, Steep Steep Elizabeth  is  alias BRACKSTONE
09 Feb 1764 Philip BUDD Husbandman, Wdr, 50y, Steep Ann GOLDRING Spin, 30y, Steep Steep  
02 Dec 1809 Robert BUDD Farmer, Wdr, 44y, Froxfield Ann ROBINSON Spin, 40y, East Tisted Froxfield  
15 Dec 1769 William BUNCH Clockmaker, Bch, 28y, Bramshott Margaret TANNER Spin, 24y, Froxfield Froxfield  
29 May 1813 James CANNONS Gentleman's Servant, Bch, 37y, Froxfield Mary RANDALL Spin,29y of Wield Wield Bondsman:- George Cannons, Servant of Alton
08 Jun 1779 John CARTER Yeoman, Wdr, 45y, Froxfield Elizabeth HEBERDEN Spin, 45y, Petersfield Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages C
04 Feb 1788 John CHANELL Yeoman,Bch,21y,Witley  Surrey Sarah SILVESTER Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield  
30 Apr 1828 John CHANELL Wdr of Froxfield Elizabeth THORP Spin, 21y, Froxfield Froxfield  
09  Jan 1793 Richard CHANELL Bch, 27y Whitley Sry Mary SILVESTER Spin, 25y, Froxfield Froxfield  
11 Oct 1753 Thomas CLEMENT Gent, of Steep Martha BLUNT Spin of Petersfield Steep Bondsman:- Thomas Blunt, Mealman of Petersfield
09 Oct 1717 William CLEMENT Yeoman, of Steep Anne COOKE of Steep Steep, Chalton or East Meon  
31 Jan 1783 Daniel CLIFT Gent, Bch, 21y, of Bramley Elizabeth Hester WYBURD Spin, 19y, of Bramley Bramley Consent of her father James Wyburd of Steep
12 May 1803 John COLEBROOKE Yeoman, 29y, Bch, Steep Ann TRIBE Spin, 17y, Steep Steep Consent of her father John Tribe
29 Jul 1729 Robert COLLINS Husbandman of Newton Valence Elizabeth ROFE Spin of Froxfield Froxfield??  
16 Oct 1766 William COLLINS Pattern Maker, 30y, Steep Mary BLACKBOURNE 25y of Steep Not Stated  
15 Apr 1798 Thomas CORPS of Steep Olliffe GAMAN of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
23 Apr 1785 John CRASSWELLER Tanner, Bch, 21y of Steep Charlotte BROWN Spin, 21y, Petersfield Petersfield Bondsman:- James Brown, Tanner of Steep
15 Mar 1745 William DAVIS Exciseman of Steep Mary STONEHAM of Steep Steep  
07 May 1692 Henry DIPNALL Bch of Bishop's Waltham Mary SEALE Spin of Steep Bishop's Waltham or Steep Henry son of Henry, a Yeoman of Steep, Mary, the dau  of Richard  of Steep
12 Apr 1693 Henry DOWLING Bch, 23y of Froxfield Mary LANGRISH Spin, 27y of Froxfield Froxfield  
01 Jul 1738 Richard DOWLING Wheelwright of Froxfield Ann MARRINER Widow of Froxfield Old or New Alresford  
18 Nov 1729 Thomas DOWLING Yeoman, Bch, of Froxfield Mary PINK Spin of East Meon East Meon or The Cathedral  
29 Jan 1829 William DURMAN Bch, 21y of Steep Mary Ann GOSDEN Spin, 20y of Petersfield Petersfield Consent of her father Thomas Gosden, Yeoman of Rogate Ssx
29 Oct 1752 John EAMES Wine Cooper of Portsmouth Mary LYPSCOME Spin of Portsmouth Steep  
17 Feb 1773 Richard EAMES Yeoman, 28y of Langrish in the  Parish of East Meon Elizabeth EAMES Spin of Steep Steep  
24 Oct 1751 Thomas EAMES Husbandman of Steep Mary Cowdrey HEDLEY   Headley  
01 Jul 1801 Richard ETHERINGTON Husbandman, Bch, 26y of Hawkley Lucy SMITH Spin, 18y, Froxfield Headley Consent of her father George Smith
14 Feb 1784 John EWEN Yeoman,  Wdr, 40y, Privett Jane COTMAN Widow, 40y Froxfield Froxfield  
21 Oct 1746 Thomas EWEN Bch of Froxfield Mary ALDRID Widow of Froxfield Steep  
07 Dec 1723 Robert EWENS Bch of Froxfield Sarah WHITE Spin of Froxfield Froxfield,Twyford or Chilcomb Sarah, the sister of Thomas White, Wheelwright of Twyford
12 Jun 1757 Thos. FARRING Steep Eliz. TULL Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
21 Oct 1809 James FIELDER Miller,Bch,25y,Steep Sarah STRUDWICK Widow,31y,Hawkley Hawkley  
19 Sep 1742 James FINDEN Gent of Farnham Sry Elizabeth HUNT Spin of Steep Steep  
18 Jul 1724 Thomas FINDEN Husbandman,. Bch, Farringdon Anne DOLING Spin of Froxfield Medstead, Froxfield or Newtown  
15 Oct 1773 John FISHER Tanner, Bch, 20y of Sheet Mary JOLLIFFE Spin, 21y of Steep Petersfield  
08 Nov 1834 Seth FISHER Bch of Steep Mary Ann COOK Spin of Sheet Petersfield  (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages F
20 Feb 1837 William FISHER Bch of Steep Diana HALL Spin of Priorsdean Priorsdean  (by Banns) Witnesses:- William and Frances Hall
10 Jul 1794 William FOSBURY of Steep Sarah COOK of Sheet Petersfield  (by Banns)  
17 Aug 1816 Frederick FOSTER Yeoman,Bch,21y,Meonstoke Ann EAMES Spin,21y, Steep Meonstoke  
22 Aug 1810 George FOSTER Bch,26y,Meonstoke Miriam SNOW Spin,30y,Bentworth Bentworth  
27 Nov 1776 Thomas FRIER Yeoman, Bch, 35y, Froxfield Elizabeth CHAMBERS Spin, 25y, Froxfield Froxfield  
11 Jul 1702 Thomas FUSSE Bch of Alverstoke Mary OXFORD Spin of Alverstoke Alverstoke or Froxfield Mary the sister of William Oxford, Yeoman of Steep
15 Jan 1813 James GALE Bricklayer of Froxfield Charlotte BENNETT Spin of Priorsdean Priordean (by Lic) Witnesses:-William Gale -Dynah Bennett
16 Aug 1818 Thomas GALE Bch of Steep Sophia SMITH of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
22 Apr 1740 Richard GAMAN Glazier of Petersfield Mary GOLDING Spin of Petersfield Steep  
13 Oct 1793 William GAMMAN Lab, Bch, 29y, Froxfield Sarah STASEY Spin, 28y of Froxfield Froxfield Bondsman:- John Stasey of Froxfield
08 Jun 1851 Robert GILMORE 27y,Bch,Lab,Froxfield Charlotte LATTER 19y,Spin,Clanfield Clanfield  by Banns See Clanfield Marrriages
01 Nov 1804 James GODDARD Lab of Priorsdean Ann SIMPSON Spin of Froxfield Priorsdean (by Banns 7-14-28Oct) Witnesses:-Thos Knight-Robert Vokes
05 Nov 1729 Thomas GOLD of Froxfield Elizabeth BROWN of East Meon Priorsdean (Colmer Church )
22 Dec 1778 Joseph GOLDRING Wheelwright, Bch, 25y Froxfield Ann HARMSWORTH of Froxfield Froxfield  
08 Oct 1785 Manuel GOODEALL Husbandman,  Bch, 18y, Froxfield Mary PINK Spin of Froxfield Froxfield Consent of his father Thomas Goodeall
10 Dec 1733 John GRAINGER Bch of Steep Jane PRIVET Spin of East Meon Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages
06 Feb 1805 James HALL Lab, Bch, 24y of Westbourne Ssx. Sarah MARSH Spin, 26y of Froxfield Froxfield  
07 Dec 1832 James HALL Bch, 21y, of Steep Anne REED Spin, 21y of Steep Steep Witnesses:- James Wallded - Elizabeth .Read
30 Jul 1789 John HALL Tanner, Bch, 21y, Steep Elizabeth BROWN Spin, 18y, Steep Steep Consent of her father James Brown of Steep. Witnesses:- James and  Mary Brown
05 Oct 1779



Farmer, Wdr, 40y,Froxfield



Spin, 26y, East Meon

East Meon  
20 Feb 1773 George HAWKINS Miller, 30y of Steep Ann RING Widow of West Meon Not Stated  
03 Jan 1775 John HAWKINS Miller, Bch, 24y, Steep Sarah BOLTON Minor of North Hayling Not Stated Consent of her father James Bolton
14 Feb 1778 Robert HAWKINS Miller, Bch, 28y, Steep Ann ASSLETT Spin, 22y, Steep Steep  
27 Jul 1784 Robert HAWKINS Miller, Bch, 30y, Steep Ann ASSLETT Spin, 24y, Steep Steep Elizb.Hawkins-Wm.Fairmaner  (married 28 July)
28 Oct 1762 Richard HEBERDEN Bch of Froxfield Ann HALE Spin of Priorsdean Priorsdean (by Banns 3-10-17Oct) Witnesses:-Thos.Gammon-Elizabeth Findon
22 Jan 1705 Thomas HEBERDEN of Steep Jane ALNETT of Steep Priorsdean  
25 May 1731 William HEBERDEN Maltster, Bch, Froxfield Jane TANNER Spin, Hinton Ampner Hinton Ampner, St Thomas or St Maurice Winchester Jane, the dau of Richard Tanner, Maltster of Hinton Ampner
26 Jul 1820 John HEDGER Yeoman, Bch, 34y, Froxfield Sarah GOLDRING Spin, 32y, Froxfield Froxfield  
18 Mar 1801 Peter HEDGER Farmer, Wdr, 54y, Froxfield Sarah SNELLING Widow, 32y of East Tisted East Tisted  
30 Jan 1805 Philip HEDGER Bch of Warblington Elizabeth PURSE Spin, 21y, Warblington Warblington Bondsman:- William Hedger of East Meon
29 Jun 1702 John HELLIER   Anne White of Froxfield Priorsdean Married St Peters Day
23 Sep 1737 John HELLIER Maltster of Froxfield Ann MERSH Spin of Froxfield Froxfield or Priors Dean  
21 Sep 1784 John HELYER of Steep Sarah BONE of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
07 Aug 1789 Richard HELYER Lab, Bch, 40y, Froxfield Lucy SMITH Spin, 21y of Steep Steep  
26 Dec 1754 Tho. HELYER of Steep Mary H------? of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
30 Jan 1782 John HOCKLY Husbandman, Bch, 23y of Hinton Ann KNIGHT Spin, 20y of Froxfield Froxfield Consent of her father William Knight
07 May 1741 John HODSON Carpenter, of Froxfield Elizabeth PANNEL of East Meon Steep  
23 Nov 1814 George HOLLAND Bch of Steep Sarah PORT Spin of Petersfield Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages H
28 Oct 1682 Arthur HOLT of Froxfield Mary MERRIAT of Priorsdean Priorsdean  
26 Dec 1754 Thos. HOLYOR Steep Mary SHOUSTER? Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
02 Nov 1805 Henry HOUGHTON Grocer,Bch,26y,Basingstoke Ann SMITHER Spin,26y,Steep Steep Bondsman:-Samuel Smither, Gent of  Steep
14 Dec 1728 Joshua HUNT Bch,22y,Headley Jane BAKER Spin of West Tisted St Thomas Winchester or West Tisted  
15 Sep 1831 Thomas JACOBS Bch,21y of Steep Ann HALL Spin,21y of Steep Steep  
27 Aug 1746 Thomas JAQUES Yeoman of Steep Mary CHAPMAN Spin of Steep Steep  
20 Nov 1751 Richard KING Blacksmith,Wdr,Froxfield Joan ASTEN Spin of Froxfield Steep  
29 May 1739 William KIVER Wheelwright,Bch,24yBramdean Rebecca TANWORTH Spin,20y,Froxfield Bramdean, Froxfield or Tichbourne  
08 Jun 1727 William KNIIGHT Yeoman of Froxfield Mary PARSONS of Froxfield Steep, Froxfield or St John in the Soke Winchester Dau of Chidiwick Parsons, Yeoman of Froxfield
30 Aug 1752 William KNIGHT Lab of Buriton Ann CHRISTMAS Spin of Privett Steep  
13 May 1725 Richard LADD Cooper of East Meon Elizabeth RANDALL Spin of Froxfield St Thomas or Trinity Winchester or Froxfield  
11  May 1799 Richard LASHAM Farmer,Bch,31y,Dummer Elizabeth ATTREED Spin,Minor,Steep Steep Consent of her father Jonas  Attreed, Husbandman of Godalming  Surrey
08 Jun 1700 Thomas LILLYWHITE Wdr,40y of Hawkley Elizabeth HEATH Widow,40y of Froxfield Froxfield or Aldershot  
15 Nov 1762 Thomas LINNARD Weaver,Bch,26y of Alton Ann TULL Spin,27y of Steep Not stated  
23 Jan 1764 John LIPSCOMB Lab,Bch,21y of Steep Mary BLACKMAN Spin,21y of East Meon East Meon  
20  Dec 1764 William LOCK Yeoman,Wdr,40y,Headbourne Worthy Elizabeth HODSON Widow,40y of Steep Not Stated  
05 Jun 1708 Joseph LONG Yeoman,Bch, Farnhurst Ssx Dorothy COLEBROOKE Spin of Steep Steep or Chawton  
22 Jul 1792 William MARINER Wdr of Froxfield Elizabeth CAWTE Spin,20y of Hawkley St Maurice or St Thomas Winchester With consent of her father William Cawte of Hawkley
06 Sep 1746 Thomas MARNAR Yeoman of Froxfield Ann SEWARD Spin of Petersfield Steep  
26 Apr 1802 John Hunt MARSH Husbandman,Bch,23y,Froxfield Jane ANDREWS Spin,22y,Froxfield Froxfield  
22  May 1786 John MAYHEW Butcher,Bch,27y,Froxfield Ann HACK Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield  
01 Dec 1711 John MEERES Maltster of Petersfield Alice COLEBROOKE Spin of Steep Steep  
20 Dec 1795 Thomas MILLS Farmer,Bch,29y,Ambersham (P/Steep) Phillis MEADS Widow,Ambersham (P/Steep) Steep  
21 Mar 1827 John MONDAY Bch,21y,New Alresford Jane REDMAN Spin,19y,Steep Steep With consent of her father John Redman.
12 Feb 1747 George MULLINS Bch,29y,Hastings Ssx. Martha SILVESTER Spin of Froxfield F,  Wolvesey or Winchester  
13 Nov 1784 Henry OSGOOD Husbandman,Bch,23y, Froxfield Sarah BROWNING Spin,23y, Easton Easton  
22 Jun 1780 James OSGOOD Lab,Bch,21y of Steep Elizabeth SMITH Spin of Steep Steep  
09 Dec 1710 William PAR of Steep Joane LILLYWHITE of Priorsdean Priorsdean  
14 Feb 1795 William PARR Bch,25y of Froxfield Frances SILVESTER Spin,25y of Froxfield Froxfield  (Mar. 16 Feb) Witnesses: StephenSteele-ThomasMorgan
13 Apr 1737 Chadwick PARSONS Husbandman,Bch, Froxfield Jane PINK Widow of Froxfield Froxfield, Medsted,Colmer  
05 Nov 1734 Erlysman PEACHY Clerk of Greatham Mary CLEMENT Mrs, of Steep Steep,Greatham or Empshott Bondsman:- John Clement, Gent of Steep
17 Jun 1768 James PENN Lab,18y,Steep(for the purpose of the marriage) Sarah WELCH 22y of Steep Not stated (consent of his  mother Martha Penn,Wid. of Steep)Bondsman:- John Sansom, Husbandman of Steep
24 Feb 1723 William PINK Yeoman,Bch,East Meon Mary EWEN Spin of Froxfield East Meon or St Michael's Winchester  
13 May 1820 John PLEDGER of Steep Charlotte LANGRISH of Sheet Petersfield (by Banns) Note:- See Petersfield Marriages P
14 Feb 1738 Thomas POAT Cooper,Bch of Havant Mary WOODMAN Spin of Steep Kingston or Portsmouth Bondsman:- Robert Woodman,Maltster of Havant
12 Jan 1826 James POCOCK 32y of Froxfield Mary Ann SMITH 21y of Steep Steep  
15 May 1725 ??? POOLE Wdr of West Meon Elizabeth TAYLOR Spin of West Meon Catherington Bondsman:- Andrew Taylor of West Meon
05 Jan 1761 John POTE of Petersfield Sarah BETTESWORTH of Steep Petersfield  Bns 21-28 Dec4 Jan .Marriage in Steep.
21 Apr 1747 Henry PULLINGER Bch of Froxfield Elizabeth BURNELL Spin of East Meon Steep  
22 Apr 1718 Thomas RANDALL Yeoman of Froxfield Olive SILVESTER of Froxfield Old Alresford,Bighton or Prior's Dean  
09 Feb 1805 Charles RAY Lab,Bch,22y,Froxfield Hannah UNDERWOOD Spin,19y,Froxfield Froxfield Consent of her Mother Sarah Hosgood, her father dead.
20 Aug 1804 James READ Bch of Steep Lydia EAMES Spin of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
25 Nov 1745 James REDMAN Farmer of Steep Mary NEWLIN Spin of Steep Steep  
04 Jan 1775 James  Jnr. REDMAN Husbandman,Bch,26y,Steep Mary ASLETT Spin,23y,Steep Steep Witnesses:-Ann and Elias Aslett -Wm. Aldridge
17 Jul  1792 John RICHARDS Cllerk/Rector,Bch,21y of Nassau Bahama Islands Mary SILVESTER Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield  
01 Feb  1773 William SAUNDERS Lab,Bch,22yRogate Sussex Jane VOLLER Spin,22y,Steep Not Stated  
25 May 1720 Richard SEALE Yeoman of Steep Elizabeth HARWOOD Spin of East Meon Soberton,Droxford or E Bondsman:- William Harwood of East Meon
08 Apr 1737 Richard SEALE of West Meon Winchester Sarah BURT Spin,30y,West Meon Winchester Steep, East or West Meon  
24 Sep 1791 Thomas SHEPHERD Mealman,Bch,21y,Portsea Mary TURVELL Spin,21y,Steep East Meon or Steep  
10 Nov 1823 Hugh SHOELL Bch of East Meon Elizabeth MORGAN of East Meon East Meon  
24 Oct 1778 James SHOELL Woolcomber,Bch,21y,Petersfield Mary MAYHEW Spin,21y,Froxfield Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages S
27 Oct 1791 George SILVESTER Bch,21y of Buriton Sarah PARR Spin,21y of Froxfield Froxfield (Marriage 24 Oct) Witnesses:-M. Harmsworth - John Gale
29 Oct 1778 Henry SILVESTER Gent,Bch,28y,Steep Ann EAMES Spin,23y of Steep Steep (Marriage 29 Oct) Witnesses:-Mary Silvester - Abrm.Peirson
31 Dec 1783 Henry SILVESTER Wdr,30y,Oxenbourne (P/East Meon) Dinah PURVILLE Widow,22y,Steep Steep  
11 Jun 1798 John SILVESTER Yeoman,Bch,21y,Froxfield Jane DEDMAN Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield Bondsman:- Thomas Dedman, Mercer of Petersfield
18 Sep 1718 Richard SILVESTER Yeoman,Bch,Froxfield Margaret DOWLING Spin,21y,Cheriton Cheriton or Kilmeston Bondsman:- Thomas Dowling, Butcher of Cheriton
02 Dec 1703 Thomas SILVESTER   Bridget HELLIER of Froxfield Priorsdean  
03 Dec 1787 William SILVESTER Gent,Bch,23y,Froxfield Mary THORPE Spin,22y,Froxfield Froxfield  
02 Oct 1805 John SIMPSON Lab of Priorsdean Lucy PINK Spin of Froxfield Priorsdean (by Lic) Witnesses:-Dan'l Aburrow-Robert Vokes
29 Jun 1750 Richard SMITH Farmer of Cheriton Hannah SPENCER Spin of Cheriton Steep Bondsman:-John Spencer, Farmer of Cheriton
29 Sep 1830 Steph. SMITH Bch,21y+,East Meon Maria BUSS Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield  
09 Apr 1799 Robert STACY of Froxfield Ann WATTS of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
07 May 1822 Richard STRUDWICK Bch of Steep Phebe HOLLAND Spin of Petersfield Petersfield by Banns  
09 Oct 1754 James SOUTER Maltster of Froxfield Jane DURMAN Widow of Terwick Terwick(by Banns 2-16-30 June) Witnesses:- William Chase - Richard Pannell.
14 Mar 1778 John SOUTER Lab,Bch,21y,Buriton Hannah WINDIBANK Spin,Minor,Froxfield Froxfield  (Marriage 15Mar) With consent of her father William Windibank of Froxfield.  Witnesses:-Richard Silvester  -William Lillywhite
02 Mar 1832 John SOUTER Bch,21y,Rogate Sussex Elizabeth CROCKFORD Widow,21y of Froxfield Froxfield  
28 Feb 1741 Thomas SOUTHEN of Hockley Sarah BRIDGER Widow of Hockley Steep  
29 Mar 1769 John SPENCER Shoemaker,Bch,21y,Hawkley Hannah CARTER Spin,19y,Frosfield   With consent of her father John Carter , Farmer of Oakshott
03 Oct 1731 Luke SPRATT Husbandman of Froxfield Sarah MATTHEWS Spin of West Tisted Empshott, West Tisted or Froxfield  
30 Oct 1792 Thomas STACEY Blacksmith,Bch,25y,East Meon Jane TANNER Spin,23y,Froxfield Froxfield  
21 Oct 1793 Stephen STEELE Yeoman,Bch,23y,East Meon Mary PARR Spin,22y,Froxfield Froxfield  
07 May 1782 John STILLWELL Husbandman,Bch,22y,Bramshott Ann KINSHOTT Spin,21y,Steep Steep  
07 May 1822 Richard STRUDWICK Bch of Steep Phebe HOLLAND Spin of Petersfield Petersfield Note:- See Petersfield Marriages S
09 Jul 1732 Robert TAGG Husbandman,Bch of Steep Anne GALE Spin of Langrish Bramdean, Cheriton or Hinton Ampner  
21 Oct 1717 James Tallman Lab of Rogate, Ssx Sarah Banks of Steep East Meon  
31 May1766 Richard TANNER Carpenter,Bch,29y,Froxfield Hannah MAYHEW Widow,40y,Selbourne Froxfield Marriage 3 Jun
30 Nov 1816 John THARP Yeoman,Wdr,38y,Froxfield Mary REED Spin,32y,Froxfield Froxfield Bondsman: William  Tharp, Yeoman of Preston Candover
09 Nov 1822 William THORP Bch,of Froxfield, Mary PILE Spin of West Meon West Meon Son of William/Eliza Thorp,Bap 24 July 1795 Preston Candover. ,Dau of John/Mary  Pile, Bap 29 May 1799 West Meon
05 Feb 1803 William THORPE Farmer,Bch,23y,Preston Candover Martha SILVESTER Spin,23y of Froxfield Froxfield  
29 Sep 1743 John TILBURY Lab of Steep Penelope ASLET Spin of Steep Steep  
12 Apr 1814 Richard TRIBE Blacksmith,Wdr,36y,Tillington Sussex Elizabeth NEWITT Spin,21y,Froxfield Froxfield  
03 May 1746 William TULL Bch,Sheet P of Petersfield Lucy FARRING Spin of Steep Not Stated  
16 May 1675 Thomas TURKORKE of Froxfield Susan KENT of Buriton Priorsdean  
11 Aug 1785 Joseph UNDERWOOD Yeoman,Bch,27y,Steep Elizabeth ASLATT Spin,23y,Steep Steep  
22 Oct 1792 Richard VEAL Farmer,Bch,21y,Steep Ann HECKLEY Spin,21y,Hound Hound Bondsman: Richard  Hickley (sic) Farmer of Hound
18 Feb 1790 Francis VOLLER Lab,Bch,21y,Steep Sarah MILLS Widow,26y,Steep Steep  
17 Oct 1749 Edward WAKE of Selbourne Mary KNIGHT of Froxfield Steep, Old or New Alresford  
043Jan 1823 Thomas WALLER Bch,Liss. Son of William and Sarah.Bapt. Rogate Ssx 26 Jan 1777 Elizabeth Paine RING Spin,Sheet. Dau of John and Elizabeth, B&Bapt. 21 Mar 1791 Steep Petersfield  
31 May 1742 Samuel WARD Lab of Binsted Mary MACKNAIL Spin ,FarnhamSurrey Steep  
22 Apr 1802 Isaac WEST Tailor,Bch,25y,Petersfield Fances STRUDWICK Spin,25y,Steep Steep  
05 Sep 1732 John WILKS of Titchfield Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH of Froxfield Chalton See Chalton Marriages
15 Apr 1711 William WILLMOT of Petersfield Ann SUCCOT of Froxfield Not Stated  
11 Aug 1803 John WINDEBANK Gardener,Bch,28y,Froxfield Amelia ALLEN Spin,24y,Froxfield Froxfield  
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