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Petersfield is an ancient country town nestling at the western end of the Weald in an area of outstanding beauty. Formerly a coaching centre on the main Portsmouth to London Route, the town still has easy access to all main routes. Originally built around two squares - The Square and the The Spain. Petersfield still retains splendid buildings of all ages.



Penns Farm where my grandfather (Herbert) George POWELL  was born, was/is part of Sheet which is part of Petersfield in Hampshire. The pictures present Penns Farm as Penns Place which houses the East Hampshire District Council Offices. The fate that befell Penns Farm in  1970 was from a chicken farm to a computer centre and administrative offices for an Insurance Co. and as it was then, had been in existance back to the 14th Century and indeed the farmhouse which is not only over 200 years old but is said to be haunted by one of the previous owners. East Hampshire District Council acquired the property a few years later.

If you follow the next link, it will take you to some former tradesmen and apprentices of this town.

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