Petersfield Marriage Strays


Petersfield people who married outside their own Parish

Sorted by Grooms

Date Lic.Issue G Name SURNAME Notes B Names SURNAMES Notes Place Miscellaneous
13 Feb 1786 James ALBERY Maltster, Bch, 30y Petersfield Elizabeth FORSTER Spin, 21y, Clanfield Clanfield  
07 Apr 1702 Titus ALLEN Carpenter, Bch, Petersfield Joan SMITH Spin, Alton Basingstoke  
21 Jun 1720 James ANDREWS Butcher, Bch, Petersfield Jane BRADLEY Spin, Petersfield Froxfield or Hinton Ampner  
21 Apr 1700 Thomas ANDREWS of Petersfield Jane BAKER of Langrish (P of East Meon) Priorsdean  
19 Jan 1739 Thomas ANDREWS Bch, of Petersfield Letitia CROWE Spin, of Petersfield Steep  
07 Nov 1708 William ANDREWS Gent, Bch of Petersfield Elizabeth HEBERDEN Spin of E. Lavant East Lavant Ssx (by Lic) Sponsors:-W.A.-William Castle Innkeeper/Chichester-Jn Doe-Rich Doe
22 Jul 1724 Nicholas AUSTIN Blacksmith, Wdr, Petersfield Elizabeth LAMBERT Spin, Petersfield Petersfield or St.Thomas Winchester  
23 Dec 1869 James AYLING Saddler, Bch, Petersfield. Father: James Ayling, Lab Annie CLARE Spin, Boxgrove, Fa::-William Clare, Lab Boxgrove Ssx. (by Banns) Witnesses:- Thomas and CarolineAyling
01 Feb 1808 William AYLWARD of Petersfield Ann WISDOM of Warblington Warblington Hants (by Banns) Witnesses:- William Voke-Jno Bothrell
09 Aug 1860 Thomas BAKER Full,Bch,Butcher,Petersfield,Fa:Thomas Jane THORP Full,Spin,Rogate,,Fa:-William Rogate Ssx  (by Lic) Witnesses:-William Martin -Louisa Thorp
25 Nov 1714 William BAKER of East Meon Martha BAKER of Petersfield Priorsdean  
27 Jan 1742 William BAMPTON Blacksmith of Portsea Margaret SEAL Widow of Petersfield Steep  
15 Jun 1751 John BANKS Carpenter, of Sheet, Petersfield Parish Mary CARUSS Spin of Sheet Lyss or Greatham  
04 Aug 1726 John BArnard Yeoman,Bch,Petersfield Mary Salter Spin of Blendworth East Meon  
06 Apr 1761 Richd BArnard Petersfield Elizabeth WILLMOTT East Meon East MeonBns(22-29Mar5 Apr)  
31 Oct 1710 William BARNARD Gent,Wdr of Petersfield Anne AYLING Spin,of Iping Terwick (by Lic 27th Oct) Sponsors:-Jn.March,Yeoman/P'field-Robert Randoll,druggist of Chichester
21  Jul 1744 John BATT Hatmaker of Petersfield Betty KNIGHT Spin of Petersfield Steep  
30 Jun 1727 Jerome BEALE Bch, Petersfield Mary STONE Spin of Petersfield Petersfield, The Cathedral or St Michaels Winchester  
29 Jan 1823 Richard BEALE Miller, Bch, Frensham Sry. Susannah KNIGHT Spin of Headley Headley. He son of Thomas & Ann Beal (sic) Bap 24 Feb 1797 at Petersfield..  She dau of Richard & Sarah Knight Bapt 27 Mar 1800 at Headley. (Bondsman:- Richard Knight  a Miller of Headley)
08 Feb 1723 Richard BELCHAMBER Gent,Bch, of Chichester Elizabeth COBDEN Widow of Petersfield/Slindon East Lavant Ssx (by Lic (6th Feb) Sponsor:- R.B-John Doe (Slindon)
10 Nov 1763 George BENNETT Horse Courser, Bch, 30y, St Bartholomew Hyde Winchester Elizabeth BEVIS Spin , 24y, Petersfield Not Stated Couldn't be found in Petersfield Registers, but most entries are unreadable, so it could be there.
22 Jul 1729 William BETSWORTH Maltster, Bch, Petersfield Mary LUFFE Spin, Petersfield St.Thomas, St.Lawrence or The Cathedral Winchester  
13 Oct 1867 William BONIFACE 23y,Bch,Lab,Rogate,Fa:-George Elizabeth RYDER 21y,Bch,Spin,Petersfield,Fa:Thomas Rogate Ssx Witnesses:- John and Emily Ayling
07 Oct 1762 Thomas BOOKER Maltster,Bch,29y,Petersfield Ann HEBERDEN Spin,22y, East Lavant East Lavant (by Lic) Sponsors:- TB- Phillip Humphrey Barber of Chichester
15 Apr 1742 John BRADLY Tallow Chandler, Bch, 28y, Petersfield Mary BRADLY Spin, 21y, New Alresford New Alresford,  Petersfield or Preston Candover Not found Petersfield
13 Feb 1715 Thomas BRADLY Petersfield Mary SCOTT Petersfield Not Stated Not found Petersfield or Buriton
24 Jul 1782 William BRADLY Yeoman, Bch, 27y, Petersfield Mary TARRANT Spin, 21y, Steep Steep  
28 Jun 1715 Thomas BRETT of Petersfield Barbara WORMELL of Rogate Terwick  
11 Mar 1848 Noah BRIGHTWELL Full,Bch,Whitesmith,Petersfield Marina MORNER Full,Spin,Rowlands Castle Idsworth by Banns  
07 Sep 1716 William BROCKETT Mariner, Bch, of HMS Cruiser at Spithead Elizabeth BAKER Spin, ofMincing Lane London, now of Petersfield Not Stated Not found Petersfield
22 Aug 1805 Charles BROWN Bch, 21y, Petersfield Lucy HOPWOOD Spin, 21y, Havant Havant  
10 Feb 1740 David BROWN Husbandman of Weston Ann VICKERY Spin of Odiham Odiham  
02 Jan 1802 William BUNTING Linen Draper, Bch, 21y, Petersfield Jane Hannah SWINEY Widow of Portsea Portsea  
28 Mar 1741 Edward BURCH Tailor, Bch, 27y, Petersfield Jane HALL Spin, 26y, Petersfield Petersfield or Greatham Couldn't be found in Petersfield Registers, but most entries are almost unreadable.
13 Aug 1801 James CARTER Coachman,Wdr, Portsea Ann MENETT Spin,21y,Catherington Portsea Bondsman:- James Carter Snr. Yeoman of Weston, Nr Petersfield
06 Jun 1804 James CARTER Coachman,Wdr,Godalming Surrey Sarah FLOOD Widow of Portsea Portsea Bondsman:- James Carter Snr. Yeoman of Weston, Nr Petersfield
11 Apr 1713 Peter CHAPMAN Cordwainer, Bch,23y, Petersfield Elizabeth CLEERE Spin, 23y, Headley Headley, Greatham or Bramshott  
11 Oct 1753 Thomas CLEMENT Gent, of Steep Martha BLUNT Spin of Petersfield Steep Bondsman:- Thomas Blunt, Mealman of Petersfield
27 Jul 1720 Edward COBDEN Yeoman, Bch, West Dean Ssx. Elizabeth BARNET Spin of Petersfield Privett  30 Jul Not found Petersfield
06 Dec 1797 James COOK Yeoman, Bch 21y of Petersfield Ann WHITE Spin, 21y of Portsea Portsea  
12 Jul 1691 John CORPE Bch, 28y of Petersfield Amy BULBECK Spin, 18y Newton, East Meon or Lyss Consent of her father Thomas Bulbeck of East Meon
18 Sep 1733 William COX Bch of Petersfield Elizabeth CHILDS Widow of Petersfield Petersfield Original record is illegible, unable to verify
11 Apr 1854 Ezekiel DARLING Full,Bch,Bootmaker,Petersfield,Fa Ann PETTER Full,Spin,Rogate,Fa:-Thomas Rogate Ssx. (by Banns) Witnesses:-Thomas and Mary Petter
19 Nov 1790 David DOWLING Butcher of Petersfield Ann MILLS Spin of Petersfield Not Stated Marriage not found in  Petersfield Register
07 Apr 1731 Samuel DRAPER Lab, Bch of Petersfield Anne SOANE Spin of West Meon West Meon or Winnall  
09 Dec 1717 John DREWRY Gent, Bch of Winchester Anne SCARVELL Spin, 22y of Petersfield Not Stated Writing very faint Petersfield I think I can see the names but not real sure. There is a John & Ann but surnames unreadable
23 Nov 1823 George Burass DURANT Gent, Bch, 21y of Petersfield Sarah WAKEFORD Spin, 21y of Warblington Warblington  (by Lic:  5th Nov Witnesses:- Booker Miller-Mary Wakeford
01 Oct 1804 Richard EAMES Watchmaker, Bch, 21y, Petersfield Lydia GERMAN Spin, 21y of All Saints S'hampton All Saints S'hampton  
16 Apr 1708 William EAMES Lab of Petersfield Elizabeth TUPPER Spin of Compton Ssx Chalton Not found in Petersfield  Registers
17 Apr 1737 William EAMES Tailor of Petersfield Elizabeth DRAPER of Farnham Sry Empshott  
07 Feb 1703 John EDWARDS Wdr of Petersfield Anne LUCAS Widow Portsea  
22 Aug 1824 John Probert EVANS Draper, Bch, 21y, Petersfield Maria EWAKER  (Sic) Spin, 21y, Havant Havant  
17 May 1714 Samuel FIGGATT Gent of Portsmouth Ann MARKEWICK Spin of Petersfield Not Stated Couldn't be found in Petersfield Registers, but most entries are illegible.
15 Oct 1773 John FISHER Tanner, Bch, 20y of Sheet Mary JOLLIFFE Spin, 21y of Steep Not Stated  
02 Oct 1710 Thomas FOSTER   Eliz SMITH of Petersfield Terwick Ssx.  
22 Apr 1740 Richard GAMON Glazier of Petersfield Mary GOLDING Spin of Petersfield Steep  
15 Sep 1760 Philip GIBSON Bch of Petersfield Mary RUSSEL Spin of Rogate Rogate Ssx Wits:- Richard Pannell - Mary Mills
12 Nov 1832 William GODARD Wdr of Petersfield Elizabeth COLE Widow of Alverstoke Alverstoke  
28 Oct 1738 James GODWIN Lab of Ropley Alice JENKINS Spin of Petersfield Steep  
27 Nov 1742 John GREENTREE Tailor. Bch, 27y, Petersfield Mary STONE Spin, 23y,  Petersfield Petersfield or Steep Not found in Petersfield Registers
01 Feb 1744 Peter GRIFFIN Lab of Petersfield Ann YOUNG Spin of Petersfield Not Stated Not found in Petersfield Registers
27 Jan 1742 William HAMPTON Blacksmith of Portsea Margaret SEAL Widow of Petersfield Steep  
21 Nov 1820 James HANKIN Bch of Petersfield Ann LONG Spin of Rogate Rogate Ssx.  (by Lic) Witnesses:- Mary Souter - Benjm.Long
26 Nov 1706 Nicholas HALL Servant of Petersfield Elizabeth HEYWARD of Petersfield Terwick Ssx.  
09 Apr 1790 William HALL Blacksmith, 21y, Harting Ssx Sarah INWOOD Spin, 21y of Lyss Lyss  
01 Sep 1729 Edward HEBERDEN Maltster of Catherington Anne LUFFE Spin of Petersfield Catherington or The Cathedral  
22 Jul 1731 John HEBERDEN Grazier, Bch,  Petersfield Anne WHITE Spin of Bentworth Petersfield, Bentworth or Trinity Winchester  
19  Jun 1826 Comthwaite HECTOR 21y of Petersfield Elizabeth BUDD Spin, 21y, Alverstoke Alverstoke  
26 Oct 1747 William HEMANS Gent of Godalming Sry Mary SADLER Spin of Petersfield Petersfield, Steep or Buriton  
13 Jul 1717 Thomas HEWIT Husbandman Eleanor CHILDS   Holy Trinity Gosport  
04 Feb 1732 John HIGGENS Gent of Petersfield Sarah PRIOR Spin of Petersfield Newton Valance or Petersfield  
06 Dec 1743 James HOBBS Bch, 22y, Petersfield Elizabeth MEERS Spin, 29y of Buriton Not Stated  
06 Aug 1711 John HOGBEN Bch of Portsmouth Anne CORPS Spin of Petersfield Chalton  
12 May 1742 Isaac HORLEY Staymaker of Petersfield Ann CLEAR Spin of Petersfield Steep  
23 Jan 1757 John JAMES Excise Officer,Bch,22y,Petersfield Mary LORD Spin,21y,Petersfield    
02 Aug 1729 William JOHNSON Maltster of Petersfield Margaret KING Spin of Petersfield Petersfield, Trinity or St Thomas Winchester Note:- Not found in Petersfield Register
13 Feb 1730 William KELSEY Miller,Bch,Petersfield Mary NUTCHER Spin of Petersfield Petersfield or The Cathedral Note:- Not found in Petersfield Register
11 Jun 1830 Hy. LACY Banker of Petersfield Helen FULLECK Spin,21y,Bramshott Bramshott  
10 Feb 1742 Robert LANGRIDGE Husbandman Jane HEAD Spin of Petersfield Steep  
18 Dec 1758 Thomas LEAF Husbandman,Bch,30y,Petersfield Mary HOBBS Spin,30y,West Tisted Not stated Note:- Not found in Petersfield Register
29 Aug 1789 Charles LEY Land Surveyor,Wdr,30y,St Thomas Winchester Ann KENT Spin,21y,Petersfield St Thomas  
18  Feb 1731 John LIPSCOMBE Maltster of Petersfield Elizabeth POWELL Spin of Buriton Buriton  
25 Jun 1727 Thomas LIPSCOMB of  (?)  Petersfield Mary FOSSILL   Buriton  
14 Oct 1861 Frederick LOUCH LetterCarrier,full,Bch,Petersfield.Fa:-William,Shoemaker Georgina SCOTT Spin,full,Terwick.Fa: Richard, Gardener Terwick (by Banns) Witnesses:-William Luff-Alice Louch.
06 Sep 1746 Thomas MARNAR Yeoman of Froxfield Ann SEWARD Spin of Petersfield Steep  
02 Apr 1752 William MARRINER Yeoman of Petersfield Mary HABIN Spin of Petersfield Bentley,Alton or Steep  
05 Oct 1872 Charles MARSHALL 47y,Wdr,Woodman,Rogate,Fa:John Elizabeth STEMINGS 53y,Widow,Petersfield,Fa:- William Budd Rogate Ssx Witnesses:- Robert and Sarah Pay
15 Sep 1753 James MEERES Bch of Petersfield Sarah KELSEY Spin of Petersfield Catherington or Kingsley  
01 Dec 1711 John MEERES Maltster of Petersfield Alice COLEBROOKE Spin of Steep Steep  

26 Sep 1803



Gent,Bch,48y, Petersfield



Spin 37y of Buriton

09 Aug 1860 George MONEY Sawyer,Bch,31y,Petersfield Hannah COLES Spin,29y,Clanfield Clanfield Note:-  See  Clanfield  Marriages
06 Sep 1795 John NASH Butcher,Bch,35y,Petersfield Susan HARRISON Spin,25y of Lyss Lyss  
24 Dec 1793 William NEWLAND Wdr, 40y, Lyss Mary PERYER Widow, 35y, Petersfield Petersfield Marriage not found in Petersfield Register
28 Oct 1809 Samuel NEWMAN Exciseman,Bch,21y,Petersfield Ann WESTCOTT Spin,21y,Andover Andover  
23 Jun 1736 Joseph NORRIS Ostler of Petersfield Sarah PARSONS Widow of Petersfield Basingstoke  
10 Dec 1832 Owen OUTRIDGE Bch,21y of Petersfield Ann MORRANT Spin,21y,St Maurice Winchester St Maurice Winchester  
26 Dec 1760 Edward PADWICK Bch,27y of Wymering Martha PATRICK Spin,17y of Chalton Not Stated With consent of her father Joseph Patrick Carpenter of Petersfield
30 Jan 1749 Thomas PALMER Bricklayer,Bch of Petersfield Hannah COLLYER Widow of Singleton Weststoke Ssx (27th Jan) Sponsor:-Wm.Darlow, Mason of Chichester
01 Oct 1801 Charles PARKER Plumber,Bch,21y,Portsea (Late of Petersfield) Ann SMITHERS Spin,21y of Petersfield Portsea  
26 Jul 1825 John PARR 48y of Privett Mary HEATHER 44y of Petersfield Privett  
31May1812 Henry PEARSON LinenDraper,Bch,21y, Petersfield Mary STAINES Spin,21y,Portsea Portsea  
13 Dec 1793 John PERYER Bch of Petersfield Maria SILVESTER of Priorsdean. Fourth dau of Fras. Richd.Silvester of Fro---? Priorsdean (by Lic) Witnesses:-Wm.Matthew-Ann Silvester-Hugh Duncan
07 Sep 1805 Henry PESCOD Bch of Petersfield Mary WARNER Spin of New Alresford New Alresford  
14 Feb 1817 William PESKETT Surgeon,Bch,21y,Petersfield Sarah FITT Spin,21y of Littleton Littleton Bondsman:- Jacob Fitt, Yeoman of Littleton.
11 Aug 1802 John PITMAN Cabinet Maker,Bch,21y, Portsea Elizabeth BOXALL Spin,21y,Petersfield Portsea  
13 Jan 1799 John POULSON Wdr of Petersfield Sarah POLLINGTON Spin,21y of Havant Havant  
01 Jan 1724 James POWELL Husbandman,Bch,Droxford Elizabeth AYLES Spin of Petersfield Petersfield, St Maurice or St Thomas Winchester  
14 Jul 1788 James POYNTER of Warblington Susannah WATTS 21y of Warblington Warblington Bondsman:- John Poynter of Petersfield
24 Jun 1761 John POYNTER Coachmaker,Bch,28y,Petersfield Mary JODD Sin,28y,Warblington Not Stated Marriage not found in Petersfield Register
15 Mar 1823 John PRATT Lab,Boarhunt, Mary Ann CLEVERLEY Spin,Minor of Kings Sombourne  Kings Sombourne Son of Edward & Martha Pratt,bapt 20 Mar 1790 Petersfield. Consent of her father Thomas Cleverley a Lab of Nether Wallop
04 Dec 1753 Isaac REEVES Lab,Bch of Chalton Mary GARD Spin of Petersfield Steep  
27 Jun 1720 James REEVES Gent,Bch of Petersfield Anne STONE Spin of Basingstoke St Bartholomew Hyde Winchester  
07 Mar 1708 John REEVES Collarmaker,Bch,Petersfield Amy CORPS Widow of Petersfield St Maurice Winchester  
09 Oct 1720 William REEVES Gent of Petersfield Anne KNIGHT   Portsea or Portsmouth Bondsman:-Edward Knight of Lyss
04 Dec 1708 William REFFOLD Pattern Maker of Godalming Surrey Anne DAVIES Spin of Petersfield Steep  
2? Oct 1762 Thomas RICHARDSON Gent,Bch,27y of 97th Regt of Foot Portsmouth Rose CLARK Spin,18y,Portsmouth St Thomas Portsmouth Consent of her father George Clark, Gent of Petersfield.
05 Jul 1790 John RING of Sheet Elizabeth PAYNE of Rogate Rogate Ssx   (by  Lic) Wits:-John and Betsy Mellersh - Sarah/Ann Payne
15 Sep 1802 John ROBINS of the 4th or Kings own Regt of Foot,Bch, 21y Ann COLLINS Spin, 21y, of Petersfield Portsea  
01 Jan 1710 Richard ROFFE of Petersfield Catherine BOGATT Spin of Harting Sussex Chalton  
12 Jun 1800 George SCOTT Gent,Bch,21y,Portsea Susannah NEWMAN Spin,21y of Petersfield Portsea  
06 Apr 1770 William SCRUTTON Sackmaker,Bch,22y,Petersfield Mary LOCK Spin,23y,East Meon East Meon  
01 Sep 1715 John SMITH Collarmaker,Bch,Petersfield Elizabeth NEWELL Spin of Alton St Maurice Winchester  
17 Oct 1809 Richard SMITH Bch of Petersfield Sarah PUTMAN Spin of Rogate Rogate (By  Lic) Witnesses:-Edw. Rit---? - Thomas Putman
17 Sep 1853 William SMITH Full,Bch,Lab,Rogate,Fa:-Thomas Charlotte HILL Full,Spin,Petersfield,Fa:-William Rogate Ssx:- (by Banns) Witnesses:-Benjamin and Eliza  Bromham
29 Apr 1850 Henry STENT Full,Bch,Petersfield Frances Elizabeth BOYES Full,Spin Idsworth Idsworth,  
25 Oct 1742 Stephen STREET Butcher of Petersfield Ann HILL Spin of Petersfield Steep  
20 Jul 1715 William SUTTON Maltster of Hambledon Frances BAKER of Petersfield Hambledon  
14 Jan 1764 Thomas SWAN Bch,21y,Petersfield Anne SMITH Spin,21y,Hambledon Hambledon  
01 Aug 1789 Richard SYKES of Petersfield Mary LEGART widow of Kennington Sry. Northwood Isle of Wight (by Lic)  
21 Oct 1702 William TERRY of Liss Anne HALL of Sheet Portsmouth  
31 Jul 1770 Charles TILBURY Cooper,Bch,22y,Petersfield Lydia SMITH Spin,21y,Cheriton Cheriton Marriage 1 Aug
12 Apr 1803 Thomas TIPPER Chaise Driver,Bch,22y,Petersfield Mary LASSAM Spin,22y,Bramshott Bramshott  
15 Apr 1742 Daniel TRIBE Watchmaker,Bch,25y,Petersfield Elizabeth GOLDSMITH Spin, 20y,Petersfield Lyss or Greatham  
18 Oct 1723 William TULL Husbandman,Bch,Petersfield Elizabeth LOVEL Spin of Petersfield Froyle,Petersfield or Buriton  
03 May 1746 William TULL Bch,Sheet P of Petersfield Lucy FARRING Spin of Steep Not Stated  
10 Sep 1814 Thomas WALLER Currier,Bch,21y,Petersfield Mary WARE Spin,21y,Warblington Warblington    (Lic:-  3 Sep) Witnesses:- Mary Waller - James Collins
06 Aug 1750 Thomas WAYNE Gent,Bch,23y,Petersfield Barbara Anne GRAHAM Spin,25y,Petersfield Alton,Chalton or Chawton  
28 May 1726 Thomas WEBB Goldsmith, Winchester Mary BELCHAMBER Spin, Petersfield Catherington or Blendworth Bondsman: William Webb of Winchester
22 Apr 1802 Isaac WEST Tailor,Bch,25y,Petersfield Fances STRUDWICK Spin,25y,Steep Steep  
13 Feb 1757 John WEST Glazier/Plumber, Bch 23y, Petersfield Judith PEACY Spin, 26y Petersfield Petersfield  

07 Oct 1711






of Petersfield

Buriton Note:- See Buriton Marriages
13 Aug 1742 William WHEELER of Petersfield Catherine KNIGHT Privett Not Stated There is an entry on IGI for this marriage dated 13 Aug 1737 Froxfield
20 Feb 1714 William Wilkins Carpenter of Petersfield Susannah Tribe Widow of Petersfield East Meon  Note:- See East Meon Marriages
02 Jun 1709 Richard WILMOT of Petersfield Ann DIGGENS of Petersfield Sth Stoke Ssx  
15 Apr 1711 William WILLMOT of Petersfield Ann SUCCOT of Froxfield Not Stated  
30 Sep 1708 Henry WOOLDRIDGE of Petersfield Mary SHARP of Petersfield Terwick Ssx.  
18 May 1797 John WYER Yeoman,Bch,21y,Petersfield Jane MASON Widow of Portsea Portsea  
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