Will of Henry Hall c1710


Will of Henry HALL  1710C - 1764  of Harting Sussex


In the name of God Amen, I, HENRY HALL of the Parish of Sth Harting in the County of Sussex , Innholder being in good Health and of  Sound perfect mind, memory and understanding do make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, (that is to say ) First and Principally  I commend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God believing resurrection of sure and everlasting Life thro the Merits of Jesus Christ My Lord, and only Savior, my body commit to the earth to be decently buried, at the direction of my executor hereinafter named. And as to such Worldly Estate wherewith it hathed pleased God to bless me with. I give and dispose thereof as followeth (that is to say) First I give and Devise my ????? Dwellinghouse with the Stable Garden and appurtenances thereto belonging which I lately  purchased of  THOMAS STANDIFIELD being the house I now live in, known by the name of  The Ship Inn , in Sth Harting in the County of Sussex. Aforesaid unto my loving wife ELINOR HALL for and during her natural life and after her decease unto my two daughters, MARY HALL , and ELIZABETH HALL, equally to be divided between them then Share and Share alike. Also all my Household Goods and All the Rest and Residue of my Estate both Real and Personal after my Debts and Funeral Expenses are Paid and Discharged, I Devise and Bequeath unto my loving Wife ELINOR HALL for and during her natural life and After her Decease, I give Devise and Bequeath my said Household Goods and Real and personal Estate unto my said two daughters MARY HALL and ELIZABETH HALL , equally to be divided between them Share and Share alike, provided nevertheless and my Will and meaning ? to that in case it should so happen that my said Loving Wife ELINOR HALL shall after my decease should marry again a second Husband that then and in such case every clause and Article tending to her Benefit in this my last will during her natural Life shall utterly? Determine and Cease on the Day of such Marriage and the said House with the  Stable Garden and Appurtenances together with my Real and Personal Estate shall descend immediately to my two daughters MARY HALL and ELIZABETH HALL, equally Share and Share alike and to their heirs and assigns for ever in like manner and tho she, my Wife ELINOR HALL had actually deceased . And also I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Son JOHN HALL, One Giniue to be due and payable at the time of my decease. Also I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Son NICHOLAS HALL, One Ginuie to be paid him at my decease. And I do hereby Nominate and Appoint my said Loving Son JOHN HALL, sole executor in Trust? of this, my Last Will and Testament giving him by this, my Will , Full Power and Authority to Morguage the said House and Appurtenances in order to pay my Debts and Funeral Expenses, if it should so happen at the time of my decease there should not be the Money and Affects ????. Sufficient to pay it but not Otherwise nor for more than is Sufficient for so doing. In Witness whereof The said HENRY HALL, the testator have to this my last Will and Testament , set my hand and seal this Twenty Second day of November One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Eight.

The Mark                                            of   HENRY HALL.

Signed, Sealed Published and Declared by the said HENRY HALL the Testator, to be his Last Will and Testament who in his Presence and at his request have Subscribed our names as Witnesses hereunto.                      J. EXALL
The Mark                  of ROBT. LYDE  and ELIZABETH LYDE

This Will was proved before Mr Robert Sandham Clerk Master of Arts Surrogate on the Eleventh day of June in the Year of our Lord 1764. By the oath of JOHN HALL, natural and lawful Son of the Deceased and the Sole Executor named in this Will To whom and well and truly Sworn Saving.

On the 24 April 1784, the premises were transferred by WILLIAM WHITE,   MARY WHITE  his wife, THOMAS TULLITT and ELIZABETH TULLITT, his wife, (These two ladies being being the daughters and Devisees, named in the last will of  HENRY HALL, late of the Parish of Harting described as Innholders) to EDWARD PATRICK of Petersfield.

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