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New pages added by Bob Burnham

Pemaquid, Maine

Information is being gathered from people with Burnhams
in their family lines and will be posted here as it is received.

Burnham researchers can now post their queries and have others answer the queries. Obituaries, Wills, Pensions, Biographies, Bible Records can also be posted or search the GenConnect system for other Burnham postings.


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This site will soon have it's own search engine.

Some of the things we hope to accomplish and add to in the future....

More Links to web pages with information about Burnham families
and people. This is always under construction.   Submissions welcomed.

Surname databases on the Web that can be searched.  Submit your favorites.

Resources for searching the Burnham Surname.

Volunteer Lookup list.  If you have a favorite or are willing to do
LOOKUPS it would be appreciated by all.

Databases always under construction

Great new pages at RootsWeb to help BURNHAM researchers. This site includes search engines to find all Burnhams that have been entered on RootsWeb. One search engine alone turned 768 hits.

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