Connecticut Marriages

Jonathan Burnham  was married to Mary Chester   of Wethersfield, Conn., January 1, 1718.
Nathaniel Burnham  was married to Mehitabel  Chester  of Wethersfield, Conn., May 1, 1714.

Hezekiah Marsh,  born March  2, 1763. married Sarah Burnham, 1790 daughter of Asahel Burnham, of Hartford                           
He died May 4, 1819, aged 56. She died August 7, 1849, aged 82.

Stephen Webster  born January 1, 1693.  Married Mary Burnham, of Hartford, June 6, 1717, who after his death,                   married Ebenezer Merrill, of Hartford,  April 9, 1730. He, Stephen Webster, died in 1724.

CAPT. JOSIAH  Burnham  of Kensington, m. 14 Apr. 1763, Mrs. Mary Smith [n‚e Hill] widow of Merritt Smith            [Fairfield Church] Fairfield Co.

Burnham, Adonijah  married  Abigail Fuller    Jan 9, 1800    Windham Co. Windham, CT.
Burnham, Achsah  married  Ashley James    Jan 18, 1816     Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Alfred  married  Lois Fuller    
March 18, 1827 Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Andrew  married  Jane Bennet 
May 11, 1757   Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Daniel  married  Susannah Burnham
November 16, 1753  Hartford, CT.
Burnham, Dorothy   married  Eliphas Parish   Nov 1, 1770     Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Dorothy  married  William Webb  Oct 16, 1750     Windham, Windham, CT
Burnham, Easter  married  Lemuel Pettingill  Jan. 26, 1758       Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Ebenezer, Jr. married  Sibbell Greenslitt  Jan 29, 1771      Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Eunice   married   Andrew Fuller 
Jan 18, 1770    Windham Co. Windham, CT 
Burnham, Hannah  married   Nathaniel Coburn  Burnham  Nov 29, 1764    Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Isaac   married    Eunice Holt  March 22, 1747   Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, James   married   Tammy Holt  Nov 24, 1784    Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Lucy  married  Jeremiah Hosford
May 26, 1757  Litchfield Co. Caanan  CT.
Burnham, John  married  Mary Catlin
November 12, 1684  Hartford, CT
Burnham, John   married  Sarah Spencer
October 17, 1720  Hartford, CT
Burnham, John   married   Tryphena Robinson Dec 11, 1749   Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Joseph   married    Luce Bennett     Dec 11 1749    Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Joshua   married   Abigail Manard   April 19, 1740    Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Lorinda   married   Lucius Burnham  Nov 16, 1826    Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Luther  married   Marcelia Lincoln   April 29, 1827   Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Lydia  married   Manning Luther Jr. Jan 10, 1810     Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Mabel  married  Epaphras Wolcott
June  14, 1762  Hartford, CT.
Burnham, Oliver   married   Sarah Rogers   Oct 17, 1787   Cornwall Co. Litchfield, CT
Burnham, Philo H.  married   Eliza Williams   Nov 8, 1825   Hartford Co, Hartford, CT
Burnham, Philomela   married   Capt. Elias Hart      
 June 14, 1781    Kensington, CT
Burnham, Rufus  married   Talitha Bass         Dec 14, 1797   Windham CO. Windham, CT
Burnham, Samuel   married   Hannah Woodworth Dec 28, 1785    Franklin Co. New London, CT
Burnham, Sarah   married   Elisha Pratt         Dec 7, 1726      Hartford , Hartford, CT
Burnham, Sarah   married   John Greenslit   Nov 20, 1765    Windham Co. Windham CT
Burnham, Sarah  married  Joseph Elmore
March 10, 1752  Hartford, CT.
Burnham, Silas  married  Hannah Morton
Sept 3, 1746  Hartford, CT.
Burnham, William   married   Lois Grow  Dec 2, 1790     Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, William   married   Ellen Bass   Nov 24, 1849   Windham Co. Windham, CT
Burnham, Woolcott    married  Hannah Shove Sturdevant Jan 22, 1784   New Milford Litchfield, CT