Kentucky Marriages  

Kentucky 1

Adolphus Burnham  married  Chloe Izora Pace October 30, 1897   Marshall County
Anna Burnum  married  Esra Lunt
April 4, 1792  Mason County
Arminta Burnam  married  Armstead Moon Nov. 13, 1879  Trigg County
Benjamin Franklin Burnham  married  Nancy L.McClennahan March 26,  1873  Marshall County
Eliza Burnham  married  Slayton Bourland March 24, 1834  Calloway County
Elizabeth Burnham  married  Peter T. Peck March 14, 1864  Marshall County
Emma L.L. Burnham  married Ottis Adams  1909 Carroll County
Mrs. Evaline Burnham  married  H.N. Cox Feburary 3, 1868  Marshall County
Green Burnham  married  Mary Rainholt Nov. 28,1819  Wayne County
Harrison Burnham  married  Sarah Best Febuary 25, 1840  Madison County
Harrison Burnham  married  Mary E. Best
April 29, 1846  Madison County
Henry Lewis Burnham  married  Martha Elizabeth Averitt July 17, 1878  Marshall County
Henry Burnham  married  Sarah ( Sally) Jones September 20, 1792  Madison County
James Burnham  married  Celia Dunn September 28, 1842  Marshall County
James Burnham (widow) married Mrs.Sarah C.Wyatt (widow) December 17, 1890  Marshall County
James W. Burnham  married  Sarah Jane Powell March 21, 1861  Marshall County
John Burnham  married  Sarah Mires (or ) Merth March 5, 1809  Estill County  (Could this & below be the same)
John Burnham  married  Sarah Merritt
April 6, 1809  Estill County  
John Burnham  married  Talitha Timmons About 1829,  Hopkins County 
J. Burnham, age 21 married  A. Cannon, age 19  Dec. 23,1855 Graves County
John W. Burnham  married Harriett Bradshaw (widow) November 16, 1854  Ky.
John W. Burnham 20  married Permelia Jane Jackson 20 October 23, 1859 Graves County
Jousha Burnham married Mary F. (unknown) About 1857  Ky.
Laurie Burnham age18  married  J.J. Erwin age 23 Febuary 21, 1878 Calloway County
Lear E. Burnham  married  George R. Pruitt April 2, 1874  Marshall County
Lettie B. Burnham  married  W.J. Gray November 8, 1882  Marshall County
Lewis H. Burnham  married  Lucinda Dunn December 14, 1832  Calloway County
Liddie M Burnham  married  Leslie C. Brown 1921 Carroll County
Lola Burnham  married Herbert Cone Jan. 22,1927  Marshall County
Lottie Iowa Burnham  married William Londa Brewer Febuary 18, 1902  Marshall County
Lucian Burnham  married  Mary E. McNatt March 4, 1891  Marshall County
Lucy Burnham  married  Thomas R. Smothers
About  1903  Marshall County
Lucy Burnham  married  Pleasant Wilson Febuary 1, 1814  Estill County
M. Burnham, age 22  married  P.J. Gray, age 22 April 15, 1852  Graves County
Martha Jane Burnham  married  Henry S. Gray September 19, 1878  Marshall County
Martha "Patsey" Burnham  married  John Moore May 27, 1829  Muhlenberg County
Martin Frederick Burnham  married  Louisa Pace October 13, 1852 Marshall County
Mary Ann Burnam  married  Nathaniel W. Wilson May 4, 1841  Madison County
Mary "Polly" Burnham  married George Ward December 11, 1834  Calloway County
Mildred F. Burnham  married  Alva J. Moler 1908 Carroll County
Nancy Jane Burnham married William Jackson Bradford November 20, 1876  Marshall County
Naomi Burnham  married  Enoch Hewson
December 19, 1821  Wayne County
Oliver F. Burnham  married Mary M. Starks January 10, 1865  Marshall County
P.W. Burnham,  married  Emezilla Gillespie October 8, 1857  Morgan County
Roy Burnham  married  Mabel Patterson 1922 Carroll County
Sarah A. Burnham  married John D. Salyer May 25, 1860  Marshall County
Mrs.Sarah A. Salyer (Burnham) married James Gray July 11, 1864  Marshall County
(Son, Sarah & James Gray) Bedford Gray married Rosa Cope
June 12, 1889  Graves County
After Rosa's death) Bedford Gray married Mary Ford
November 20, 1898  Marshall County
Mrs.Sarah J. Burnham  married  William  Dotson July 21, 1864  Marshall County
Sarah E. Burnham,  22  married  Samuel Ramsey,  23 October 1855  Graves County
Sarah E. Burnham  married  John P. Clark Feburary 9, 1874  Marshall County
Sarah Burnum  married William Hayse June 28, 1854  Fulton County
Susannah Burnham  married  Pleasant Wilson
February 3, 1814  Estill County
Thomas Burnham  married  Betsy McKenzie Aug.31,1801   Pulaski County
Thomas K. Burnham  married  Mary J. Anderson  About 1846  Marshall County
Todd Burnham  married  Lincy Alcock June 13, 1824  Calloway County
William Burnham  married  Mary English (same Wm. below)
August 19, 1853  Marshall County
William Burnham (widow) married Mrs. Catherine Johnson April 9, 1868  Calloway County  ( divorce 1872 )
Wm. H. Burnham  married  Parodine E. Lindsey April 7,1859  Marshall County
Wilson R. Burnam  married  Margery Ramey September 6, 1859 Trigg County
Zesus Burnham (m) married  Dalla Albritten (f) Oct. 1, 1904  Marshall County
Zilpha Burnham  married Daniel Kaler August 16, 1840  Calloway County