New Hampshire Marriages

New Hampshire

Abagail Burnham  married John Pattee  Nov. 3, 1818  Dunbarton Town Records
Abraham Burnam  married  Mary Perkins Feb.11,1762  Candia Town Records
Capt. Abram Burnham  married  Elizabeth Cross
April 16, 1852  Hopkinton
Alphonse J. Burnham  married  Sally Brown
April 24, 1827   Vital Records of Epsom
Alphonse J. Burnham  married  Martha Perkins
1841   Epsom  Vital Records
Andrew Burnham  married  Elizabeth Burns Dec. 5,1787  Wilton Town Records
Asa Burnham  married  Elizabeth Cutler Jan. 18,1774   Goffstown
B.F. Burnham  married  Mary T. Vaughn
Dec. 15, 1852   Enfield
Benjamin Burnham  married  Elizabeth Gordon Sept. 20,1778   Gilmanton
Benjamin Burnham  married  Hannah Jackson
Oct. 13, 1816  Rochester
Benjamin F. Burnham 26  married  Harriett B. Leavitt 21
June 18, 1854    Exeter
Benjamin Burnham  married  Polly Marsh
Jan. 22, 1797   Gilmanton, Belknap Co.
Boswell Burnham  married  Marinda Foot
Oct. 25, 1835  Warren
Bradford Burnham  married  Hannah D. Whipple
March 5, 1814   Dunbarton
Caleb Burnham  married  Betsy Story
March 1, 1798   Hopkinton
Charles H. Burnham  married  Cora A. Lund May 10,1875  Brookline Town Records, Hillsborough Co. 
Charles H. Burnham married Ellen A. Brooks Nov. 2,1890  Brookline Town Records, Hillsborough Co.
David Burnham  married  Mary S. Green
Nov. 2, 1848  Hopkinton
Drusilla Burnam  married  Paul Davis Oct. 2, 1803  Northwood Town Records, Merrimack Co.
Dudley Burnham  married Sarah Wentworth Book the early marriages of Strafford Co.
Edward D. Burnham married  Georgia D. Davis (Contoocook)
Oct. 10, 1856  Davisville, Merrimack County
Elizabeth ( Gordon) Burnham  married John Cochran Dec. 15,1818 in Epsom By Rev Jonathan Curtis 
Elizabeth (Gordon, Burnham,Cochran) married Samuel Goss
Nov. 16, 1826   Epsom
Elizabeth T. Burnham  married  Hiram Nichols
March 22, 1857  Hopkinton
Elizabeth Burnham  married  Solomon Burch May 1786 Northwood  Town Records
Enoch Burnham Jr.  married  Mary ? (or) Mercy ? Hayes Jan. 28, 1816 Strafford Co. Farmington
Enoch Burnham   married   Mary P. Bean Aug. 22,1858  Rochester  Town Records 
Enoch Burnham  married  Judith Virgin Feb. 16,1808  Concord Town Records
Enoch Burnham  married  Tryphena (no maiden name given) Book early marriages of Strafford County ( no date given)
Ezekiel Hoit Burnum  married  Margaret Heath
Aug.11, 1850  Belknap County
Ezekiel  Hoit Burnum  married  Lucy Homans
May 11, 1859  Belknap County
Fred M. Burnham  married Melvina M. Duffy Jan.1,1912  Brookline Town Records
Floyd W. Burnham  married  Abigail Doloff May 12,1815  in Epsom , by Rev. Jonathon Curtis
George Burnham  married  Sarah Rogers April 23, 1772  Brookfield  Town Records
Hannah Burnham  married  Daniel Jameson  Oct.7,1788 Dunbarton Town Records 
Hannah Burnham  married Levi Franklin Lowell Jan.2, 1867  History of Brookline Hillsborough Co.
James M. Burnham  married  Emma F. Marston (of Deerfield)
Aug. 23, 1860  Hopkinton
John Ferdinard Burnham married Satita W. Peabody (of Antrim)
May 12, 1858  Hopkinton
John Ferdinard Burnham married (2nd) Frances E. Richmond (Vt
Sept. 15, 1872  Hopkinton
James Burnham  married Abigail Pickering Book early marriages of Strafford County (no date given )
Jeremiah G. Burnham  married  Sally Worth Dec. 15, 1818 in Epsom by Rev. Jonathon Curtis
Joanna Burnham  married  Ballard Pinkam Jan.10, 1832   Northwood Town Records
John Burnham  married (1st) Susan  E. Wadleigh (of Sutton)
Dec. 8,1829  Hopkinton
John Burnham  married (2nd) Betsy Whittier (of Boscawen)
Dec. 8, 1840  Hopkinton
John  Burnham  married (3rd) Adeline S. Davis ( of Warner)
March 7, 1854  Hopkinton
John Burnham  married  Martha Berry Jan. 10, 1796  New Durham Town Records
John Burnham  married  Polly Allen June 12, 1808 Salisbury,  Merrimack County
Lovina Burnham  married  Daniel Kendall 1854  History of Brookline, Hillsborough Co.
Lucy S. Burnham  married  William Nichols
Dec. 27, 1827  Hopkinton  Church Records
Lucy Burnham  married  Stephen C. Loverin
Oct. 5, 1830  Hopkinton
Mary Burnham  married  Lt. David Clark  March 9,1806  Northwood Town Records
Polly Burnham  married  Israel Perkins Feburary 23, 1794  Dunbarton, Merrimack Co.
Polly Burnham married John Hutchinson  March 29, 1819 History of Brookline, Hillsborough Co.
Prince Burnham  married  Rhoda Gilbert Nov. 13,1816  History of Brookline, Hillsborough Co. 
Rachel Burnham  married  Robert Abbott
Dec. 25, 1817  Hopkinton
Robert Burnham  married Susannah McCrellis  Jan. 7, 1809  Northwood Town Records
Sally Burnham  married  Abel Shattuck May 10, 1842  History of Brookline. Hillsborough Co.
Sarah Burnham  married  Levi Davis July 31, 1796   Northwood Town Records
Sally Burnham  married  Benjamin Hoitt Nov.14, 1816 in Epsom by Rev. Jonathon Curtis
Sally Burnham  married  Samuel Hall  January 27, 1803  Northwood Town Records
Samuel Burnam  married  Mary Perkins Nov. 27,1766  Dunbarton Town Records
Samuel Burnham  married  Jane Rogers
Jan. 20, 1778  Gilmanton
Susannah Burnham  married  Aaron Greeley
Oct. 25, 1772  Hopkinton
William Henry Young Burnham  married  Hannah Joy
June 10, 1824  Strafford
William Henry Young Burnham  married  Susan Chadwick
Feb. 26, 1826  Barrington