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Welcome to genealogy website of the Descendants of John W. Burt.  Here you will find the historical information of this family.  Click on the "Pictures of the Burt Family and More!" link to see photos of this family and as well as photos of unidentified people.  And if you can identify any of the people please let me know!  Please enjoy!  If you are family, let me know!  Always nice to meet distant family and compare notes, pictures, et...

To start with I descend from John W. Burt.  John had many children and the child that I descend from is Clark E. W. Burt.  However, I am including information on his siblings as well.

Let's get started:

John W. Burt
 Clark E. W. Burt
Lee G. Burt
Wayne Guy Burt

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Pictures of the Burt Family and More! (http://burtgenealogy.shutterfly.com)

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