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Online Census Records

1920 Census
1930 Census

These are census records that I have found throughout the internet that contain some of our ancestors.  Some are only partial records which I compiled myself as a result of doing my own research and contain only my family members.  For a complete listing of all transcribed census records, please visit the  USGENWEB Census Project or CLICK on the State Links in each category.  I am not responsible for any mistakes or errors that may be found.  These records are very old and sometimes very hard to decipher.  Spellings are as is and as accurate as possible.
Most of my research came from the Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston, Texas.  If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected].  Thanks!

Barbour County 1850 Census
Coffee County 1850 Census
Coffee County 1860 Census
Conecuh County 1850 Census
Covington County 1850 Agricultural Census
Covington County 1870 Census
Covington County 1920 Census
Emanuel County 1820 Census
Emanuel County 1850 Census
Emanuel County 1870 Census
Baker County 1850 Census
Worth County 1860 Census
Mitchell County 1860 Census
Escambia County 1830 Census
Escambia County 1840 Census
Escambia County 1840 Special Census
Escambia County 1920 Census (Partial)
Escambia County 1930 Census (Partial)
Santa Rosa County 1850 Census
Santa Rosa County 1860 Census
Santa Rosa County 1870 Census
South Carolina
Orangeburgh County 1790 Census
Barnwell County 1800 Census
Barnwell County 1810 Census
Barnwell County 1820 Census
Barnwell County 1830 Census
North Carolina
Robeson County 1790 Census (Partial)
Caswell County 1790 Census (Partial)
Mercer County 1880 Census
Bastrop County 1850 Census
Bastrop County 1880 Census
Falls County 1900 Census
Fayette County 1900 Census
Fayette County 1880 Census
Gillespie County 1850 Census
Gillespie County 1860 Census
Grimes County 1850 Census A-K
Grimes County 1850 Census L-Z
Grimes County 1900 Census
Grimes County 1910 Census
Grimes County 1920 Census
Grimes County 1920 Census
Guadalupe County 1900 Census
Johnson County 1880 Census
Milam County 1850 Census
Milam County 1880 Census
Milam County 1900 Census
Milam County 1910 Census
Washington County 1900 Census