Loyal Valley Cemetery, Mason County, Texas

Loyal Valley Cemetery
Mason County, Texas

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Name  Born Died Comments
Buchmeyer, Father  Sep 25 1820 Dec 18 1891  We believe this is Philip Buchmeyer
Buchmeyer, Mother  Feb 27 1833 Apr 15 1911 We believe this is Augusta Johanna Adams Lehmann Buchmeyer, mother to Hermann Lehmann and William Lehmann who was married to Moritz Lehmann and later married Philip Buchmeyer
Lehmann, Bertha Evers Sep 28 1860 Nov 1 1885 Wife of  Gustav Adolph Lehmann
Lehmann, Herman Jun 5, 1859 Feb 2 1932 Son of Moritz and Johanna (Adams) Lehmann (see historical marker below)
Lehmann, William F. Oct 30 1861 Sep 11 1951 Son of Moritz and Johanna (Adams) Lehmann (see historical marker below)
Lehmann, Mrs. William F. Dec 11 1882  Sep 12 1961 nee Rebecka Rode, 2nd wife of William F. Lehmann
Lehmann, Sophia Light Nov  2 1878 Mar 15 1907 First wife of William F.  Lehmann, daughter of John Light
Lehmann, Emma Jun 7 1885  Oct 4 1885 infant daughter of Gustav and Bertha Lehmann
Lehmann, Guss A. Apr 2 1906  Jan 30 1980
Lehmann, Gustav Adolph May 20 1855 Mar 29 1940 Son of Mortiz and Johanna (Adams) Lehmann
Light, John Dec 25 1847 Jan 11 1926


**Texas Historical Marker**

"Herman and Willie Lehmann"

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"German Immigrants Moritz and Auguste Lehmann settled along Squaw Creek (4 mi W) in the 1850's.  After Moritz's death, Auguste married Philip Buchmeier, on May 16, 1870.  Two of the Lehmann children, Herman (age 10) and Willie (age 8) were captured by Apache Indians.  Willie was released after five days and returned home, but Herman remained with the Apache and Comanche Indians for eight years.  He was returned to his family by U.S. Soldiers in 1878 but maintained his ties to Quanah Parker's Comanche family, into which he had been adopted, for the remainder of this life" (1991)

There have been several books written about Herman Lehmann:

1. The Last Captive by A.C. Greene Copyright 1972 The Encino Press, Austin
2. Nine Years Among the Indians 1870-1879 by Herman Lehmann Copyright 1993 University of New Mexico Press
(first published by Von Boeckmann-Jones Co. 1927)ISBN 0-8263-1417-1

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