Corgey Cemetery

Corgey Cemetery
Magnolia, Texas

Located on Goodson Loop just off FM 1774. Copied by Celeste Graves and Kaye Appliewhite
February 17, 1986. Reprinted with permission by Vanessa Burzynski

Name Born Died Comments
E. C. "Clyde" Buck 10/17/1910 10/8/1984 Double Marker
Thelma J. Buck 10/201907 no date Married October 14, 1933
Ethel Coleman 1904 1922 Klein Funeral Home
Ellis Coleman 1891 1903 Klein Funeral Home
Baby Corgey 1906 1906
Ellis Corgey 1877 1957
Charles Corgey 1903 1903
Edward O. Corgey 1885 1960
Frances Corgey 2/2/1889 6/22/1973 Double Marker
Henry Corgey 10/8/1881 2/17/1964
Louis Corgey 8/9/1833 1/21/1901 67 yrs 5 mos 12 days Born in Germany
Baby Laird 1903 1903 Klein Funeral Home
Jannie Laird 9/8/1876 10/5/1903 No loss is great to lose my mate
I'm like a lonely dove
I'll go alone to sigh and moan
My dear and absent love.
William Glenn Stallones 6/26/1938 12/23/1982 Loving son, husband, father (Masonic Emblem)
Henry Wilson Corgey 12/10/1914 1/27/1917 Our darling
S. J. Corgey 3/25/1845 10/10/1902 Born in Alabama

The following verse is inscribed on the marker for Louis Corgey

In memory of My Husband
Hard it is from thee to part
Though it rend my aching heart
Since an heir to glory's gone
By the will of God be alone
And is he gone whom we so dearly loved
Whose tender kindess we so oft have proved
Yes he has gone his lovely spirit fled
No pain no grief no anxious fears
No mortal woes I am with our Father sleeping here
With angels watch in soft repose.