Piney Grove Cemetery

Piney Grove Cemetery
Magnolia, Texas

Located 1.7 miles east of Magnolia on FM 1488.
Copied by Celeste Graves and Kay Applewhite on February 17, 1986.
Reprinted with permission by Vanessa Burzynski.

Name Born Died Comments
Andrew Boa?? 2/20/194? Stone not legible
William Coleman Jr. 4/25/1895 1/9/1972 Gone but not forgotten
Ivery Coleman 1/30/1903 7/16/1968 In Memory of our Loving Mother
Nancy Coleman 4/25/1939 Age 66
Baby grave with stone marker 
next to Nancy Coleman
no dates no dates
Edith Collin 4/20/1910 1/18/1944
Elijah Fair Sr. 7/4/1888 9/29/1967
Andrew Fair 5/13/1922 2/5/1929
Ossie Fair 11/23/1915 4/28/1985 Memory Mother
Georgia Fair 5/30/1924 12/25/1968
Gladys Johnson 6/18/1914 8/27/1977
Emma Lee Lott 1922 1976 Our Beloved Mother
Mary S. Hutch 4/14/1910 4/11/1939 Wooden Cross
John Benjamin Daniels Collins & Johnson Funeral Home
Barbara Hutch 1940 1984 Clarence Lewis & Son Mortuary
R. G. Johnson  10/20/1901 4/27/1954 Father
Mrs. Matilda Mc? (illegible) 8/3/197? Aged 86 years Carl Barnes Funeral Home
Lillian Powell 4/30/1957 Aged 53 yrs 7 mos 23 days John F. Scott 
Funeral Home Navasota, Texas
Ike Powell 1/23/1973 Collins & Johnson Funeral Home Conroe, Texas
J. B. Ross Sr. 9/17/1926 6/26/1978
Richard Ross 12/14/1884 9/20/1950
Berdie Yvone Smith 1/2/1963 Aged 14 years Shiffert Funeral Home
Luther B. Tisdel 1909 1980 Govt. Marker Pvt US Army WWII
Mrs. Alice Valentine 8/17/1972 Age 68 yrs. Collins & Johnson Funeral Home
Conroe, Texas
Martha Stark Williams 11/24/1888 6/90/1980 Aged 91 Collins & Johnson Funeral Home Conroe, Texas
Mary Thompson 8/27/1880 6/28/1956 Mother
George Vick 6/19/1969 Age 50 years Carl Barnes Funeral Home Houston, Texas
Mr. Jonnie Wise 9/10/1923 3/2/1982 Age 58 yrs.
Toney Mae Vick 1988
Florence Spurlock 1988

There were several concrete markers with no information and several places that appeared to be graves but were unmarked. There were also several funeral home markers that were not legible. There were four graves in a group, two with wooden crosses but with no information. There have been at least two people from Magnolia buried in this cemetery since the information was copied in 1986.