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---------- Narrative ----------

The following people are listed in the files compiled by the LDS for their Family History Centers. They are included here for general interest. We're not sure how they fit into our history, if at all.

William Busbin b. c.1849 Fayette GA, m. Decie Travis in GA c.1869

Elizabeth Adeline E. Busbin, b. 1820 Oglethorpe Cty., GA, m. William Irby Tuck, b. 1818 VA.
(This is probably the daughter of Benjamin and Temperance Busbin. The age and location
match that of the 1840 census and the Marriage Records of Oglethorpe Cty.)

Father: Thomas Busbins
Mother: Elizabeth
Child: Elizabeth
Christening: 4 Aug 1776, Paston, Norfolk Cty., England

Husband: Robert Busben
Wife: Elizabeth
Child: Robert
Christening: 12 Nov 1769, St. Thomas, Portsmith, Hampshire Cty., England

Husband: Vernee Busbine
Wife: Ann
Child: John
Christening: 15 Sept. 1667, St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London, London, England

Busbish (no other name given) m. Agnes 1560, St. Mary, Lewisham, London, England

Husband: Thomas Busbige, b. 27 Sep 1574, Buckinham
Wife: Joane Wytmil
Long Crendon, Buckingham, England

(Winifred) Winefrida Busbit, 1647 Warwick
Father: Johannis Busbit

---------- Military Records ----------

Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia
Vol. I
Mrs. Howard H. McCall

Names of Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers who drew land in the "Lottery of 1827", and the counties of Georgia in which they lived.

Busbin, Sarah    Oglethorpe

List of Busbins in
The National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System at

Soldier Name
Regiment Name
1 Busbin, Isaac Confederate Infantry 19th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
2 Busbin, Isaac H. Confederate Infantry 34th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
3 Busbin, Isham
(aka Bushbin, Isam)
Confederate Artillery Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup County Artillery)
4 Busbin, J. H. Confederate Infantry 24th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
5 Busbin, J. J. Confederate Artillery Lumpkins' Company, Georgia Artillery
6 Busbin, John D. Confederate Infantry 38th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
7 Busbin, Joseph F. Confederate Infantry 1st Confederate Battalion, Georgia Infantry
8 Busbin, K. Confederate Infantry 19th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
9 Busbin, P.J. Confederate Cavalry 4th Regiment, Alabama Cavalry (Russell's)
10 Busbin, Robert J. Confederate Sharpshooters 17th Battalion, Alabama Sharpshooters
11 Busbin, Robert J. Confederate Infantry 19th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
12 Busbin, T.J. Confederate Infantry 4th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
13 Busbin, W. D. Confederate   1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Fannin's)
14 Busbin, William E. Confederate Artillery Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup County Artillery)
15 Busbin, William H. Confederate Infantry 19th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

Roster of the Troup Artillery
Busbin, Ishamb. 1837 in GA; bro. to W.O. Busbin; m. Margaret C. Gallihen Dec. 15, 1856 in Madison Co.; enl. May 12, 1862; pvt.; d. July 13, 1862 of measles in Richmond. (10; 14; 34; 98)
Busbin, Richarddet. as teamster at Raccoon Ford Feb 1864; rec'd. pay March 31, 1864. (252)
Busbin, William Oliverb. c. 1832; bro. to I. Busbin; m. Rutha P. Watson July 12, 1856 in Madison, GA; farmer in Danielsville, Madison Co., GA; enl. May 12, 1862; pvt.; detailed to Ord. Dept. of Cabell's Bttn. Feb.1864; drew clothing Dec. 31, 1864; lived in Madison Co. in 1867; lived at GA Factory, (now Whitehall) Clarke Co., GA in 1890; d. Oct. 15, 1896 while living in Dexter, SC. (14; 16; 34; 56; 84; 212; 252)
10. GDAH, Ga. Confed. Pensions & Records Dept. RG 58-2-26, Box 83, Accession 3297-15, Pension Records of the Troup Artillery.
14. NA RG109 M Compiled Service Records of the Troup Artillery.
16. Athens Banner newspaper, May 6, 1890.
34. University of Georgia, Ms 1029, Capt. H. H. Carlton's Notebook
56. 1860 Georgia Census
84. Index to Georgia's 1867-1868 Returns of Qualified Voters and Registration Oath Books (White), compiled by John David Brandenburg and Rita Binkley Worthy
98. 1850 Madison County Census
212. South Carolina State Archives, Comptroller Gen'l. - Confederate Pensions Files 10522-10821, Spartanburg, Co., Roll #31, File 10593
252. NA RG 109 M347 Unfiled papers, Confederate Service records in alphabetical order (442 rolls).

From the Index to Georgia Confederate Pension Files

Busbin, Ellen L., wid of Isaac H. Busbin of Co K 34th GA, she filed Heard Co GA
Fannie, wid of J.I. Busbin of Lumpkin's Bttry GA Light Arty, she filed Oglethorpe Co GA
Isaac H., srv Co K 34th GA, see Ellen L. Busbin wid of Heard Co GA
Isham, srv Carlton's Btty GA Light Arty, see Margaret C. Busbin wid of Madison Co GA
J.I., srv Lumpkin's Btty GA Light Arty, see Fannie Busbin wid of Oglethorpe Co GA
Margaret C., wid of Isham Busbin of Carlton's Btty GA Light Arty, she filed Madison Co GA
S.E. (Mrs.), wid of W.D. Busbin of Co 1 1st GA Res, she filed Fayette Co GA
W.D., srv Co 1 1st GA Res, see Mrs. S.E. Busbin
W.D., srv Co 11st GA Res, wits for W.E. Thompson of Douglas Co GA

Busbin, Isham
Busbin, William O.

Muster Roll of 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment 1861-1865.
Name Rank Company Date / Place Enlisted Remarks
BUSBIN, Isaac Private E Aug 12, 1861
Kirk's Grove, Ala
Special duty Dec 1861 - Jan 1862 as carpenter in Q.M. Dept.
Died Feb 7, 1862 at Mobile Ala
(A source says Isaac is buried in the Confederate Cemetery,Chattanooga, TN.)
BUSBIN, Robert J. Private E Aug 12, 1861
Kirk's Grove, Ala
Wounded in the leg at 11 a.m. at Shiloh
BUSBIN, William E.(H) Private E Aug 12, 1861
Kirk's Grove, Ala
Age 23, dark hair, hazel eyes, 5' 9.
Captured at Missionary Ridge and sent to Rock Island, IL. Released Jun 17, 1865

(Thanks to Betty Busbin Clayton for this information.)
From "The History of Madison County" (GA)
Isaac H. Busbin Pvt., May 13, 1862, Company K, 34th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army of Tennessee. Died of disease at Vicksburg, Miss. April 22, 1863.
Joseph F. Busbin Pvt., Sept. 25, 1861, Company H, 30th Regeiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry of Tennessee, Fayette County, GA. Wounded at Calhoun, GA May 16, 1864. Surrendered Greensboro, NC April 26, 1865.
John D. Busbin Pvt. April 27, 1862, Company E, 38th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Evans Brigade, Gordons Division, Wright's Legion Army of North Virginia, CSA, Oglethorpe County, GA, Tom Cobb Infantry. Died of pneumonia in hospital, 2nd Army Corp at Orange County, VA Courthouse, April 7, 1864.
Peter P. Busbin Pvt., April 27, 1862, Company E, 38th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Evans Brigade, Gordons Division, Wright's Legion Army of North Virginia, CSA, Oglethorpe County, GA, Tom Cobb Infantry. Discharged in 1862.

---------- Marriages ----------

This is a list of 6928 marriage licenses on file in the Probate Court of Irwin County, Georgia including the years from the beginning of Irwin County until 1959.

Oglethorpe County, GA Marriages
(Thanks to Jim Golden of Tifton, GA for this information.)

James Barbin ?? -  Sally Kidd  -  Sep 18, 1806
Jennie Buzbain  -  Daniel Born   -  Sep 30, 1807
John Busbin   -   Jerusha Corbin   -   Dec 22, 1814
David Busbin   -   Lucy (Lucinda??) Bishop  -  Jan 31, 1815
	**(Lucinda Busbin was head of family in 1830 and 1840 Census. Widow of??)
Benjamin Busbin  -  Temperance Bridges  -  Oct 2, 1816
Nancy Busbin  -  William Killian  -  Dec 21, 1822
Jacob Busbin   -  Dorothy R. Gunnells  -  Sep 29, 1824
Jonathan Busbin  -  Nicey Lively    -   Sep 3, 1832
Isaac Busbin   -  Harriett Ann Johnson -  Aug 20, 1833
	** Isaac H's parents????
Elizabeth Busbin  -  George W. Lawless  -  Dec 13, 1837
Emily Busbin   -   Jonathan Herring   -  Dec 16, 1837
Nicey Busbin   -  William R. Crook  -  Feb 5, 1838
Emily Busby   -   James D. House   -   Nov 12, 1838
Sarah Busbin  -  James Martin   -   Jan 22, 1839
J M Busbin   -   Nancy Cheatham  -  Sep 23, 1839
Elizabeth Busbin  -  John F. Kirk  -  Nov 16, 1839
Elizabeth A. E. Busbin  -  William S. Tuck  -  Jan 12, 1841
Sarah Busbin  -   Michael H. Scroggins  -  Oct 7, 1844
Josiah F. Busbin  -  Elizabeth Ann Short  -  Dec 3, 1844
John Busbin   -   Mrs Martha Andrews   -  Apr 14, 1852
	** John's second marriage????

Madison County, GA Marriages
(Thanks to Vicki Wilder for this information.)

Book A (1812-1843):
Hiram A. WHITE - Adaline BUSBY, page 157

Book B (1843-1876):
William C. BURROUGHS - Polly Ann BUZBIN, page 22
John F. BUSBY - Milly Ann C. SIMPSON, page 38
Milsey SEAGRAVES - Nancy A. BUSBY, page 39
Gilford D. WATSON - Lucinda BUSBIN, page 60
William O. BUSBIN - Rutha R. WATSON, page 111
Isham BUSBIN - Margaret GALLIHER, page 124
John F. BUSBIN - T. L. C. PITTMAN, page 229

Book C (1873-1889 - overlaps Book B):
John W. SPURLOCK - Lena C. BUSBIN, page 100
William KINCAID - Rebecca BUSBIN, page 159

Book 1 (Sept 1889 - Aug 1900):
J. E. BUSBIN - L. E. J. SHIELDS, page 2
Samuel SIMMONS - Mollie BUSBIN, page 249

Book 2 (Aug 1900 - Aug 1908):
Lonnie BUSBY - Mary THOMAS, page 339
Alonzo GRIFFETH - Lilly BUSBY, page 516

---------- Deeds ----------

Grantor/ Grantee/ Deed No./ Date
Busbin, Florence / Hawkins, LM / Deed/97/198/1912
(Note: This Florence Busbin is Emma Florence Wall Busbin Bridges, aka Granny Bridges)
Busbin, MI & WF / Carroll, WF / Deed/73/461/1901

---------- Cemetaries ----------

Busbin, Elsie May September 8, 1898 September 24, 1899 d/o WIB
Busbin, Shea Gilford March 7. 1896 March 4, 1900 s/o WIB
Busbin, W. I. December 1864 November 1909

Busbin, Pink September 31, 1890 - June 30, 1937 Photo of Headstone

Busbin, W.D. December 17, 1887 - December 14, 1968 Photo of Headstone




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