Busbin, Fulton, McQueen, Riffey, Bell, and Anthony Genealogy

    Genealogy of the
Busbin, McQueen, Riffey,
Fulton, Bell, and Anthony Families

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Updated Nov.2, 2003
  Busbin   Comments about our Busbin ancestors.
Descendants of Benjamin Busbin (1795 - c.1855) and Temperance Bridges
Census Information
Military, Marriage, Deeds, and Cemetary Information
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  McQueen   Comments about our McQueen ancestors.
Descendants of Samuel McQueen (1750 - 1794) and Hannah Dugger
McQueen Family History by Mary Louise Frye Cannon
The Lives of John G. and Alexander McQueen A compiled narrative.
McQueens in The War Between the States
Photo 1 of John Smith McQueen and Family
Photo 2 of John Smith McQueen and Family
Photo of William Melvin McQueen and Alexander Hamilton McQueen
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  Riffey   Comments about our Riffey ancestors.
Descendants of ? Riffey and Martha ? (1839 - 1906)
Descendants of Andreas Riffey
Possible Ancestors - John and Elizabeth Riffey
Riffey Family Group Sheets
Riffeys in The War Between the States
Photo of Jesse Riffey and friend
Melinda Jane Riffey in Photo 1 of John Smith McQueen and Family
  Fulton   Descendants of James B. Fullton (1765 - 1848) and Anastasia Tuel
Headstones of James B. Fullton and Anastasia Tuel Fullton
Fulton Family Crest
Fulton Family History by Larry Fulton
Fultons in The War Between the States
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  Bell   Descendants of James Bell
  Anthony   Descendants of Paul Decater Anthony, Sr. and Annie Ophelia Bell

No. Our ancestors DID NOT play basketball in Boston.
Like many Southern families, ours has a strong Celtic heritage. Certainly the McQueens and Bells originated in Scotland. The Busbins and Fultons probably have Scotish and Irish origins...there was a lot of movement between those two countries in earlier days. In America's colonial period, many Scots and Irish came to America, voluntarily or otherwise, and settled in the South. See Why So Many Scots Came to America for a thumbnail description of the reasons.

No sneakers with kilts, please.
April 6 is National Tartan Day in the USA. It commemerates the signing of the Declaration of Arbroth on April 6, 1320 which declared Scotland to be independent from England and is the basis of the American Declaration of Independence.

The black sheep keeps the best info on the family.
Instead of creating the usual genealogical web site with a page for each person and family group (hundreds and hundreds of 'em), I decided to simplify our site. That's why I'm posting brief Register Reports along with information pertaining to the individuals. GEDCOMs, ahnentafels, etc. and other data about our family are available upon request.

Who's in charge of washing the Family Group Sheets?
That's me and I'd appreciate any help you can provide that will help us learn more about our heritage.

Thank you,
G. Busbin

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