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The children of Albert Bush and their families
1. IDA M. BUSH married Franklin Hogan
2. VINA C. BUSH married Benjamin J. DuBois
3. FREDERICK BUSH married Ada Ennist
4. MABEL BUSH married twice.
The children of FREDERICK BUSH
1. JUSTIN (JAY) BUSH married Marie Bazin
2. PERCY BUSH married Esther Mary Ellsworth
3. MACEL GERTRUDE BUSH married Cuthbert Marshall
Macel Gertrude Bush (1905-1977)

If anyone is researching or related to anyone mentioned on our Bush Family site, we look forward to hearing from you and sharing genealogical information.
We are especially looking for more information about the DESCENDANTS of some of our Henry Bush's other children (the siblings of our Albert Bush).
1. Sarah E. Bush born in 1842 who married Cornelius Hardenburgh DeWitt
They had at least six children: Carrie, Kate, Jennie, Minnie, Jacob & Maria

2. John James Bush born on October 25, 1844 who married Josephine Davis
They had six children: Mary C., Emma C., Herman, Granville, Harry & Nina

3. Mary Catharine Bush born on March 9, 1849 who is believed to have been the first wife of David Silas Woolsey

4. Eliza A. Bush born in 1850 who was the second wife of David Silas Woolsey
They had at least one daughter - Ethel Woolsey

5. Ann Bush born in 1857

6. Cornelia Bush born in 1865 who married Irving Markle