MacNeale and Urban Safe
MacNeale and Urban Safe Co., Hamilton
Millville and Edgewood Avenues
The first safe factory to establish itself in Hamilton was not Mosler or Herring-Hall-Marvin but the MacNeale and Urban Company.  MacNeale and Urban began operation around 1855 in Cincinnati as  Urban, Dodds, and Company.  In 1888, the company began considering a move to Hamilton and subsequently agreed to move north if the community could raise $50,000 to purchase land for the new plant.
MacNeale and Urban Safe Works, 1893

The campaign to raise the necessary funds was a success and a ten acre tract of land was purchased at Millville and Edgewood Avenues near the Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Indianapolis Railroad.  During its peak, the MacNeale and Urban Safe Works employed 600 men and produced fifty to sixty safes each day.

The company ceased production around 1903.  The building was later used by the Buckeye Marble Company of Cincinnati, Long and Allstatter, and the Abe Brown Furniture Company.

Source: "Hamilton and Butler County Historical Highlights," October 14, 1970, Hamilton Daily News.

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