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Mosler Safe Company, Hamilton
Grand Boulevard

"Many of Largest Vaults by Mosler," Hamilton Journal-News, December 19, 1936

Many of the world's largest safes and vaults are made in Hamilton, which for forty-six years has been the home of the Mosler Safe Company.

The business was established in Cincinnati by the Mosler Brothers -- M., William, and Julius -- all of whom were virtually brought up in the safe business.

Mosler Safe Works, Hamilton

The first factory was located on Pearl Street, Cincinnati, but it soon expanded to the limits of the site on which it had been built and another had to be chosen.  The second location on Elm Street and the third on Fourth Street, were likewise speedily outgrown, so it was determined by the Mosler Brothers to move out of town and to a location that afforded room for a modern large factory with plenty of room for expansion.

It was in 1890 that this project came up and with the cooperation of the business and civic leaders of the community, the present site was selected.  It is bounded by the Pennsylvania railroad on the east, Grand Boulevard on the north, Lincoln Avenue on the south and a boulevard on the west.

In coming to Hamilton, the company brought all of its skilled artisans, and its office force, who for the most part still live here.  The majority of them have built their homes in East Hamilton, close to the factory and as home owners, taxpayers, and good citizens have been an asset to the community.
The name of Hamilton had been spread not only throughout the nation, but throughout the world through the products and representatives of the company.  Wherever safes and vaults are used, there the name of Mosler will be found.  Walking into almost any store or bank, the American sees the legend: "Mosler Safe Company, Hamilton, Ohio, USA."
Gun Carriage manufactured by Mosler during World War I

As Hamilton grew and prospered, so did the Mosler Safe Company.  Since achieving its supremacy in the safe and vault business, it never has relinquished that position.  Perhaps the most prominent of its recent achievements has been the building of the vaults for the United States gold reserve at Fort Knox, Kentucky. . "
At its peak, Mosler employed 1,000 in Hamilton. In 1986, American Standard Inc. of New York sold Mosler to a group of Mosler managers and outside investors.  In 1991, Mosler celebrated one hundred years in Hamilton and at that time employed 525 workers in Hamilton, with a total of 2,400 employees.
Centennial Safe, donated by Mosler to the City of Hamilton, 1891
Opened at the time of the Hamilton Sesquicentennial, June 27, 1941

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