The Decoy Doughboy

The Decoy Doughboy

Souvenir Edition -- Printed in Czechoslovakia

May 23, 1945. -- Publishes by and for the men of the 18th Combat Team. -- First Infantry Division, U. S. Army.

Articles from the paper

Sgt. Thompson Latest Medal of Honor Man Headquarters 18th Infantry Regiment
Headquarters 1st U. S. Infantry Division Regimental Colors Unfurled
Easy Was Not Easy Five Unit Ciations in Regiment
Battalion Aid ala Mersky Officer and Men of the 16th and 26th Infantry Regiment
"The Great Day" Best "Freak Shot" Story in Decoy
"How to Nip 'Em in the Bud" "How to Hook 'Em in the Rear"
From Decoy White 6 The Little Hand
Recon Al-A "York" The Mine Sweeps
An Item Co. Item Sons in Company Father Commanded in World War 1
To the Members of the First Division Tank - Talk
Kitchen truck driver volunteers for Death Evolution CP signs Reveal close Cooperation
The Inquiring Reporter Recipe, GI....
Small World M - I. Troubles
Showers Home - Bound
Thoughts in the Negro Platoon Action at Mellerhofe- Tank-Infantry Team get Results
Command Post a Crazy Place No Nerves
A Freed Press Distinguished Visitor
Shop Talk The Decoy Doughboy
A Word To Incoming Reinforcements A Short History of Your Regiment
Happy Heinie 3rd Armor and 1st Infantry
To The Memory of The Men in The 18th Infantry Whose Fighting Ceased At: Three Rounds Sweeping . . .
Strickly From 'F' Company To The Officers And Men Of The Third Battalion
The Last Hills Jumbled Jottings
Hundreds of Decoy Catholics See Therese Neumann

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