Butts Family History

Butts Family Heritage


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Let us begin then. Charles D. Butts was born August 8, 1812 in Halifax County and at this point he is the family patriarch. He was married to Margaret H. Carter May 8, 1850 in Person County, North Carolina. Charles died on August 10, 1885 at the age of 73 as recorded in the family bible.
Their union produce 7 living offspring that we have records on. Their names and approximate birth dates are listed below. This information is from an 1870 Halifax County, North Carolina Census:

Richard was born in 1851 and was the eldest son.

Margret was born in 1855 and was the eldest daughter.

Susan was born in 1857.

Sarah was born in 1859.

Elizabeth was born in 1862.

Charles Lewis was born May 12, 1863 and his my great great gandfather.

John Butts was born in 1867.

This then is then, as it presently stands is the first generation. Further research may change this list.

Our second generation progenerated by with Charles Lewis Butts who was born on May 12, 1863 in Halifax County, North Carolina but as yet no physical birth records have been found other than the notations in the Family bible. He married Nannie Jane Davis on June 6, 1885. Charles died on July 13, 1936 at the age of 72.Their union produced 9 named offspring. They are listed below:

Viola M. was born July 28, 1886 in Danville, Virginia and died on November 15, 1915.

Walter Charles was born March 5,1889 in Pittsylvania County,Virginia born and died on November 15, 1916.

Nannie Mae was born on July 16, 1891 in Danville.

Eva Jean was born on April 26, 1892 in Danville and died on December 29, 1967.
Alfred James was born on August 30, 1895 and died in November of the same year.
Willie L. was born December 16, 1896 in Danville and died February 7, 1897.
Willard A. was born February 5, 1898 and died July 7, 1969 in Danville.

Evelyn W. was born June 6, 1903 and she only live just a few days.

The third generation of our branch was progenerated by Willard Armstead Butts as noted above was born on February 5, 1898 in Danville and married Annie Rossie Marshall on June 22, 1919 in Danville. Willard Armstead died July 7, 1966 in Danville.Their union produced 2 living offspring.

Helen Louise was born March 23, 1926 and died on October 31, 1978.

Willard Armstead Butts Jr. was born March 23, 1926. Died November

The fourth generation is carried on by Willard Armstead Butts Jr. who was born as stated above on March 23, 1926 in Danville. Died in November 1999.
Willard Armstead Jr. married Anna Lou Pierce on August 24, 1946 in Danville.
Their union produced e offspring.

Willard Fredrick was born November 18, 1948 That's me.

James Thomas was born October 27, 1951.

The fifth and current generation is carried on by Willard Fredrick and my brother and James Thomas. We have both produced male heirs and we both have had broken marriages.

My heir is Willard Thomas Butts born October 27, 1970.

James heir is James Thomas Butts Jr. born June 29, 1977.

This brings to a close our family history. The links below will take you to surname listings,and site index. If you have anything to add to our information please contact and send the data please. Just email or send by snail mail. The physical address is as follows:

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