Fianna Eireann 1922



Munster Fianna Eireann (Irish Boy Scouts) - 1922

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The photograph was taken on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1922 on the occasion of a meeting of the Fianna in Cork to determine their view on the Anglo-Irish Treaty.   The group was drawn from Fianna members in the Munster area.  The Fianna took an Anti-Treaty position and went on to fight on the Republican side in the Civil War.

Identified members in the photo
Second row, first on left, seated - Thomas Dargan, 16, Limerick
Third row, seventh from right - Kevin Bradshaw, Limerick
Third row, eighth from right - Joe Crowe, Limerick
Top row, ninth from left - James Wickham, 22, Cork

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Photo by A.H. Somerville, Cork