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Cassteel Family Plot

This is the Cassteel plot in the Mineral Ridge Cemetery, Boone County, Iowa.  The top picture shows the main stone, plus smaller ones. 

L-R:  Wanda May 4y10m12d, 10 Oct 1888, daughter of GW (George Washington Casteel) & RA (Rebecca A Johnson) ; Nathaniel 26 Nov 1865 - 11 Sep 1881 (the Boone County death record says that he "committed suicide by hanging, said suicide due to temporary insanity"); Rosetta 30 Jan 1867 - 27 Dec 1870; and (on the right of the main stone,) Father James 8 Mar 1823 - 9 Mar 1898.  James actually died on May 9, 1898, as proved by two separate obituaries.  The probate of his estate shows an expenditure of $14 for work on the head stone.  I think they should have demanded a refund due to the incorrect date!!  The main stone is inscribed Elizabeth A Cassteel, born Mar 25, 1828, died Apr 10, 1871.

Thanks go out to my dear Aunt Darlene Hagar Casteel for sharing this information with me.


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