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The Kinsey Family

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Surnames on items: Vernon Kinsey Best Witter Danielson George 


Emma Clara Kinsey Picture

The Mark Bogue Kinsey History

Emma Clara Kinsey Baby picture

Letter to Emma Kinsey Vernon from a cousin   July 18, 1909 

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Mary Ann Price Kinsey
1903 Mark Bogue Kinsey Family Picture Mary Ann Price Kinsey Obituary
Mark Bogue Family Home

Letter written by Harriette Ann Kinsey to her Sister Emma Clara Kinsey Vernon   

March 17, 1909

Fred Kinsey & Anna (Rogers), and oldest daughter Lucy, c 1899
Fred & Anna Rogers Kinsey Family 1912 Kinsey Four Generation Picture
Hannah Bailey Price Obituary Letters written by Matilda Ballard Kinsey 1887

Matilda Ballard (Mrs. Edmond) Kinsey Obituary

Marshalltown Times-Republican Paper Friday January 8, 1897

Obituary of Matilda Ballard*

Marshalltown Times-Republican Paper Friday January 8, 1897

Edmond Kinsey*

b. March 19, 1807

d. August 19, 1887

Edmond Kinsey & Matilda Ballard* Kinsey  with John J. Kinsey

Ara Ann Kinsey*

wife of  Keener Fletcher Price

Kenner Fletcher Price Obituary

Times Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa, Front page:  March 23, 1920

Matilda Ballard Kinsey*

b. September 13, 1816

d. January 7, 1897

Myo Dewey Price*

b. February 15, 1899

d. June 1970

Ralph Price Obituary*

01-16-1908 Greenly Rep. newspaper

Son of Alvin Walter Price & Elizabeth Susan "Lizzie" Meyers Price

Ella Price Gray Obituary*

Daughter of Keener Fletcher Price and Ara Ann Kinsey Price

B. February 25, 1866

D. September 15, 1954

Benson  Cemetery, Whitten, IA*

Keener Fletcher Price

Ara Ann Kinsey Price

Alvin Walter Price*

Son of Keener Fletcher Price & Ara Ann Kinsey Price

b. 1869 - d. 1946

Kinsey Family Plot in Albion Cemetery*

Edmund Kinsey

Matilda Ballard

Lindley Murray Kinsey - Son of Edmond Kinsey & Matilda Ballard Kinsey

Emma Kinsey - Wife of Lindley Murray Kinsey

Maud Kinsey - One year old baby girl, daughter of Lindley Murray Kinsey and Emma

Hauser Cemetery, Whitten, IA *

Lott W. Price family plot

* Items contributed by Chuckie Peterson

Below are links to other family members and their plot's in the 

Pleasant View Cemetery, Jewell County, Kansas

  1. Mark M.B Kinsey husband of Mary Ann Price Kinsey  View

  2. Mary Ann Price Kinsey wife of Mark M B Kinsey  View

  3. Frederick William  Kinsey husband of Anna Belle Rogers Kinsey  View

  4. Anna Belle Rogers Kinsey wife of Frederick W. Kinsey  View

  5. Frank S Kinsey View

  6. Harriett Ann Kinsey View

  7. John J Kinsey  View

  8. Hannah Matilda Kinsey Robinett View

  9. Clarence Harvey Robinett,  husband of Hannah Matilda Kinsey Robinett View

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