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I began researching the Cable and Drew Genealogies in order to gain a sense of connection to my rather large, extended family and in return, I have discovered cousins that I never knew about, relatives that I havenít seen since I was a small child, and ancestors that I imagine to be unique, wonderful people. In my research, I have found numerous surnames such as NORTHRUP, WHEELER, THORPE, BETTS, NORTON, PECK, BULKELEY, BRADLEY, and MYERS. Yes, I have even found a few kings and saints in our midst.

I am very new to the whole genealogy thing, so this is in no way a complete record, nor has it been completely authenticated. As my research continues, I will periodically make updates. Any additional information would be more than appreciated and I will happily share the data that I have gathered. If there are any questions or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me!

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Milford Historical Society (http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Park/3831/)
Stratford Historical Society (http://www.stratfordhistoricalsociety.com/ )
An awesome site dedicated to Scottish and English genealogies (http://www.origins.net)

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