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I have been working hard on our family tree,we have so far 1314 ind and 924 familys. Here are the surnames we are working on > Farquharson,Snay,Cote,House,Robidoux Jenot,Jennette,Leonard,Heath,Butler,Treat,Mack,Smith,Bidwell,Hills,Symonds,Clark, Clarke,Little,Hollister,Harris,Risley,Knapp,Lincoln,Cordiere,Boiselle,Loveland,Adams, Jones,Goodrich,Marvin,Gregory,Goody,Beeston,Brightman,Wilcox,Howes,Gaines,Burnham,Gray,Sweet,Covell.

Here are the states we are working on > MA,CT,NH,Ohio,FL,NY,VT, and also Canada and Nova Scotia,Scotland If you can link your self to us drop us a line we love to chat with lost relatives or even make new friends.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Rootsweb (https://sites.rootsweb.com)
Gencicrles (http://www.gencicrles.com)
Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com)

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