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National Spiritualist Church, Brighouse
The Spiritualists had a meeting room in Commercial Street, Brighouse [1888].

They opened their church in Martin Street / Eastwood Street in 19??

See Spiritualism and Spiritualists' Lyceum, Brighouse

National Spiritualist Church, Sowerby Bridge
Hollins Lane.

Established in 1874.

See Spiritualism

Naze Bottom Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Charlestown Hill / Jumble Hole Road. The Mount Olivet Chapel of 1846 was superseded by this new Church, designed by Sutcliffe & Sutcliffe. The Church was built at a cost of £2,200.

The Church was opened on 13th March 1909 by Mrs E. J. Crossley of Royd House, Hebden Bridge.

There was no water supply to the chapel, and baptisms were performed at Jumble Hole Dam

Pastors at the Church have included


The church closed on 5th July 1987. It is now a private house. The churchyard remains.

See Naze Bottom Baptist Church Memorial

New Bank Primitive Methodist Church
Halifax. The foundation stone was laid by Mr E. Bray on 25th March 1864. The Church opened on 11th September 1864. The chapel had accommodation for about 200. There was a school-room beneath for 200 scholars. The cost of the construction was a little over £600

New Beginnings Christian Centre, Halifax
Wheatley Road. The building was formerly used as a Sunday School

New Church, Halifax
In her journals, Anne Lister refers to Holy Trinity Church, Halifax as the New Church.

In newspapers reports of 1861, Square Congregational Church, Halifax is referred to as the New Church, Square Road, Halifax

See Old Church, Halifax

New Church, Skircoat
Built 1825-1828

New Longley Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland

See New Longley Primitive Methodist, Norland Graveyard

New Longley Primitive Methodist, Norland: Graveyard
The graveyard for New Longley Primitive Methodist, Norland

Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #2

New Mission Church, Pye Nest
Opened on 25th July 1907 by the Bishop of Wakefield

New Mission Hall, Brighouse
Martin Street. Opened on 1st December 1887

New Road Chapel, Rastrick

New Road Independent Family Church, Rastrick
Formerly New Road Sunday School

New Testament Church of God, Halifax
Aked Street [?]. Built in 1923

Newlands Meeting House, Rastrick
Huddersfield Road.

Land was bought in 1863. The Quaker meeting house – with classrooms – was built in 1868, to replace the Snake Hill Meeting House.

It opened on 11th November 1869.

It was described as

the Cathedral of Quakerism in the West Riding

The meeting house was sold in 1958.

St Christopher's School was held here. Quaker meetings were held in a rented room.

Mrs Hilda Bentley was caretaker [1941-1968].

It closed in 1972.

It is now apartments.

See Newlands, Brighouse and Rastrick Burial Ground

Norland United Methodist Church
Norland Town Road.

In 1???, Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel became Norland United Methodist Church.

The Church closed in the early 1960s.

Since 1967, the building has been a private house.

See Norland United Methodist Church Graveyard

Norland United Methodist Church: Graveyard
The graveyard of Norland United Methodist Church.

The Chapel is now a private house.

The Graveyard is still open for burials

North End Chapel, Brighouse
Congregational society formed in 1778

North Parade Baptist Church, Halifax
In 1854, the members of the General Baptist Church, Haley Hill decided to move to
a more favourable part of town

and North Parade Baptist Church was opened on 21st December 1854.

In 1855,

a generous firm in this town

promised to pay the Chapel's debts for the next 5 years on the condition that they removed the Principal of the Chapel.

In 1858, the failing church at Lee Mount came under the care of North Parade.

In 1863, Jonathan Horsfall and a group of Birchcliffe Baptists joined the Church at North Parade on condition that a cause be established at West Vale.

Pastors at the Church have included


The manse was at Lewis Street, Halifax.

See John William Dyson and North Parade Baptist Church Memorial

North Parade Baptist Manse, Halifax
The manse for the ministers of North Parade Baptist Church was at Lewis Street, Halifax

Northgate End Chapel: Graveyard
Originall, many burials were carried out at Halifax Parish Church. Some early burials – the first was Edward Ferguson [1736] – were under the floor of the Northgate End Chapel.

The first record of a burial, after the Register Act came into force, was on 26th October 1783.

The graveyard was created immediately to the south of the Unitarian Chapel, Northgate.

Northgate End Chapel, Halifax
Aka Northgate Unitarian Chapel, Northgate Presbyterian Chapel.

See Abel Wadsworth Dean, Elocution Society, Halifax, Fearnley Charity, Rev William Graham, Northgate End Chapel Bicentenary Memorial [1896], Northgate End Chapel Memorial, The organ at Northgate End Chapel, John Shillito, Rev Matthew Smith, Alexander Stradling and Thomas Wadsworth

Northgate End Parsonage
The parsonage for Northgate Unitarian Chapel stood in Winding Road.

It was built in 1784 on land given to the Chapel by John Priestley of Cross Hills, a descendant of Rev Nathanael Priestley.

In 1842, a School was built in the garden of the Parsonage

Northgate Presbyterian Church, Halifax

Northgate Unitarian Chapel, Halifax

Northowram Independent Chapel
Opened in 18??

Northowram Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Opened in 1821. Previously, services were held in a farmhouse at Northfield Gate.

The Chapel was demolished and a new Chapel built in 1882

Northowram New Chapel
Opened on 29th June 1837

Northowram, Parish of
The township of Northowram was established in 1662.

Northowram was split off from Coley to form a separate parish on 20th December 1909.

See Northowram Parish Church

Northowram United Reformed Church
Formerly Heywood's Chapel, Northowram

Northowram Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Lydgate / Towngate. Opened in April 1850.

This stands on the site of Oliver Heywood's Chapel which was demolished in 1836.

The building has been converted into 2 houses: Towngate House and Towngate Lodge. The Sunday School has also been converted into a house

Norwood Green Congregational Church

Ministers at the Church have included


The building has been converted to the Cobbett Centre.

See Norwood Green Congregational Institute

Norwood Green Mission Church

Norwood Green United Reformed Church

Nursery Lane Anglican Church, Ovenden
Stood at the junction of Nursery Lane and Keighley Road.

From 1921, it was used as a chapel of ease by the Catholic Community in Ovenden. In June 1962, it was superseded by Our Lady of Lourdes & St Malachy.

It was demolished in 19??

Question: Can anyone tell me anything about the Anglican Church and/or its name?


Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden
In 1849, several members left.

It accommodated 600 worshippers [1845].

They held services at Sundial House, Friendly between 1855 and 1860, and then at Bethel Chapel, Ovenden.

Ministers at the Church have included


See Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church Memorial and Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden Graveyard

Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden: Graveyard
The graveyard for Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden

Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #1


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