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The Halifax Thespians


General History

The local amateur dramatic society was formed at the White Swan Hotel, Halifax in October 1927 when the Rev Leonard J. Hines suggested that the many dramatic societies in the town should amalgamate to put on high-quality productions.

The first production was Dear Brutus at the Theatre Royal.

After leaving the Theatre Royal, productions took place at the Marlborough Hall until 1931, when plays were presented at the Alexandra Hall. The presentation of the first British production of Adam the Creator, by the Brothers Capek, opened the Alexandra Hall in 1931.

During the Second World War, plays were presented at Heath Grammar School.

In 1945, the Thespians launched an appeal for £10,000 to buy the Hanover Methodist Chapel for conversion into the Halifax Playhouse, and plays were presented there from 1949, starting with The merry wives of Windsor.

Amongst many others, Wilfred Pickles and Phyllis Bentley were active in the society.

The company presents a regular series of plays.

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