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John Rushworth

John Rushworth has kindly contributed information about

George Aspinall

Bankfield Farm, Southowram
Bankfield Gardens, Southowram
Henry Barber
Thomas Henry Barber
Barraclough Lane, Southowram
Billy Wobble
Bolton Quarries, Southowram
James Bottomley
Bramston Street Mine, Rastrick
Brierley Hill Quarry, Southowram
Albert Edmund P. Brough
John Arthur Butcher

Charlestown Mine, Halifax
Charlestown Road Brick & Tile Works, Halifax
Coldwell Hill Farm, Southowram
Cross Platts Quarry, Southowram
Crown Works, Halifax

Dove Farm, Northowram
Thomas Drake

Arthur Farrar
Charles Farrar
John Farrar
Samuel Farrar
Field House Farm, Southowram
Samuel Freeman
Bishop George Horsfall Frodsham

Greenwood & Rushworth

Halco Drilling International Limited
John Hebblethwaite
William Hebblethwaite
Hilly Holly Brow, Northowram
Septimus Hirst
Hope Hall Mills, Halifax

Arnold William Jagger
John Jagger
Jagger's Limited
Jonas Jennings

Stephen Knight

Lambert, Roper & Horsfield Limited
Law Hill Quarry, Southowram
Law Quarry, Southowram
Leeds Fireclay Company Limited
Charles Edmond Lister
Charles Edward Lister
Marian Lister
Little Ireland Farm, Southowram
Little Marsh, Southowram
Lower Place Farm, Southowram

Arthur Mallinson
George Mallinson
Harry Selwyn Mallinson
Herbert Mallinson
Hugh Mallinson
Hugh Mallinson
John Mallinson
John Mallinson
John Mallinson
John Mallinson
John Clayton Mallinson
John Thomas Mallinson
Joseph Mallinson
Joseph Mallinson
Joseph Mallinson
William Mallinson
William Mallinson
Marsh Delves Quarry, Southowram
Marsh Lane Quarries, Southowram
Marsh Quarries, Southowram
Ernest Marshall
Hanson Marshall
Solomon Marshall
James V. A. Mays
Thomas William Mays
Herbert Mellor
William Mellor
Milking Hill Quarries, Southowram
Mount Tabor Quarries
Fred Moxon
Mytholm Mill, Hipperholme
Mytholm Old Hall, Hipperholme

Henry Nichol
Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Norcliffe Lane, Hipperholme

Ogden Kirk Quarries
Old Godley Lane, Shibden
Captain Outhwaite

Park Farm, Southowram
William L. Pawson & Son

Reliance Mercury Limited
Joseph Rhodes
William Richardson
Victor Roberts Limited
Charles Rushworth
Charles Rushworth
Charles William Rushworth
Fred Rushworth
Frederick Rushworth
Geoffrey Charles Kay Rushworth
John Eric Richardson Rushworth
William Rushworth

Saint Anne's in the Grove Church, Southowram
Shibden Grange
Shibden Hall Road, Halifax
Shoulder of Mutton, Southowram
Slaten Quarry, Southowram
South Edge Quarry, Hipperholme
Southowram Cricket Club
John Sutcliffe

Thumpas Farm, Southowram
Isaac Thwaite
Frederick Town
Trimmingham Quarries, Halifax

Upper Place Farm, Southowram

West Lane Quarries, Southowram
Mr Whiteley
John Wilson
Joseph Womersley

Yew House Quarry, Southowram 

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