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Mr Mellor [17??-1???]
Mr Mellor [18??-1???]
Alfred Mellor [18??-1???]
Benjamin Mellor [17??-18??]
Benjamin Mellor [1781-1845]
Charles Mellor [1793-1868]
Charles Henry Mellor [1899-1918]
Eli Exley Mellor [1861-1926]
Rev Dr Enoch Mellor [1823-1881]
Frank Mellor [1896-1916]
George Mellor [17??-17??]
George Mellor [1791-1813]
Harry Mellor [18??-1???]
Harry Arthur Mellor [1???-1???]
Henry Mellor [1819-1896]
Herbert Mellor [1881-1958]
J. R. Mellor [1883-1918]
Jack Mellor [1889-19??]
James Mellor [17??-18??]
James Mellor [1830-1895]
Joe Mellor [1861-1936]
Joe Mellor [1898-1917]
John Mellor [18??-18??]
John Mellor [1818-1875]
John William Mellor [1883-1915]
Joseph Mellor [18??-18??]
Joseph Mellor [18??-19??]
Lawrence Mellor [19??-19??]
Leonard Mellor [1889-1918]
Leonard Mellor [1896-1916]
Manasseh Mellor [1854-1916]
Mark Mellor [18??-18??]
Norman Mellor [1892-1917]
Norman Mellor [1897-1918]
Norman Mellor [1899-1916]
Right Hon. John William Mellor [1835-1911]
Robert Lodge Mellor [1873-19??]
Sam Mellor [1860-19??]
Samuel Mellor [1797-1835]
Samuel Mellor [1835-1918]
Rev Thomas Mellor [1771-1852]
Thomas Mellor [1829-1878]
Thomas Mellor [1854-1906]
William Mellor [1???-1???]
William Mellor [1825-1???]
William Mellor [1861-1946]
William Mellor [1908-1990]
William Henry Mellor [1858-1930]

Mellor, Mr

He married Unknown.


  1. (possibly) Sarah [1775-1859] who married Scipio Dyson
  2. (possibly) Hannah [b 1782] who married William Shepherd

Mellor, Mr

He married Unknown.


  1. (possibly) William
  2. (possibly) Sam

Mellor, Alfred
[18??-1???] Stationmaster at Brighouse Railway Station [1881]

Mellor, Benjamin
[17??-18??] Cotton spinner at Lower Swift Place Mill, Soyland [early 19th century].

See Mellor, Berry & Pogson

Mellor, Benjamin
[1781-1845] Woollen manufacturer and merchant.

He built Holywell Hall, Stainland.

In March 1834, 65 of his workers signed an undertaking to leave any trade union whilst in Mellor's employment.

He was on the committee of the Huddersfield & Liverpool Direct Railway Company [1845].

He lived at Ash House, Holywell Green [1861].

He married Sarah, widow of Samuel Shaw.

Benjamin and Sarah are mentioned in the Memorials at Providence Chapel, Stainland and their remains were interred at Blackley Baptist Graveyard.

See West Yorkshire Railway Company

Mellor, Charles
[1793-1868] Born in Bradley.

He was a waterman [1820, 1861].

He married Grace [1791-1841].


  1. John
  2. Henry
  3. Thomas [b 1819] who was a waterman [1861]
  4. Mary [b 1833]

Charles was a widower by 1861.

Members of the family were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Mellor, Charles Henry
[1899-1918] Son of Harry Mellor.

Born in Brighouse.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 51st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He died 2nd March 1918.

He was buried at Brighouse Cemetery [B C 442]

Mellor, Eli Exley
[1861-1926] Born in Huddersfield.

In [Q3] 1888, he married Emily Jane Jeakins in Halifax.


  1. Norman

They lived at Stirtloe, Buckden, Huntingdon

Mellor, Rev Dr Enoch
[1823-1881] DD, MA.

Minster of Square Independent Chapel [1847-1861]. He left to serve at Liverpool but returned to Square Congregational Church [1867-1881].

See John Henry Jowett

Mellor, Frank
[1896-1916] Son of William Mellor.

Born in Brighouse.

During World War I, he served as a Rifleman with the 21st Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps.

He died 10th October 1916.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France [13A & 13B]

Mellor, George
[17??-17??] Minister at Wainsgate Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [1784-1786]

Mellor, George
[1791-1813] A cloth dresser of Longroyd Bridge.

He was a Luddite.

In January 1813, he, William Thorpe and Thomas Smith were tried for the murder of William Horsfall.

The indictment was that, on 28th April last, Mellor fired a pistol, loaded with bullets &c at Horsfall, by which firing he received a mortal wound on the left side of his belly, of which wound he languished until the 30th April and then died; and that the prisoners were present, aiding and abetting Mellor to commit the said crime, and that the 3 prisoners wilfully murdered William Horsfall.

It was said that one of the Judges at Smith's trial was Joseph Radcliffe, who had led the hunt to capture the 3 men. Effectively sitting in judgment on the evidence which he himself had collected.

The Jury found them all guilty. They were executed at the Tyburn, York [8th January 1813].

A fourth man – Benjamin Walker – had been Mellor's chief accomplice and turned King's Evidence for the £2,000 reward.

Their bodies were taken to the County Hospital in York, for dissection and medical research.

Mellor, Harry
[18??-1???] Born in Brighouse.

He was captain of a canal boat.

He married Mary Ann [18??-1???].

Mary Ann was born in Brighouse


  1. Elizabeth Ann [1897-1908]
  2. Charles Henry
  3. John William [b 1901]
  4. Ann [b 1903]

The children were born in Brighouse.

The family lived at Mill Lane, Brighouse [1901, 1911]

Mellor, Harry Arthur
[1???-1???] His parents lived at Wells Farm, Warley [1893].

In 1893, he married Florence, daughter of James Bibby.


  1. James Arthur [b 1898]

Mellor, Henry
[1819-1896] Son of Charles Mellor.

Born in Birds Royd, Rastrick / Elland.

Baptised at Elland [21st May 1820].

He was a well-known stone merchant, boat builder, boat owner, and carrier He established Henry Mellor & Sons.

He was a waterman [1845] / a retired boatman [1881, 1891]

He owned considerable property in the Mill Lane and Old Lane areas of Brighouse.

He was said to be one of the wealthiest men in Brighouse.

On 13/7/1845, he married Sarah Ann Illingworth [1826-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ann was born at Folly Hall, Southowram, daughter of Samuel Illingworth, overlooker


  1. Mary Ellen [b 1845] who was a milliner [1881]
  2. Charles [b 1847] who was a boatman [1861]
  3. Henry [1849-1863] who was a boatman [1861]
  4. Sam [1852-1853] who died aged 10 months
  5. Grace [1854-1858]
  6. John Albert [b 1857] who was a boatman [1881, 1891]
  7. Sam [b 1859] who was a boatman [1881, 1891]
  8. William [b 1861] who was a boatman [1881, 1891]
  9. Elizabeth Grace [1865-1869]
  10. Annie [b 1867]

The children were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

The family lived at

Living with them [in 1881] was grandson Harry Mellor [aged 9].

Staying with them in 1861 was brother John Mellor.

Henry died at Kingwood Grove [1896]

Mellor, Herbert
[1881-1958] He was in business as owner of Moulson & Mellor, stone quarry owners and agents, of Otley Road, Bradford. The business had been established in 1897.

In 1924, he came to Southowram to buy land.

He bought Bolton Quarries and the land at Bank Top between Marsh Lane and Long Lane from Jagger's Limited.

In 1925, he sold land to James Wadsworth & Sons.

He married Lydia [18??-1945].


  1. William

On William's marriage, Herbert built Bolton Lodge for the couple.

Around 1930, Herbert retired and he and his wife went to live at Withernsea, East Yorkshire.

In 1939, the couple returned to live with son William and family at Bolton Lodge

Mellor, J. R.
[1883-1918] Son of Frances & William Mellor.

Born in Halifax

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 12th/13th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He died 22nd March 1918 (aged 35).

He was buried at the Peronne Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France [7]

Mellor, Jack
[1889-19??] Of Triangle.

He was an iron turner [1910].

On 1st March 1910, he sailed from Liverpool to the USA, aboard the SS Ivernia bound for Peterborough, Canada

Mellor, James
[17??-18??] A cabinetmaker and upholsterer at Barum Top, Halifax [1828].

He married Unknown.


  1. (possibly) John

See Samuel Asquith

Mellor, James
[1830-1895] Born in Halifax.

He was a farmer.

He married Mary Robertshaw [1833-1917].


  1. Hannah [1876-1953] who married Davison Ambler

Mellor, Joe
[1861-1936] Born in Stainland.

He was a debt collector [1882, 1911] / landlord at the Star, Elland [1917]

In 1882, he married (1) Matilda Whiteley [1861-1895] in Halifax.

Matilda was born in Stainland


  1. Harold [b 1883]
  2. Norman

Matilda died in Elland [1895].

In 1895, he married (2) Ellen Greenwood [1868-1941] in Halifax.

Ellen was born in Low Moor


  1. Lawrence Hubert [1896-1947]
  2. Arnold Vivian [1898-1991]
  3. Emily Gwendolen [b 1904]

The family lived at 177 Central Drive, Blackpool [1919].

Joe died in Blackpool [1936]

Mellor, Joe
[1898-1917] Son of Abigail & Sam Mellor of New York Farm, Stainland.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

He died 10th October 1917 (aged 19).

He was buried at the Godewaersvelde British Cemetery, Nord, France [I H 16]

Mellor, John
[18??-18??] (possibly) Son of James Mellor.

He was an apprentice cabinetmaker.

On 16th October 1833, John Mellor and Samuel Asquith appeared at the Leeds Sessions and were found guilty of highway robbery and stealing money from Benjamin Pinder in Halifax on 21st September and were sentenced to be transported for 7 years.

On 27th September 1834, he was one of 270 convicts on board the Bengal Merchant which sailed for New South Wales, Australia

Mellor, John
[1818-1875] Son of Charles Mellor.

Born in Birds Royd, Rastrick.

He was a boatman? [1861].

At the 1861 census, he was staying with his brother Henry Mellor aboard the Ransom.

He was buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse with his parents

Mellor, John William
[1883-1915] Born in Wyke.

In 1907, he married Eva, daughter of Hanson Jagger.

He was a hairdresser [1911].


  1. John Hanson [b 1909] who was a director of a limited company [1964]
  2. Harry Whitaker [b 1912] who was a chartered electrical engineer [1964]

The family lived at 1 George Street, Hipperholme [1911].

He (possibly) died in 1915.

After his death, Eva married Joshua Wilkinson Sunderland

Mellor, Joseph
[18??-18??] He had a school at Rishworth.

He married Unknown.


  1. Samuel

Mellor, Joseph
[18??-19??] Printer and stationer of Ripponden [1905]

See Samuel Mellor

Mellor, Lawrence
[19??-19??] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Mellor, Leonard
[1889-1918] Son of Manasseh Mellor.

Born in Elland.

He was a member of Elland Boys' Brigade / a half-timer and progressed to become a woollen spinner with Samuel Marsden & Company.

During World War I, he enlisted [March 1917], and served as a Rifleman with the King's Royal Rifle Corps.

After training at Tynemouth, he went to France [Easter 1918].

He died of wounds in No.5 Casualty Clearing Station, France [30th August 1918].

He was buried at the Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval, Pas de Calais, France [III D 6].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial, on the Memorial at Elland Boys' Brigade, and on the Roll of Honour at Providence Congregational Church, Elland

Mellor, Leonard
[1896-1916] Son of William Henry Mellor.

Born in Elland.

He was a cotton twiner [1911, 1915] / employed by Gledhill's at Bridgefield Mill, Elland.

He lived at 13 Dean Street, Elland [1915].

During World War I, he enlisted [11th December 1915], but he was held in reserve until August 1916 when he was sent from Folkestone and joined the battalion [8th September 1916].

He served as a Private with the 1st/5th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died of pneumonia [30th October 1916].

He was buried at the Couin British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France [IV C 19].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Elland Boys' Brigade

Mellor, Manasseh

In 1881, he married Emma Hellowell [18??-19??].


  1. Leonard
  2. (possibly) Clarice [1891-1916]
  3. son
  4. son

The family lived at 1 Tong Royd, Elland.

Manasseh died [Q1] 1916 (aged 62), daughter Clarice died [Q3] 1916 (aged 25), and son Leonard died of wounds in World War I [30th August 1918]. Their 2 other sons also served in World War I

Mellor, Mark
[18??-18??] Sergeant of the police.

In 1860, he became licensee of the Stock's Arms, Northowram.

On 12th August 1859, he was seeking a man called Walker who was said to have stolen a dog from Mr Ryder of Hipperholme. He found Walker and a group of companions in a beer shop, and for some time, the men prevented Sgt Mellor from making an arrest, and assaulted the officer. Charles Thornton and David Haigh, both delvers from Northowram, were fined 50/- each or 6 weeks in prison

Mellor, Norman
[1892-1917] Son of Joe Mellor.

He was a dyer's labourer [1916].

He lived at Whitwell Green, Elland [1916].

During World War I, he enlisted [8th February 1916]. He was put on reserve [26th June 1916]. He was posted to France 12th Oct 1916.

His medical records show that he suffered from a slight stammer.

He served as a Private with the 14th Battalion Durham Light Infantry.

He was killed in action [22nd April 1917].

He is remembered on the Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France [106 & 107], on the Memorial at Elland Boys' Brigade, and on the Memorial at Elland Wesleyan Chapel

Mellor, Norman
[1897-1918] Son of Eli Exley Mellor.

Born in Halifax.

He was educated at Bradford Grammar School.

He joined the OTC [1915], was commissioned in the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

He served as a Lieutenant with the Royal Air Force.

He was temporarily blinded in an air battle. He became an instructor.

He drowned 10th October 1918 (aged 21)  when the troopship / mail steamer was torpedoed by German Submarine UB-123 and sank off Dun Laoghaire in the Irish Sea, with the loss of 523 lives.

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell [3 657]

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Golf Club, Ogden, on the Halifax Parish Church Church Members (WWI) Memorial, and on the Memorial at Saint Mary's Church, Halifax

Mellor, Norman
[1899-1916] Son of Robert Lodge Mellor.

Born 8th June 1899.

He was a telegraph messenger at the Post Office / a member of Trinity Baptist Sunday School.

During World War I, he enlisted [May 1915] and served as a Boy Telegraphist with the Royal Navy.

He lost his life whilst on duty on board HM Torpedo Boat 11 which was mined in the North Sea [7th March 1916] (aged 16).

He is remembered on the Plymouth Naval Memorial [14], on the Memorial at Trinity Road Baptist Church, Halifax, and on the Memorial at Halifax Post Office

Mellor, Right Hon. John William
[1835-1911] QC, MP.

Liberal MP for Sowerby [1892-1904].

He lived at

  • Culmhead, Taunton, Somerset [1896]
  • 68 St George's Square, London SW [1896]

Mellor, Robert Lodge
[1873-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a stuff piece presser [1901] / a stuff presser [1911].

In 1895, he married Harriet Buckley [1875-19??] in Halifax.

Harriet was born in Halifax


  1. Edith Emily [b 1897] who was a silver solderer [1911]
  2. Norman
  3. Frank [b 1901]
  4. Mabel [b 1904]
  5. Alfred [b 1908]
  6. Harry [b 1911]

The family lived at

  • 12 Bankfield View, Halifax [1901]
  • 61 Savile Park Street, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1901, 1911] was mother-in-law Elizabeth Buckley [b 1831]

Mellor, Sam
[1860-19??] (Possibly) son of Mr Mellor.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a stone merchant [1911].

(Possibly) a partner in Samuel & William Mellor.

In [Q1] 1895, he married Annie Blackburn [1862-19??] from Lincolnshire, in Dewsbury.


  1. Sarah Ann [b 1897]
  2. William Henry [b 1899]
  3. Gladys [b 1902]

The family lived at The Rookeries, Brighouse [1930]

Mellor, Samuel
[1797-1835] Of Slitheroe Bottom, Rishworth.

He married Hannah [1798-1867].


  1. Elizabeth [1832-1839]

Members of the family were buried at Stones Methodist Church, Soyland.

His epitaph described him as

A friend to Sunday Schools

Mellor, Samuel
[1835-1918] Son of Joseph Mellor.

Poet from Ripponden.

He was a member of the Calder Valley Poets.

In 1905, he published a number of humorous stories in a pamphlet [price 2d], which was printed by Joseph Mellor. Subjects of his stories included Edmond Pickup.

In 1916, he edited a volume of Biographies, Sketches & Rhymes by the Calder Valley Poets which included several of his own stories.

He married Unknown.


  1. Joseph

Sam died 21st February 1918.

He was buried at Christ Church, Barkisland [25th February 1918].

A memorial tablet was unveiled at Rishworth to Mellor and J. H. Eccles [21st June 1924]

Mellor, Rev Thomas
[1771-1852] He came from Salendine Nook and was Pastor at Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel [1815-1852]

Mellor, Thomas
[1829-1878] Born in Sowerby.

He was a mill wright [1871].

In [Q3] 1853, he married Emma.

Emma was the daughter of
William Firth


  1. Thomas
  2. John W [b 1859]
  3. Charles [1868-1938] who was a mill hand (worsted) [1891]
  4. Benjamin [1870-1896] who was an apprentice mechanic [1891]

Thomas died 3rd March 1878.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at under £50.

Administration was granted to his widow Emma.

In 1882, Emma married John Nicholl

Mellor, Thomas
[1854-1906] Son of Thomas Mellor.

Born in Sowerby.

He was a plumber's apprentice [1871] / landlord of the Triangle Inn, Sowerby [1887-1906] / a publican & farmer [1891] / a Conservative / a member of Sowerby Local Board / a member of Triangle Cricket Club

In December 1905, Richard Robinson, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to 14 days' hard labour for stealing a ham weighing 5 lbs which was boiling in a pan in Mellor's kitchen.

In 1882, Thomas married Isabella Hartley.

Isabella was the daughter of William Hartley


  1. Sarah Emma [b 1883] who was a bar maid [1911]
  2. Thomas [b 1885] who was a blacksmith [1906], a barman [1911]
  3. Frank [b 1886]
  4. John [b 1889] who was a turner engineer's tool makers [1911]
  5. Annie [b 1891]
  6. William / Willie [b 1893] who was a fitter engineer's tool makers [1911]
  7. Harry [b 1894]
  8. James [b 1898]

Living with them [in 1891] was widowed mother-in-law Sarah Hartley (retired landlady).

He died at the Triangle Inn after a short illness [1st April 1906].

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £466 5/3d.

Probate was granted to his widow Isabella Mellor, son Thomas Mellor and daughter Sarah Emma Mellor.

After Thomas's death, Isabella took over at the Triangle Inn [1911, 1917].

The couple were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby: Thomas [4th April 1906]; Isabella [29th October 1924]

Mellor, William
[1???-1???] Local builder. His work included:

Mellor, William
[1825-1???] He was a member of the Mellor family of Stainland

Paper manufacturer at Rishworth, Ripponden [1863].

He was at Booth Wood Mill, Rishworth [1875].

He lived at Grove House, Rishworth [1871]

Mellor, William
[1861-1946] Born in Brighouse.

He was a stone merchant & carrier [1911].

(Possibly) a partner in Samuel & William Mellor.

In [Q1] 1894, he married Fanny Eliza Clayton [1860-1942].

Fanny Eliza came from Brighouse


  1. John Albert [b 1895]
  2. Frank
  3. Ernest [b 1900]
  4. Ethel [b 1902]

The family lived at The Rookeries, Brighouse [1911]

Mellor, William
[1908-1990] Son of Herbert Mellor.

In 1931, he married Frances Smith [19??-1970].

Frances came from Bradford, and her family were involved in road haulage

As a wedding present, Herbert designed and built Bolton Lodge, Southowram for the couple, on their own land and using stone from their own quarry


  1. Joan [1935-2006]

Mellor, William Henry
[1858-1930] Born in Stainland.

He was a maltster [1878] / a stoker at dye works [1881] / a maltster [1891] / a maltster's labourer [1901] / a maltster [1911]

In 1878, he married Amelia Rangeley [1855-1933] in Halifax.

Amelia was born in Elland


  1. Benjamin [1879-1885]
  2. Herbert [b 1881] who was a boarder with the Armitage family in Elland [1901]
  3. Harry [b 1886] who was a cotton mill spinner piecer [1901], a cotton spinner [1911]
  4. Ann Eliza [b 1888] who was a blouse maker [1911]
  5. Emmeline [b 1890] who was a cotton twiner [1911]
  6. Freddy [1893-1972] who was a cotton twiner [1911]
  7. Leonard
  8. John David [1897-1965] who was a cotton twiner [1911]

The family lived at

  • Carr Road, Wike [1881]
  • 2 Upper Back Catherine Street, Elland [1891]
  • 46 New Street, Elland [1901]
  • 19 Bedford Street, Elland [1911]
  • 13 Dean Street, Elland [1916]


The Mellor family of Stainland
Stainland family of wool spinners and paper makers. Members of the family included:

See Mellor's Mill, Stainland

Mellor surname
There are over 40 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Mellor, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Mellor:

Marriages 1835, 1879; Deaths 1835, 1900, 1907

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