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Mr Pollard [18??-19??]
A. Pollard [1892-1919]
Albert Pollard [1916-1941]
Alfred W. Pollard [18??-19??]
Arthur Tempest Pollard [1854-1934]
Dr Bilton Pollard [1855-1931]
Clara Louisa Elizabeth Pollard [1837-1912]
Elizabeth Pollard [1869-1947]
George Pollard [17??-1???]
Colonel George Pollard [1782-1866]
George Thomas Pollard [1809-1876]
Georgiana Pollard [1843-1918]
Harry Pollard [19??-19??]
Henry Pollard [15??-16??]
Herbert Edward Pollard [1884-1917]
J. Pollard [18??-1901]
James Pollard [1761-1837]
James Pollard [1871-1916]
Jane Pollard [1772-1847]
Miss Jane Pollard [1780-1856]
John Pollard [1???-18??]
John Pollard [1749-1820]
John Pollard [18??-18??]
Jonas Pollard [1???-16??]
Rev Joseph Pollard [1766-1825]
Julia Frances Pollard [1840-1923]
Leonard Pollard [1887-1916]
Lewis Pollard [1864-1931]
Rev Matthew R. Pollard [19??-]
Naylor Pollard [1726-1806]
Percy Pollard [1889-1918]
Percy Taylor Pollard [1878-1945]
Richard Pollard [1843-1874]
Samuel Pollard [16??-1720]
Samuel Pollard [17??-18??]
Shackleton Pollard [1887-1984]
Stephen Pollard [1844-1899]
Dr Tempest Pollard [18??-18??]
Thomas Pollard [1846-1905]
Walter Pollard [1884-1915]
Will Pollard [1799-1???]
William Pollard [1???-18??]
William Pollard [17??-18??]
William Pollard [17??-1810]
William Pollard [1726-1814]
William Pollard [1768-1809]
William Pollard [18??-19??]
William Henry Pollard [17??-18??]
William Henry Pollard [18??-1927] 

Pollard, Mr
[18??-19??] Constable for Brighouse Parish. He had the nickname Butcher

Pollard, A.
[1892-1919] Of Hangram Street, Brighouse. In 1916, he joined the army and was transferred to the Somersetshire Regiment after training. Around Christmas 1917, he went out to India. Private Pollard died from influenza at Lahore on 3rd January 1919

Pollard, Albert
[1916-1941] Son of Clara & Wilfred Pollard of Todmorden..

He married Margaret.

They lived in Todmorden.

During World War II, he served as an Able Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard the cruiser HMS Neptune.

He died 19th December 1941 (aged 25)  when his ship struck 4 mines and sank in the Mediterranean, off Libya.

He is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, England [49 1], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Pollard, Alfred W.
[18??-19??] MA.

Son of Dr Tempest Pollard.

He wrote a number of books including English Miracle Plays, Select from and Annotations of Chaucer [1868], and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales [1886]

Pollard, Arthur Tempest
[1854-1934] Son of Dr Tempest Pollard.

He was educated at St Peter's School, York and at Wadham College Oxford. In 1878, he was appointed 6th form master at Dulwich College.

He was the first headmaster of the Oxford City School [1881-1887, 1888] / vice-master at Manchester Grammar School [1889] / headmaster at the City of London School [1890-1905] / President of the Modern Language Association.

He never married.

He died at Bournemouth

Pollard, Dr Bilton
[1855-1931] Son of Tempest Pollard.

He was educated at Epsom and London.

He was surgeon to the North-Western Hospital for Children [1885-1897]. He was Professor of Clinical Surgery at University College, London [1896]. He was interested in the surgery of gall stones and diseases of the pancreas. He edited 6 editions of Heath's textbook Minor Surgery.

He died in Bournemouth

Pollard, Clara Louisa Elizabeth
[1837-1912] Daughter of George Thomas Pollard.

In July 1873, she married Rev William Bishop de Moleyns [1821-1908] from St Levans, France, in Burrington, Somerset.

They lived – and died – in Long Ashton, Somerset

Pollard, Elizabeth
[1869-1947] Daughter of Richard Pollard.

After her father's death, her mother Emma married William Crabtree.

When William became Mayor of Halifax, Elizabeth was Mayoress.

She lived with her mother and stepfather at 48 Prescott Street, Halifax [1901, 1901] and continued to live there after their deaths [1947].

Elizabeth was found dead [3rd April 1947]. She was last seen alive the previous day. Probate records show that she left effects valued at £7,247 0/6d. Probate was granted to William Pollard (assistant editor), Richard Pollard (Café proprietor), and Alfred Herbert Richardson

Pollard, George
[17??-1???] An early member of the Pollard family of Stannary, Halifax.

In 17??, he married Sally Mitchell [1754-1783].


  1. George
  2. Sarah who married [1st January 1829] Rev J. Atkinson from Owerby, Lincolnshire

Pollard, Colonel George
[1782-1866] JP.

Of Stannary Hall, Halifax [1844].

Son of George Pollard.

Born 17th July 1782.

He was a Magistrate of the West Riding [1830] / a Deputy-Lieutenant of the West Riding / Commander of the Second West Yorkshire Yeoman Cavalry [1843] / Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant [1844] / a Commissioner of Land & Assessed Taxes [1845].

He married (1) Sally [1754-1783].

Sally was buried at Illingworth Church [30th November 1783].

On 21st October 1805, he married (2) Charlotte Horton.


  1. George Thomas
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Henrietta Charlotte Mary
  4. Fanny [d 1832]

On 16th July 1863, at the annual dinner of the 2nd West York Yeomanry Cavalry in the Halifax Mechanics' Hall, he was presented with a silver salver – weighing 275 ozs – by Sir Henry Edwards on behalf of the regiment. The salver bore the following inscription

Presented to Lieutenant-Colonel Pollard on his retirement from the command of the Second West Yorkshire Yeomanry regiment, after twenty years' service, by the officers, non commissioned officers, and privates, as a testimonial of their high appreciation of his conduct as an officer and a gentleman, of his indefatigable exertions in promoting the discipline and high standing of the regiment, and of their affectionate remembrance of his uniform courtesy and kindness, and of his constant endeavours to promote the welfare and happiness of all its members. Cui honor honorem April 1863

On the reverse of the salver was inscribed the name of every member of the regiment, each of whom had subscribed to the testimonial.

He died 26th May 1866.

He was buried at St James's Church, Halifax.

See Railway companies and West Yorkshire Railway Company

Pollard, George Thomas
[1809-1876] JP.

Of Stannary Hall, Halifax, Hundhill, Pontefract, and Ashfield, Cheltenham.

Son of Colonel George Pollard.

He was a Commissioner of Land & Assessed Taxes [1845] / a Commissioner of Property & Income Tax [1845] / a Lieutenant in the Second West York Yeomanry Cavalry [1845]

On 31st August 1835, he married Clara Royds [1818-1896] from Congleton, in Witton, Cheshire.


  1. Clara Louisa Elizabeth
  2. Julia Frances
  3. Georgiana

Pollard, Georgiana
[1843-1918] Daughter of George Thomas Pollard.

On 17th April 1866, she married Thomas Maitland Reid [1835-1894] from Manchester, at Christ Church, Cheltenham.


  1. George Maitland [b 1868]
  2. Clara Adelaide [1869-1912]
  3. Edmund Barkworth [1859-1931]
  4. Beatrice Maitland [1870-1959]

She died in Cheltenham

Pollard, Harry
[19??-19??] On 19th December 1925 to Florence Hall at St Paul's Church, King Cross

Florence was the daughter of
Lockwood Hall

Pollard, Henry
[15??-16??] Of Jump's Farm, Stansfield.

He established Pollard's Donation

Pollard, Herbert Edward
[1884-1917] His brother was veterinary surgeon to Halifax Corporation, and served in the Army in World War I.

During World War I, he served as a Lieutenant with the 134th Army Troops Company Royal Engineers.

He was killed in action [26th June 1917] (aged 33).

He was buried at the Ferme-Olivier Cemetery, Belgium. [2 A 10]

Pollard, J.

During the South African Wars, he served as a Private with the 1st Volunteer Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

On 23rd December 1901, he was reported to be dangerously ill with enteric fever at Warms Baths, South Africa.

He died presumably of the fever.

He is remembered on the Halifax Parish Church South African War Memorial, and on West View Park War Memorial

Pollard, James
[1761-1837] Of Halifax.

On 18th February 1790, he married Mary Hoyle.

Mary was the daughter of
Elkanah Hoyle


  1. James [b 1792]
  2. (William) Watson [1793-1859]

Pollard, James
[1871-1916] Son of Thomas Pollard of Halifax.

Born in Midgley.

He married Sarah Amy E..

They lived at 7 Liverpool Road, Fratton, Portsmouth.

During World War I, he served as a Chief Stoker with the Royal Navy aboard HMS Hampshire.

He died [5th June 1916] when his ship, on its way to Russia, struck a German mine, and sank with heavy loss of life. Those on board included the Secretary of State for War, Field Marshal Lord Kitchener and his staff who were on the way to a military meeting in Russia.

Of the 655 men and 7 passengers, only 12 men survived. 100 officers and men were recovered and buried in a common grave at at Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney. 550 bodies were not recovered.

He died 5th June 1916 (aged 45).

He is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, England [15]

Pollard, Jane
[1772-1847] 5th daughter of William Pollard.

She became a close friend of Dorothy Wordsworth.

In 1795, she married John Marshall [17??-1845] – (possibly) MP for York.

She died at Hallsteads in Cumberland [25th January 1847]

Pollard, Miss Jane
[1780-1856] Youngest daughter of William Pollard of Halifax.

Question: Can anyone identify her father?


She died at Aked's Road, Halifax [26th November 1856]

Pollard, John
[1???-18??] Landlord of the Punch Bowl, Bailiff Bridge [1840].

He married Ann.


  1. Henry [b 8th April 1843]
  2. Sarah [bapt 3rd August 1845]
  3. Mary Louisa [bapt 8th August 1847]

Pollard, John
[1749-1820] Son of Naylor Pollard.

He is remembered on the Pollard Lea family tomb at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Pollard, John
[18??-18??] Around 1865, he acquired the chemists, druggists and oil merchants business of Mr Baldwin

Pollard, Jonas
[1???-16??] Recorded at Lambard House in 1633

Pollard, Rev Joseph
[1766-1825] Born in Bradford.

He was a soldier in the 23rd Foot. He bought his release from the army and became a local Independent preacher. He was ordained at Booth and became Minister at Booth Congregational Church [1802].

He married Martha [1769-1840].

Joseph died at Booth [27th October 1825]. Martha died 1st April 1840 [aged 71]

The couple were buried at Booth Independent Church

Pollard, Julia Frances
[1840-1923] Daughter of George Thomas Pollard.

On 30th January 1866, she married Joseph Armitage Armitage [1841-1898] JP from Huddersfield, in Cheltenham.

She died in Long Ashton, Somerset

Pollard, Leonard
[1887-1916] Son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Pollard of 21 Fountain Street, Hill Top, Low Moor.

He was a cotton spinner [1901] / an employee of Firth's Carpets in Bailiff Bridge.

In [Q4] 1907, he (possibly) married Beatrice Hanson in Halifax.

The family lived at 45 Warburton Place, Wibsey.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 4th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders.

He died 4th December 1916 (aged 29).

He was buried at the Contay British Cemetery, Contay, France [VIII C 22].

He is remembered on Firth's War Memorial, and on Bailiff Bridge War Memorial

Pollard, Lewis
[1864-1931] He was a grocer's storekeeper [1887].

In 1886, he married Ada Shackleton [1861-1932] in Halifax.


  1. Shackleton

The family lived at

  • Woodhead Street, Pellon [1887]
  • Salisbury Place, Akroydon [1890s]
  • Ripon Terrace, Akroydon [1890s]

Lewis died 10th October 1931 (aged 67).

Ada died 5th November 1932 (aged 71).

They were buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

Pollard, Rev Matthew R.
[19??-] Vicar of St Matthew's Church, Rastrick [2007]

Pollard, Naylor
[1726-1806] He married Mary [d 1756] from Raw End.


  1. William
  2. John

He was buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby [10th February 1806]

The chest tomb for members of the Pollard family is a scheduled monument and stands in the churchyard at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Pollard, Percy
[1889-1918] Son of Mary Ann (née Massey) [1844-1917] & William Hird Pollard [1842-1917].

Born in Heckmondwike.

He was a wool comber [1916].

In 1916, he married Ruth Annie Dale in Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 7th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment.

He married Ruth Annie.

He died 12th November 1918 (aged 29).

He is remembered on the Tehran Memorial, Iran [4 2], and on Southowram War Memorial.

In [Q4] 1919, Ruth Annie married Robert T. Sykes in Huddersfield.

They lived at 12 Marsh Lane, Southowram

Pollard, Percy Taylor
[1878-1945] On 23rd December 1905, he married Gertrude Holt at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe

Gertrude was the daughter of
Charles Edward Holt

Pollard, Richard
[1843-1874] In 1866, he married Emma Bidder Dickenson.

Emma was the daughter of Elizabeth Dickenson


  1. William Herbert [1867-1928]
  2. Elizabeth

Richard died in 1874.

In [Q3] 1885, Emma married William Crabtree.

When William became Mayor of Halifax, Elizabeth was Mayoress

Pollard, Samuel
[16??-1720] He lived at Upper Shibden Hall.

He married Susanna [d 1722]

Pollard, Samuel
[17??-18??] Around 1808, he operated a corn mill at Little John Mill, Clifton Common

Pollard, Shackleton
[1887-1984] MBE.

Son Lewis Pollard.

He was organist at All Souls' Church, Halifax [1904] / organist at the Victoria Hall, Halifax [1904] / a fellow of the Royal College of Organists / accompanist for the Halifax Choral Society / conductor for the Halifax Choral Society [1940] / organist at Halifax Parish Church [1941-April 1963] / organist at St Andrew's Methodist Church, Huddersfield Road [1963] / professor of organ and harmony at the Royal Manchester College of Music.

In December 1920 he married Elsie Mitchell [18??-1953] at All Soul's Church.


  1. Kathleen

The family lived at

  • St Bevan's Road, Halifax
  • Skircoat Green Road
  • Bristol [to live with his daughter, 1969]

Elsie died 9th April 1953.

She was buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax alongside her husband's parents.

Shackleton died in Bristol [1984]

Pollard, Stephen
[1844-1899] Of Lydgate Post Office, Todmorden [1897]. He was assisted by his wife, Sarah [1846-1897].

On Sunday 21st February 1897, Sarah [1846-1897] went to bed after attending Harley Wood Church. Early on the following morning

she became a corpse

and was found by her son.

Stephen died 2 years later

Pollard, Dr Tempest
[18??-18??] MRCS.

Born in Pontefract.

He was a surgeon at Rastrick Common [1851] and Commercial Street, Brighouse [1861].

In [Q1] 1846, he married Sarah Bilton [1823-1893] in Selby.

Sarah was born in Selby


  1. William [b 1849]
  2. son [b 1851]
  3. Arthur
  4. Bilton
  5. Alfred

His wife died in Harley Street, London

Pollard, Thomas
[1846-1905] Born in Northowram.

He was a dyer [1871] / landlord of the Fleece, Halifax [1881] / landlord of the Golden Plough, Halifax [1885, 1887] / a pork butcher [1891].

On 1st March 1870, he married (1) Tamar Sladdin [1850-1883] at St Thomas's Church, Halifax.

On 4th March 1884, he married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of John Bradley at Coley Church.

The family lived at

  • 28 Russell Street, Halifax [1871]
  • Gibbet Street, Halifax [1891]

Pollard, Walter
[1884-1915] Born in Heckmondwike.

He was an asphalter lodging at 19 & 21 Winding Road, Halifax [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed in action near Zillebeke [19th March 1915].

He is remembered on the Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium [6], and on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Pollard, Will
[1799-1???] Illegitimate son of Hannah Pollard of Shelf.

Baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley [13th October 1799]

Pollard, William
[1???-18??] He was a butcher [1851] / landlord of the Malt Shovel, Southowram [1841, 1845].

He married Sarah [1794-18??].

In 1851, Sarah was a lodger at the Malt Shovel with Samuel Cooper who took over from William

Pollard, William
[17??-18??] Tanner at North Bridge, Halifax [1809]

Pollard, William
[17??-1810] Of Sod House Green. He was a relative of William Pollard.

He was a bookkeeper to John Royds. He was a partner in Hainsworth, Holden, Swaine & Pollard Bank. By 1802, he had withdrawn from the firm, which was then Swaine Brothers & Company.

He married Unknown.

Children: 2.

He joined the Connaught Rangers when they were recruiting in Halifax in 1796. He was killed at the Battle of Busaco, in the Peninsular War, on Sept 27th 1810.

His death is described by Lieutenant William Grattan, in his Adventures with the Connaught Rangers

A soldier of Bury's company, of the name of Pollard was shot through the shoulder; but seeing his captain, though wounded, continue at the head of his men, he threw off his knapsack, and fought beside his officer; but this brave fellow's glory was short; a bullet penetrated the plate of his cap, passed through his brain, and he fell dead at Bury's feet

Pollard, William
[1726-1814] He was a relative of William Pollard.

He was a merchant / occupant of Room 17 on the Arcade gallery at the Piece Hall [1787] / (probably) a member of John Pollard & Company [1780s] / one of the founders of the Halifax Circulating Library / a trustee of Northgate End Chapel / a founder member of Square Independent Chapel. He had an interest in the Calder & Hebble Navigation.

He married Ann Leach.


  1. daughter
  2. daughter
  3. daughter
  4. daughter
  5. Jane
  6. daughter
  7. daughter

The family lived at

He was buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax.

There is a memorial to him in Halifax Parish Church.

See Sod House Green

Pollard, William
[1768-1809] Son of Naylor Pollard.

He is remembered on the Pollard family tomb at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Pollard, William
[18??-19??] Around 1934, he built some houses in Rayner Road, Brighouse.

He married Annie Oates.

After Annie's death, he went to live at 59 Rayner Road, Brighouse

Pollard, William Henry
[17??-18??] Halifax coal merchant [1884].

He lived at Esps Farm, Pellon [1844]

Pollard, William Henry
[18??-1927] He lived at Asps Farm, Pellon


The Pollard family of Stannary
Of Stannary Hall, Halifax.

George Pollard was an early member of the family.

During the 19th century, they developed the Wheatley Dye Works at Dapper Mill, Ovenden.

In the 1800s, they specialised in the production of scarlet cloth for military uniforms. At the end of the 19th century, they merged with the Yorkshire Indigo, Scarlet and Colour Dyers Limited

Pollard surname

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are over 40 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Pollard, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Pollard:

Marriages 1883, 1930, 1950; Deaths 1800, 1907

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