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Sending Details of Your Forebears

Who should have an entry in the Calderdale Companion?

Use this format to send me details of one of your ancestors for inclusion in the Calderdale Companion

Please complete as many details as you can

Please use the following document as a Template and add the appropriate details to create a Word document, and send this as an attachment by regular email to me at

[email protected]

Please make sure that any written description is clear and unambiguous

Careless use of He, She, His and Her causes many more problems than you could imagine, when trying to interpret your details.

It is best if you can use the Internal Reference when referring to an individual who is already on the the Calderdale Companion - that's the reference which is displayed when you hover your mouse over the Red Keyword at the beginning of the entry for that individual.

If anything in your details is unclear and/or ambiguous, then it cannot be used on the website.

It is much simpler to get it right first time, than to try and undo mistakes later ... believe me, I have had to do this many times because of sloppy email texts

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