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Abigail Titterington [1789-1852]
Eli Titterington [1783-1854]
Eli Titterington [1858-1937]
Ernest James Titterington [1880-1961]
George Albert Titterington [1863-1928]
James Titterington [1771-1838]
James Titterington [1815-1852]
James Holdsworth Titterington [1846-1880]
John Titterington [1777-18??]
John Titterington [1807-1876]
Mary Ann Titterington [1822-1???]
Richard Titterington [1???-16??]
Robert Titterington [1818-1???]
Samuel Titterington [1773-1850]
Thomas Titterington [17??-1???]
Thomas Titterington [1747-1814]
Thomas Titterington [1770-1857]
Thomas Titterington [1809-1859]
Thomas Titterington [1819-1883]
Thomas George Titterington [18??-1???]
Thomas Gledhill Titterington [1857-1903]
Thomas Gledhill Titterington [1894-1964]

Titterington, Abigail
[1789-1852] Daughter of Thomas Titterington

Born 22nd July 1790.

She had an illegitimate son: Thomas.

On 30th October 1815, she married Henry Patchett at Elland Parish Church.

On 6th June 1841, she was publican in Mytholmroyd, living with her son Thomas (carpenter).

She died 28th August 1852 [aged 63].

She was buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden [31st August 1852].

The tombstone for Henry and Abigail Patchett in Luddenden churchyard, is now used as a paving stone on a path near the river side in front of the church

Titterington, Eli
[1783-1854] Or Ely.

Son of Thomas Titterington.

Baptised in Halifax [5th August 1783].

He was a carpet manufacturer at Midgley [1806] / a stuff manufacturer at Midgley [1845] / a worsted manufacturer [1851].

On 13th November 1804, he married Grace Ogden [1787-1848].


  1. Hannah [1807-1811]
  2. John
  3. Moira / Maria [1809-1882] who married William Foster
  4. Sarah [1811-1879] who married David Nicholl
  5. Hannah [1813-1888] who married [1846] John Murgatroyd
  6. James
  7. Grace [1818-1885] who married James Hartley
  8. Thomas
  9. Ellen [1823-1825] who married [1845] Nathan Buckle
  10. Rebecca [b 1826]

The family lived at

Grace died in Luddenden [27th November 1848].

Living with him [in 1851] was granddaughter Rebecca Titterington [aged 6].

Eli died in Luddenden [2nd January 1854].

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £12,000.

Members of the family were buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Titterington, Eli
[1858-1937] Son of Thomas Titterington.

He was a retired worsted spinner [1901].

In September 1893, he married Minnie Elizabeth at St Paul's Church, King Cross.

Minnie Elizabeth was the daughter of William Murgatroyd


  1. Thomas Gledhill

The family lived at 49 Scarisbrick Road, Southport [1901].

Living with them in 1901 were visitors Eli's brother Thomas Gledhill Titterington, his wife Emily Beatrice and daughter Marion.

Members of the family were buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Titterington, Ernest James
[1880-1961] Son of James Holdsworth Titterington.

Born in Horsforth.

He was a wool stapler & clerk [1901] / a traveller in the wool trade [1911]

On 25th October 1905, he married Sarah Elizabeth (Cissie) Haigh [1881-1963] at Halifax Parish Church.

Cissie was the daughter of Sarah Ann [1854-19??] & Charles Haigh of 11 Vine Terrace, Halifax


  1. Geoffrey [1908-1958] who married [1938] Gladys Alexandra Fitton [1910-1984]
  2. Mary [1911-2005] who married Malcolm Holdsworth
  3. Kathleen [b 1919] who married [1939] Joe Bennett

The family lived at 1 Oatland House, Greetland [1911].

Ernest James died in St John's Hospital, Halifax [17th February 1961].

Sarah Elizabeth died in Thornhill Nursing Home, Huddersfield [30th May 1963]

Titterington, George Albert
[1863-1928] Son of Thomas Titterington.

He never married.

He was (possibly) in business at Pepper Hill Mill.

He was an extensive landowner in Luddenden, Halifax and the Calder Valley.

He played football for Mytholmroyd Rugby Club.

In 1908, he went on a voyage to the Canary Islands. He was shipwrecked and endured a gruelling experience. He suffered bad health afterwards. He died on 30th November 1928.

He was buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £41,611 12/2d plus settled land

Titterington, James
[1771-1838] Yeoman.

Son of Thomas Titterington.

On 13th August 1811, he married Alice Shepherd [1781-1862] daughter of Mr Shepherd at Elland.

The family lived at Lydgate, Midgley [1862].

In 1841, Alice (Independent) was living alone at High Lees, Midgley, and her brother-in-law Eli Titterington was also at High Lees.

James died at Midgley [15th July 1838].

The widowed Alice was living with her sister Phoebe and brother-in-law Joshua Crowther and family at Lower High Lees, Midgley [1851], and with her nephew William Crowther and family at Lydgate, Midgley [1861]

Titterington, James
[1815-1852] Son of Eli Titterington.

He was a worsted manufacturer [1851].

On 13th September 1838, he married Sarah Foulds [1815-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Grace [b 1837]

The family lived at

  • with James's parents at High Lees, Midgley [1841]
  • High Lees, Midgley [1851]

Titterington, James Holdsworth
[1846-1880] Son of John Titterington.

Born in Halifax.

Baptised at Sowerby [1st January 1847].

He was a carpet merchant of Halifax [1870] / a carpet manufacturer & merchant at 16 Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1874].

On 13th April 1870, he married Mary Armytage at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary was daughter of George Armytage


  1. Annie Armytage [1871-1952] who was a dressmaker [1891] & married [1898] Ernest Sykes [b 1882]
  2. Harry Holdsworth [b 1873] who was a draper's clerk and emigrated to South Africa as a young man
  3. Gertrude [1877-1894]
  4. Ernest James

The family lived at

  • Akroydon [1874]
  • 9 Ripley Street, Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse [1891]
  • Moorlands Place, Halifax [1894, 1905]
  • 13 Moorlands Place, Savile park, Halifax [1901]

James died in Wharfedale [4th April 1880].

Mary died at Oatland House, Greetland [1st February 1911].

Members of the family were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby: James Holdsworth [9th April 1880]; Gertrude [1st February 1894]; Mary [4th February 1911]

Titterington, John
[1777-18??] Son of Thomas Titterington.

Baptised in Halifax [1st May 1777].

He was a farmer [1858].

On 2nd December 1810, he married Isabella Thompson [1787-1848] in Halifax.


  1. Mary Ann

Titterington, John
[1807-1876] Son of Eli Titterington.

Born at Struglars Hall, Luddenden [29th April 1807].

Baptised in Luddenden [9th June 1807]

He was a manufacturer in Midgley [1836].

The Leeds Mercury [12th August 1848] reported that

Sarah Ann Slater of the Anchor & Shuttle, Luddendenfoot summoned John Titterington, of Sowerby, manufacturer, for an assault. The complainant having first commenced the affair by throwing some water into Titterington's face, he was only required to pay 15/6d costs

A newspaper notice in 1848 announced

Notice is hereby given that all and every, the Household Goods, Chattels and Effects in and about the dwellinghouses and premises lately occupied by JOHN TITTERINGTON at Higgin Chamber, Sowerby, in the Parish of Halifax. And also all and singular Machinery and Utensils in and about the Mill and Premises adjoining or near thereto also lately held and occupied by the said JOHN TITTERINGTON are the sole and exclusive property of ELI TITTERINGTON of Midgley, parish of Halifax aforesaid Worsted Manufacturer, and that the said John Titterington has no right, title or interest whatsoever in the same Goods, Chattels, Effects and Machinery or any part thereof

MICHL. STOCKS, Solicitor to the Trustee. [14th October, 1848]


On 31st May 1836, he married Mary Holdsworth at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary was the daughter of George Holdsworth

The family were acquaintances of Branwell Brontë. Branwell painted the portraits of Mary and John.


  1. Grace [1837-1886] who married [1868] John Greenwood of Luddendenfoot
  2. Hannah Maria [1838-1916] who married Eli Whiteley
  3. Ely [1840-1841]
  4. Sarah [1842-1858]
  5. Rebecca / Rebekah [1844-1874] who married William Mitchell
  6. James Holdsworth

The family lived at Higgin Chamber, Sowerby [1841, ... 1881].

John died in Luddenden [8th January 1876].

Living with the widowed Mary [in 1881] was grandson James H. Mitchell [b 1869].

Probate records show that Mary left effects valued at £52 SHE/-. Probate was granted to Eli Whiteley

Titterington, Mary Ann
[1822-1???] Daughter of John Titterington.

In 1844, she had an illegitimate daughter Lucy / Louisa by Robert Thompson.

She married (1) Ellis Greenwood.

In 1858, she married (2) Eli Alderson.

In 1891, she was living with her daughter Louisa, widow of Robert Marland

Titterington, Richard
[1???-16??] Of Sowerby Bridge. He refused to pay his church rate on the grounds that the Curate, Robert Booth, was unlicensed and a Nonconformist

Titterington, Robert
[1818-1???] Of Mixenden.

He was one of the gang who attacked Thomas Cockcroft and Robert Crossley in 1839.

He was arrested in Dublin. Several English notes and 2 watches were found on him. The maker's name and their numbers identified them as being the watches of Crossley and Cockcroft.

At the trial on 5th March 1840, he was transported to Van Diemen's Land for life. He was one of 330 convicts who left England on the Lady Raffles [30th November 1840]

Titterington, Samuel
[1773-1850] Son of Thomas Titterington.

Baptised in Halifax [29th July 1773].

He lived at the estate Old Riding, Warley and Peel House, Warley

In 1814, his brother Thomas left Brock Top Farm, Mount Tabor to Samuel.

On 17th November 1795, he married (1) Sally Tattersall [1773-1797] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Mary [bapt 1796] who married John Wade of Lee House, Ovenden Wood
  2. David [1816-1823]

Sally died 28th June 1797 (aged 23).

On 27th April 1815, he married (2) Martha Clay [1785-1855].


  1. David [bapt 1816-1823]

Samuel died at Breck Top Farm, Mount Tabor [7th April 1850]

Members of the family were buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Samuel died 7th April 1850 (aged 76).

Martha died 4th February 1855 (aged 60) 

Titterington, Thomas
[17??-1???] Of Warley.

He occupied Room 43 on the Rustic gallery of the Piece Hall [1787]

Titterington, Thomas
[1747-1814] An early member of the Titterington family.

On 17th July 1768, he married Rebekah Helliwell [1735-1813] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Thomas
  2. James
  3. Samuel
  4. Hannah [b 1775] who married [18th February 1796] Robert Sutcliffe [17??-1828]
  5. John
  6. David [1779-1809]
  7. Mary [b 1781]
  8. Sally / Sarah [1781-1798]
  9. Eli
  10. Eleanor [b 1786]
  11. Abigail

Thomas and Rebekah died in Halifax

Titterington, Thomas
[1770-1857] Son of Thomas Titterington.

Born 24th March 1770.

Baptised in Halifax [13th November 1770].

He was a weaver and a farmer.

On 25th December 1805, he married Mary Greenwood [1773-1815] in Halifax.

In 1814, he left Brock Top Farm, Mount Tabor to his brother Samuel.

Mary died in Warley [1815].

Thomas died at Edgington, Rock Island, Illinois, USA [26th March 1857]

Titterington, Thomas
[1809-1859] Aka Titerintin. Illegitimate son of Abigail Titterington.

Born 13th January 1809.

He was a carpenter [1841] / a timber merchant & wheelwright at Mytholmroyd & Midgley [1845] / a joiner and timber merchant of Mytholmroyd [1856].

Around 1853, he married Sarah, daughter of Joseph Slater.


  1. Mary Ann [1830-1915] who married Richard Cockcroft
  2. Sarah [b 1837]

Thomas was

found dead in the area near his house steps, injuries from falling down such steps [27th October 1859]

Thomas was buried at St Michael's Church, Mytholmroyd.

In 1851, daughters Mary Ann and Sarah were living with the Slater grandparents at Old Gate, Hebden Bridge.

In 1861, daughter Sarah was living with her widowed grandmother Betty Slater at Buttress Bottom, Hebden Bridge.

In 1871, daughter Sarah was living with her uncle Valentine Slater, and in 1901, she was a fustian tailoress, living alone at Balmoral Street, Hebden Bridge.

In 1861, Thomas's widow Sarah was a wood dealer, living alone in Mytholmroyd.

She died at the home of daughter Mary Ann and Richard Cockcroft [17th August 1878].

She was buried at St Michael's Church, Mytholmroyd [22nd August 1878] with her husband and other members of the family

Titterington, Thomas
[1819-1883] Son of Eli Titterington.

He was a landed proprietor [1861] / in business at Pepper Hill Mill / a retired manufacturer [1871] / a gentleman [1881] / Lord of the Manor of Midgley.

On 21st May 1856, he married Mary Ann Gledhill.

Mary Ann was the daughter of Thomas Gledhill


  1. Thomas Gledhill
  2. Eli
  3. Herbert Edward [1860-1861]
  4. George Albert
  5. Mary Elizabeth [1866-1921]
  6. Ernest Augustus [1869-1878]

The family lived at The Greave, Midgley [1856, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1883, 1891, 1901].

Living with them [in 1881] was Mary Ann's sister Grace.

Thomas died 17th July 1883.

Members of the family were buried at Luddenden Cemetery

Titterington, Thomas George
[18??-1???] Of Luddenden.

He was dead by 1903, but records show that his executors owned the Travellers Rest, Higgin Chamber

Titterington, Thomas Gledhill
[1857-1903] Son of Thomas Titterington.

He was in business at Pepper Hill Mill until he retired [around 1900].

In [Q3] 1892, he married Emily Beatrice Tolson in Halifax.

Emily Beatrice was the daughter of Henry C. Tolson


  1. Marion [b 1894]

The family lived at Laurel Bank, Luddenden [1903].

Thomas died in 1903.

On 23rd January 1905, Emily Beatrice married (2) Ernest Edward Crowther In the census of 1901, the family were visitors staying with brother Eli Titterington at 49 Scarisbrick Road, Southport.

Members of the family were buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Titterington, Thomas Gledhill
[1894-1964] Son of Eli Titterington.

He married Lottie Mary (Mollie) McMinn [1906-1985]

Members of the family were buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden


Titterington surname
The surname uses the elements ing and ton and means the enclosure in the clearing of Tidhere, where Tidhere is a personal name (possibly) associated with the Welsh Tudor

There are over 20 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Titterington, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

The Titterington family
Thomas Titterington was an early member of the family in the district.

See Broadley Hall, Ovenden, Mill House estate, Luddenden, Pepper Hill Mills, Luddenden and The Greave, Midgley

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