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The Vicars

After the departure of William de Champvent in 1273, the Monks of Lewes converted the Rectory of Halifax into a Vicarage – under the papal bull of Pope Alexander IV.

They also asked the Archbishop to require that the Vicar live in Halifax.

The Prior of Lewes appointed the Vicars until the appointment of Robert Holdesworth in 1525.

The vicars generally had a university education.

See Halifax Anti-Vicar Rate Association, Halifax Tithe Commutation Bill, Halifax Parish Church Vicarage and Halifax Parish Church

This Foldout lists some of the people who have served at the Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist, Halifax



In some cases, the date(s) shown here for the Vicar are approximate and refer to a year in which he was recorded as being in office.

References to the Incumbent often use the words Curate, Minister, Pastor, Perpetual Curate, Priest, or Rector where – for convenience – I have used the word Vicar

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