Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Photograph

Grave of William Midgley & Family

The grave of William Midgley & family – the location is yet to be determined

The grave of William Midgley and family.

the Wife of William Midgley
who died Dec 24th 1828
Aged 62 years
Also Mary, Daughter of the above
and Wife of Joseph Sutcliffe
who died August 11th 1854
Aged 51 Years
Also of Joseph Sutcliffe her
Husband who died Dec 30th 1867
in the 55th year of his age
"Lord I have Loved the habitation of
thy house and the place where
thine honour dwelleth"
Also of Grace Sutcliffe his
second wife, who died March 16th
1872. Aged 61 years

[Taken in 2010]

This image [TE1.JPG] was kindly submitted by Teresa Evans

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