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Grave of Charles Hopkinson & Family

Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel

The grave of Charles Hopkinson & family at Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel


In Memory of
Charles Hopkinson of Rishworth
Hall who died January 14th 1810
Aged 57 Years.
Who was the Builder of this
Chapel. Also the first Tomb
in this Yard. Also an Infant of
William Hopkinson's.
ALSO William, Son of the above
Charles Hopkinson, who died on
the 22nd of Febry, 1832, Aged 50 Years.
Also of Mary Hopkinson, the wife
of the above-name Charles Hop
kinson, who died August 7th 1840
Aged 88 Years.
Also Hannah the wife of Joseph Hanson Rishworth Hall
late wife of the above William Hopkinson 
who died April 2nd 1857 aged 73 years.
Also Nancy, beloved wife of Eli Whiteley 
and daughter of the above who died
November 30th 1895 aged 61 years.
Also the above Eli Whiteley
who died October 18th 1900 
in his 73rd year

This image [RNE1.JPG] was kindly submitted by Randolyn Emerson

Grave of Charles Hopkinson & Family: Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel

This image [RNE2.JPG] was kindly submitted by Randolyn Emerson

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