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Saint Bartholomew's Church, Ripponden: The flood of 1722

St Bartholomew's Church, Ripponden was badly damaged when the Ryburn flooded after a severe storm on Friday, 18th May 1722.

The incident occurred around 4:00 pm.

The Ryburn suddenly rose 21 ft above the normal level, and damaged the Church, and also Stirk Bridge and many bridges, houses and mills along the river.

15 persons – 8 of whom were members of the same family – were drowned.

At the Church, graves were dislodged and several corpses were washed out of their graves. One coffin was found in a tree.

The Calder was driven back a quarter of a mile above Sowerby Bridge.

Watson wrote that

Some persons living near the Church saved themselves by forcing a way out of the roof of their houses, and sitting upon the ridges till the storm was over

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