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Streets in Calderdale



Gainest, Pye Nest

Gall Lane, Cornholme

Gallery, Salterhebble
Recorded in the 1851 census

Gamaliel Lane, Heptonstall
Built in 1802 by Gamaliel Sutcliffe to link Mytholm and his mills at Lumb Mills, Heptonstall

Gannex Park, Elland
Development on the site of the former Broad Lea Mill

Ganny Court, Brighouse

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed

Ganny Road, Brighouse
There was a police station here before that in Police Street opened.

See Brighouse Bus Station and Ganny

Gaol Lane, Halifax
Aka Jail Lane.

Lane just north of, and parallel to, Woolshops, running from Northgate to Winding Road.

Property here included

The buildings in the area were demolished in the 1970s.

Mesolithic tools were found when a 13th century house was demolished.

The vestiges of the lane can be found down the southern side of Halifax Central Library.

Beerhouses & Pubs in Gaol Lane, Halifax

See Back Lane and Emmet's Lower Court, Halifax

Gaol Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874 off Horley Green Road

Garden Fold, Hipperholme

Garden Lane, Greetland
There was a monitoring station for the Royal Observer Corps here. This was set up in 1962 to monitor nuclear activity during the Cold War. It was decommissioned in 1991

Garden Road, Brighouse

See Waterloo Road, Brighouse

Garden Square, Hebden Bridge
Popularly known as Birkenhead in the 19th century

Garden Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1864 and 1874 off Haley Hill

Garden Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Swan Bank

Garden Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off West Parade

Garden Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off New Bank

Garden Street, Hebden Bridge
Built by William Patchett in the garden of his White Horse Inn to link Commercial Street and Bridge Gate and bypass the White Lion which was owned by his brother, Richard.

There is a stone trough at the end of the car park here

Garden Street, Lee Mount

Garden Street North, Halifax
Street north of Charlestown. The name comes from the gardens which once were at Charlestown.

Recorded in 1885 and 1887

See Garden Street Mill

Garden Street, Todmorden

Garden Terrace, Hebden Bridge
Originally called Industrial Street

Garden Villas, Hebden Bridge

Gardener's Square, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Well Lane. The area was cleared in 1935

Gardener's Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Haley Hill

Gardeners Square, Hipperholme
Aka Gardner Square. Area opposite Hipperholme Grammar School

The Gardens, Halifax

Garfield Street, Lee Mount

Garfield Street, Todmorden

Gargrave Close, Rastrick
In October 2006, the Brighouse Echo carried a story of a hooded figure which had been seen by residents in the close, and of paranormal events witnessed by the occupants of a house there

Garibaldi Street, Todmorden

Garlick Street, Rastrick

Garner's Court

Garnett Street, Hebden Bridge
A house here is listed

Garnett's Yard, Halifax
St James's Road.

Recorded in 1851

Garside Drive, Wheatley
Built in 2011. Named in honour of Geoffrey Garside. A block is called Walter House

Garth's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Garwick Terrace, West Vale

Gas House Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Charlestown Road / Old Bank

Gas Works Lane, Elland
The offices of the Elland-cum-Greetland Gas Company and Elland Gas Works were here

Gas Works Road, Sowerby Bridge

See Gas Works Road Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

Gate Head Lane, Hebden Bridge

Gatehead, Greetland

Gates End, Cragg Vale

Gath's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off 8 Gibbet Street

Gathorne Street, Brighouse
Recorded in 1905

Gaukroger's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Upper Brunswick Street

Gaukroger Lane, Halifax

Gaukroger Yard, Halifax
Off Lilly Lane. Recorded in 1881

Gauxholme Fold, Todmorden

Gaythorne Terrace, Hipperholme

General Wood, Todmorden

George Green's Fold, Halifax
Recorded in 1787

The George, Sowerby Bridge

George Street, Brighouse
Wakefield Road.

Thomas Blackburn built housing here primarily for his workers at Phoenix Mill

George Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874

George Street, Clifton

George Street, Elland

George Street, Halifax
Over the years, the street has been known as Back Lane, Lovelace, Loveledge and Loveless Lane.

The street is said to have been named after a visit by King Christian VII of Denmark on 1st September 1768.

Some writers have expressed doubt about this explanation for the origin of the name, and suggest that it was named after Sir George Savile who often stayed at Royds' House.

On 4th December 1923, a runaway motor lorry wrecked property in the street.

On 1st February 1926, Halifax ratepayers voted against widening George Street and development of Bull Green, Halifax.

On 16th December 1926, there was a Ministry of Transport inquiry into Halifax Corporation's application to borrow £22,634 to buy property in Silver Street, George Street and Black Swan Passage for the proposed widening of George Street.

Around 1935/1940, buildings in Silver Street, Black Swan Passage and George Street were demolished when George Street was widened. The newer buildings on the north side were completed in the 1950s.

See Bull's Head, Halifax, George Square and Somerset House

George Street, Hipperholme
Houses here were designed by Joseph Frederick Walsh [1892].

There are passages between the houses. These were probably to allow the carts through to collect refuse and night soil. There are 2 rooms above the passage, one belonging to the house on the left, the other belonging to the house on the right

George Street, Mytholmroyd

George Street, Rastrick

George Street, Sowerby Bridge

George Street, Todmorden

See George Street Co-operative Society, Todmorden

George Street, West Vale

George Terrace, Rastrick

Georges Street, Ovenden

Gerrard Street, Halifax
Bramwell Booth was born at 3 Gerrard Street, Halifax

Gib Lane, Wadsworth
A part of the Limers' Gate route

Gibb Lane, Mount Tabor
See Gibb Farm, Mount Tabor, Gibb Lane Well, Mount Tabor and Sunny Bank Farm, Mount Tabor

Gibb's Terrace, Siddal
Recorded in 1916

Gibbet Lane, Halifax
Aka Gibbet Hill, Gibbet Street

Gibbet Street, Halifax
Aka Gibbet Hill, Gibbet Lane.

The Gibbet stands here

Gibraltar Avenue, Halifax
The housing estate here stands on the site of the works of the former Campbell Gas Engine Company Limited. The houses used much of the stone from the buildings

Gibraltar, Halifax
Area of Parkinson Lane

Gibraltar Road, Halifax
Named for Gibraltar Farm

Gibson Street, Todmorden

Gilb's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Waterhouse Street

Gilbert Cottages, Barkisland

Gilbert Fields, Barkisland

Gilbert Gardens, Barkisland

Giles Hill Lane, Shelf

Gill's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1890.

See G. H. Radcliffe

Gilmour Street, Lee Mount
Runs between Old Lee Bank and St George's Road

Gin Pit Hill, Clifton
A gin driven by a horse was used to pump water and raise coal from a mine here

Gladstone Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
Sowerby New Road.

William Ackroyd lived here [1891]

Gladstone Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Commercial Road

Gladstone Road, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park. Named for William Gladstone

Gladstone Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Commercial Road

Gladstone Street, Stainland

Gladstone Street, Todmorden

Gladstone Terrace, Elland
A row of back-to-back houses dated 1881

Gladstone View, Siddal

Glaisdale Grove, Hipperholme

Gleanings Avenue, Norton Tower
This and Gleanings Drive – the Mount Farm Estate – were built in the 1920s/1930s by Joseph Walker & Son.

See Gleanings, Norton Tower

Gleanings Drive, Norton Tower
This and Gleanings Avenue – the Mount Farm Estate – were built in the 1920s/1930s by Joseph Walker & Son.

See Gleanings, Norton Tower

Gledcliffe, Halifax

Gleddings Close, Halifax

Gledhill's Buildings, Greetland
Recorded in 1891

Gledhill's Buildings, Halifax
King Cross Road.

Recorded in 1851, when William Gledhill and family lived here

Gledhill Street, Todmorden

Gledhill's Terrace, Rastrick
Recorded in 1910

Gledholt Street, Brighouse
The street no longer exists

Glen Avenue, Todmorden

Glen, Halifax
Recorded in 1861 and 1874 at Pellon

Glen Lea, Sowerby Bridge

Glen Mount Close, Halifax

Glen Mount, Wheatley

Glen Royd, Stainland

Glen Terrace, Halifax

Glen Terrace, Hipperholme

Glen Terrace, Todmorden

The Glen, Todmorden

Glen View, Halifax

Glen View, Hebden Bridge

Glen View, Lee Mount

Glen View Road, Hebden Bridge

Glen View, Sowerby Bridge

Glen View Street, Todmorden

Glencoe, Halifax

Glenfield, Greetland

Glenfield Place, Sowerby Bridge

Glenholme Heath, Halifax

Glenholme Villas, Lee Mount

Glenroyd, Sowerby Bridge

Glove Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Copper Street

Glyndon Court, Rastrick

Godfrey Road, Halifax
Named for Ingram Fuller Godfrey

Godley Bank, Claremount

Godley Branch Road, Halifax

Godley Close, Rishworth

Godley Gardens, Halifax

Godley Lane Head to Norwood Green Turnpike
Turnpike recorded in 1827

Godley Lane, Rishworth

Godley Lane, Shibden
The main road from Stump Cross towards Halifax.

See Godley Cutting and Old Godley Lane

Godley Road, Halifax

Godley Row, Sowerby Bridge

Godly Lane, Sowerby Bridge

See Brown Cow House, Rishworth

Goit Side, Booth
Variously listed as being in Booth & Midgley & Luddenden.

See The Dean, Midgley and Woodlands, Luddenden

Elizabeth Bracken

Gold Street, Boothtown
Recorded in 1874 at Mill Lane.

Recorded in 1905 off Leyland Street.

An aisled house at Number 4, Gold Street, Boothtown is mentioned in Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area

Goldfields Avenue, Greetland

Goldfields Close, Greetland

Goldfields View, Greetland

Goldfields Way, Greetland

Golf Avenue, Halifax

Golf Crescent, Halifax

Gooder Lane, Rastrick
Recorded in 1855

Gooder Street, Brighouse
Recorded in 1855

The street no longer exists

Goose Clough, Mixenden

Goose Nest Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Goose Pond Lane, Norland

Goosegate, Illingworth

Gordon Street, Akroydon

Gordon Street, Elland
Named after a member of the Langdale family

Gordon Street, Holmfield
Recorded in 1905 off Beechwood Road

Gordon Street, Sowerby Bridge

Gordon Street, Todmorden

Gorple Cottages, Hebden Bridge

Gorpley Lane, Todmorden

Goshen View, Todmorden

Gosling Lane, Barkisland

Gosling Royd, Holmfield
Recorded in 1905 off Keighley Road

Gosport Close, Sowood

Gosport Lane, Outlane

Governor's Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. It was a part of The City

Governor Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Governor Street

Grafton Place, Ovenden

Grafton Street, Boothtown
Recorded in 1905 off Boothtown Road

Grammar School Place, Rastrick

Grand Junction Hotel Passage, Halifax
Near the Grand Junction Hotel, Halifax.

Recorded in 1905, when Briggs Priestley was here

Grand View, Sowerby Bridge

Grandsmere Place, Halifax

Grange Avenue, Illingworth

Grange Bank, Shelf

Grange Court, Southowram

Grange Dene, Mytholmroyd

Grange Heights, Southowram

Grange Lane, Brighouse

Grange Park, Halifax

Grange Street, Lee Mount

Granny Hall Grove, Brighouse

Granny Hall Lane, Brighouse
Named for Granny Hall

Granny Hall Park, Brighouse

Granny Hill Bottom, Copley
Recorded in 1905

Granny Hill, Halifax
King Cross.

See Granny

Granny Hill Lane, Copley
Recorded in 1905

See Granny

Granny Hill Terrace, Halifax

Granny Hill Top, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at King Cross

Grant Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Commercial Road

Grantham Place, Halifax

Grantham Road, Boothtown
There were a number of streets of back-to-back houses which ran parallel to Boothtown Road between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North:

Streets (1) to (5) were demolished in the 1970s and Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site.

Houses on Palm Street and Cathcart Street are still there.

Streets (8) to (12) were demolished and a housing development was built on the site

Granville Street, Elland

Granville Street, Todmorden

Grape Street, Halifax
Off Gibbet Street

Grasmere Drive, Elland

Grasmere Place, Ovenden

Grassy Bottom, Sowerby Bridge

Gratrix Lane, Sowerby Bridge
See Clough Mill, Sowerby Bridge, Stone Mill Tannery, Sowerby Bridge and Thompson's Buildings, Sowerby Bridge

Gray's Court, Halifax
Off Range Lane. Recorded in 1873

Gray Hall Close, Stainland

Gray Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Range Lane

Great Albion Street, Halifax
Formerly Cabbage Lane Field.

Recorded in 1874

On 1st October 1917, the first command kitchen in Halifax opened here.

Halifax's first multi-storey flats opened at Albion Court and St James's Court, Great Albion Street on 25th April 1964

Great Edge Road, Warley

Great House Road, Todmorden
Named for Great House, Eastwood

Great Scout, Luddendenfoot

Greave House Drive, Luddenden

See Greave House, Midgley

Greave House Fields, Luddendenfoot

Greave House Park, Luddendenfoot

Greave Road, Ripponden

Greave Street, Todmorden

Greaves Buildings, Northowram
Recorded in 1841

Greaves Fold, Stainland

Greaves Place, Stainland

Green Acres, Sowerby Bridge

Green Bank, Mytholmroyd

Green's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Foundry Street

Green End, Brighouse

Green End, Old Town
A row of weavers' cottages built in 1825

Green Hall, Mixenden

Green Hall Park, Shelf

Green Head, Norland

Green Hill, Halifax

Green Houses, Luddendenfoot

Green Lane, Bradshaw

Green Lane, Brighouse

Green Lane, Greetland
/ West Vale.

Property here includes

  • Far Onecliffe, West Vale

  • Fox Buildings, West Vale

  • Ingwood, Greetland

  • Lyndhurst, Greetland and

  • Vale Mill, West Vale

  • West Vale Baptist Manse – Number 45

    Green Lane, Halifax
    Recorded in 1905. It was a continuation of Crib Lane running to Pellon Lane.

    The street and much property in the area was demolished in the 1960s.

    Halifax Police Station in Richmond Close stands on the site of the street

    Green Lane, Halifax
    Burnley Road

    Green Lane, Hartshead
    The way from Towngate, Clifton to St Peter's Church, Hartshead, has been known as Kirkgate, then Green Lane, then Well Lane

    Green Lane, Heptonstall Slack

    Green Lane, Luddenden

    Green Lane, Mixenden

    Green Lane, Northowram

    Green Lane, Pye Nest

    Green Lane, Ripponden

    See Ringstone Edge reservoir

    Green Lane, Shibden

    Green Lane, Southowram
    Lane leading from Bank Top to Beacon Hill.

    See Bolton Quarries, Southowram and Colburn farm, Southowram

    Green Lane, Sowerby

    Green Lane, Sowood

    Green Lane, West Vale

    Green Mount, Norwood Green

    Green Mount Terrace, Halifax

    Green Park Avenue, Skircoat Green

    Green Park Drive, Halifax

    Green Park Gate, Halifax

    Green Park Road, Skircoat Green

    Green Park Street, Halifax

    Green Royd, Halifax

    Green Springs, Hebden Bridge

    Green Street, Stainland

    Green Terrace Square, Halifax

    Green Way, Illingworth

    Green's Yard, Halifax
    Recorded in 1874 off Foundry Street

    Greenacres Avenue, Shelf

    Greenacres Drive, Shelf

    Greenacres Grove, Shelf

    Greenacres, Shelf

    Greencroft Avenue, Northowram

    Greenfield Avenue, Bailiff Bridge

    Greenfield Close, Halifax

    Greenfield Close, Stainland

    Greenfield Park Lane, Stainland

    Greenfield Place, Bailiff Bridge

    Greenfield Terrace, Todmorden

    Greengate Head, Stainland

    Greenhead Lane, Rastrick

    Greenholme, Causeway Foot

    Greenroyd Avenue, Skircoat Green

    Greenroyd Close, Halifax
    See Bermerside House, Halifax

    Greenroyd Crescent, Halifax

    Greenroyd, West Vale

    Greenroyde Terrace, Halifax

    Greens Square, Halifax

    Greenup's Terrace, Sowerby Bridge
    Samuel Wilkinson was involved in adding sculleries and water closets for 21 houses in the street [1904]

    Greenups Terrace, Sowerby Bridge
    Recorded in 1861

    Greenwood's Buildings, Halifax
    Recorded in 1874 off New Bank

    Greenwood Street, Halifax
    Recorded in 1874 as part of Stannary off St James's Road.

    In 1895, Harriet Ashworth kept a lodging house at No. 42

    Greenwoods Terrace, Lee Mount

    Greetland Road, Barkisland

    Grey Stone Lane, Todmorden
    Some of the buildings here are listed

    Grey Street, Halifax
    Recorded in 1874 off Haley Hill

    Greycourt Close, Halifax

    Greyshaw Syke, Causeway Foot

    Greystone Avenue, Elland

    Greystone Court, Rastrick

    Greystones, Lee Mount

    Greystones, Ovenden

    Griffin Yard, Halifax
    The yard of the Griffin Inn, Halifax

    Grimescar Avenue, Elland

    Grindlestone Bank, Halifax

    See Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden

    Grondle Glen, Charlestown

    Grosvenor Place, Luddendenfoot

    Grosvenor Street, Elland

    Grosvenor Terrace, Halifax
    Part of West Hill Park

    Grotto Terrace, Halifax

    Grotto Terrace, Warley
    Houses built for the workers at Jowler Mill

    Groudle Glen, Hebden Bridge

    Grove Avenue, Ovenden

    Grove Cottages, Brighouse

    Grove Court, Ovenden
    Flats for the elderly were opened here on 15th April 1965

    Grove Crescent, Luddenden

    Grove Croft, Ovenden

    Grove Drive, Ovenden

    Grove Edge, Ovenden

    Grove Gardens, Ovenden

    The Grove, Hipperholme
    A number of semi-detached houses were erected in Bramley Lane around 1925

    Grove Mill Yard, Ovenden

    The Grove, Ovenden

    Grove Park, Ovenden

    Grove Road, Hebden Bridge
    Built on the site of the former Foster Mill, Hebden Bridge

    Grove Row, Mount Tabor
    Recorded in 1853 as Myrtle Grove

    Grove Royd, Ovenden

    The Grove, Shelf

    Grove Square, Ovenden

    Grove Street, Brighouse
    When the Armytage family sold the land [1860], the street was to be called Mill Street, but when Grove Mills were built, the street became Grove Street

    Grove Street, Halifax
    A short street just south of Park Street which ran north-west from Northgate.

    Built on the site of a plot of land known as The Park which had been divided into gardens and was sold at auction in 1808.

    See Jesse Craven

    Grove Street, Ovenden

    Grove Street South, Halifax

    Grove Street, Sowerby Bridge

    Grove Terrace, Brighouse

    Grove Terrace, Greetland
    Rochdale Road. Small terrace of houses dated 1863

    Grove Terrace, Mytholmroyd
    In 1869, the Mytholmroyd Co-operative Society bought land at Scout Road for £1300 and built 8 houses which were sold to members. These were named Grove Terrace. 12 more homes followed in 1874

    Grove The, Ovenden

    Grove Ville, Hipperholme

    Guide Post, Causeway Foot

    Guildford Street, Hebden Bridge

    Guildway, Warley

    Gypsy Lane, Lightcliffe
    An earlier name for Catherine Slack

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