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Streets in Calderdale



Oak Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Oak Avenue, Todmorden

Oak Cottages, Todmorden

Oak Hill Clough, Todmorden
Some of the buildings here are listed

Oak Hill Road, Brighouse

Oak Hill, Sowerby Bridge
This is the road that climbs behind The Triangle Inn

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country.

Oak Lane, Halifax

Oak Lane, Mill Bank

Oak Mount, Lightcliffe
Major R. J. Sowerby lived at Number 6, Oak Mount and died there in 1922

Oak Mount, Todmorden

Oak Place, Brighouse
Block of houses on Lightcliffe Road

Oak Place, Sowerby Bridge

Oak Street, Elland

Oak Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

Oak Street, Hebden Bridge

Oak Street, Sowerby Bridge

Oak Terrace, Halifax

Oak Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Oak Terrace, Stainland

Oak Terrace, Stainland

Oak Villas, Hebden Bridge

Oakdale Close, Ovenden

Oaken Royd, Norland
/ Triangle.

Recorded in 1901 and 1911

Oakes Gardens, Stainland

Oakfield Close, Elland

Oakhill Road, Brighouse

Oaklands Avenue, Northowram

Oaklands, Rastrick

Oakleigh Avenue, Halifax

Oakleigh, Mytholmroyd

Oakleigh Terrace, Todmorden

Oakroyd Close, Brighouse

Oakroyd Drive, Brighouse

Oaks Green Mount, Rastrick

Oakville Road, Charlestown

Some of the buildings here are listed

Oates Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Angel Road/Commercial Road, Mount Pleasant

Oates's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Crib Lane

Oatland Field Terrace, Greetland
Hoult's Lane.

Block of houses dated G. M. T. 1859

Question: Does anyone know who G. M. T. was?


See Oatland House, Greetland

Occupation Lane, Illingworth

Octagon Terrace, Halifax

Oddfellows Street, Brighouse
Built around 1880 by the Oddfellows whose Lodge is at the bottom of the street. The Society was involved in house-building and many of the houses were occupied by members of the Society.

See Loyal Peace Terrace

Oddfellows' Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off St James's Road

Ogden, Causeway Foot

Ogden Lane, Causeway Foot

Ogden Lane, Rastrick
The offices of the Rastrick Local Board and the Rastrick lockup were here.

See Bottom o' th' Town, Rastrick, Ogden Lane Forge, Rastrick and Stack Garth, Rastrick

Ogden View Close, Illingworth

Old Arcade, Halifax

Old Bank, Halifax

Old Bank, Sowerby Bridge

Old Bell Court, Halifax

Old Causeway, Sowerby Bridge
This was the main route through Sowerby Bridge before Wharf Street was built. It was then renamed Back Wharf Street.

See Cawsey House, Sowerby Bridge

Old Cawsey, Sowerby Bridge

Old Chamber, Hebden Bridge

Owners and tenants have included

Old Church Yard, Halifax
Area of Nelson Street

Old Cock Yard, Halifax

Old Corn Mill, Mixenden
See Mixenden Corn Mill

Old Cross Stone Road, Todmorden

Old Dan Lane, Elland

Old Dispensary Walk, Halifax
Area of Church Street.

See Dispensary Walk, Halifax

Old Earth, Elland

Old Farm Way, Lightcliffe
Housing development built around Hoyle House and the former dairy there

Old Gate, Hebden Bridge

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Number 15

Old Godley Lane, Shibden
The lane is a continuation of Kell Lane.

Numbers 13, 15, 17, & 19 were listed as a part of the Shibden Estate in a sale catalogue of October 1925.

See Godley Lane, Shibden

Old Harry Lane, Rishworth

Old Huddersfield Road, Elland

Old Lane, Boothtown

Old Lane, Brighouse
This was a part of the original highway to Bradford before the Wibsey, Low Moor & Huddersfield Turnpike was built.

See Richard Jessop, Henry Mellor and The Gill family of Brighouse

Old Lane Court, Brighouse

Old Lane, Halifax
The cobbled road linked Woodside and Boothtown with Dean Clough

Old Lane, Luddenden
This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country

Old Lane, Luddendenfoot

Old Lane, Ovenden
Area of Bowling Dyke, North Bridge

Old Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 2 & 4
  • Numbers 5 to 10
  • Numbers 11, 12 & 13: early-mid 19th century houses with underdwellings

Old Lane Terrace, Boothtown

Old Lee Bank, Lee Mount

Old Lees Road, Hebden Bridge

Old Lindley Road, Jagger Green

Old Lindley, Stainland

Old Market, Halifax
Area of Halifax town centre, adjoining Corn Market and Market Street.

See Old Market Gaol

Old Market Place, Halifax

Old Marsh, Sowerby Bridge
Burnley Road. A group of cottages at the top of Tuel Lane

Old Mill Mews, Elland
Off Southgate

Old Mill Ridge, Hebden Bridge

Old Pellon Lane, Pellon

Old Riding Lane, Luddendenfoot

See Old Riding, Warley

Old Schools Gardens, Halifax

Old Shaw Lane, Blackshawhead

Old Shop Lane, Todmorden
Former name of Water Street, Todmorden

Old Well Head, Skircoat

Oldfield Street, Ovenden

Oldfield's Yard, Ovenden

Oldham & Ripponden turnpike
Turnpike constructed in 1795.

Tolls were abandoned on 1st November 1883.

It is now the A672. It was superseded by the M62.

See Oxygrains Bridge, Rishworth, Rishworth Toll House and Turnpike, Rishworth

Oldham Road, Rishworth

Oldham Road, Sowerby Bridge

Oldham Street, Rastrick

Oldroyd, Todmorden

See Kilnhurst Lane, Todmorden and Oldroyd Farm, Todmorden

Oliver Meadows, Elland
Named for Oliver Hall, Elland

Orange Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. Area of Orange Street

Orange Street, Halifax
Area of Waterhouse Street

Orange Street Roundabout, Halifax

Orange Street, Todmorden

Orchan Road, Todmorden

Orchard Close, Halifax

Orchard Rise, Sowerby Bridge

The Orchard, Stainland

Orchard Walk, Mytholmroyd

Orchard Way, Brighouse

Orion Place, Sowerby Bridge

Ormerod's Yard, Brighouse
This was the site of the brewery and wine business of H. & T. T. Ormerod.

The entrance was from Briggate

Ormrod Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Harrison Road

Osborne Grove, Lightcliffe

Owners and tenants have included

Osborne Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Osborne Place, Hebden Bridge

Osborne Place, Ovenden

Osborne Place, Todmorden

Osborne Street, Hebden Bridge

Otley Street, Halifax

Otter Lee Lane, Cottonstones

See Ogden Farm, Triangle and Otter Lee Farm, Triangle

Outlane, Stainland

Outram's Lane, Greetland
Name for Ellistones Lane, Greetland [1854]

Ovenden Avenue, Ovenden

Ovenden Close, Ovenden

Ovenden Crescent, Ovenden

Ovenden Cross, Ovenden

Ovenden Cross Yard, Ovenden

Ovenden Green, Lee Mount

Ovenden Park Camp, Ovenden

Ovenden Road, Halifax

Ovenden Road Terrace, Ovenden

Ovenden Terrace, Ovenden

Ovenden Way, Ovenden
See Park Lodge housing estate

Ovenden Wood Road, Wheatley

Overdale Mount, Sowerby Bridge

Overdale, Sowerby Bridge
Burnley Road

Overdale, Triangle

Overgate, Elland
The road was subsequently renamed Hullen Edge Road.

See Overgate Hospice, Elland

Overgreen Royd, Halifax

Owler Ings Road, Brighouse

See Brighouse Bus Station

Owlers Ings Road, Brighouse

Owlers Walk, Todmorden

Oxford Crescent, Siddal

Oxford Lane, Siddal
All the property on the east side of the lane, between the junction with Cinderhills Lane and the Siddal Place pub, has been demolished and redeveloped for housing

Oxford Road, Halifax
See Royal Aërated Waters

Oxford Road, Siddal

Oxford Street, Brighouse

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed

Oxford Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Pitt Street. Was a part of The City.

See Commercial Street

Oxford Street, Hebden Bridge

Oxford Street, Sowerby Bridge

Oxford Street, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Early 19th century warehouse behind Number 2

Oxford Terrace, Mytholmroyd


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