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Streets in Calderdale



Talbot Square, Halifax
A name for The Square

Talbot Yard, Halifax
The yard of the Talbot Inn

Tan House Hill, Hipperholme
This was a part of the Wakefield Gate route into Halifax. Named for the tannery which stood at the top of the hill.

See James Lee, Robert Taylor and Watergate, Hipperholme

Tan House Lane, Northowram

Tan House Park, Hipperholme

Tan House View, Hipperholme

Tankard Court, Lee Mount

Tankard Road, Ovenden

Tankard Street, Lee Mount

Tasker's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off King Cross Road

Tatham's Court, Halifax
King Cross.

Recorded in 1914

Tatham's Yard, Halifax
New Road. Recorded in 1911

Tay Lock, Elland

Taylor's Buildings, Halifax
Lower Shaw Hill. Recorded in 1864

Taylor's Court, Halifax
Area of Crown Street

Taylor Lane, Causeway Foot

Taylor Street, Halifax
Or Taylor's Street. Recorded in 1874 and 1890 off Hanson Lane

Taylor's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Southgate

Temperance Street, Elland
The street took its name from Temperance Methodist Chapel, Elland. The chapel building still stands but the street has disappeared

Temperance Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant / Commercial Road. Built before 1854 by the Union Building Society

Temperance Street, Todmorden

Templars Close, Greetland

Temple Buildings, Todmorden
White Hart Fold. Recorded in 1905

Temple Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1841, 1874 and 1936 at New Road

Temple Terrace, Rishworth
Near Temple Mill, Rishworth.

See Porridge Hall, Rishworth

Tenby Terrace, Halifax

Tennyson Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Tennyson Avenue, Todmorden

Tennyson Place, Hipperholme

Tennyson Street, Lee Mount

Tenter Hill Lane, Cragg Vale

See Higher House, Cragg Vale

Tenterfield Rise, Halifax

Tenterfield Terrace, Halifax

Tenterfield Terrace, Todmorden

Tenterfield, Wainstalls
A piece of land between Rope Walk and the brook. It may be named on account of the

Tenterfields, Luddendenfoot
Aka Longbottom. An area of the Burnley Road between Sowerby Bridge and Mytholmroyd.

It takes its name from the fields where the wooden tenters were placed on which the cloth from Longbottom Fulling Mills was stretched.

The ford across the Calder here may have been used by the Romans.

See Round House, Luddendenfoot and Tenterfields Business Park, Luddendenfoot

Terrace Gardens, Akroydon

Terrace Grove, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Swan Bank

Terrace Houses

Terrace Street, Sowerby Bridge
Recorded in 1901 as part of the estate of Joseph Edwards

Tetley Lane, Northowram

Some of the buildings here are listed

Tewit Close, Illingworth

Tewit Gardens, Illingworth

Tewit Green, Illingworth

Tewit Hall Gardens, Illingworth

Tewit Lane, Illingworth

Tewitt Lane, Illingworth

Thacker Gate Road, Sowerby

Thackrah Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Highroad Well

Thackray Street, Halifax

Thief Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1787

Third Avenue, Halifax

Thirlmere Avenue, Elland

Thistle Bottom Buildings, Hebden Bridge

Thistle Bottom, Hebden Bridge
In 1906, the Halifax Courier reported
that a furniture cart belonging to Simpson & Sons Limited, of Halifax, crashed through fencing and into the river at Thistle Bottom, Hebden Bridge

Thistle Buildings, Hebden Bridge

Thomas Street, Elland

Thomas Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1891.

The street ran parallel to Market Street and Union Street from the bottom of Albion Street, across the bottom of Westgate, the top of Blackledge, and into Horton Street.

The northern section was lost when Market Street and Westgate House, Halifax were redeveloped [1971]

The southern section – into Horton Street – still remains.

Henry Wadsworth was in business on Thomas Street [1866] and he built new premises dated HW AD 1870

Question: Does anyone know anything about banana-ripening which was carried on in a building here in the 1970s?


Thomas Street, Rastrick

Thomas Street South, Halifax

Thomas Street, Stainland

Thomas Street, Todmorden

Thomas Street West, Halifax

Thompson's Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
Gratrix Lane Recorded in 1871

Thompson Road, Claremount

Thompson's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Grove Street

Thorn Bank, Hebden Bridge

Thorn Bank, Mytholmroyd

Thorn Hill Close, Stainland

Thorn Hill Hey, Stainland

Thorn Hill, Stainland

Thorn Lee, Luddendenfoot

Thorn Place, Todmorden

Thorn Street, Stainland

Thorn Terrace, Luddendenfoot

Thorn Tree Cottages, Halifax

Thorn Tree, Halifax
Area of King Cross

Thorn Tree Street, Halifax
King Cross.

See Leadenhall Street, Halifax, Moorgate Street, Halifax and Thorn Tree, Halifax

Thorn View, Elland

Thorn View, Halifax

Thorn View, Luddendenfoot

Thorn View, Mytholmroyd

Thornes Park, Rastrick

Thorney Lane, Bradshaw

Thorney Lane, Luddendenfoot
/ Midgley.

Some of the buildings here are listed

Thornfield Rise, Greetland
Group of houses on Sunnybank Road, almost behind Greetland & Lindwell Methodist Church

Thornfield Street, Greetland

Thornhill Bridge Lane, Brighouse

See Thornhill Bridge

Thornhill Briggs, Brighouse

Thornhill Close, Holywell Green

Thornhill Hey, Sowood

Thornhill, Holywell Green

Thornhill Place, Rastrick

Thornhill Road, Rastrick
In the 1970s, the apparition of a Grey Lady was seen drifting around a house at 219 Thornhill Road; the bottom of her legs were missing. Another report gives an account of a ghostly monk also seen there

Thornhills Beck Lane, Brighouse

Thornhills Lane, Clifton
Aka Jay House Lane, Clifton

Thornton Road, Rastrick

Thornton Street, Halifax

Thornton Terrace, Halifax

Thorny Bank, Sowerby Bridge

See Thorny Bank, Norland

Thorny Lane, Wainstalls

Thorp Terrace, Luddendenfoot

Thorpe Mill Court, Sowerby Bridge

Thorpe Street, Akroydon
Recorded in 1874

Thorpe Terrace, Luddenden

Threadneedle Street, Halifax
King Cross.

Other streets with names like those in the City of London were nearby, including Leadenhall Street and Lombard Street.

The street was lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1960s.

See Leadenhall Street, Halifax

Threap Croft, Illingworth
Whitehill Road.

17th century houses – numbers 1 to 6 – are listed

Three Trees, Holmfield
Illingworth Road.

A group of houses, formerly known as Tim Buildings, Jim Buildings, and Hartley Buildings.

Owners and tenants have included

The property has been demolished

Throstle Bank, Pye Nest

Throstle Bower, Hebden Bridge

Throstle Mount, Luddendenfoot

Throstle Nest, Mytholmroyd

Throstle Street, Todmorden

Thrum Hall Close, Halifax

Thrum Hall Drive, Halifax

Thrum Hall Lane, Pellon

Thrush Hill Road, Mytholmroyd

Thunderton Lane, Cottonstones

See Toothill End Farm, Sowerby

Tidswell's Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1936 off Commercial Road

Tile Terrace, Rastrick
See Brick & Tile Terrace

Till Carr Lane, Lightcliffe
Ran from Rookes Hall, past Eastfield Chapel, to the mill at Brighouse.

See Bottom Hall, Lightcliffe, Curate's House, Lightcliffe, Till Carr Farm, Lightcliffe and Till Carr House, Lightcliffe

Tillotson Avenue, Sowerby
Named for Archbishop John Tillotson.

See Sowerby Post Office

Tillotson's Buildings, Luddendenfoot

Timber Street, Elland
Runs between Southgate and Huddersfield Road.

It was originally called Lucy Street.

There are parts of Number 7 Timber Street remaining as the back of a shop in Southgate. This was a 2-storey house dated GBS 1675 for G and B Smithies. The windows, door and mouldings can be seen. This is listed.

This is discussed in the book Views of Ancient Buildings in the Parish of Halifax.

See Danesbury House, Elland

Timmey Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Timmy Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Toad Carr, Todmorden

Tod Bottoms, Stump Cross
Recorded in 1905 off 17 Hough

Todmorden Turnpike
The Todmorden Turnpike Trust was established in 1760. It superseded The Walsden Highway packhorse route.

The turnpike was built in 1764 and ran between Todmorden, Steanor Bottom, Mytholmroyd, Bar Wood, Friendly, Naylor Lane, and Halifax.

The Trust expired on 31st October 1878.

See Hebden Bridge to Lees Turnpike and John Sutcliffe

Tofts Grove Fold, Rastrick

Tofts Grove Gardens, Rastrick

Tofts Grove Place, Rastrick

Tofts Grove, Rastrick

See Blackstone Edge Roman Road

Tommy Lane, Upper Edge
A popular local name for Pinfold Lane

Tonge Brink, Todmorden

Tongue End, Wainstalls
Recorded in 1891 and 1905 off Wainstalls Lodge Lane

Toothill Avenue, Rastrick

Toothill Bank, Rastrick
The road from the Junction, Rastrick up to Toothill Hall.

There was much stone-quarrying and stone-mining along the sides of the hill. The small cottage on the right [going up the hill] was used as a pay-office for the stone-workers.

There was a shooting range on the land below the hill

Toothill Lane, Cottonstones

Toothill Lane, Rastrick

Toothill Lane South, Todmorden

Top o' th' Close Road, Todmorden

Top o' th' Hill, Hebden Bridge

Top o' th' Hill Road, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 19 & 21 – early 18th century cottages
  • Numbers 25, 27 & 29 – Jean Royd, Todmorden
  • An early 18th century barn near Number 25

Top o' th' Hill, Todmorden

Top o' th' Town, Hebden Bridge

Top Street, Walsden
Ramsden Wood.

Some of the buildings here are listed

Tordoff's Row, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Bailey Hall Bank

Tower Buildings, Halifax
See Tower Chambers, Halifax

Tower Gardens, Halifax

Tower Hill, Sowerby Bridge
This was formerly known as Tuel Lane.

See Tower Hill Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

Tower Street, Todmorden

Tower View, Halifax

Town End, Halifax
17th century name for the area of Halifax around Bull Green

Town Field Lane, Elland
This was the lane to Town Field. Became Victoria Road

Town Field Lane, Hebden Bridge

Town Hall Buildings, Halifax
Princess Street. A group of buildings which [1894] included Princess Buildings and Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society

Town Hall Court, Sowerby Bridge
The Sowerby Bridge Chronicle was published here

Town Hall Street East, Halifax

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Offices of the Borough Engineer

See Crossley Street, Halifax

Town Hall Street, Elland

Town Hall Street South, Halifax

Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge
This is a westerly continuation of Wharf Street.

Some of the buildings here are listed

Townfield, Hebden Bridge

Townfield View, Hebden Bridge

Towngate Avenue, Clifton

Towngate, Clifton
A late 17th century archway and early 19th century houses here are listed.

See Clifton War Memorial and Well Lane, Hartshead

Towngate, Heptonstall

Listed buildings in Towngate

Towngate, Hipperholme

Towngate, Midgley
Some of the late 18th / early 19th century cottages here are listed

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country.

Towngate, Northowram

Towngate, Southowram
In the 1970s, the Southowram stocks were moved from Cain Lane to Towngate.

See Dr Lawson

Towngate, Sowerby

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Bogdan Tarandzief

Townley Avenue, Southowram

Trafalgar Square, Halifax

Trafalgar Street, Halifax
Area of Haugh Shaw

Travis Buildings, Hipperholme

Recorded in 1901, when William Travis lived here

Tray Royd, Luddendenfoot

Tree Lane, Wainstalls

Tree Road, Sowerby Bridge

Trenance Gardens, Greetland

Trevelyan Street, Brighouse

Trimmingham Lane, Halifax

Trimmingham Road, Halifax

Trimmingham Villas, Halifax

Trimminqham Lane, Halifax

Trinity Close, Illingworth

Trinity Court, Halifax
Oxford Road / Prescott Street.

Built [2012] on the site of the St John's Methodist Church, Prescott Street and (later) the canteen for Clare Hall School

Trinity Fold, Skircoat

Trinity Grove, Brighouse

Trinity Place, Halifax
Terrace of 15 mid-19th century houses on the south side of Blackwall

Trinity Place, Hipperholme

Trinity Road, Halifax
Formerly called Stone Trough Lane. Ramsden's Brewery stood here. The offices of HBoS stand here.

See Grove House Estate, Halifax and St John's House School, Halifax

Trinity Street, Halifax

Trinity Street, Hebden Bridge
There are traces of a former dye works in a field at the corner of Trinity Street and Stubbing Holme Road

Trinity View, Halifax

Tripping Green, Causeway Foot

Trooper Lane, Halifax
Lane which runs from Bank Top, Southowram down to Stoney Royd.

The name is said to originate with the soldiers of the Scottish Army are said to have used this route in order to avoid the dirty and disease-ridden Halifax in 1645 where there were outbreaks of the plague in April and October 1645

Trooper Street, Siddal

Trooper Terrace, Caddy Field

Trough Street, Boothtown
Now Hall Street North. Mr Colden's Charity School was here

Tub Street, Gauxholme
A street leading from Bacup Road to Gauxholme Fold In 1910, it was renamed Fustian Place

Tuel Lane, Sowerby Bridge
Hill linking Sowerby Bridge with the Burnley Road and the Upper Calder districts.

In some old documents, the name is Duel Lane.

In 1624, Arthur Mawde paid 1/6d Lord's dues for a messuage called Duellane.

This was a toll road in the 19th century.

The name was originally that of the street now called Tower Hill and joined Wharf Street further west. Because of the number of traffic accidents caused by the steep hill, the road was redesigned in 1968 to the present layout, and used a part of the Rochdale Canal.

See Tuel, Tuel Lane Link Tunnel and Tuel Lane Lock

Turbury Lane, Greetland
See Turbury

Turgate, Mytholmroyd
The name may be associated with turbury.

The way becomes White Field Lane

Turley Cote Lane, Holywell Green

Turn Lea, Luddendenfoot

Turner Avenue North, Ovenden
The avenue is named in memory of Sgt Hanson Turner

Turner Avenue, Ovenden

Turner Avenue South, Ovenden
The avenue is named in memory of Sgt Hanson Turner

Turner Bottom Row, Rishworth
The White Horse was here

Turner's Court, Ovenden

Turner Lane, Boothtown

Turner Place, Ovenden

Turner View, Halifax

Turney Street, Ovenden
Named for the Turney family who lived at nearby Park Lodge

Turnpike Street, Elland
The street was built by Rhodes & Company of Bradford who also began work on Victoria Baths, Elland


Turret Hall Road, Heptonstall

Turret Royd, Hebden Bridge

Turret Royd Road, Hebden Bridge

Turvin Cottages, Mytholmroyd

Twine Cottages, Hebden Bridge

Twine Lane, Midgley
Named for Twine, Midgley

Twinge Lane, Southowram
Run from Marsh Lane to Law Lane.

See Law Hill Quarry, Southowram, Marsh Farm, Southowram and Marsh Quarry, Southowram

Twist Clough, Mytholmroyd

Tyson Street, Halifax
West End.

Recorded in 1916


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