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Streets in Calderdale



Waddington's Yard, Brighouse
Recorded in 1911, when Walter Adamson Flint lived here.

Question: Does anyone know whether this was connected to A. L. Waddington & Son?


Wade House Avenue, Shelf

Wade House Road, Shelf
Named for Wade House, Shelf

Wade Lane, Halifax

Wade Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Wade Street

Wade Street, Halifax
A continuation of Crossley Street to the east.

Named for Mr Wade who had a house and grocery shop here [19th century].

Much of the street was lost when the area was redeveloped.

See Nettleton's Court, Halifax and Wade Place, Halifax

Wadsworth Avenue, Todmorden

Wadsworth Lane, Hebden Bridge

See Manor House, Hebden Bridge

Wadsworth Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Lister Street

Wadsworth Street, Halifax

Wadsworth View, Hebden Bridge

Wadsworth's Yard, Halifax
Dean Clough. Recorded in 1861

Waindale Close, Mount Tabor

Waindale Crescent, Mount Tabor

Wainhouse Road, Halifax

Wainhouse Terrace, Halifax

Wainhouse Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Cripplegate

Wainman Street, Halifax

Wainscot Close, Old Town
Hebden Bridge

Wainsgate Lane, Hebden Bridge

Wainstalls Lane, Wainstalls

Wainstalls Lodge Lane, Wainstalls

Wainstalls Road, Wainstalls

Wakefield & Halifax Turnpike
In 1741, the trust built the turnpike to replace the old Wakefield Gate route into Halifax.

The road goes from Halifax, Stump Cross, Hipperholme Crossroads, Hipperholme Toll Bar, Hipperholme, the Whitehall Hotel, Hipperholme, Lightcliffe, the Horse Shoe, Lightcliffe, the Sun, Lightcliffe, Bailiff Bridge, and on to Wakefield

Wakefield Gate, Halifax
Runs from Skircoat Moor Road down to Gainest and Upper Washer Lane. Recorded in 1905

Wakefield Gate

Wakefield Road, Brighouse
Links Brighouse with Junction 25 of the M62.

Thomas Blackburn built housing here primarily for his workers at Phoenix Mill.

See Abattoir, Brighouse and Clifton Bridge, Brighouse

Wakefield Road, Copley
Runs from Salterhebble via Copley to Sowerby Bridge. This was originally the Sowerby Bridge Turnpike Road.

See Wakefield Road toll-gate

Wakefield Road, Hipperholme
Part of the old Wakefield Gate route from Wakefield via Bailiff Bridge, Lightcliffe and Hipperholme and Halifax. Now the A63.

See Hipperholme crossroads

Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe
Part of the old Wakefield Gate route from Wakefield via Bailiff Bridge, Lightcliffe and Hipperholme and Halifax. Now the A63.

Listed buildings in Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe

  • 17th century houses at Numbers 113, 115
  • Late 18th century houses at Numbers 186, 188, 190

See Grange Terrace, Lightcliffe, Greenhouses, Lightcliffe, Holme House, Lightcliffe and Old Vicarage, Lightcliffe

Walker Lane, Hebden Bridge

Walker Lane, Sowerby Bridge
Named for the Walker family of Sowerby Bridge who operated nearby Mearclough Mills

Walker's Row, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Cross Hills

Walker's Square, Rastrick
New Hey Road.

Recorded in 1916

Walker Street, Halifax
King Cross.

Paton & Baldwin Limited had a factory here [1960s].

The street was lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1960s

Wallace Street, Halifax
Hopwood Lane

Wallis Street, Sowerby Bridge

Walnut Street, Halifax
Between Hopwood Lane and Gibbet Street.

See West End Dye Works, Halifax

Walsh Lane, Halifax

Walsh Square, Halifax

Walsh Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Queens Road

Walsh's Yard, Bolton Brow
Wakefield Road

Walshaw Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874 and 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Walt Royd, Ovenden

Walter Beaumont Terrace, Mytholmroyd
Thrush Hill Road. Named in honour of Walter Beaumont

Walterclough Lane, Southowram

Walton's Building, Sowerby Bridge
Upper Bolton Brow. Recorded in 1881

Walton's Buildings, Ovenden

Walton's Court, Halifax
Cul-de-sac which ran south off Gibbet Street between Stead Street and Duke Street

Walton Fold, Todmorden

Walton Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at King Cross.

The property was demolished and Halifax Fire Station built on the land.

The through-houses at the bottom of Walton Street had back yards in China Street

Walton's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Ward's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Range Bank

Ward Court, Rastrick

Ward's End, Halifax
Aka World's End, Wards End and Wardsend. This is part of the main road from Halifax to Huddersfield, which comprises Ward's End, Commercial Street, Portland Place, Prescott Street, Skircoat Road, Spring Hall,, Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble Hill, Huddersfield Road, Elland Wood Bottom, Halifax Road and Calderdale Way.

The name may because it was situated at the end of a night watchman's ward at the south end of Southgate and the top of Horton Street.

Ward's End Hall stood on the site of the Regal Cinema here.

Number 6 Wards End was later known as Holly House.

See Grove House Estate, Halifax, Prescott Fountain and Prince Albert Statue, Halifax

Warey Street, Halifax

Warhurst Road, Elland

Waring Green Place, Brighouse

Warland Gate End, Todmorden

Warland, Todmorden

Warley Dene, Warley

Warley Edge Lane, Warley

Some of the buildings here are listed

Warley Edge, Warley
See Warley Edge

Warley Grove, Halifax

Warley Road Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Warley Road, Halifax

Warley Street, Halifax

Warley Town Lane, Halifax

See Thomas Milne

Warley Town, Warley

Warley View, Halifax

Warley Wood Avenue, Luddendenfoot

Warley Wood Lane, Friendly

Some of the buildings here are listed

Warley Wood, Luddendenfoot
In the 1920s, a council estate was built here.

See Bar Wood, Luddendenfoot

Warren Park, Brighouse

Warren Park Close, Brighouse

The Warren, Skircoat
Near Savile Park

Warwick Close, Halifax

Washer Lane, Pye Nest
At Pye Nest.

A house here – called Washer Lane – is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax.

See West Air, Halifax

Washington Street, Lee Mount

Water Bridge, Todmorden

Water Green Lane, Ripponden

Water Green, Sowerby Bridge

Water Hill Lane, Halifax

Water Hill Lane, Sowerby Bridge

See Hoyle House, Friendly

Water Hill, Sowerby Bridge

Water Lane End, Halifax

Water Lane, Halifax
Leads from South Parade to Stoney Royd and Caddy Field.

See Water Lane Well

Water Street, Brighouse
A cul-de-sac leading north off Hangram Street. Recorded in 1905. The garages for the vehicles of the Brighouse Co-operative Society were here.

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed

Water Street, Sowerby Bridge
Runs behind Ryburn Buildings

Water Street, Todmorden
Formerly known as Old Shop Lane and Pall Mall

Watergate, Hipperholme
A small and very steep lane between Tanhouse Hill and the main Hipperholme to Halifax road.

This was a part of the Wakefield Gate route into Halifax.

A stone at the top of the hill is/was inscribed

Mr Nathl Waterhouse Gave
I.L.P.A. for the repair
of this Highway
which the Intrusted
Feoffees for ever
must pay
A. G.

John Lister interprets I.L.P.A as meaning one pound per annum.

See Kirk Lane, Hipperholme

Waterhill Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Waterhouse Almshouses, Halifax

Waterhouse Arms Fold, Halifax
Area of Causeway

Waterhouse Arms Yard, Halifax
Charles Street.

The yard of the Waterhouse Arms Inn, Halifax. There were several lodging houses here [19th century].

Lodging house keepers included

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax

Waterhouse Street, Halifax
Leads from Hall End to Broad Street. The Street was created in the 1820s

Waterhouse Terrace, Halifax
Blackledge / Upper Kirkgate.

Recorded in 1905 and 1916

Waterloo Bank, Hebden Bridge

Waterloo Crescent, Halifax
89-107 Savile Park Road at Bell Hall. Overlooks Rothwell Road.

Owners and tenants have included

See Waterloo Hall, Halifax

Waterloo Road, Brighouse
Allotments and school playing field in the area of Brighouse once known as Waterloo.

In 1913, Brooke's planned to build a Garden City here but this was abandoned because of World War I.

See Spring Terrace

Waterloo Street, Boothtown
Recorded in 1874 at Mill Lane.

There were examples of galleried houses here. They were demolished in the 1970s.

See Boothtown House

Waterloo Street, Ovenden

Waterloo Street, Sowerby Bridge
Recorded in 1902.

See Goose Nest, Norland

Waterloo Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Waterloo Terrace, Warley

Waterside Fold, Hebden Bridge

Waterside, Halifax

Watford Avenue, Norwood Green

Watkinson Almshouses, Lightcliffe

Watkinson Avenue, Illingworth

Watkinson Bungalows, Halifax

Watkinson Close, Ovenden

Watkinson Drive, Illingworth

Watkinson Road, Illingworth

Watson's Court, Halifax
Clarence Street

Recorded in 1916

Watson Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge
There is a story about a drinker at the West Bottom Tavern who claimed that he could push a wheelbarrow from the top of Watson Mill Lane to Triangle faster than the tram could go. He set of in the middle of the tramlines and refused to let the tram pass until he reached Triangle to win the bet

Question: Does anyone know the name of the man or the dates of the event?


Watson Terrace, Norland

Watty Hole, Todmorden

Watty Lane, Todmorden
Traces of the old cauesway can be seen

Watty Terrace, Todmorden

Wavell's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Savile Park Road

Waverley Crescent, Hipperholme

Waverley Road, Elland

Waverley Terrace, Hipperholme

Weather Hill Lane, Cragg Vale

Weathercock Field, Halifax
Or Fold. Recorded in 1787

Weatherhouse Terrace, Pellon

Weavers' Square, Heptonstall
There are examples of different types of Yorkshire paving from cobbles and setts to flagstones.

The local Pace Egg Play is performed here

Webb's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Horley Green Road

Webb's Terrace, Claremount
or Webb Terrace.

Owners and tenants have included

  • #4 The Stringer family [1881]
  • #6 Edward Mallinson [1905]
  • #8 Albert Taylor [1910]

See Primrose Street, Halifax

Weber Street, Boothtown
This was one of a number of streets which ran parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North. The property was demolished in the 1970s. Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site

Webster Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Nursery Lane

Weir Street, Todmorden
Row of terraced houses off the A6033 Rochdale Road at Shade

Welbourne Avenue, Hipperholme

Welburn Avenue, Hipperholme

Well Close Place, Brighouse

Well Close Street, Brighouse

Well Green Avenue, Hove Edge
Another name for Newton Park

Well Green Lane, Brighouse

Well Grove, Brighouse

Well Head Avenue, Halifax

Well Head Drive, Halifax

Well Head, Halifax
See Old Well Head, Well Head Fields, Well Head House and Well Head

Well Head Lane, Skircoat

Well Head Lane, Sowerby

Well Head Terrace, Greetland
Rochdale Road.

Block of houses, dated 1866, which stands above the Rose & Crown

Well Hill Elland
Aka Northgate, Elland

Well I' Th' Wall Lane, Halifax
In 1759, this refers to a lane near Halifax Parish Church and St John's Well

Well Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Smith Street. Gardener's Square was here

Well Lane, Hartshead
The way from Towngate, Clifton to St Peter's Church, Hartshead, has been known as Kirkgate, then Green Lane, then Well Lane.

There were 3 wells in the lane

Well Lane, Midgley
Around 1840, there were accounts of Chartists experimenting here with home-made bombs – gunpowder packed into bottles

Well Lane, Rastrick

Well Lane, Todmorden

Well Royd Avenue, Halifax

Well Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1761 running along the north side of Halifax Parish Church. Later known as Cripplegate.

See Miln Lane and Shelder Gate

Well Street, Brighouse

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed

Well Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874, 1905 and 1936 off Charlestown Road

Well Street, Stainland

Well Street, Todmorden

Wellesley Park, Halifax

Wellfield Terrace, Todmorden
Houses here were built by the Lumbutts Club around 1851

Wellgarth, Skircoat

Wellgate, Greetland

Wellholme, Brighouse
The small street was built around 1900 and takes its name from Wellholme, Brighouse.

Owners and tenants have included

Wellington Arcade, Brighouse

Wellington Court, Pellon

Wellington Place, Halifax

Wellington Road, Todmorden
An earlier name was Pin Hall Lane

Wellington Street, Boothtown

Wellington Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off New Road

Wellington Street South, Halifax

Wellington Street West, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off West Parade

The Wells, Halifax

Wells Terrace, Norwood Green

Wensley Grove, Rastrick

Wentworth Court, Rastrick

Wentworth Drive, Illingworth

Wentworth Grove, Illingworth

Wentworth Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Pellon Lane/Green Lane

Wesley Court, Halifax
Small street which separates the Town Hall from the site of Wesley's Chapel, Broad Street.

Buildings here – including the former offices of the Royal Insurance Company – are listed.

R. P. Dowsland Limited had a shop and workshop here.

See Bentley Publishing Company

Wesley Place, Sowerby Bridge

Wesley Street, Halifax
Area of Lilly Lane / Church Street.

Owners and tenants have included

See Marvel's Court, Halifax, Upper Wesley Street, Halifax, Wesley Street North, Halifax and Wilson's Yard, Halifax

Wesley Street North, Halifax
Area of Lilly Lane / Church Street. Recorded in 1874

See Wesley Street, Halifax

Wesley Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Bath Street

West Avenue, Lightcliffe

West Avenue, Savile Park

West Bank, Halifax

West Bolton, Illingworth

West Bottom, Sowerby Bridge

West Brook Court, Halifax

West Brook Terrace, Halifax
Commercial Street

Recorded in 1915

West Byland, Illingworth

West Croft, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Lister Lane

West End, Halifax

West End, Hebden Bridge

West End Road, Halifax

West End Terrace, Mytholmroyd

West Field, Norland
Shaw Lane.

A group of 4 two-storey cottages

West Field, Southowram
West Lane.

See Backhold Royd Farm, Siddal

West Grove, Halifax
Area of Hopwood Lane

West Grove, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at West Parade

West Grove Terrace, Halifax

West Hill, Halifax
Area of Gibbet Street

West Hill, Hebden Bridge

West Laithe, Hebden Bridge

West Lane, Southowram

West Lodge Crescent, Elland

West Mount, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Pellon Lane.

Owners and tenants have included

West Mount Place, Halifax

West Mount Street, Halifax

West Parade, Halifax
Westwards continuation of Blackwall, Halifax.

West Parade, Sowerby Bridge

West Park Street, Brighouse
Formerly it was called Back Bethel Street.

See Joah Pearson

West Royd Avenue, Halifax

West Royd Close, Halifax

West Royd Villas, Halifax

West Scausby Park, Illingworth

West Street, Bailiff Bridge

West Street, Brighouse

West Street, Halifax

West Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at West Parade

West Street, Shelf

West Street, Sowerby Bridge
Popularly known as The Nook

West Street, Stainland

West Street, Todmorden

West View Avenue, Highroad Well

West View, Boothtown
Recorded in 1874

West View Crescent, Halifax

West View Drive, Halifax

West View Estate, Halifax

West View, Hebden Bridge

West View, Holywell Green

West View, Mytholmroyd
Cragg Road.

See East View, Mytholmroyd

West View Road, Halifax

West View, Sowerby Bridge

West View Terrace, Bradshaw

West View Terrace, Pellon

West View, Todmorden

Westborough Drive, Highroad Well

Westbourne Crescent, Halifax

Westbourne Grove, Halifax

Westbourne Terrace, Halifax

Westbrook Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1917 at Commercial Road

Westburn Avenue, Hipperholme

Westbury Place, Halifax

Westbury Street, Elland

Westbury Terrace, Halifax

Westcliffe Drive, Halifax

Westcroft Avenue, Shelf

Westcroft, Halifax

Westcroft Mill, Halifax
Area of King Cross

Wester Croft, Northowram

Westercroft Lane, Northowram

Westercroft View, Northowram

Westfield Avenue, Hipperholme

Westfield Drive, Hipperholme

Westfield Estate, Old Town

Westfield Gardens, Hipperholme

Westfield, Hebden Bridge

Westfield, Hipperholme

Westfield Place, Halifax

Westfield, Southowram

Westfield, Sowerby Bridge

Westfield Street, Halifax

Westfield Terrace, Halifax

Westfield Terrace, Mytholmroyd

Westgate, Brighouse

Westgate, Elland
The street runs west from Elland Cross.

Great House Farm was here.

Much of the area was cleared in the 1960s

Westgate, Halifax
Street leading from Southgate to the west gate of Halifax Piece Hall

Westgate, Stainland

Westholme Road, Halifax

Westminster Road, Hove Edge

Weston Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Pellon Lane

Westroyd, Hipperholme

Westward Ho, Holmfield
Churn Milk Lane. A group of back-to-back housing. Access to some of the houses was by way of the gallery

Wet Shod Lane, Southowram
Shibden Valley

Weymouth Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1905 off Northgate.

The Co-operative Society warehouse was here

Wham Leigh, Greetland

Wharf Road, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Canal Side

Wharf Street, Brighouse

Wharf Street, Halifax
Ran between Navigation Road and Horton Street. It was lost when the Railway Station was built. A small fragment remains on the Nestlé site below the Railway Station

Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge
The name is sometimes incorrectly written Wharfe Street. This is the main street through Sowerby Bridge. At the western end, it becomes Town Hall Street

See Back Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge, Carlton Mill Chimney, Old Causeway, Sowerby Bridge, Sowerby Bridge Gas Works, Tuel Lane, Sowerby Bridge, Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge Listed Buildings and Willow Hall Mills, Sowerby Bridge

Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge&58; Listed Buildings
Some of the buildings on Wharf Street are listed:

Wharf Street, Todmorden

Wharfdale Mount, Shelf

Wharfedale Mount, Shelf

Wheatley City, Wheatley

Wheatley Close, Halifax

Wheatley Court, Mixenden
One of 6 blocks of high-rise flats built at Mixenden in 1965: Cragg Court, Mixenden, Dodge Holme Court, Halifax, Hebble Court, Mixenden, Jumples Court, Mixenden and Mixenden Court, Mixenden

Wheatley Lane Ends, Mixenden

Wheatley Lane, Halifax

Wheatley Road, Lee Mount

Wheatley Terrace, Wheatley

Whernside Way, Halifax

Wherwell Road, Rastrick

Whewall's Court, Halifax
The yard at the Union Cross Inn.

Named for William Whewall or James Whewall

Whinney Field, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Skircoat Green Road, Halifax

See Whinny and Winnyfield, Skircoat

Whinney Fold, Halifax

See Whinny

Whinney Hill Park, Brighouse

See Cow Lane, Brighouse, Whinney Hill housing estate and Whinny

Whinney Royd Lane, Northowram

See Whinney Royd, Northowram and Whinny

Whirlaw Avenue, Todmorden

Whirlaw Common, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Whirlaw, Todmorden

Whiskers Lane, Northowram

See Lower Whisker Farm, Shibden

Whistons Lane, Elland

Whitaker's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1851 and 1874 at Foundry Street

White Birch Terrace, Wheatley

White Field Lane, Mytholmroyd
The lower end of Turgate

White Hart Fold, Sowerby Bridge

White Hart Fold, Todmorden
The area in front of The White Hart. The monthly cattle fair was held here, and the half-yearly cattle fair on the Thursday before Easter and at Michaelmas [27th September].

Some of the buildings here are listed

White Houses, Mytholmroyd
Burnley Road. A row of 12 18th century cottages

White Lee Croft, Mytholmroyd

See White Lee, Mytholmroyd

White Platts Street, Todmorden

White Windows Cottages, Sowerby Bridge

Whitefield Road, Illingworth

Whitegate Drive, Siddal

Whitegate, Halifax
Area of north Siddal

See New Road, Siddal

Whitegate North, Causeway Foot

Whitegate, Ogden

Whitegate Road, Siddal

Whitegate Terrace, Siddal
Recorded in 1881

Whitegate Top, Southowram

Whitehall Crescent, Hipperholme

Whitehall Fold, Hebden Bridge

Whitehall Green, Illingworth
Modern name for Jammy Green, Illingworth

Whitehall, Ovenden

Whitehall Road, Hipperholme
Takes its name from the Whitehall Hotel, Hipperholme. Part of the Leeds & Whitehall Turnpike

Whitehall Street, Hipperholme

Whitehall Villas, Lightcliffe

Whitehead's Buildings, Halifax
Haugh Shaw Road / Paradise Row, King Cross.

Recorded in 1870, when the Royal Oak, King Cross was here

Whitehead Street, Halifax

Whitehead Terrace, Halifax

Whitehill Cottages, Illingworth

Whitehill Crescent, Illingworth

Whitehill Drive, Illingworth

Whitehill Green, Illingworth

Whitehill Road, Illingworth

Whitelee Gardens, Mytholmroyd

Whitelee Terrace, Mytholmroyd

Whiteley Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Whiteley Street, Halifax

Whiteley Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Whiteley's Yard, King Cross
Recorded in 1871

Whitley Drive, Illingworth

Whitley Lane, Southowram

Whitley Streeet, Ovenden

Whitley Street, Ovenden

Whitty Lane, Warley
Cottages here were built around 1747

Whitwell Avenue, Elland

Whitwell Drive, Elland

Whitwell Green Lane, Elland

See New Hall, Elland and Whitwell Place, Elland

Whitwell Grove, Elland

Whitwood Lane, Bailiff Bridge

Whitworth Street, Lee Mount

Wibsey, Low Moor & Huddersfield Turnpike
See Bradford-Huddersfield Turnpike

Wicking Lane, Cottonstones

Widdop Road, Heptonstall

See Greenwood Lee, Heptonstall and Holme Ends Bridge

Wilcroft Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Wild's Yard, Halifax
Area of Cripplegate.

Recorded in 1787 as Elkanah Wild's Yard. Recorded in 1874 as Wild's Yard

Wilderness Road, Elland

Wilkinson's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1891

William Henry Street, Brighouse
The cottages at Numbers 6 to 16 are late 18th century and are listed buildings

William Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Rawson Street

William Street, Rastrick
See Arthur Edwin Woolston

William Street, West Vale

Williamson Street, Halifax

Willow Bank, Luddendenfoot

Willow Bank, Todmorden

Willow Close, Halifax

Willow Clough, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Court, Elland
Housing development built on the site of Melrose

Willow Crescent, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Dene Avenue, Halifax

Willow Drive, Willowfield

Willow Gardens, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Hall Fold, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Hall, Halifax
Area around Willow Hall

Willow Hall Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Houses, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Park Drive, Northowram

Willow Rise, Halifax

Willow Street, Halifax
Off Hopwood Lane

Willow Street, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Willow Terrace, West Vale
Saddleworth Road.

Part of The Adelaide. It stands above Willow Royd, West Vale.

Recorded in 1881

Willow View, Sowerby Bridge

Willowfield Avenue, Halifax

Willowfield Close, Halifax

Willowfield Crescent, Willowfield

Willowfield Drive, Willowfield

Willowfield Road, Halifax

Willowfield Terrace, Halifax

Willowfield View, Halifax

The Willows, Illingworth

Wilmur Mount, Luddendenfoot

Wilson Close, Todmorden

Wilson Road, Halifax

Wilson Street, Brighouse

Wilson Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant

Wilson Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Horley Green Road

Wilson's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1861 and 1874 at Wesley Street

Wilton Street, Brighouse

Winburn Terrace, Halifax

Windhill Lane, Halifax
Former name of Winding Road

Winding Hill Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1761 as the name for Winding Road

Winding Road, Halifax
Formerly known as Winding Lane, Winding Hill Lane, and Windhill Lane.

There were several Common Lodging Houses here [1904].

Beerhouses & Pubs in Winding Road, Halifax

See Allan Haigh & Company Limited and Northgate End Parsonage

Winding Road Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1881

Windle Royd Lane, Warley

See St John the Evangelist, Warley and Windle Royd, Warley

Windmill Crescent, Northowram
See Windmill Mill, Shelf

Windmill Drive, Northowram
See Windmill Mill, Shelf

Windmill Hill, Shelf
Coley Road. An early 18th century house here was divided into 2 separate dwellings. These are listed.

See Windmill Mill, Shelf

Windsor Crescent, Halifax

Windsor Mount, Greetland
Group of houses on Green Lane

Windsor Place, Hebden Bridge

Windsor Road, Hebden Bridge

Windsor Street, Halifax
A terrace of mid 19th century houses here is listed

Windsor Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Windsor View, Hebden Bridge

Windsor Villas, Norwood Green

Windsor Walk, Lightcliffe

Built on the site of Firth's football field and Lightcliffe House [around 1971]

Windy Bank, Holmfield

Windy Harbour, Heptonstall

Windy Harbour Lane, Todmorden

Windy Ridge, Causeway Foot

Wine Tavern Lane, Sowerby

See Quickstavers, Sowerby and Upper Quickstavers, Sowerby

Winn Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1901 as part of Stannary

Winnyfield, Skircoat
Skircoat Green Road.

Recorded in 1861 as a form of Whinney Field.

See Whinny

Winter Hill, Southowram

Winter Neb, Luddendenfoot

Winter Street, Halifax

Winterburn Hill, Warley

Winterburn Lane, Warley

Winterbutlee Grove, Todmorden

Winterbutlee Road, Todmorden

Winters Lane, Heptonstall

Wistons Lane, Elland

Witchfield Hill, Shelf

See Shelf petrifying well

Witchfield, Shelf
The name is often written Witchwell and Whichfield.

Dr John Sugden built houses here. One is dated JFS for John and Frances Sugden.

See Lower Witchfield House, Shelf and Upper Witchfield House, Shelf

Withens End Lane, Rishworth

Withens Hill Croft, Illingworth

Withens New Road, Langfield
Built during the cotton famine to convey the Fielden's carriages to their lodge in Cragg Vale – and as a means of employing those who had worked in the family's cotton mills

Withens Road, Halifax

Withinfield Court, Southowram

Wolseley Terrace, Halifax

Womersley's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Southowram Bank

Womersley's Passage, Halifax
Recorded in 1871, 1905 and 1911, when it was off Southowram Bank / Pineberry Hill.

See Womersley's Yard, Halifax

Womersley Street, Halifax

Womersley's Yard, Halifax
Off Southowram Bank / Pineberry Hill. Recorded in 1861 and 1871, when it was referred to as Womersley's Passage

Wood Bottom Lane, Brighouse

Wood Cottages, Todmorden

Wood's Court, Sowerby Bridge
Slum housing which stood in the area of Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge.

See Bogden

Wood Croft, Rastrick

Wood Croft, Sowerby Bridge

Wood End Close, Halifax

Wood End, Hebden Bridge
At the end of the 1800s, this was a new hillside suburb as Hebden Bridge advanced up the valley and along the Keighley Road

Wood Lane, Hipperholme

Wood Lane, Midgley

Wood Lane, Northowram

Wood Lane, Ovenden Wood

Wood Lane, Southowram

Wood Lane, Sowerby

Wood Nook Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Wood Nook, Sowerby Bridge

Wood Road, Halifax

Wood Square, Boothtown
Recorded in 1874

Wood Street, Brighouse

Wood Street, Elland

Wood Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Haley Hill

Wood Street North, Ovenden

Wood Street, Todmorden

Wood Top, Brighouse

Wood Top Road, Mytholmroyd

Wood View Green, Brighouse

Wood View Grove, Brighouse

Wood View, Halifax

Wood Villas, Hebden Bridge

Wood's Yard, Ovenden

Woodbank, Todmorden

Woodbine Place, Hebden Bridge

Woodbine Place, Mytholmroyd

Woodbine Street, Halifax

Woodbine Terrace, Halifax

Woodbine Terrace, Todmorden

Woodbottom Lane, Brighouse

Woodbottom Place, Todmorden

Woodbottom, Todmorden

Woodbrook Avenue, Mixenden

Woodbrook Close, Halifax

Woodbrook Place, Halifax

Woodbrook Road, Mixenden

Woodcroft, Sowerby

Woodfield Avenue, Greetland

Woodfield Cottages, Lee Mount

Woodfield Drive, Greetland
Built in the 1980s on the site of Woodfield Mill, Greetland

Woodfield Street, Todmorden

Woodford Avenue, Siddal

Woodhall Crescent, Copley

Woodhall Park, Shelf

Woodhead Alley, Halifax
Recorded in 1761 running from Cheapside to Silver Street – roughly parallel to Red Lion Alley

Woodhead Lane, Brighouse

Woodhead's Row, Halifax
Recorded in 1878, 1884 and 1905 off Bailey Hall Bank

Woodhead Street, Pellon

Woodhouse Gardens, Rastrick

Woodhouse Grove, Mytholmroyd

Woodhouse Grove, Todmorden

Woodhouse Lane, Copley

Woodhouse Lane, Rastrick
Named for Richard Woodhouse.

Early 17th century houses – numbers 13 and 15 – and late 18th century houses – numbers 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9 – are listed

Woodhouse Road, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

Woodhouse, Todmorden

Woodland Dell, Hebden Bridge

Woodland Drive, Brighouse

Woodland Drive, Pye Nest

Woodland Square, Brighouse

Woodland Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Boothtown

Woodland Terrace, Claremount
Recorded in 1874

Woodland View, Hebden Bridge
A terrace of back-to-back houses alongside the Calder

Woodlands Avenue, Claremount

Woodlands Avenue, Todmorden

The Woodlands, Cragg Vale

Woodlands Grove, Claremount

Woodlands, Halifax

Woodlands Mount, Claremount

Woodlands Road, Claremount
Formerly known as Dutchman Lane for the Flying Dutchman, Boothtown which stood there

Woodlands Road, Elland

Woodlands, Sowerby Bridge

Woodlands View, Claremount

Woodlea, Todmorden

Woodleigh, Hebden Bridge

Woodlesford Crescent, Pellon

Woodlesford, Highroad Well

Woodman Avenue, Elland

Woodroyd Crescent, Luddendenfoot

Woodroyd Drive, Wheatley

Woodroyd Gardens, Luddendenfoot

Woodroyd, Luddendenfoot

Woods Terrace, Halifax
Huddersfield Road / Salterhebble. Recorded around 1920

Woodside, Barkisland

Woodside Crescent, Boothtown

Woodside Grove, Boothtown

Woodside Grove, West Vale

Woodside Mount, Boothtown

Woodside Place, Boothtown

Woodside Road, Boothtown

Woodside Terrace, Boothtown

Woodside Terrace, West Vale

Woodside View, Boothtown

Woodside View, West Vale

Woodside, West Vale

Woodvale Road, Brighouse

Woodville Street, Lee Mount

Woolfrow Lane, Bailiff Bridge

Woolpack Yard, Halifax
The yard of the Woolpack Inn, Woolshops. Recorded in 1874

Woolrow Lane, Brighouse

See Woolrow Farm

Woolshops, Halifax

Workhouse Lane, Norton Tower

Workhouse Lane, West Vale

Wrigley, Illingworth

Wrigley Road, Illingworth

Wyke Lane, Bailiffe Bridge

Wyke Old Lane, Bailiff Bridge

The remnants of the old route to Wyke from Bailiff Bridge

Wyvern Place, Halifax

Wyvern Terrace, Halifax


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