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Sending Details of ...

If you wish to add to the Calderdale Companion the details of any local man or woman who died in World War I or World War II, or who is remembered on a local war memorial, please send me an email with the information to create an entry for that individual.

The basic information required for the entry is indicated in [brackets]

  • [His/her name]
  • His/her dates [date of birth & date of death]
  • He/she was the child of ... [his/her parents' names and dates]
  • He/she was born in [place]
  • He/she was [job(s)]
  • He/she married [when] [spouse's name] [where]
  • Spouse's dates [date of birth & date of death]
  • They had [children's names and dates]
  • They lived at [address]
  • During [which war], he/she served as a [rank] with the [nth] battalion of the [regiment name]
  • He/she [died / was killed] on [date]
  • He/she was buried [burial ground]
  • He/she is remembered on [war memorial]

Examples of this format can be seen in any of the entries for the people in the List of People who died in Battle.

Please, tell me if there is already an entry for this person, or their parents, on the Calderdale Companion

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