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Local Wills

Roger Beasley has kindly provided details concerning Local Wills and the beneficiaries, which he has collected from the Probate Records and other sources.

This is a list of some Local Wills for the year 1891

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Died      Date of Will      Name Place Vol/Page/Deed      Notes
189122 May 1838Thomas WardThornhill Edge?[14/164/89]
 Thomas Ward of Workhouse Farm, Thornhill, formerly of Leeds. Joseph Clapham Ward. Son 
189112 Aug 1843George HaighNorthowram[29/227/108]
189127 Nov 1863James RobertsHalifax[30/248/130]
189126 Aug 1865James HeapMixenden[15/822/431]
189124 Aug 1866Henry NaylorHalifax[20/54/36]
 Henry Taylor, carpet weaver of Akroydon, Halifax. Susan Naylor of 40 Salisbury Place, Ackroydon, widow 
189131 Aug 1871William Beanland MidgleyHalifax[9/392/193]
189113 Aug 1873Eagland BrayHalifax[13/462/253]
 Eagland Bray, grocer of Savile Place, Halifax. Alfred Walker, woollen manufacturer of Lindley, nephew. Ralph Eagland Bray, worsted spinner of Arden Lodge, Halifax, son. John Walter Bray, grocer of Savile Crescent, son 
189103 Dec 1873John HorsfallTodmorden[42/469/234]
189107 Mar 1874John HeatonHalifax[27/531/263]
189115 Jul 1874John VarleyHalifax[1/753/372]
 John Varley, music teacher, of 30 Savile Park Street, Halifax, formerly of North Bridge, Halifax. Mary Jane Varley of 30 Savile Park Street, Halifax, widow 
189123 Jul 1874William RadcliffeBolton Brow, Skircoat[13/264/149]
189114 Sep 1874David WoodSowerby Bridge[12/316/169]
 David Wood of Spring Cottage, Sowerby. Frederick Wood, coal merchant of Spring Cottage, son. Sarah Ann Mills (wife of Frank Mills) of Spring Cottage, daughter 
189124 Aug 1875Grace BancroftHalifax[31/723/397]
 Grace Bancroft, spinster, of Gerrard Street, Halifax 
189104 Mar 1876Edwin EllisNorwood Green[4/5/3]
 Edwin Ellis, gentleman, of Norwood Green, Hipperholme cum Brighouse. Ann Ellis of Norwood Green, widow 
189108 Apr 1876Samuel WhiteheadHalifax[11/462/258]
189131 Dec 1877Betty CrossleyLangfield Par Halifax[24/196/107]
 Betty Crossley of Kilnhurst, Langfield, Halifax. Sarah Crossley, Mary Ann Crossley, Betsy Crossley, all of Kilnhurst, spinsters, daughters 
189101 Feb 1878John Edward HeyHipperholme[1/754/373]
 John Edwards Hey, ventilating engineer of Halifax. Mary Elizabeth Hey of Clare Hall Road, Halifax, widow 
189114 Feb 1878Sutcliffe SchofieldHipperholme[12/726/395]
189123 Aug 1878James BatesSkircoat[39/189/102]
 James Bates, rate collector of 24 Savile Park Street, Halifax. Died in Broughton in Furness, Lancashire 
189120 Jun 1879Mary FirthRastrick[35/411/216]
 Mary Firth, spinster of Bridge End, Rastrick. Samuel Day Firth, brother 
189110 Nov 1879William WadsworthHalifax[39/3/2]
 William Wadsworth, gentleman of New Bond Street, Halifax. Jane Wadsworth of 2 New Bond Street, widow 
189124 Dec 1879Edwin SternwhiteHalifax[32/119/62]
189124 Jan 1880John SimpsonHalifax[9/126/56]
189114 Jun 1880John Green NobleHalifax[29/606/310]
 John Green Noble of Halifax. Mary Ann Noble of 3 Trinity Place, Halifax, widow 
189112 Jul 1880Elizabeth BrownClifton, Rotherham[41/134/76]
189115 Oct 1880Horatio RangeleyElland Lower Edge[2/665/374]
189113 Nov 1880Thomas GreenwoodHalifax[20/354/193]
 Thomas Greenwood of Height Top, Blackshaw Head, Stansfield. Amos Greenwood, farmer of Lower Rawtenstall, Stansfield, relationship not recorded 
189130 Dec 1880Samuel SharpOvenden[41/300/169]
189124 Apr 1881John RatcliffeSoil Hill, Ovenden[10/339/183]
189131 Oct 1881John GibsonHalifax[11/875/492]
189101 Mar 1882William MarsdenRastrick[12/550/294]
 William Marsden, stonemason of Rastrick. Ellen Marsden of Rastrick, widow. Abraham Marsden, stonemason of Rastrick, son 
189101 Feb 1883John MaudeStainland[27/639/326]
189128 Feb 1883George ButterworthOvenden[16/81/48]
 George Butterworth of Gib Lane, Ovenden, formerly of Leighton House, Ovenden. James Butterworth, co-operative store manager, of 12 Mixenden Lane, Ovenden, son. John Butterworth, stone quarryman of Hipperholme, son 
189128 Jun 1883Joseph MilnerNorthowram[14/62/37]
 Joseph Milner, gentleman, of 9 Belmont Terrace, Savile Park Street, Halifax 
189119 Jul 1883Thomas SpeakColden, Heptonstall[2/685/384]
 Thomas Speak, woollen spinner of 37 Old Lee Bank, Halifax. Hannah Maria Speak of 37 Old Lee Bank, spinster daughter 
189117 Aug 1883James Woodhead BroadbentHalifax[23/937/472]
 James Woodhead Broadbent, woollen draper of Kent Place, Halifax. Hannah Howard of Kent Place, spinster, relationship not recorded 
189102 Oct 1883Mary ButterworthHeptonstall[34/410/225]
 Mary Butterworth, widow, of Jumps, Erringden, Halifax. William Butterworth, fustian cutter of Great Burlees, Wadsworth, son 
189115 Nov 1883John RoperBrighouse[21/627/347]
 John Roper, quarry owner and licensed victualler of the Crown Hotel, Brighouse. Dan Roper, quarry owner of Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse, son. Thomas Roper, quarry owner of Laverack Lane, Brighouse, son 
189110 Mar 1884James AshworthCornholme[18/149/76]
 James Ashworth, cotton manufacturer, of Thorn Lea, Cornholme near Todmorden. Mary Ashworth of Thorn Lea, widow 
189126 Jul 1884Aaron PriestleyHalifax[21/628/348]
 Aaron Priestley, clogger of Osborne Terrace, Queens Road, Halifax. Thomas Henry Priestley, school teacher of 5 Cromwell Terrace, Halifax, son. Emily Priestley of 341 Queens Road, Halifax, spinster daughter 
189107 Aug 1884Robert BaileyOvenden[32/60/32]
189118 Nov 1884Hannah ParkerHebden Bridge[18/687/361]
 Hannah Parker, widow of High Street, Hebden Bridge 
189125 Nov 1884William ShoesmithHalifax[11/757/422]
189102 Jan 1885William CrabtreeMytholmroyd[2/439/243]
189114 Mar 1885Thomas HoltHebden Bridge[17/537/287]
 Thomas Holt, cart driver of Heptonstall. James Holt, cart driver of Heptonstall, nephew 
189101 May 1885Henry SwiftHalifax[26/375/192]
189116 Jul 1885Mary TaylorBlackley in Elland[1/978/484]
189120 Jul 1885Henry FirthMountain, Northowram[18/454/240]
189130 Sep 1885William FawcettHalifax[37/148/80]
 William Fawcett, innkeeper of the Wheatsheaf Inn, Halifax, formerly of Queensbury, Halifax. Ann Fawcett of the Wheatsheaf Inn, widow 
189115 Oct 1885James RamsbothamStansfield[10/302/164]
189124 Oct 1885Sarah CravenHalifax[28/231/118]
 Sarah Craven, widow of Tickhill, near Doncaster. Formerly of 19 Villiers Street, Halifax 
189124 Nov 1886Isaac CliffeRastrick[10/269/245]
189122 Dec 1886John Arthur ThwaiteHalifax[17/84/51]
189118 Jan 1887Jonas BeaumontHalifax[32/752/394]
 Jonas Beaumont of 17 Woodbine Terrace, Halifax. Jane Beaumont of 17 Woodbine Terrace, Halifax, widow. Walter Beaumont, chemist and druggist, of 2 Clement Street, Pellon Lane, Halifax, son 
189110 Feb 1887James WadsworthNorland[17/245/141]
 James Wadsworth, millwright of Allan Mount, Allan Wood, Norland 
189123 May 1887William BerryHalifax[22/520/274]
 William Berry, coal merchant of Halifax 
189114 Jul 1887Charles WatsonHalifax[27/99/45]
189118 Jul 1887Jonas EmpsallBrighouse[19/526/274]
 Jonas Empsall of Brighouse. Sam Empsall, plumber of Brighouse, son 
189113 Feb 1888Thomas Knowles HeyHebden Bridge[34/411/226]
 Thomas Knowles Hey, chemist and druggist of Hebden Bridge. David Hey, chemist and druggist of Hebden Bridge, son. Helen Hey and Jane Hey of Hebden Bridge, spinster daughters 
189101 Mar 1888Allen BrookBrighouse[27/678/349]
189110 Apr 1888James Rothery DriverHalifax[19/654/335]
189113 Apr 1888John TyasHade Edge[23/818/411]
189127 Jun 1888Emma Jane BrearleyHalifax[9/127/57]
189105 Sep 1888George CockroftHalifax[11/210/116]
 George Cockcroft, grocer of 34 Mount Pellon, Halifax. James Edwin Cockroft, woolsorter of New Pellon, Halifax, son 
189103 Oct 1888Mary Ann WhiteleySoyland, Halifax[4/927/481]
 Mary Ann Whiteley, widow of Odessa House, Soyland. Samuel Whiteley, mason of Odessa House, son 
189126 Nov 1888John InghamHalifax[40/572/304]
 John Ingham, butcher of 3 Vine Terrace, Halifax. Harry Ingham, butcher of 88 New Market, Halifax, son 
189127 Nov 1888Richard Denham WalkerRastrick[29/279/135]
189108 Dec 1888Samuel HoltHalifax[12/390/211]
 Samuel Holt, butcher of 1 Ladywood Terrace, Halifax. Formerly of Lansdowne Place, Halifax. Ann Holt of 1 Ladywood Terrace, widow 
189102 Feb 1889George HorsfieldMixenden[6/940/486]
189111 Mar 1889Benjamin BlackburnBrighouse[13/370/208]
 Benjamin Blackburn, gentleman of Wilkin Royd House, Brighouse. Grace Blackburn of Wilkin Royd House, spinster sister. Clement Blackburn, cotton spinner of Brighouse, nephew. John Edward Blackburn Howe, gentleman of Brighouse, nephew 
189118 Mar 1889Marian HolgateHipperholme[20/592/323]
 Marian Holgate (wife of Christopher Holgate) of Hoyle House, Lightcliffe. Donald Walker, cashier of Grange Terrace, Lightcliffe, son. Enos Ellis, blacksmith of Lightcliffe, brother 
189101 Jun 1889Isaac BoothHalifax[32/20/10]
 Isaac Booth, architect, surveyor and valuer of Halifax. Died at 7 Norfolk Place, Halifax. Charles Oldfield Booth, civil engineer of 214 Herbert Road, Plumstead, Kent, son 
189121 Oct 1889James CocksedgeBrighgouse[26/31/16]
 James Cocksedge, yeoman of Dyson Street, Brighouse. Enoch Cocksedge, gentleman of Brighouse, son. George Cocksedge, master gunner in the Army at Fort Gomer, Gosport, Southampton, son. Luke Cocksedge, stonemason of Brighouse, son 
189107 Jan 1890Richard SucksmithHalifax[21/127/69]
 Richard Sucksmith, butcher of Halifax. Died at 20 Thomas Street, Westgate, Halifax. Mary Elizabeth Sucksmith of 20 Thomas Street, widow 
189114 Jan 1890Enoch SharpCrimsworth in Wadsworth[5/901/465]
 Enoch Sharp, yeoman of Plumpton, Wadsworth. Sarah Sharp of Plumpton, widow. Joseph Sharp, manufacturer, of Industrial Street, Park Road, Bingley, nephew 
189113 Feb 1890William WesternBailiff Bridge[28/921/479]
189118 Feb 1890William Senior BoothHebden Bridge[10/932/496]
189126 Mar 1890James GreenwoodLightcliffe[23/635/311]
189131 Mar 1890Sarah GreenwoodHalifax[17/718/374]
 Sarah Greenwood, widow, of 14 Craven Terrace, Halifax. Samuel Walker, coal merchant of Gibbet Street, Halifax, brother 
189111 Apr 1890George Noble MarsdenSkircoat[37/137/74]
 George Noble Marsden, woolbuyer of Washer Lane, Skircoat, Halifax 
189114 Apr 1890James Shackleton BriggsHalifax[24/334/185]
 James Shackleton Briggs, painter of 5 Upper Brunswick Street, Hopwood Lane, Halifax. Ann Briggs and Emma Briggs of 5 Upper Brunswick Street, spinster daughters 
189123 Apr 1890Mary Ann RileyCauseway Foot, Halifax[10/533/276]
189107 Jun 1890Thomas RobinsonHalifax[31/534/286]
189114 Jun 1890William RobertsHighroad Well[4/186/95]Intestacy
189103 Jul 1890John HorsfallHeptonstall[19/564/291]
189116 Aug 1890Frances MooreGreetland[15/545/288]
 Frances Moore, wife of John Moore, of Stockley Farm, Greetland 
189127 Aug 1890Robert HallidayHalifax[19/400/202]
 Robert Halliday, timekeeper of Bailey Hall, Halifax. John Halliday, manager of 67 Clare Road, Halifax, son. Elizabeth Ann Sutcliffe (wife of Richard Cherry Sutcliffe) of 3 Clare Street, daughter 
189119 Sep 1890William AspinallRastrick[20/251/142]
 William Aspinall, fancy cloth weaver of Rastrick. Betty Aspinall of Rastrick, widow 
189122 Sep 1890John WhiteleyRipponden[9/386/190]
 John Whiteley of The Hollins, Ripponden. John William Whiteley, spinner of Stone's House, Ripponden, nephew 
189124 Sep 1890John SykesBarkisland[7/839/439]
189127 Sep 1890Percival BrenardLee Mount Halifax[37/435/229]
189115 Oct 1890Bramwell ChatburnQueensbury[10/78/40]
189114 Nov 1890Sarah MillwardHalifax[18/829/441]
 Sarah Millward, widow, of The Royal Oak Inn, Halifax 
189120 Nov 1890Joseph BroadbentSkircoat[31/744/408]
 Joseph Broadbent of 2 Moorlands Place, Halifax. Elizabeth Ann Bates (wife of Arthur Bates, woolstapler), of 17 Spring Street, King Cross, Halifax, daughter 
189120 Nov 1890Mary TathamHalifax[11/845/474]
 Mary Tatham, spinster, of 2 Club Lane, Ovenden. Arthur Tatham Robertshaw, worsted mill manager of Thornton, near Bradford, nephew 
189125 Nov 1890Elizabeth EarnshawHalifax[5/747/379]
189106 Dec 1890John FletcherHalifax[2/654/367]
 John Fletcher of 6 Dale Street, Claremount, Halifax. Frank Moore, joiner of Dale Street, nephew 
189120 Dec 1890William WilkinsonQueensbury[16/370/207]
 William Wilkinson, corn dealer of Queensbury, Halifax 
189124 Dec 1890Edwin FosterHipperholme[12/391/212]
 Edwin Foster, gentleman of Cliffe House, Hipperholme, Halifax 
189130 Dec 1890William FarrarSowerby, Halifax[24/879/471]
 William Farrar, factory operative of Paradise, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby. Formerly of Grove Terrace, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby 
189131 Dec 1890Joseph WhiteleyHalifax[25/56/36]
 Joseph Whiteley, gentleman, of 38 Sunnyside Terrace, Halifax. William Dawtrey, hairdresser of King Cross, Halifax, nephew 
189119 Jan 1891Sarah ShackletonHebden Bridge[40/393/209]
 Sarah Shackleton, spinster, of The Hollings near Hebden Bridge 
189111 Feb 1891John CrowtherHalifax[9/796/406]
189120 Feb 1891Samuel Day FirthRastrick[35/412/217]
 Samuel Day Firth, mechanic, of Firth Street, Rastrick 
189121 Feb 1891Thomas RushworthSouthowram[15/934/491]
 Thomas Rushworth, stone delver and beerhouse keeper of Clough Head, Southowram. Rachel Rushworth of Clough Head, widow 
189127 Feb 1891William HeyMixenden[10/170/93]
 William Hey of Mixenden Stones, Mixenden. Hannah Hey of Mixenden Stone, widow 
189111 Mar 1891David MalkinSiddal, Halifax[34/333/183]
 David Malkin, foreman miner of South View, Siddal, Halifax. John Malkin, weaver of South View, son. Joseph Malkin, foreman miner of South View, son 
189108 Apr 1891Ellis SutcliffeQueensbury[14/568/289]
 Ellis Sutcliffe of Regent Street, Sandbeds, Queensbury, near Bradford. Ellis Chatburn, warp twister, of Great Horton, Bradford, nephew 
189113 Apr 1891Christopher TateHalifax[42/518/261]
 Christopher Tate, gardener and farmer, of Spring Gardens, Elland. John Henry Tate, gardener of Spring Gardens, son 
189114 Apr 1891Thomas GreenwoodBlackshaw Head[24/197/108]
 Thomas Greenwood, farmer of Height Top, Blackshaw Head, Stansfield. Amos Greenwood, farmer of Lower Rawtenstall, Stansfield, relationship not recorded 
189125 Apr 1891Abraham FirthMountain, Northowram[18/455/241]
189128 Apr 1891Matthew NaylorHalifax[22/792/422]
 Matthew Naylor, fishmonger and billiard room proprietor, of New Market, Halifax 
189102 May 1891Mary MitchellSowerby Halifax[20/410/224]
 Mary Mitchell, widow, of Lindwell Terrace, Greetland. Benjamin Mitchell, woollen tuner, of Lindwell Terrace, son 
189102 May 1891Eliza SharpOvenden[41/301/170]
 Eliza Sharp, widow, of Black Royd Farm, Ovenden Road, Halifax. Fred Sharp, farmer, of Black Royd Farm, relationship not recorded 
189103 May 1891Thomas ScottSowerby, Halifax[24/420/228]
 Thomas Scott, woodman, of Scout End, Sowerby. Betty Green (wife of Samuel Green) of Over Brear near Stump Cross, Northowram, sister. Susy Ann Sugden (wife of Daniel Sugden) of Walnut Street, Gibbet Lane, Halifax, sister 
189106 May 1891Charles William Whewall HartnettHalifax[16/193/110]Intestacy
189107 May 1891Henry BlackburnHalifax[29/54/28]
 Henry Blackburn, cotton spinner, of Heath Villas, Halifax. William Blackburn, worsted spinner of Fern Bank, Savile Road, Halifax, brother 
189109 May 1891Harry HoyleBarkisland[22/327/174]
189110 May 1891James Bartle CoatesHipperholme[19/758/384]
 James Bartle Coates, stuff presser of 1 Lane Ends Terrace, Hipperholme. Benjamin Coates, foreman twister of Shelf, brother. Levi Coates, warp twister of Shelf, brother 
189113 May 1891Tom BottomleyBrighouse[21/484/269]
 Tom Bottomley, stonemason of Brighouse. Mary Bottomley of Brighouse, widow. Samuel Bottomley, joiner of Brighouse, son. Walter Bottomley, music seller of Leeds, son 
189114 May 1891Frances Eastwood NetherwoodThornhill Edge[19/383/195]
 Frances Eastwood Netherwood, widow, of Thornhill Edge, Thornhill. Ezra Lambert, farmer of Thornhill Edge, brother 
189119 May 1891John OldfieldMytholmroyd[29/597/305]
 John Oldfield, grocer of Church Bank, Bottom Cragg near Mytholmroyd. George Oldfield, carter of Castle Lodge, Cragg, brother 
189106 Jun 1891William Henry NicholsonHalifax[38/935/491]
 William Henry Nicholson, hosier of 26 Clare Road, Halifax. Jane Nicholson of 26 Clare Road, widow 
189109 Jun 1891Abraham ThackrahHalifax[29/947/497]
 Abraham Thackrah of 4 Crown Street, Halifax. James Robert Thackrah, doctor of philosophy, of 4 Crown Street, son 
189120 Jun 1891Emma Jane DrakeMountain, Queensbury[36/276/144]Intestacy
189108 Jul 1891Sam BrookeBrighouse[38/468/246]
 Sam Brooke, cooper of Brighouse. Mary Brooke of Brighouse, widow 
189108 Jul 1891William FletcherHipperholme[41/146/83]
 William Fletcher, stonemason of Norwood Green, Hipperholme cum Brighouse. Fanny Fletcher Broadley of Norwood Green, spinster, relationship not recorded 
189115 Jul 1891Joseph BollandLightcliffe[38/241/129]
189115 Aug 1891William Henry BentleySkircoat[28/210/108]Intestacy
189110 Sep 1891Martin MorleyNorthowram[40/933/492]
 Martin Morley, jeweller of Haley Hill, Halifax 
189127 Sep 1891Henry SmithRastrick[38/934/490]
 Henry Smith, painter of Rastrick 

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